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    Kenshi by PsychoSy

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    Kenshi Character FAQ
    By Jason "PsychoSy" Sizemore (psychosy@hotmail.com)
     (A) - Legalese
     (B) - Kenshi's History
     (C) - Kenshi's Current BIO
     (D) - Special Moves
     (E) - TAI-CHI
     (F) - JUDO
     (G) - KATANA
     (H) - Fatalities/Hara-Kiri
     (I) - STYLE BRANCHING (Basics)
     (J) - TIME TO SLICE & DICE!!
     (K) - Strategies and Tips 
     (L) - Change Log
     (M) - Credits
    (A) Legalese
    "Kenshi", "Mortal Kombat" and all related indicia are 
    copyrighted and/or registered trademarks of Midway Home 
    Entertainment, INC. "Playstation" and "X-Box" are 
    copyrighted by Sony Computer Entertainment of 
    America and Microsoft Corporation respectively. 
    This FAQ -- Copyright 2004, Jason Sizemore. This FAQ
    can not be used or reproduced without expressed 
    written permission and credit by the author. 
    (B) Kenshi's History
    The blind swordsman Kenshi, who debuted in Mortal Kombat:
    Deadly Alliance, makes a return here in Deception sporting
    his sentient Katana and Tai Chi. New to Kenshi is the combat
    style of Judo and 2 new moves: a telekenetic flurry and
    a teleport.
    Storywise, Kenshi had been manipulated by Shang Tsung
    many years ago into freeing the souls of his ancestors
    which Shang Tsung devoured before leaving him for dead. The
    event had left Kenshi blind. However, the katana he bears
    is sentient and it guided him. At one point, Kenshi finds
    out that the event had somewhat liberated a fusion of souls
    created by Shao Kahn to obey him without fail. This 
    fusion of forfeit souls -- Ermac -- taught Kenshi the ways 
    of telekenesis in exchange for Kenshi's vow to slay Shang 
    Tsung and liberate the souls of the dead.  
    Fast Foward to Deadly Alliance, Kenshi travels the realms 
    in search of Shang Tsung, vowing to slay him. He comes 
    across the Deadly Alliance in Outworld and spies on them,
    hoping to catch Shang Tsung away from Quan Chi long enough to
    dispatch him. Kenshi never gets the opportunity for he is
    attacked by Mavado and left for dead. Meanwhile, the Deadly
    Alliance becomes destroyed by Raiden's sacrificial attempt to
    stop Onaga -- the reborn Dragon King and former ruler of 
    Outworld prior to Shao Kahn. With the Deadly Alliance
    apparently destroyed, the souls of the dead were liberated,
    some of which returned to Kenshi's sword, some back to
    Ermac, and others lingered. At this point, the events 
    of Kenshi's Bio & Alt Bio within MK: Deception take place.
    (C) Current Kenshi BIO
    <NOTE> This BIO contains embellishments ...
    "I laid near death after my fight with Mavado, a member of
    the Red Dragon clan. To my relief, Sub-Zero had found me
    and aided me on the road to recovery. As my wounds healed,
    the souls of my ancestors returned to my blade, which 
    could only mean one thing: Their voracious captor Shang 
    Tsung was dead. I don't know how or by whom ... and I 
    must confess I ceased to care. With he and Quan Chi out 
    of the way, there's two less evils in the Realms ... 
    but I sense an even greater evil at work and it 
    unnerves me. 
    Anyway, having no more reason to remain in Outworld, I 
    had made a temporary alliance with my Lin Kuei 
    companion and together we began our search for a way 
    back into Earthrealm. Still weary from my wounds, 
    we eventually arrived at a portal that Sub-Zero had 
    used upon entering Outworld. To our disappointment,
    it was inactive - completely useless. I said 
    to Sub-Zero that we should set camp for the night - an
    idea he emphatically disapproved off for he didn't
    want to linger here in Outworld anymore than I did but
    I insisted, giving Sub-Zero logical points on the 
    matter while privately, I had my own ... 
