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"Easily the best NFL game out right now"

All right people, this is my first review so lets not screw this up. NFL Street 2 is, to put it simply a very fun and enjoyable game for pretty much everybody to enjoy. But a word of caution for the average gamer. If you did not like the first NFL Street there is probably a 90% chance that the second edition will not change your mind about the NFL Street series. But if you liked the first one, chances are you will like the second.

Graphics 8.5/10

NFL Street 2 has, in my opinion very nice graphics. But the graphics are pretty much the same as what I said before. If you did not like the first game's graphics than you will not like the second game's graphics. I like the graphics but to me the player models all look the same especially the people's faces really not that much variety. The create a player is a very good option and the game does a very good job with it. (Not as good as The Sims but what are you going to do). Anyway the game plays at a smooth frame rate for the most part but you will defiantly notice the game slow down every once in a while but it is nothing to worry about. Also, something I liked very much is sometimes you will find a garbage can or a box littered on the field and when your player runs into it you will not just go through it. Your character will trip or stumble in a very realistic way.

Sound 9.5/10

Honestly, if you want to know the truth, in most games I could care less what it sounds like unless it is really, really bad. But in NFL Street 2 the sound noticeably stood out above many other games. The soundtrack has a bunch of good songs that fit the game very well. One of the only problems is except for Xzibit who lends his voice to the game, all of the rest of the player sound exactly alike. Also, the players say things very frequently to try to be cool but most of the things that they say are really stupid and if you said the same thing in a real game of street ball you would most likely be punched hard in the stomach. But when you bump into a wall you hear a wall sound. If you trip on a trash can you hear a metal sound, so basically EA got the sound effects down pat. Overall, as I said before good sound except for a few minor problems.

Gameplay 9/10

Ah, gameplay my favorite topic. If a game's gameplay is good I could care less about the other things. Luckily for NFL Street 2 it has very good gameplay. Apart from the standard exhibition mode there are four modes to play in. There is NFL Gauntlet where you choose an NFL team and try to beat every other NFL team in a straight out normal game. Than there is Own the City where you create a player and a team and you tour the city while earning development points to make your character better playing games against other random non NFL teams. Next we come to street events, which is another word for mini-games. There are about 7 little games to play like kill the carrier and open field showdown and they are kind of fun for a little while. They are better if you have a few friends though. Then finall there is NFL challenge where you again create a team and do mini events such as sack the opposing QB three times in one game or make 3 wall throws in one game. The tasks range from done in 5 seconds to try over and over and over again until you finally get it. This is by far the hardest mode. NFL Street 2 also has a certain addictiveness that is in some games (Pac-Man people you know what I mean) and not in others. Once you start, if you like it, you can't stop. Overall gameplay is good.

Replayability 10/10

NFL Street 2 has all of the replayability in the world. This is mostly because to complete the three modes of play, NFL gauntlet, challenge and Own the City will take you a really long time. So for those people who like to rent games beat them and then return them, you can't do that in NFL Street 2. Also, if you have a friend over you and your friend will have loads of fun because, EVERY MODE IS MULTIPLAYER. That right every mode has the multiplayer option so your friends will never get bored.

Rent or Buy

I would say to buy because you can't get the whole thing by renting unless you rent a lot and by the time you finished you will have spent more money renting than you could have by just buying it.

Overall 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/20/05

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