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"More or less the same exact thing"


Back when Budokai 2 came out I remember hearing people who had played the game claiming it was far better than the original Budokai. Not exactly something that would be hard to achieve but regardless, I was intrigued. So I decided to give Budokai 2 a play just to find out I was only playing a prettier looking version with more characters to choose from.

Gameplay 5/10

Like the Budokai before it, Budokai 2 offers a wide arrangement of characters to play as. You hve your basics like Goku, Gohan, Krillin and friends but you also have the crew from the Majin Buu saga like Buu, Goten and Videl-- and even though I don't care for Dragon Ball Z, I have some sort of soft spot I can't explain for Videl. This is good because people like to have a lot of characters to choose from.

However, also like the Budokai before it, too many characters are similar. The moves may have different names, but they do the same thing. Does this add any variety to the game? I'm afraid not!

Story 1/10

Easily the worst part about this game. Rather than follow the storyline of the show like they did in the previous game they decide to create the inane and annoying DRAGON WORLD in which you, as Goku, grab a couple companions and travel the world in a boardgame like setting in search the dragon balls with hopes of caressing them. As you travel you will fight random bad guys that show up out of nowhere also in search of said dragon balls. The whole thing is just really boring and quite honestly a mundane process to try and play through.

Graphics 6/10

It looks better than the first one did, that's for sure. The game uses the cel-shaded look, which isn't for everybody. However, the cel-shading doesn't look nearly as good or as clean as a game like Wind Waker or Viewtiful Joe, for example. The cel-shading in Budokai 2 looks somewhat choppy and overall pretty bland looking.

Sound 5/10

Like the first one, the voice actors from FUNimation lend their voices to the characters and they still have annoying one-liners. The music is just as forgettable as it was in the first and brings nothing to the game-- in fact, most of it is just recycled from the first.

Replayability 2/10

The whole "Dragon World" quest is so boring you might not even be able to play through it once-- heck, I know I didn't. It has a wider cast of characters but they all for the most part play the same. But, all things considered, it's the exact same thing as the first one.

Rent or Buy?

I guess if you're a diehard DBZ fan, go crazy. If you've already played the first one don't even bother because chances are you'll have the same exact feelings for this one.


Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/15/05, Updated 04/10/06

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