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"DK is back this time with a innovative control scheme"

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (lets make this easier and call it DKJB) is a new adventure game by Nintendo. There is a catch here is compatible with the DK bongo controller! Lately Nintendo has been all about being different and this game sure fits that criteria. In this game you bash opponents while trying to gain beats to defeat bosses and become the king of a kingdom. Lets look at this game more in depth.

Story: 5/10. This is were I am disappointed most. The story is non-existent in the game and the manual. Come on Nintendo Donkey Kong 64 had a real good story.

Control:10/10. This is were the game is innovative. You can buy it with (or without) the bongo controller (or use your existing bongo controller, and regular controllers work too) for a much funner experience. I was first a little confused to how good this would work out but the big N pulled through. Tapping left moves left tapping right moves right ect. Flawless control.

Game Play:10/10. This game has awesome game play similar to the old DK snes games but more central around the bongo controllers. You get to jump through some amazing kingdoms while clapping and punching your enemies to get combos and beats. This game also uses a beat system were you gain medals on score and beat mini-games. If this isn't innovations what is?

Sound/Music:9/10. The music in DKJB is your normal DK assortment nice but not that memorable. It will remind you of the olden days of Donkey Kong Country.

Difficulty:8/10. This game is pretty easy but it fits in well with the games nature. It will though keep you entertained for a good while, it's length is moderate.

Overall:9/10. A great game, not in the least overrated it deserves what little it gets. Great addition to bongo controller owners. A good buy but if you can find a place that rents it rent before you buy because some people would probably not like its control style.

Last note: This game is a great addition for DK fans and people looking for something different and fresh. I have to hand it to Nintendo this is a great solid game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/04/05

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