    Sub-Zero grunted and cursed beneath his breath while 
    removing his armor and I assumed that is was heavy. I
    lended him a hand and discovered that it had been 
    dented, scratched, and blackened from battle. He had 
    told me of Hotaru, a very powerful and militant 
    warrior from Seido who was a loyalist to Onaga - the 
    new ruler of this realm (Ahh, so the greater evil 
    I sense has a name and a physical form of a mutated 
    dragon, does it?) and he had attacked Sub-Zero for 
    slaying a troop of Tarkatan militia.
    The ninja had thought he had defeated him ...
    What this cold-hearted Lin Kuei didn't know was that I 
    had sensed a presence on our backtrail for the past few 
    days ... waiting ... tensing for that perfect moment, 
    that precious opportunity of ambush to present itself.
    Was it Mavado? Could he have possibly known that I had
    survived his onslught and was now intending to finish
    what he had started? For his sake, I hope not as I'm
    determined to strew his guts all around Outworld twice
    over if it comes to that, hence my reason to set camp in
    the first place - to smoke him or whoever it is that 
    is tracking us out into the open. Let him come and 
    seize that opportuntity. 
    When he does ... I'll seize mine.  
    B,D,B, 1 = Tele-Slam
    F,F, 2 =  Tele-Shove
    D,B, 4 = Tele-Throw
    B,F, 3 = Tele-Flurry
    D,B, 3 = Mind Warp (TelePort) 
    <R1> = Belly-to-Back Suplex
    (E) TAI CHI (Basics)
         1 - Mid Palm Strike
     B + 1 - Rising Spade Hand
     F + 1 - Pushing Hands
     D + 1 - Fist Strike
         2 - Chopping Strike
     B + 2 - Quick Uppercut
     D + 2 - Rising Uppercut
         3 - Straight Kick
     D + 3 - Low Lean Kick
         4 - Spinning Roundhouse
     D + 4 - Low Spin Kick
     B + 4 - Standing Sweep 
    TAI CHI (Combos)
     1, 1       - Empty & Full
     B+2,3      - Blind Justice
     2,2,2,3    - Play It By Ear
     2,2,2,1,1  - Dark Fists
     2,2,2,B+1  - Fading Light (Pop-Up)
    (F) JUDO (Basics)
          1 - Suplex
      B + 1 - Thrusting Palms
      D + 1 - Low Palm Strike
          2 - Tripping Throw
      B + 2 - Standing Uppercut
      D + 2 - Rising Uppercut
          3 - Back Kick
      B + 3 - Backward Shin Kick
      D + 3 - Spinning Knee Kick (Poke-Sweep)
          4 - Snapping Side Kick
      B + 4 - Roundhouse Wheel-Kick
      D + 4 - Low Ankle Kick (Poke-Sweep)
    JUDO (Combos)
     4,4,3      - Groundwork
     4,4        - Shinny Kicks
     4,4,B+2    - Metal Fury (Pop-Up)
    (G) KATANA BLADE (Basics)
          1 - Gut Slice
      D + 1 - Downward Slash
          2 - Chin Slicer
      U + 2 - Rising Slice (Pop-Up)
      D + 2 - Slicing Uppercut
          3 - Painful Swing
      B + 3 - Leg Cutter (Sweep)
      D + 3 - Piercing Blade
          4 - Twisting Edge
      D + 4 - Sweeping Blade (Poke-Sweep)
    KATANA BLADE (Combos)
     2,2        - Daybreak
     2,2,1      - Legacy of Steel
     2,2,3      - Mad Dog
     2,2,3,3    - War Path
     2,2,4      - Feel The Steel
     3,3,       - Silent Slice
    (H) FATALITY!!
    "Ginzu Warrior!!" 
     F,F,B,B + 2 (One Jump Away)
    "The Mourning Stretch"
     U,F,B,F + 2 (One Jump Away)
    "Who Needs Entrails?" HARA-KIRI 
    D,B,B,F + 4 
    All of Kenshi's "Style Branching" combos are listed 
    below. Some of them are "canned" combos, which means
    they're listed in the game's movelist. Others however
    are my own concoctions. First, we'll get the "canned"
    combos out of the way and then move on to my more
    advanced "Ginzu Grasshoppah!" combos! :-)
    First off, here's a small legend:
    [CS] -- "Change Styles" - Results in an Auto-Hit
    {CS} -- Manual "Change Style" -- doesn't add a
    hit by itself. Used mostly after Pop-Up attacks
    so that the resulting juggles will be in a 
    different fighting style. 
