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"Great game, but it seems to be lacking a few things"

This is a great game, great cell shaded graphics, great sound, good game play, but it is lacking in some areas. First I'll start with the overview of the game.

There are four modes of play in this game. You have Dragon World where you go around with Goku and the other Z fighters fighting various enemies from Ginyu and the Ginyu Force to Frieza to Majin Buu. You go around collecting power-ups to help you defeat the enemies. With each enemy that you defeat you get a capsule card that unlocks a new ability. The characters all take turns making moves, and depending on the stage you are on, you are either going after an enemy or going after a dragon ball. Certain areas of the field also have stipulations, like you start out with zero ki or your health keeps dropping, you want to make sure you avoid those because they could swing the fight into the favor of your opponents. In Dragon World you also can unlock other characters to use and play. The next mode of play is Duel. You can duel against either the computer or a friend. The next mode of play is Tournament. Just like in the original Budokai, you go through different opponents to become the World Martial Arts Champ and win zenie., and with that zenie you can unlock more capsules. The last mode of play you have is practice and training. The practice is a good area to sharpen your fighting skills and familiarize yourself with each character and their special moves. You then also have the skills section where you can see what skills you have, set skills to the players you have unlocked, and buy skills with the zenie that you win from the tournament and from Dragon World.

One of the things this game offers is better graphics. The graphics have improved since the first Budokai. The cell shading effect in this game makes it look like your playing a cartoon, and that you are actually living the Dragon Ball Z saga. Also the stages are much more detailed, and when you send your opponents flying into a part of the surrounding to create a huge crash is pretty cool too. The sound is also great. The voice acting was done, maybe a little corny at times, but corniness comes with the Dragon Ball territory. I also do love the introduction of the fusion into this game. The whole concept of that is cool.

This game however lacks game play and replay value. The Dragon World is a bit weird, why is Goku the only person, and everyone else are game pawns? Plus having to go through Dragon World more then once (which you do have to do to unlock all the characters) can be a bit tedious. The Dragon World story doesn't really stay true to the Dragon Ball Z storyline, and it jumps from one saga to the next. For the Tournament mode, not much has changed from the original Budokai, so I really don't have a problem with that. My problem is with the lack of difference between the characters. Besides a few minor different button combos, each character is as same as the next. If you played a Saiyan, you played them all, if you played a human, you played them all, if you played an alien, you played them all. And trying to get every single capsule can be tedious as well.

Overall this is one of those games that are a great concept, and super fun to play, but you can get board with it pretty quickly.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/10/05

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