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    Tien by Aerodynamic

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    Tien FAQ
    FAQ Author: Aerodynamic (a.k.a. Big Bird)
    Game: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2
    Platform: Playstation 2
    Copyright 2004 Aerodynamic
    Note: This FAQ applys to the PAL (European) version of the game.
    -=[ Contents ]=-
    1. Copyright Information
    2. Character Profile
    3. Introduction
    4. Controller Setup
    4a. - Default Button Setup
    4b. - FAQ Button Explanation
    5. Attacks/Techniques
    5a. - Basic Attacks/Techniques
    5b. - Advanced Attacks/Techniques
    6. Capsules/Moves
    7. Version History
    8. Thanks/Contact Info
    1. -=[ Copyright Information ]=-
    This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    This FAQ belongs to me Aerodynamic (a.k.a Big Bird) and can not be used without
    my permission, the only site/s that are able to host this FAQ are:
    - http://gamefaqs.com
    Alot of time was spent on this FAQ so PLEASE email me and ask for MY
    permission if you want use/post this FAQ on your website.
    2. -=[ Character Profile ]=-
    Tien first appears in Dragon Ball, he is one of the strongest Human's on Earth
    (along with Krillin and Yamcha), He faces off with Goku in the 22nd Tenkaichi
    Budoukai and it seems that he is about to win until Piccolo Daimaou’s spawn
    Tambourine enters the scene and disrupts the match, later in Dragon Ball Z
    he becomes quite a weak character compared to the saiyans and in turn is no
    longer a 'Main' character.
    Tien also has a little friend that he takes good care of named Chiaotzu, he takes
    much care of Chiaotzu. Tien has created many moves that the other fighters use
    in battle such as the Solar Flare and his Tri-form.
    3. -=[ Introduction ]=-
    This is my first FAQ and is a guide to the character Tien (To learn more about
    Tien read section 2) this guide is for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 the best DBZ
    fighting game out there. Hopefully this guide will be able to help anyone that
    uses Tien to further there skills.
    4. -=[ Controller Setup ]=-
    NOTE: This FAQ uses the default controller configuration.
    4a. .::[ Default Button Setup ]::.
    The following are the default controls for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2:
    X = Guard (G)
    Square = Punch (P)
    Triangle = Kick (K)
    Circle = Ki Blast (E)
    R1 = P+K (Unblockable Strike)
    R2 = P+G (Grab/Throw)
    L1 = No Use
    L2 = No Use
    4b. .::[ FAQ Button Explanation ]::.
    (P) - Press the Punch button
    (-> P) - Press both Forward + Punch Simultaneously
    (<- P) - Press both Backwards + Punch Simultaneously
    (K) - Press the Kick button
    (-> K) - Press both Forward + Kick Simultaneously
    (<- K) - Press both Backwards + Punch Simultaneously
    (E) - Press the Ki Blast button
    (-> E) - Press both Forward + Ki Blast Simultaneously
    (<- E) - Press both Backwards + Punch Simultaneously
    (G) - Press the Guard button
    (P+K) - Press the (P)+(K) Buttons Simultaneously
    (P+G) - Press the (P)+(G) Buttons Simultaneously
    (P+K+G) - Press the  (P)+(G)+(K) Buttons Simultaneously
    (X),(X),(X),(X) - Press the buttons in the particular order, e.g (P),(P),(P),(P),(E)
    5. -=[ Attacks/Techniques ]=-
    5a. .::Basic Attacks and Techniques::.
    Press the (P) Button to Punch, Punching is the most basic attack in the game and
    you can link up punches to create a combo.
    Press the (K) Button to Kick, Kicking is the other basic attack in the game, kicks
    can also be linked up to create a combo.
    By pressing the (G) button you can guard against attacks such as Kicks, Punches,
    Ki Blasts and even Death Moves such as a Kamehameha.
    Ki Blast:
    By pressing the (E) button you can fire off a Ki/Energy blast, this is useful when
    your opponent is powering up as it hits them, stopping them from powering up
    and allowing you to dash up and strike them.
    By pressing Forward or Backwards twice you can dash forward or quickly leap
    backwards, allowing you to avoid an attack.
    5b. .::Advanced Attacks and Techniques::.
    Dashing Attack:
    By pressing Forward twice then pressing either (P),(K),(E) or (P+K) you can can
    dash at your opponent and attack, this causes your opponents guard to break (if
    they are guarding at the time) allowing you to attack them.
    Unblockable Strike:
    By pressing either (<- P+K),(-> P+K) or (P+K) you can perform an unblockable
    attack, (<- P+K) hits your opponent into the air allowing you to use a Death
    Move, (-> P+K) hits your opponent forward onto the ground as does (P+K).
    Charging/Powering Up:
    While holding the (G) button press and hold back twice to start charging up your
    Ki gauge.
    Some characters have the ability to transform which increases their power
    (unfortunantley Tien does not have this ability) when in a transformed state the
    characters Ki will drain.
