Review by Megamankid8

"Kame... Hame... Disapointment!"

All of the fans of the first Budokai were hyped up and ready to buy the second one right away, I quickly rushed over to the store to get a copy, I never owned the previous one, but played it at a friends, so I decided to buy this one. Immediately I am amazed by the graphics and the fighting. Yes, you'd think this would be the core so it should be rated good. Well no, this game ended up being a complete crapshoot when I started to figure things out. Before I begin this review, let me just mention, do not buy the game, just don't you will be disapointed even if you are a hardcore fan.

Well, the games main play is fighting, and boy is it fun... *Cough*Tons of flaws*Cough* I love the button-mashing, counter-guarding play the game gives you. What I don't like is, to pull off a Simple Kamehameha, you have to go like "A", "A", "B". Before I continue, let me repeat this again, DO NOT BUY THE GAME. Just to piss us off even more, they don't put the names of the buttons down, they make you have to memorize things like A = P, which means "Punch", when I saw this, I was like "What the hell?".

You start with about 8 characters. Not too easy to unlock the others, but to do so you must play through story mode. Before I got in-depth about story mode, let me just touch on unlocking characters. To unlock characters you must to specific things at different areas, sounds easy right? WRONG, since story mode plays like a game board where you play as Goku, and 1 or 2 partners of your choice. To unlock characters, you must choose specific partners and beat specific opponents with that character. Also, while moving around a number of spaces per turn and completing the normal mission. What really aggrivates me is you have to go through the story about 3 or 4 times to actually unlock everything, some of the things being really hard! You are likely to scream and whip your controller straight through the TV.

Yeah, good replayability, if you ever seem to want to finish the dumb ol' story mode. Let me just bring this up one last time. DO-NOT-BUY. Now that that is out of the way, lets talk about characters. Yes, tons of characters with different moves and transformations. BUT, you go around the map in story doing tedious missions getting capsules for moves like SSJ or Kamehameha. I mean "Why the Hell did they put this crap in?". Why couldn't they just make it a normal story where you fly through an overhead map and go to destinations for missions, but NO, NO, they take the original story, turn it into some crap that is only remotely similar, put Goku on some crazed gameboard, and make it so you have to collect capsules to use different moves? I don't know if the game could get even worse. Besides the fact you need to collect Dragonballs in the tedious story mode to buy certain things to unlock another selection of hard to get, not worth it, crap characters. So if you have the choice, wait for the next one to come out, buy the previous one, or read a book or something! Just don't buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/10/07

Game Release: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 (US, 12/15/04)

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