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"Wow, this game is a lot better then it looks!"

I'm sure most of you are probably intimidated by the bongo controller, or think this game looks boring by it's screenshots, but if you actually play the game for about five minutes, all of these feelings go away. Trust me, this is how I felt before playing it, but it's a great game, and everyone should look into it.

Graphics: 10/10
This game has great fur effects, and nice special effects. The levels look real, and the characters still hold their unrealistic charm. I wonder if even rare could do better. My only problem is that the enemies die in a Wind Waker style explosion, which in itself I don't mind, but I do mind it in this game for it doesn't match with the realistic looks. But, that's not a major issue. And the water effects are great too, instead of just masses of blueness, you can see ripples and such. Overall, this game has stunning graphics!

Gameplay: 9/10
The overall point of the game is to collect emblems based on the score you get when beating the level. With the more emblems you get, the more levels you unlock. It reminds me of Super Mario 64 a little bit. But that's where the similarities of the two games end. In Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, you use the bongos as the controller, which may scare you off at first, but trust me, it feels natural. Left bongo makes you go left, right makes you go right, both at the same time is a jump, and a clap does several things, depending on the situation, usually it acts as a grab move. There are bosses to, but it's bit of a disappointment that there are only four styles of bosses, and the rest are just recolored and toughened up versions of them. Still, they are very creative, and reflect Nintendo's best work.

Story: 6/10
This really is not a story oriented game, there are no cut scenes, there are no story sequences, infact, the only way you could view the story I think is by reading the instruction booklet. RPG gamers expecting an in-depth story, your going to be disappointed, but I'm sure you probably already knew that much. But for the gamer just looking for a fun game, who really cares? Story or no story, this game is a ton of fun.

Sound/Audo: 8/10
A lot of the music in this game is remixed Donkey Kong Country music, which everyone knows and loves. The sound effects are top-notch too. But sometimes they can get repetitive, which is the only thing that bothers me about them, and the music can get a slight bit repetitive, but that's ok, because it's still great music. And the music also fits the mood of each level, and gets you pumped up, and bring up the experience quite a bit. Not to shabby Nintendo.

Overall: 9/10
I heavily suggest getting this game, it's a ton of fun, it has great graphics, fairly good music, great gameplay, and a lot of replay value. And I disagree with everyone about it being to short, I think the length is just fine, it doesn't drone on forever (sometimes I like my games short, not long), and it's very replayable like I mentioned before, I already beat it, but when my friends come over, we take turns doing our favorite levels, shooting for getting the higher medals in each level.

Buy or Rent: Buy
This game is worth every penny, I urge you to pick this up, you will not be dissapointed. Buy it, you'll be glad you did!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/23/05

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