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    FAQ/Walkthrough by zamaneethegreat

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 03/16/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    CCCCCC   H    H   AAAAAA   OOOOOO   SSSSSS                                  
    C        H    H   A    A   O    O   SS                                      
    C        HHHHHH   AAAAAA   O    O   SSSSSS				          
    C        H    H   A    A   O    O       SS                                  
    CCCCCC   H    H   A    A   OOOOOO   SSSSSS                                  
    TTTTTT   H    H   EEEEEE   OOOOOO   RRRRRR   Y   Y                          
      TT     H    H   E        O    O   R    R    Y Y                           
      TT     HHHHHH   EEEEEE   O    O   RRRRRR     Y                            
      TT     H    H   E        O    O   R    R     Y                           
      TT     H    H   EEEEEE   OOOOOO   R     R    Y                            
    Copyright© 2006 by zamaneethegreat. All rights reserved.
    Splinter Cell: Chaos theory: Complete single player walkthrough. There is no 
    co-op walkthrough here. Maybe when I actually play the co-op missions.
    Table of Contents
    -Version history
    -Requirements to getting 100% completion
    -Hacking and the EEV
    -new features
    -other features
    -Level tips
    -hints and tips
       The walkthrough
        +The story
    	-The Lighthouse
    	-The cargo ship
    	-The bank
    	-The penthouse
    	-Displace International
    	-The Battery
    	-The bathhouse
    	-Kokubo Sosho
    -closing and credits 
    -contact info 
    -legal information
    Welcome to my Walkthrough. In my walkthrough, I will try to show you every 
    route possible that I know, because that is what is so cool about the third of 
    the splinter cell games. More choices, more fun, and the best graphics yet!
    Even though most people like to use the assault tactics and blow everybody up, 
    I will not only show you the new secrets to different ways of killing in the 
    game, but you will also see the secrets of stealth! Why would you need that? 
    You ask. Well, what if you ran out of ammo? You can’t shoot anybody. Now 
    you’re in the situation of physical hits now, such as KOing the guy or knifing 
    One big thing I almost forgot to mention. This walkthrough is made for the 
    Xbox and PC versions only. If you own a PS2 or gamecube, and are looking for a 
    walkthrough for this game, I will be of no help. Why? The maps are made 
    different, and there are different features for each game. However, I still 
    may be able to help you. Just e-mail me with your question.
    Well, enough talk; let’s get on with the Walkthrough!
    Version history
    -Version 0.25, August 18, 2006: Started the walkthrough and completed level 1-
    2, controls, introduction, contact info, closing and credits, legal info, and 
    -Version 0.40, August 22, 2006: levels 3-4, added questions to the FAQs, and 
    added some tips. 
    -Version 0.75, August 23, 2006: Finished levels 5-8 and added to the tips. 
    -Version 1.00, August 25, 2006: Finished the rest of the walkthrough part.
    -Version 1.10: Added the level tips section.
    -Version 1.15, March 16, 2007: Added a few things and a new alternative to 
    level 9- the bathhouse (Public baths and steam rooms), corrected spelling 
    The controls
    Y button: Jump
    B button: crouch/ roll (hold)
    A button: Reload/Grab/Interact
    X button: Equip selected item (including objects picked up off the ground)
    L button: KO attack/Secondary fire
    R button: Fire weapon/lethal attack
    Back: access your OPSAT (objectives, notes, etc.)
    Start: Pause the game
    D pad: 
    Left- night vision
    Right- thermal vision
    Up- EMF vision (electromagnetic field vision)
    Down- exit
    L stick: Move character/click- zoom in/out (EEV) or click- change gun-in-hand 
    position (left hand/ right hand)/ back to wall.
    R stick: Move position of camera/click-EEV binoculars
    White button: quick inventory of weapons and gadgets (hold)/change attachment 
    on SC-20K (when equipped)
    Black button: Whistle
    These are the main controls for the game. There are many things you can do 
    with the action button, but you will read that later as I go.
