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"A game worthy of a Super Saiyan!!"

Well, finally Budokai 2 is out on the Gamecube, and its worth the wait. It may not be as good a the PS2's Budokai 3 but this game has many things it's superior doesn't. Things like new fusions and well, I'll explain it all below and tell you how this game has improved from the PS2 version and how it is almost as good as Budokai 3. Now mind you I am a DBZ fan, but that wont get in the way of my review!

Graphics/Visuals: 9/10
Well, what can I say but the graphics can't get much better than this. They haven't changed since the PS2 version, they are just a little sharper, but then again they didn't need improving. Unlike Budokai 1 this game has cell shading and much brighter graphics. All the charactwrs look like they were taken from the TV show and given a cell shaded and 3D make-over! Another thing that makes this game so great is the special attacks or "Ultimate attacks". When a you pull of one of these moves it's just like watching the TV show but better! Also for most ultimate attacks, there are two versions of the attack a succesful version and an unseccesful version, each one just as spectacular as the next..although some of the unseccesful attacks can have some funny outcomes.......Yeah I know that graphics aren't everything but it sure doesn't hurt to have a little extra icing on the cake!

Sound/Audio: 8/10
Well, the audio's great, sounds good huh? Ok bad jokes aside, this game reuses a lot of music and voices form the last game, but it doesn't matter because the sound is so spectacular you wont care! There a bit of techno, some rock and a lot of screaming, what else could you ask for in a DBZ game? The games got good music, especially in the opening, you'll watch it a bunch of times just because it's so good! Everything in this game sounds good, from the powering up, to the energy blasts and the screams, all great!

Gameplay/Conrols: 8/10
It plays like Budokai 1, but much better! The controls are are easy to pick up and are laid ot similer to the PS2 games. Now what I'm about to talk about it what makes this game horrible! I'm talking about having to stop playing for whatever reason you have, no wait I"m talking about the Stroy mode, or should I say Dragon World (DW)! Dragon Worlds is a sorry excuse of a single player mode to discise Arati's lazyness. It is set up like a board game and you move around the board fighting the same people over and over. If you somehow manage to find all the dragonballs without the computer taking one before you get the chance, you will get to make a wish form the dragon for a breakthrough capsule. Breakthroughs are great because they let you use all your character's skills and makes them stronger, the only problem is it takes up all your skill slots (I'll explain that below).But there is around 30 characters in this game so that means playing Dragon World 30 times and that means wanting to die 30 times. DW is boring, long, annoying and all around horrible, but if you have an Action Replay or Gameshark or any kind of cheat device oyu can unlock all the capsules and continue having one of the best game experienses you'll ever have. I swear if they had a story mode like in Budoaki 1 this game would get a perfect 10! Now let me remind you right now that there are no cut-scens in story mode, byt the ultimate attack cut-scenes make up for it.

As I mentioned above I talked about a Skill system, its called the ESS (Exiting Skill System). The ESS is where you costomize your characters and give them whatever skill you wanna give them that they can handle. Each skill is called a capsule, and you can get capsules during DW or form the skill shop. Its hard to explain here but it is very simple and if you buy this game, you'll understand.

There are seven modes at the main menu, there is DW, Duling (a fight against the computer or friend), practice mode (here you can have a never ending fight with the com and test new capsules), Options (here you can costomize your game), World Tournament mode(this is a series of fights to win money which can be used to buy thing at the Skill Shop), Editing skills (here you can edit skills, go to the skill shop and view all skills you have. You can even trade skills with someone else here too), and finally the secret Babidi's Space-ship (BS). BS is a place were you have normal fights to unlock characters but you fight with strange battle conditions such as: The more you hit your opponent, the farther they go flying back. You can have tons of fun there by youself or with a friend.

The battle system is also fairly simple. You have a health meter and an energy meter or a ki gauge. You ki gauge shows how mush ki energy you have, if you have enough you can use special attacks and even transform. Now thats another great thing about this game, you can have people transform if they have that ability, Goku, meet super saiyan 3!! There are also fusions in this game where two people become one. Unlike Budoaki 3 this game has fan fusions that were never in he show or manga. You'll have tons of fun playing as a Hercule and Goku fusion.

You are gonna be playing this game for a very long time. Whether its torturing youself with DW or having months of fun in practice mode, you are probably gonna love this game.

Well, there you have it, a great game to hold you off till the next big thing comes out. A game not just for a DBZ fan, but a game for a video game fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/07/05

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