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    Trunks by One eighty two

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    Trunks FAQ
    Author of FAQ: Adam (One eighty two)
    Game: Dragonball Z: Budokai 2
    System/Platform: Playstation 2
    Copyright 2003 Adam Hritz
    Version 1.0
    Before reading any more of this FAQ, READ THE FOLLOWING:
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    The following sites have my permission to use this FAQ:
    Table of Contents
    I. Intro
    II. Controller Setups and Basic Controls
    III. Basic Moves and Combos
    IV. Death/Ultimate Moves
    V. Capsules
         1.0 Ability Capsules
         2.0 Physical Capsules
         3.0 Support Capsules
         4.0 Breakthrough Capsule
    VI. Custom Capsule Trays
    VII. Thanks
    VIII. Outro
    I. Intro
    Alright, in plain terms, DBZ:B2 is pretty much the greatest fighting game I 
    have ever played. The graphics are very different, yet very cool. The new 
    music and gameplay is definitely better, and the game has a new, improved 
    feel to it. I suggest you buy this game, as there is a lot to do in it this
    time around. The only way you can possibly finish this game within a day or 
    two is if you use the capsule glitch (See my Secrets Guide). It'll keep you
    busy and entertained, so go buy it, even if DBZ isn't your thing.
    II. Controller Setups and Basic Controls
    Here is the Standard Setup the game gives you:
    X = Guard
    Square = Punch
    Triangle = Kick
    Circle = Ki (Energy) Blast
    R1 = P+K (Unblockable Strike)
    R2 = P+G (Grab or Throw Technique)
    L1 = Nothing
    L2 = Nothing
    Now here is my Custom Controller Setup:
    X = Guard
    Square = Punch
    Triangle = Kick
    Circle = Ki Blast
    R1 = P+K
    R2 = P+G
    L1 = P+K+G (Causes character to transform)
    L2 = P+K+G+E (Taunt-Causes opponent to lose 1 ki gauge)
    The only reason I customized it this way is because it's easy to deal with in
    Practice Mode and L1 and L2 were free to change.
    III. Basic Moves and Combos
    Punch- Any combination of only the punch button will give you a series of
    Now we'll get into throwing in some directions:
    P+P+P+>P = A series of punches that ends with a quick but powerful palm 
    strike that can come in handy when you're trying to knock your opponent
    out of the ring.
    P+>P+P = Causes decent damage but lacks in recovery time. If you press Circle
    after this arrangement, you'll perform the Finish Buster (Section 4)
    >P+P+P+P+P = A good combo that deals good damage and finishes by smacking
    your opponent into the air.
    <P+>P = A 2-Hit combo that is good for knocking back opponents.
    <P+<P = A fair combo that knocks your opponent down right in front of you.
    P+K (R1) = A strike that can be charged up but the charging doesn't do much.
    It sends your opponent into the air.
    >R1 = The same above but Punches and sends the opponent horizontally.
    <R1 = An attack that knocks back the opponent in such a way that it leaves
    them open for ANY combo, even Death moves or Trunks's Burning Attack.
    Kick- Any combination of only the kick button will give you a series of
    K+>K = A swift combo that's useful for knocking your opponent out of the ring
    K+K+>K+K = A very good combo. VERY good. Only one setback- Your guard is
    dropped if the last kick misses, but this isn't really that important if your 
    opponent is blocking.
    >K+K+K+K+K = Yes, 5 kicks in there. It finshes with a powerful kick that
    launches your opponent across the ring. Again, very useful for causing
    <K+>K = A short combo that sends your opponent away; however, it's only
    useful in the air. Overall it isn't that great.
    G+K (R2) = This executes the throw technique once you've gotten the correct
    capsule (See Section 5:2.0) It's able to be used even when your opponent is
    blocking. Another reason why you should take your combos slow.
    DON'T FORGET!!--You can link punches and kicks together to make more combos!!
    IV. Death/Ultimate Moves
    Part A - Death Moves
    1. Buster Cannon - The weaker of the 2 Death Moves; Nonetheless, just as 
                       useful. It can be executed by pressing either of these:
                       P+P+P+P+E  or  >K+P+P+P+E  or  >E
                       Keep in mind that there isn't much of a difference
                       damage-wise, they just look different. Also, this attack
                       does not have any knockback power, so once executed, your
                       opponent has a chance to counter. Takes 1 ki gauge.