    Requirements to getting 100% completion
    Most people in the game go through and do whatever they can to beat the game. 
    Shooting people, giving them the knife, and all those other cool moves. 
    However, after people do beat the game, they usually want to go back and get 
    100% completion. How do you do this? Here are the requirements for 100% 
    completion in a mission:
    - No killing or injuring any of the guards.
    - No civilians injured or killed (this results in 0% completion!).
    - No alarms.
    - No being identified as an intruder.
    - No bodies found lying around.
    Hacking and the EEV
    This is one of the new features, and a very cool one! Remember the days when 
    you didn’t have somebody for clearance through those dang retinal scanners, 
    and you were stuck in one spot? Well, those days are over! Wit the new hacking 
    device, you can infiltrate and type of security! Including those dumb retinal 
    scanners. How do you do this, you ask? Well, here’s how.
    -Approach what you want to hack. (In computers, you click on security 
    -On the left, you will see a set of 4 different numbers (Example: 192 68 33 
    10). This is an address, and there are 16 of them. You must select the 
    correct one, or you will set off an alarm. To select an address, move the L 
    stick up and down to select which one you want, and press A (Do not use the 
    D pad for moving to different addresses. It doesn’t work!)
    -Before you do select an address however, you want to narrow your 
    possibilities down. To do this, move the L stick left and right to move the 
    cursor on the right around. When one of the numbers is highlighted, press X 
    to lock it. But beware, you have a limited number of times you can lock the 
    numbers on the right.
    -Once you have locked at least three, one address may be left, or two, or 
    whatever. You can lock the last number, but beware, your time is limited! 
    Look on the top of the address bar to the right, and you will see a bar 
    being depleted. Once that bar goes to 0, your time runs out, and you set off 
    an alarm. 
    -Once you master the principle of hacking, you will make the difficulty of 
    the game much easier. You may not realize it, but you don’t need to drag 
    bodies to a retinal scanner any more!
    Now, for the EEV. It is also a new feature in the game. It is part of the 
    hacking process, and when you use your EEV binoculars on a computer, you 
    can access it from a distance, withdraw objectives, and even hack it. From 
    a distance! Here are some other features of the EEV:
    -Compass (Tells you which direction you are going in (duh!)).
    -Laser microphone (If you zoom in, you can record conversations through a 
    -Laser designator (You can designate an object from a distance).
    -Object analyzer (for other object oriented purposes).
    New features
    -The knife- A very cool knew feature, giving you more choices how to kill 
    your enemy
    -The EEV- Do things never thought possible
    -Neck snap-To do this, jump on a pipe, press Y a second time to put your 
    whole body on the pipe, wait for someone to go by, and you can snap their 
    neck, or suffocate them, but not kill them.
    -Pull over ledge- This is awesome. Jump over a ledge, wait for somebody to 
    come over, or whistle, and pull them over!
    -New attachments for the SC-20K- Whoa, these things are awesome. There’s 
    the sniper attachment (Very useful for destroying the annoying UAVs in 
    level 8), and then there’s the shotgun attachment (lots of fun!).
    -The OCP- do you major splinter cell gamers remember the camera jammer in 
    the last splinter cells? Ah the days. Guess what? No more camera jammer! 
    Instead, you have the OCP on the pistol that not only disables cameras, but 
    electronics, too! Cool, huh? 
    -Sticky camera- Some of you probably don’t notice this, but the sticky 
    camera is different in this splinter cell. It is the sticky camera and the 
    diversion camera combined! Sweet.
    -EMF vision- This is plain and simple. It’s a new vision to your goggles 
    that lets you see electromagnetic fields (awesome!).
    -Break lock- This is a new feature, and very useful in some situations. If 
    you don’t want to pick a lock, you can break it, but beware, it’s noisy.
    -Door bashing- this is a new feature. When someone is near the door, use 
    that action to knock them out
    -Bodies- Usually when you hide bodies in the old games, if you leave them 
    out, eventually as you’re playing, a guard will find it and set off an 
    alarm. Even if you took down all the guards, some guard you never run into 
    will find it. Well, in this version, a guard that you run into has to 
    actually find the body now, rather than some guard you never see finding 
    the body.