    -- FROM TAI CHI --
     2,2,2,[CS],4,B+2         - Blind Man Owning
     2,2,2,[CS],4,3           - I Can Hear You!
     2,2,2,[CS],4,[CS],2,3,3  - YEAH!
    -- FROM JUDO --
     4,4,[CS],2,1             - Bloody Blade
     4,4,[CS],2,4             - Turning Death
     4,4,[CS],2,3,3           - Blind Swordsman
    -- FROM TAI-CHI -- 
    "Juggle That Newb!" 
    (8 Hits - 24%)
    2,2,2,B+1 ... B+1 ...B,F+3
    "My Most Pit!" 
    (7 Hits - 27%)
    2,2,2,B+1 ...[Tele-Slam], B+2,3
    "Eat These Uppercuts!" 
    (6 hits - 22%)
    2,2,2,B+1 ... B+1 ...{CS} B+3
    "Eddy Gordo Who?!?" 
    (10 Hits - 28%)
    2,2,2,B+1 ...[Tele-Slam], 2,2,2,1,1
    "Pinata Buster!" 
    (10 Hits - 22%)
    2,2,2,[CS],4,B+2 ... B+2 ...4,4,B+2
    "Ron Popeil Is My Daddy!" 
    (10 Hits - 22%) 
    2,2,2,[CS],4,B+2 ... B+2{CS} ... 2,2,3,3
    "I Also Do Circumcision!" 
    (10 Hits - 23%)
    2,2,2,[CS],4,B+2 ... B+2{CS} ... 2,2,4
    "Cordination, Grasshoppah!!" (credit to SSJLee)
    (7-8 Hits = 30-33% Damage)
    B+1 ... 2 ... 2 ... 2, TK Slam, 2 ... 2 + TK Throw (*)
    (*)NOTE: Haven't performed or confirmed this myself but 
    SSJLee explains that to "Make sure there's a pause 
    between each 2 or else Kenshi will end up doing his 
    2,2,2 combo which screws this combo up" hence my 
    naming it "Cordination, Grasshoppah!!" -- you'll 
    probably need good cordination to pull this one 
    -- FROM JUDO -- 
    "Bruises & Contusions Vol 1" 
    (7 Hits - 23%)
    4,4,B+2 ...[Tele-Slam] ... 4,4,B+2
    "Bruises & Contusions Vol 2" 
    (7 Hits - 20%)
    4,4,B+2 ... B+2 ... 4,4,B+2
    (4 Hits - 17%)
    4,4,B+2 ... [Tele-Shove]
    (7 Hits - 19%)
    4,4,B+2 ... B+2 ... B,F + 3
    "Grrrr! GIT OUTTA DAT CORNER!!" 
    (5 Hits - 16%)
    4,4,B+2 ... B+2 ... D,B + 4
    "Outta My Personal Space!" 
    (6 Hits - 20%)
    4,4,B+2 ... B+2 {CS}{CS} B+2,3
    "j00 l33t h4x0r!!" 
    (7 Hits - 22%)
    4,4,B+2 ...{CS}U+2 ... 2,2,3,3
    "Told Ya I Do Circumcision!" 
    (7 Hits - 23%)
    4,4,B+2 ...{CS}U+2 ... 2,2,4
    That's should be plenty to get you started on the
    road to owning with the blind man. Oh sure, I've got
    more combos I could've added to this section ... but
    I can't give all my advantages away now can I?!? ^_^
    (K) Strategies & Tips 
    Kenshi, in the right hands, can be one formidable 
    foe. For one, he has unpredictability potential as 
    well as opportunities to fight both the long range
    and the close range battle. His most usefull 
    weapons in his arsenal are his B+4 poke sweep from 
    Tai Chi that can damn near cancel out anything the 
    enemy tries at close range (sometimes, unfortunately 
    at a sacrifice). For example, he can poke sweep 
    Scorpion out of his flame kick, Sub-Zero out of his 
    Cold Shoulder, and can shut down possible throw 
    attempts provided that you backdash beforehand. Just 
    keep in mind that both of you may wind up getting 
    hit (especially online). Another good method to use 
    while giving the blind man a whirl is his B+2,3 
    two-hit combo from Tai Chi against players who like 
    to keep things up close an personal. This results 
    in a backhanded knuckle sandwich followed closely by 
    a shoulder slam that's very quick and difficult to 
    block, thus sending the opponent reeling back in a 
    ball (even if they duck the knuckle sandwich). 