    2. Finish Buster - The stronger of the 2. It can be executed by pressing:
                       P+>P+P+E  or  >K+K+P+P+E  or  <E
                       The kicking technique is stronger than the punching and I
                       recommend using it. If you decide to use the punching way,
                       just hold forward and press P 3 times then press E. It's
                       an easier way. The Finish Buster does have knockback power
                       which makes useful for ring-outs and such. I recommend
                       using this more than Buster Cannon. Takes 2 ki gauges.
    Part B - The Ultimate Moves
    Burning Attack - Sheer coolness. Trunks' signature move, back and dealier.
                     You must be a Super Saiyan or higher to execute this:
                     While Trunks is doin those cool moves, spin the analog
                     sticks to charge up the attack and do extra damage.
                     Pretty simple huh? This attack alone does about 1,100 damage.
                     When placed twice on the capsule tray, it does much more.
                     Takes up 3 ki gauges. What more do I need to say?
    Burning Slash - Instead of sheer coolness, let's try pure madness. Remember
                    what Trunks did to Frieza? Yeah, that's the move.
                    You must be a Super Saiyan or higher to execute this:
                    This time while Trunks is thrusting his arms, you have to
                    input a random button combination to do extra damage. If 
                    you're successful, you'll take out about 1.5 of your 
                    opponent's health. Fun, eh?
                    Takes up 4 ki gauges. 
    V. Capsules
    1.0 Ability Capsules
    Super Saiyan - Gives you a 10% increase in attack and gives you an increase
                   in speed. Your ki gauge must be at 3 to do this. When done,
                   it slowly drains your ki gauge. It's actually way better to be
                   Super Saiyan because of the increase in stats and most
                   importantly - Burning Attack/Slash. Takes 1 capsule slot.
    Super Saiyan 2 - Gives you an additional 5% increase in attack and a 
                     boost in speed. Your ki gauge must be at 4. This
                     also drains ki. Drains faster than Super Saiyan. Takes 1 
                     capsule slot.
    Buster Cannon - See Section 4
    Finish Buster - See Section 4
    Burning Attack - See Section 4
    Burning Slash - See Section 4
    2.0 Physical Capsules
    Blast Attack - A swift combo. Can be executed by pressing K+K+>K+K+E.
                   Takes 1 ki gauge. For extra damage, press a different button 
                   than your opponent, and you'll score an extra hit.
    Energy Burst - I love these types of attacks. Trunks smashes the opponent
                   into the ground and fires 9 ki blasts at them. While charging,
                   spin the analog sticks and fill the meter to throw an extra
                   Executed by pressing >P+P+P+P+E. Takes 2 ki gauges.
    Rapid Fall Slash - No, Trunks doesn't use his sword here. Yeah, I know.
                       This is your throw attack. Press G+K (R2). Doesn't use
                       any ki and is unblockable, so it's really useful if your 
                       opponent keeps trying to guard.
    Meteor Break - This is awesome. Rapid punches and kicks, non-stop. 
                   Executed with >K+K+K+E
                   Deals good damage, takes 2 ki gauges. 
    3.0 Support Capsules
    1/3 Senzu Bean - Activated when you are KO'd, reviving you with 1/3 of your 
                     health restored. Gives you 1 ki gauge. Takes 1 slot.
    Senzu Bean - Activated when you are KO'd, reviving you with full health.
                 Takes 3 slots.
    Normal Fiber Jacket - Increases your defense by 10%. Takes 1 slot.
    Quality Fiber Jacket - Increases your defense by 20%. Takes 2 slots.
    Sturdy Fiber Jacket - Increases your defense by 30%. Takes 3 slots.
    Mystery Fiber Jacket - Increases your defense by 40%. Takes 4 slots.
    Gero's Energy R&D - Increases your ki by 1/2 a gauge each time you deflect
                        a ki blast. Takes 1 slot.
    Gero's Deflection R&D - By holding X you deflect away every ki blast. Takes
                            1 slot.
    Gero's Deflect-Back R&D - Same as above but deflects them back at the 
                              opponent. Takes 2 slots.
    Mixed Blood Power - Gives a 15% increase in attack and a 10% increase in
                        defense for the whole battle.