    -Saving- This one’s really cool. In the old splinter cell games, you had to 
    save at certain checkpoints. Now, you can save whenever you want.
    Other features
    These are just a few things that are old, but I still think are cool and want 
    to list them:
    -Split jump- Jump between two walls narrow enough, wait for somebody to 
    come by, and drop on them.
    1- SC-20K- (attachments): sniper, foregrip, launcher, and shotgun.
    2- SC pistol w/ OCP.
    3- SC-20K launcher projectiles- airfoil rounds, sticky cameras, gas 
    grenades, and sticky shockers.
    4- Other equipment- Frag, flash, and smoke grenades, and wall mines.
    -Alarms- instead of going so many alarms and losing the mission, you can 
    get alarms and never lose the mission!
    -OPSAT- Notes, maps, objectives, and everything you need to know to 
    complete your mission.
    -Human shield- In a crossfire? Grab someone, and protect yourself (Of 
    course, the guard dies after so long).
    -Whistling- a nice little lure for your buddies.
    -Thrown objects- a nice distraction and some can even knock a guard out!
    -Dropping- If you feel like dropping on a foe from above, just do it!
    Level tips
    These are new, and will give you tips on each level:
    Level 1: -This level is a little different then the other levels, because it 
    has power generators to work the lights. Just pierce these things and you 
    don’t have to shoot out the lights.
    -There’s a lot of noise in this area due to the weather patterns. Take 
    advantage of it.
    -There are no alarms in this level, but watch your back even if there isn’t.
    Level 2: -There are alarm panels in this level, so be careful what you do.
    -There’s a lot of noise from the sea. Be happy it’s that way.
    -The doors in this level are thin. You can see guards easy through doors with 
    your thermals on. Bash the door when in this situation.
    Level 3: -this is the first mission you have keypad locked doors. Make sure to 
    check computers or interrogation for them or you’ll have to hack.
    -There are security cameras in this level, so look around before you go into 
    -The cameras in these areas are bulletproof, so don’t try wasting ammo.
    Level 4: -in this level, there are infrared cameras, so don’t try turning out 
    the lights and sneaking past them!
    -you’ll encounter a new enemy in this level: the wall mine. Keep slow when 
    you’re near them.
    -the guards in the first part of this level are the National Guard. Don’t kill 
    any of them. 
    Level 5: -do not kill anybody in this mission.
    -The guards in this level are higher in rank than in the last missions. Just 
    be more careful.
    -The security in this place is a lot tighter than the other missions. Be 
    quiet, otherwise you might raise an alarm.
    Level 6: -the walls in this level are made of paper so you can see somebody’s 
    shadow, but they might see you too.
    -The floors in this mission are noisy, so stay quiet.
    -If you get in crossfire, be methodical about where you want to hide. Guards 
    have a lot of places to hide and can get a good shot at you, so be evasive, 
    Level 7: -There is one big thing here that can raise a problem: Two new 
    cameras. One’s got a light bulb in it so it can see you, and it’s bulletproof. 
    The other does not show up in your thermals, so you have to turn your EMF 
    vision on, which can be a problem.
    Level 8: -All enemies in this level are fully equipped, so watch where you’re 
    -most of this level is a bunch of holes. In other words, it got the shit blown 
    out of it. There’s not as much hiding space, so just find what you can.
    -No alarms in this mission!
    Level 9: -the civilians in this mission can be annoying. So if you see one 
    going for the alarm, take him down before he reaches it.
    -In this mission, you’ll find other splinter cells (Those plagiarizers!), 
    except they have blue goggles. Just make sure you are careful about grabbing 
    these dudes from behind. They tend to constantly turn.
    Level 10: -In most of this level, you can’t kill, so don’t draw your gun in 
    crossfire until you’re told otherwise.
    -When you get to the basement in this mission, you’ll find the guards have 
    sticky shockers. They’ll interrogate you if they catch you, so take all of 
    them out in silence.
