Review by rapt00r

Reviewed: 03/19/05

My Hear Beats Like A Drum (Dum Dum Dum)

When I first read about Donkey Kong Jungle Beat I didn’t know what to think. A platformer that you use bongo drums for? Has Nintendo lost it? Then I played the game.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a side scrolling 3D platformer where you control Nintendo’s famous mascot, Donkey Kong, as he tries to become king of the jungle. The game is absolutely beautiful. Donkey Kong’s model shows you the individual furs on his body, and all character animations are very nice as well. Everything runs at a smooth sixty frames per second. The game also features appropriate tropical music and cartoony sounds that can be heard in Dolby Pro Logic II.

As I mentioned earlier, you control Donkey Kong using the DK Bongo Drums which are packaged with the game. You can also purchase the game without the drums if you already own them from Donkey Konga. To make Donkey Kong move right, hit the right drum. To make him move left, hit the left drum. To jump, hit both at the same time. You can hit both drums at the same time again while Donkey Kong is in the air to perform a ground slam attack. You can clap to attack enemies or grab onto certain objects, including bananas, or beats.

The boss fights can be extremely fun. Fights can range from a boxing match with a giant boar to a mechanical elephant that fires projectiles at you through its trunk. Each boss is designed extremely well. Eventually they will start to repeat, but if you’ve played previous games such as Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo, you know this is just the way things are done in Donkey Kong games.

The game is relatively short, taking only a few hours to beat. There are initially twelve stages, with four more that will unlock. The real challenge here that will keep you coming back is trying to score each medal. To earn medals, you have to collect a certain number of beats in each level. You can collect beats by grabbing bananas, and avoiding being hit by enemies. It’s easy enough to earn a bronze medal, and slightly more challenging to earn a silver or gold. The real challenge is getting a platinum medal by collecting 1,200 beats. Good luck.

In my opinion, this game is a must have for all GameCube owners. While the concept may seem strange at first, it will only take a few minutes to get used to and you’ll be addicted. The only things that will stop you from playing are sore hands.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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