                        Takes 1 slot. Highly Recommended.
    Viral Heart Disease - Causes both players' healths to decrease slowly.
                          Takes 2 slots.
    Vaccine - Nulls the effect of the Heart disease on you. Useful in the 
              Advanced tournament when battles are set to 30 seconds.
              Takes 1 slot.
    Super Holy Water - Reduces the amount of damage you take. Takes 1 slot.
    Saiyan Heritage - When Senzu Bean is used, it causes your attack and defense
                      to increase. The percentages are unknown. Takes 1 slot.
    Serious! - Increases your attack by 10% when your health reaches 1/3 or less
               (Red Bar) Takes 1 slot.
    Serious!! - Increases your attack by 20% when your health reaches 1/2 or less.
                (Around halfway through orange bar) Takes 2 slots.
    Serious!!! - Increases your attack by 30% when your health reaches 2/3 or
                 less (Orange Bar) Takes 3 slots.
    Rage! - Increases your attack by 10% during the first 10 seconds of battle.
            Takes 1 slot.
    Rage!! - Increases your attack by 20% during the first 15 seconds of battle.
             Takes 2 slots.
    Rage!!! - Increases your attack by 30% during the first 20 seconds of battle.
              Takes 3 slots.
    Potential - Very useful. Increases your attack by 10% every 8 seconds four 
                times. This means you can hit 140% without transforming!
                Takes 2 slots. Highly recommended.
    Ultimate Power - Better than potential. Increases attack AND defense at the
                     noted intervals.
                     Takes 3 slots. Highly recommended.
    Super Kami Water - Increases your attack by 30% but decreases your health 
                       slowly until it reaches 1/6. Takes 1 slot.
    Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D - I only used this once. It's terrible. Gives you
                                  a ki gauge of 7 that never decreases but takes
                                  away the ability to transform. Takes 3 slots. 
    Trunks' Sword - Increases your attack...Yeah, that's all. ^_^
                    Takes 1 slot.
    Meditation - Reduces amount of Ki used overall by about 1/2.
                 Takes 1 slot. Highly recommended.
    Yakon - Whenever your opponent transforms, their ki consumption accelerates.
            Takes 1 slot.
    Bulma's Wish - Your Ki will keep rising even in transformed state.
                   Takes 2 slots. Highly recommended.
    4.0 Breakthrough Capsule
    Breakthrough (Trunks) - The only way to get this is to collect all 7
                            Dragonball capsules, summon Shenron, and keep reseting
                            your game until Trunks's name pops up. It allows you
                            to use all of Trunks's Ability and Physical Skills and
                            gives them the effect of being placed twice. 
                            Highly Recommended.
                            Takes all 7 slots. 
    VI. Custom Capsule Trays
    These are trays that I use when not using Breakthrough:
    All-Around Setup
    1. Super Saiyan
    2. Energy Burst
    3. Finish Buster 
    4. Burning Attack
    5. Mixed Blood Power
    6. Potential (2 slots)
    World Tournament Setup (With 30 Second Battles)
    1. Super Saiyan
    2. Meditation
    3. Buster Cannon
    4. Buster Cannon
    5. Vaccine
    6. Viral Heart Disease (2 slots)
    Offensive Setup
    1. Super Saiyan
    2. Super Saiyan 2
    3. Trunks' Sword
    4. Burning Slash
    5. Finish Buster
    6. Energy Burst
    7. Meteor Break
    Defensive Setup
    1. Mixed Blood Power
    2. Quality Fiber Jacket (2 slots)
    4. 1/3 Senzu Bean
    5. Energy Burst
    6. Saiyan Heritage
    7. Finish Buster
    Quick n Easy Battles
    1. Finish Buster
    2. Finish Buster
    3. Ultimate Power (3 slots)
    5. Super Saiyan
    6. Mixed Blood Power
    VII. Thanks
    CJayC for creating Game FAQs
    Dimps for making DBZ: Budokai 2
    Akira for creating Dragonball.
    Gamrguy & WLN1226
    VIII. Outro
    Well people, I spent a whole hour writing this thing. I hope someone reads it,
    let alone find it useful. If you have ANY questions, IM or E-Mail me. MAKE 
    I'm here to help!
    E-Mail Address: hritzm@netzero.com
    AIM: xOne eighty to0x

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