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"Madden not doing it for you? Check out the addicting fun of NFL Street 2"

Many of you may remember when NFL Blitz hit the consoles. It was not like Madden or any "regular" sports game. It was a fast-paced game with sick moves and hard hits. Today, the Blitz games have phased out, and the Street games reign supreme.

NFL Street 2 improves in many ways over it's predecessor. Many of the original Street games came down to who got a Gamebreaker or who got a lucky fumble. This incarnation of Street has shied away from the pick-up and play style of the original Street, but it results in a much-more in-depth and less repetitive play style.

Wall moves are just plain sick. You can bounce off the walls to make a catch, pass, juke, hurdle, or dive. Each one of these moves are very effective and gets you nice style points, which go towards getting the new and improved Gamebreakers. Also, there are hotspots on the wall which will get you a ton of points for tricking off them, and also go towards unlocking NFL Legends.

The Gamebreakers have gotten a facelift. Unlike the first game, there is now a reason to use the Gamebreakers on offense (in the previous one, there was pretty much no point to using it offensively) Your meter goes down with each move you pull, so it is possible to lose your Gamebreaker without scoring or getting a pick if you don't play carefully. The addition of Gamebreaker 2s are really cool. A nice cutscene plays, and it pretty much results in an automatic turnover or touchdown.

NFL Street 2 is not without it's sticking points, however. I was dissapointed in the lack of animations. Much of them are reused from the old game. Also, there is only one animation for every wall move. There are only four Gamebreaker 2 cutscenes, depending on the use on offense or defense and whether the play is a pass or run. These scenes quickly get boring once you've seen them all. Also, I did not like the soundtrack as much. While there are a couple good ones, such as Mase's "Breathe, Stretch, Shake", Sum 41's "No Reason", and X-Zibit's exclusive track, there are many bad ones such as Nas' "Street's Disciples" Luckily you can turn off the ones you dislike, but I distinctly remember the first NFL Street having no really bad tracks.

The new Own the City mode is a welcome addition. You don't play with NFL superstars, instead building a team from your created character and some local players. The new types of games such as 4-on-4, 1-on-1, and Crush the Carrier are lots of fun and extend the replay and multiplayer value. There is also the old NFL Challenge mode from the first game. The game itself is huge- it will take days to explore all the options and unlock all the throwback jerseys, players, and apparel.

Whether you've got an hour to kill or a couple friends over. NFL Street 2 is great fun. It is a great football alternative to Madden, and even those non-football fans will enjoy the flashy moves and indepth gameplay. I give it an 8/10, mostly for some repetition concerns still left over from the first game, though it is much improved.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/10/05

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