    Kenshi's Lift-Slam should be used sparingly. In other 
    words, don't you dare open the match with it or try 
    it as a mid-range desperation move as it can be 
    easily blocked/sidestepped. The recovery time lasts 
    about 3.5 to 4 seconds, giving your opponent ample 
    time to capitalize on your idiocy. Therefore, for 
    best results, use Kenshi's Lift-Slam while the enemy 
    is already airborne from a combo or if you're 
    dealing with a total noob - it's a lock then! 
    Kenshi's Tele-throw is probably the best midrange 
    (sometimes long range) tool as it can snatch teleporters 
    like Noob-Smoke, Kobra, and Jade as they tend to leave
    a smoke trail a split second before actually 
    teleporting. You'll either grab them immediately from 
    within the smoke cloud or snatch them as they 
    materialize behind you (which looks kinda funky, but 
    As for unpredictability/desperation moves, look no 
    further than Kenshi's Tele-Shove, Tele-Flurry, and 
    his Mind-Warp teleport. The former two can snag 
    both the unsuspecting jumper and the crouching 
    tiger (which if timed correctly from within a pop-up 
    combo can send the enemy into a death-trap like the 
    Falling Cliffs or the two respective meatgrinders 
    in the Lower Mines and the Slaughterhouse stages) while 
    the latter is best used from within the Judo stance 
    for a quick 4,4,B+3 combo or Judo toss (keep in mind 
    Kenshi has two throws from Judo which are better than 
    his basic throw since he actually lunges forward, 
    increasing his chances of actually grabbing the 
    enemy). His throws are great desperation moves when 
    in a pinch or when you absolutely have to get out of 
    a corner but I certainly wouldn't rely on them as 
    Kenshi's got an excellent low-hitting gameplan in 
    the form of variously ankle kicks and poke-sweeps. Also 
    keep in mind that Kenshi's two kicks from the Judo 
    stance (4,4) can hit the enemy from Face-Off distance 
    (although the added B+3 uppercut may whiff unless 
    you're really close). 
    Don't be afraid to mix up your fighting style moves with 
    the Mind Warp though as most people only anticpate 
    Kenshi players to only pull off the first 3 hits of his 
    combo arsenal. Thus, they may stop blocking after the third 
    hit, leaving themselves open if you managed to punch in 
    the remaining hits to the combo. Their only choice to stop 
    the Ginzu Warrior from hacking them up is a Breaker ... but 
    a smart Kenshi player will deviate from a defensive/offensive 
    style off and on during any given match, thus making the 
    enemy waste all three of his Breakers very quickly. Trust
    me ... not having Breakers against a well-versed Kenshi 
    player can be a really depressive thing so here's to hoping 
    you've got life insurance and a healthy supply of Prozac 
    handy! ^_^
    The only drawback to using Kenshi effectively is he does 
    have a medium-to-strong learning curve. In other words, he's 
    a very difficult player to use but once you've got him all 
    figured out, the rewards he'll bring you far outweigh all 
    the difficulties you may face in mastering him. Pound for 
    pound, Kenshi is probably the most balanced and reliable 
    fighter in Mortal Kombat: Deception with the uncanny 
    ability to fold his opponents as if they were a piece of 
    lawn furniture just as long as *YOU* have the hand-eye 
    (L) Change Log
    Version 1.0 -- First Release; must finish section (K) later. 
    Version 1.5 - Second Release; re-formatted the FAQ a bit
    and added the total hits and damage percentage to the
    style branching combos. Section K should show up in the
    next release. 
    Version 2.0 - Third Release; added the Tips & Tricks 
    section as well as a 30%+ damange combo posted on 
    GameFaq's boards by SSJLee.
    Midway for developing what Deadly Alliance should've been.
    GameFAQs.Com for mirroring this FAQ. 

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