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Reviewed: 03/17/06 | Updated: 01/05/07

One of the best DK games out there!

We haven't seen much ape action on the cube yet, so here it is. And it's not too shabby either. The games good, and the controls are very easy to get use to, easier than I thought. Underrated for its bongo controls, but nevertheless good. It's worth the price for what it is right now, and it's a good game. If that's not convincing, read on to the meat of the review.

Story 7/10
Basically there is no story in the game but I'll improvise one. So one day DK is like sitting around and he wants to be the king of the jungle. So he goes out and has to beat every kingdom. Basically thats what its about. Your never really going to find out about any story at all, those don't expect anything like that, I just wanted to give a simple summarize of the game, and what's in store for you.

Game play 10/10
The main part of the game. I'll start off by saying this was a very creative game, and in my opinion, a pretty underrated game. It's simple. Your Donkey Kong. You like bananas. And shiny crests. Ok so it's like this; you go through levels, and there is bananas everywhere. You want to get as many as you can, and you can do combos and tricks to get more. So you go through the level which has enemies that can kill you. At the end of each level there is a boss. It's basically more say of a land. In each land, there's 2 levels, and a boss. In 1 world, there are 4 lands. So back to the bananas. if you get a lot, you can earn crests. Bronze is 400, Silver is 600, Gold is 800, and Platinum is 1200. You want to try and get all the crests. And basically.....that's the game. You go through fun and some-what challenging levels and facing bosses.

Graphics 9/10
I was pretty surprised with these graphics. They were actually quite nice. A bit like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Cel shaded. At least they looked like that. They were pretty good for gamecube graphics, and pretty top-notch. The colours added a bit too. Landscape was colourful. Very green.

Sound 6/10
I wasn't very impressed with this games sound. It wasn't terrible, but only a bit over average. Each land wasn't very different music, and I'm a type of guy that likes different music, not just the same thing over and over. Though the sound effects were a nice add-on. Raises the score a bit. On a side note: if your looking for a game with good sound, maybe try one of the Donkey Konga games. Just a suggestion.

Controls 10/10
It had pretty good controls. Not tacky drum controls. I would prefer the bongos over a controller for this game. And they are very simple to get used to. It's a bit tricky at the start, but then you'll find it gets much easier, and much more painful. Left bongo moves you left. Right bongo moves you right. Both at the same time makes you jump. And clapping makes you clap. It's very simple.

Replayability 8/10
I'd consider the game one word: short. But don't get me wrong, I still really like this game. The main game is very easy. That's if you don't actually try to get the medals. But if you do, I would consider this game much harder. If you want a game for just a play through, don't get this. If you're expecting a game with lots to do after you beat the game, this is the kind of game for you.

Overall 8/10

Overall I give it a 9/10. It was creative and it was a fun game. Maybe not the hardest game over at your Gamestop, but definitely one of the fun ones to play, and can be enjoyed for several reasons. But that's not saying it's easy. Getting some of the platinum medals after you beat the game and take quite a bit if your up to get all 72 medals. Buy or Rent? Personally, I would buy this right away. Chances are if you rent it, it won't come without bongos. But if you have Donkey Konga 1 or 2 and have bongos, give it a rental when you have the chance. It's a great game, and worth playing. Well thank you for reading the review, and have fun if you decide to buy this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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