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"Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is really a bit overrated"

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is that little game that you have been considering buying for awhile now. Here is the rundown.


Graphics are definitely one of the greatest aspects of this title. Beautiful character designs and nice, well done environments to pound your way through. Bright and fancy graphics are very appealing and attractive too the eye, and they need to be, to make up for other aspects of the game which are lacking.


Right here lies my biggest complaint and probably your biggest curiosity. Of course you know that you use the bongos, which are found in Donkey Konga or come with this game. the bongos are clear proof that Nintendo is taking the franchise in a more innovative and unique direction. And that necessarily is not a good thing. Where yes the controls are different, they are often unresponsive and form limits in what DK can do. You want to do all these crazy moves but with clap, left, and right as your only actions, your moves are greatly limited.


I wanted to love the control scheme, but I could not help but see past the bongos gimmicks and notice a great game. And the bongos make it a more refreshing experience, but behind that lies a truly mediocre platformer with little memorable and outstanding. The levels are very well done and because of the bongos the game can often be very entertaining. yet, the controls detach from that, because DK does not always do what you want it to do. Yes, the bosses are one of the more entertaining parts, and offer something a little different to the simple platforming you play before. But, and this is big, the bosses are repeated over consistently, and you can use the same tactics used before to take down the foe. And that leads me into the difficulty, which is way too easy. The game is too short, and you can virtually dig deeper into the levels without suffering one death.


The game is too short and too easy. Coughing up forty bucks at launch is unnecessary and you may be disappointed. You better be really into the control scheme to play Jungle Beat, because the controls are unresponsive, and often very annoying. Yes, the bosses are entertaining to play, but the game surprisingly gets repetitive and the looping boss battles do not help. Jungle Beat is innovative and worth a try, but it is difficult to see past the excessive amounts of faults, and enjoy a game which honestly, should have been a much better experience. fans of Donkey Konga should see past this overrated title and pick up the soon-to-come Donkey Konga 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/30/05

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