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"What a long ****ing wait, but it was definitely worth it!"

Dragonball Z Budokai 2

I can't believe we had to wait a full year but it was worth it entirely. Budokai 2 for the Gamecube has to be better then the PS2 versions. Almost every aspect passes the PS2 version. But we were given a lot more time but even though Atari only started to work on it in September, we still were given way better things that may be found in PS2's Budokai 3. But still I thank Atari even though I hate them to hell, for making this game. I appreciate them for that. Now begins the wait for Budokai 3..........*big sigh*

Gameplay 9/10
Very easy to get into and can get you hooked at any time. But when it comes down to it, transformations bring the best out of it. The only thing I hate about it is that you can't go back to a previous transformation. For example, if you play as Goku and transform to a Super Saiyan 1, but you want to use a Spirit Bomb. So you have to power down your kai, and get knocked to the ground, then evade your opponent and power up then use it. It's been like this since Budokai 1 so I'm used to it though.

Sound 6/10
Everything is good, the music is great to listen to, the sound FX's are incredible and the blasts sounds like your watching the show. But, there is still one thing that brings this down. And that's Cell's voice. I'm sorry for anyone who's sick of the complaining but anyone can agree with me that this was a stupid mistake to repeat in the sequel. The thing is, is that Cell has three forms in the show. That is Imperfect Cell, Almost Perfect Cell, and Perfect Cell. All three has different voices, and the first one is the most annoying, and that is what was replaced for Cell's regular voice. And to add an insult to that, DIMPS made one of his attacks use his Perfect Cell voice to say the dialog. I understand it would've been hard to complete something like this so that all three voices would fit the transformations, but I'm talking about the first Budokai. In this Budokai, Imperfect Cell, and Almost Perfect have nothing to do in this game. They are not featured at all and yet DIMPS ignored this and added another level to their lazy acts. At first I thought it was Atari's fault for this but I realized Atari only stamps their names on games now. This is my most hated thing of Budokai 2 and that's why I gave this such a low rating. Sorry.

Graphics 10/10
Once again the Gamecube version surpasses the PS2 version when it comes to graphics. Sorry if I insulted you but in the first Budokai Cel-shading graphics worked well over the PS2's 3D graphics. It's kinda weird now that I look back on the PS2's first Budokai since I'm used to Cel-shading so much but even then the graphics for that were bad. The coloring for that was off. It looked as if all the characters just stepped out of an episode of The Simpson's. But anyway, in this port it looks a lot cleaner then the PS2 version but besides that I see no difference.

Loading Speed 10/10
This is probably the most improved aspect of the game. As I expected, the loading times were not nearly as long as the PS2's version. The longest time you should wait is 7 clock seconds the shortest should be a half of a second but that is during start up. But in the PS2 version you wait up to 17 seconds which is absurd especially since you have to wait frequently in Dragonworld. But I love how quick everything is but still the longest wait in this version can seem a bit long but imagine if you had to wait under the PS2's speed *shudders*.

Overal 9/10
The only thing holding me down for a 10/10 is the sound, that's all. But anyway this game was really worth the wait. We received new capsules, new alternate costumes and we received alleged new stages that I have yet to come to. But I believe we have new stages since Atari wouldn't make a bold up lie especially since it is stamped on the back of the cover that we have exclusive stages. But like I said before there is no question that this port is better then the PS2's. Most PS2 owners agree that we waited so we deserve it. But others believe we don't deserve it at all. But who cares about those individuals? We were patient so we deserved it just as much as they did, maybe more. But thanks for reading this.

Good things
-Exclusive Extras
-Faster Loadings
-Better Graphics

Bad Things
-Dragonworld's time consumption
-Only able to summon Shenron after you beat Dragonworld
-So many capsules to wish for from Shenron
-Cells voice
-Only able to be knocked down to get to a weaker transformation

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/21/04

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