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"Good? Yes. Great? Eh. Perfect? No."

Game Play - 7/10

The combos and techniques in this game are easy enough to execute, but some of the flashy extras are not. Try rotating both Control sticks fast enough to beat the computer....Now try it without burning holes in your hands. One major beef is that is can be hard to string a combo together without tossing in an extra control stick motion. K K K ->K E can be easily screwed up if you accidentally make K ->K K ->K E. One other small issue is that A LOT of the special moves are the same for each character. If you unlock someone new, just tap in P P P P E. You should pull off a reasonably impressive move.

Story - 6/10

The story wasn't really executed in-game very well....Understandable enough for someone familiar with the source material, but rather confusing if you aren't a big fan of the cartoon. But hey, its a fighting game, and it actually HAS a story. The Story mode is the only way to unlock a lot of characters and capsules, so you be seeing a lot of the cutesy board-game set up. It fits in well though. Its not HORRIBLE when compared to the rest of the game.

Graphics - 8/10

The cel-shaded look is good for the characters. Energy blasts look like energy blasts. Some of the fighting areas look a little fuzzy, but who looks at the background while beating the snot out of people.

Sound - 7/10

The voices are acceptable. The one major letdown is the speed at which the attacks are named. A two second "Kamehameha!" just doesn't sound right. The music is....well....they tried....I'll give them that much. The sound effects are good as well.

Replay Ability ---

Single Player - 6/10
The game lasts for a while. Story mode can take a while to work through, and unlocking EVERYTHING can take up quite a bit of time. The tournaments are fun, but with the right technique set up, they can be REALLY easy. The 4 mini-games you can unlock will suck up A LOT of time if you let them.

Multi Player - 7/10
Fighting against your friends is fun, but you can't drop someone new onto the game and have them stand a good chance. Your best bet is to set them up in training mode, and go watch the Extended edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. By the time you are done with that, your friend will have picked up on how to play. However if you have someone handy who knows how to play, you'll have a blast.

Final Score - 8/10 (Not an average)
The game has some flaws, but is otherwise a solid fighting game, enjoyable to both fans of the cartoon and newbies.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/30/06

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