    A few characters have the ability to fuse (Capsules are required to do so though)
    this gives the character an increase in power and sometimes speed, there are
    two types of Fusion:
    - Potara Fusion:
    These fusions are permananent, and will increase your characters strength, when
    fusing you must choose a button opposite to your opponent for the fusion to
    succed. If your opponent chooses the same button as you the fusion fails and you
    cannot attempt it again as the Potara Earring gets crushed.
    - Fusion Dance:
    This fusion is time based, when fusing you must put in a button combination
    (The combination changes everytime) if successful you will be fused but only for
    a limited time, this fusion gives you a power boost.
    By press Down/Up while pressing (G) you can dodge an opponents attack such as
    a Death Move (e.g. Kamehameha) or an opponents Dash Attack. Dodging is a
    VERY useful skill and it is good to master this skill.
    Death Moves:
    Death moves are the large 'fireballs' that all the characters of DBZ use such as
    the Kamehameha, unlike in Budokai 1 where you had to do a combo before using
    a Death Move in Budokai 2 all you have to do is press (-> E) or (<- E) to perform
    these moves.
    6. -=[ Capsules/Moves ]=-
    The following are the Capsules/Movelists for Tien and a brief description on
    what the attack does.
    The damage amount is in brackets right next to the command of the move, the
    number in the first bracket is the amount of damage done with just one capsule
    of the move and the second bracket is the amount of damage done with two
    capsules of the move.
    Moves shown as follows (XXX/XXX) (i.e. (653/1036)) the number first shown is the
    amount of damage done if the move is done but the last hit misses and the
    second number shows the amount of damage done if the last hit is successful.
    * Also all the moves have the added damage of the combo done before executing
    the actual move.
    <[ Dodompa ]> - Consumes 1 Ki Gauge
    (P),(P),(P),(P),(E)      		-    	(504) (629)
    (-> K),(P),(P),(P),(E)  		-   	(488) (613)
    (-> E)                       		-    	(250) (375)
    A quick energy beam which is quite useful especially because of the fact that it
    only uses 1 Ki Bar, useful when an opponent is rushing up at you or if your
    opponent is powering up, you can use this move to suprise them because of
    its speed. The only real disadvantage to this move is the recovery time after
    using the move in which your opponent can use a powerful attack on you.
    <[ Ki Blast Cannon ]> - Consumes 2 Ki Gauges
    (P),(-> P),(P),(E)                 	- 	(528) (728)
    (K),(K),(-> K),(-> K),(P),(E)	- 	(767) (967)
    (<- E)                                  	-	(400) (600)
    This attack isnt actually all that great as it takes a while for Tien to actually use it
    this gives your opponent time to dodge it and come straight back at you with one
    of their Death Moves, although the attack is quite powerful and can be used in its
    different combo's.
    <[ Volleyall Fist ]> - Consumes 3 Ki Gauges
    (-> P),(P),(P),(K),(E)		-	(821) (1096)
    I actually do not know the origin of this move but I presume that it is from the
    Dragon Ball series (I'm sad to say I havent yet seen Dragon Ball), but the move
    is pretty cool and does do a bit of damage.
    <[ Jackhammer Fist Flash ]> - Consumes 1 Ki Gauge
    (K),(K),(-> K),(K),(E)		-	(492/642) (661/886)
    A multi-hit como which ends with you knocking your opponent to the ground and
    then flying down to attack your opponent in which you must press a button
    different to your opponent which will allow for another hit.
    <[ Domination Blast ]> - Consumes 2 Ki Gauges
    (-> P),(P),(P),(P),(E)		-	(623/773) (796/1021)
    You hit your opponent to the ground then fire a series of ki blasts, if your can
    successfully spin the analouge sticks in time you also get an added hit which
    gives an added bit of damage.
    <[ Machinegun Fist ]> - Consumes 2 Ki Gauges
    (-> K),(K),(K)		-	(599) (717)
    My personal favourite of Tien's Physical Skills as you can hold the (E) button
    down after performing the combonation allowing you to charge this attack so that
    it becomes unblockable, this is very useful as it tricks your opponent allowing
    you to use the attack without a doubt.
    <[ Jackhammer Fist ]> - Consumes 0 Ki Gauges/Must be close to opponent
    (P+G)			-	(180) (276)
    A basic throw, nothing special. This attack is useful when you and your opponent
    are echanging blows but are just being blocked, then WHAM! you get them in a
    - The Support Capsules will be coming up in a later vesion...
    7. -=[ Version History ]=-
    Version 1.0 [4/1/04]
    Started the FAQ with 8 Sections.
    8. -=[ Thanks/Contact Info ]=-
    Thanks to:
    - Gamefaqs.com for hosting this FAQ and being an awesome site.
    - Atari for making this wonderful game.
    Contact info:
    If you see any mistakes, feel free to correct me, make sure you put something
    like 'Tien FAQ' as the title or I will most probably not read it:
    E-mail: vegetajm@hotmail

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