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"This is a great game that was worth waiting for."

The wait for this game is finally over. We've waited a year and some-odd months for Budokai 2 to hit the Gamecube, and boy was it worth the wait. It has many exclusive things that you won't find in the Ps2 version, like exclusive capsules, new stages, new outfits for some characters, and the World Tournament Cell Games Rule. I will now rate this game.

Gameplay : 8/10
The gameplay is basically the same as in Budokai. It isn't the deepest fighting system in the world ,but it isn't so shallow that you won't have fun with it. Now, unlike in the first Budokai, you can power up some moves by spinning the Control Stick and the C-Stick. This can be pesky at times, and easier some other times. Another way to power a move up is by winning a semi-struggle. A bar pops up at the bottom and whoever gets it farther will win the "struggle" and that determines whether it gets stronger or if the opponent blocks some of the damage. All in all, it's the same gameplay from Budokai 1 with a few added extras.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics in this game are amazing. The cel-shaded graphics really make this game look like the anime. The moves in this game really look spectacular, especially the ultimate moves. Overall the graphics in this game are just plain beautiful.

Sound : 7/10
The sound in this game is far from perfect. It isn't terrible, it just isn't great either. The music can get annoying at times, but that's what sound control is for. Another problem is some of the fighting sounds aren't exactly as loud as they should be. Let's just hope if Budokai 3 comes out for the Cube, that they really work on the sound.

Story : 8/10
Unlike the first Budokai, this game doesn't have an actual Story Mode. It has a thing called Dragon World. In Dragon World, you play as Goku, and you can pick your allies. This makes it fun because the game goes from the Saiyan Saga to the Buu Saga, and since you can choose your allies, you can make people fight someone they didn't really fight in the series. But with that said, Dragon World really loses its flavor after the third time. And Dragon World must be completed to summon Shenron.

Replayability : 8/10
This game will keep you occupied for a while, because many capsules have to be wished for, and the only way to summon Shenron is to beat Dragon World. That may sound easy enough, but playing Dragon World over and over really gets annoying the third time through. So if you like long games, this a game for you.

This game is a must have for hardcore DBZ fans. If you liked the first Budokai, you'll love this one. It has excellent graphics, gameplay, and replayability. Many things are updated from the Ps2 version, and that is great considering we waited more than a year for it, but the wait was well worth it.

Overall Score : 8/10

+ Exclusives not found in the Ps2 Budokai 2.
+ Excellent loading time.

- The fact you have to play Dragon World so many times to unlock everything.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/22/04, Updated 02/22/05

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