    Hints and tips
    Before I started, I wanted to give you some hints and tips for this game so 
    you do better than usual. For example, you don’t want to set off as many 
    alarms as possible. Not only are they fully geared, but they are totally 
    locked up!
    -	Never shoot a light out when a guard is near. Not only will he set off 
    the alarm, but you will be getting some heavy fire!
    -	If you’re getting shot at, and there is only a couple of guards doing 
    it, don’t panic. In this version, you can trick them. Move very slowly 
    away from the direction they’re shooting at (As long as it’s dark), and 
    you’ll notice they’re still shooting at the same spot you came from. Now 
    as long as you’re careful, you can come up and grab them!
    -	When guards are on high alert, do not, I repeat DO NOT make any loud 
    noise. They will start shooting in the direction of the noise.
    -	When you hide the bodies, it’s all common sense. Don’t hide them in the 
    light, and another tip is you should preferably move the bodies in a 
    -	Never have your legs hanging from a pipe when a guard comes by. He’s 
    going to see you.
    -	In the later levels when you run into the steam, use thermal rather than 
    night vision. Night vision will blind you in this stuff.
    -	Be careful where you break locks. Make sure a guard is not around to 
    hear it.
    -	When you shoot out lights, you do not want to miss! If you do, guards 
    from around can hear the sound very easily and go on high alert.
    -	Neck snapping is a beauty, but don’t do it when there are multiple 
    guards in the area. They’ll set off an alarm.
    -	The back to wall action can save your life. In the bathhouse, a guard 
    almost caught me when going by. So I put my back to the wall, and he 
    didn’t see me! He was like two inches from my face (If you’re on expert 
    that two inches from my face trick’ probably won’t work). Why is this? 
    When you put your back to a wall, you reduce the amount of light 
    illuminating on you.
    -	If you shoot a sticky camera at a guard’s head, it usually knocks them 
    out, and you can pick it up again.
    -	Make sure when you throw a flash grenade, stay out of its range! It can 
    disable you, too. Hurting you instead of helping (actually, it disables 
    you rather than hurting you).
    -	Make sure when you shoot a gas grenade, there is no one else near to 
    witness it, because even if he’s far away, he’ll still go on alert.
    <The walkthrough>
    The story
      It’s the year 2007.
    The programmer to the algorithm of the 
    future, Bruce Morgenholt, has 
    mysteriously disappeared. The NSA 
    believes that a man by the name of Hugo 
    Lacerda has something to do with it. So 
    they are sending in one of their best 
    field operatives, a splinter cell by the 
    name of Sam Fisher. Sam’s first mission 
    is to go to a lighthouse in Peru to 
    uncover the mysteries to who took 
    Morgenholt and why they did, destroy any 
    information Lacerda could have got his 
    hands on, and rescue Morgenholt.
    *Mission 1: the lighthouse*
    Primary: -Recover or destroy information about the Masse Kernels
    -Rescue Morgenholt
    -Discover where the guerillas got their arms and equipment
    Secondary: -Eliminate Hugo Lacerda
    Opportunity: -Scan the SSCC bar code of the delivered crates
    Bonus: -Disable the guerilla’s communication equipment
    You start outside on a beach, and it’s very dark. So why don’t you turn on 
    your night vision? 
    Go inside the crack in the cave, and move through. Soon enough, you’ll run 
    into a dead end. But wait, what’s this? Enter crawl space. Press the action 
    button, and go through. Once you get out of the crawl space, Lambert will 
    call you up and ask you if everything’s okay, because he hears gunfire. Then 
    Fisher starts talking about how they’re not AKs.
    Once you hop the few ledges, you’ll see a bridge. You can either go across 
    it, or head to the secret passage to your left. If you go through the secret 
    passage, you can pass the two guards coming up from across the bridge. 
    1-Secret passage: If you go through here, watch your step. You will go 
    through a small cave, and then go up a ladder. In here, there is a guard 
    playing target practice. It’s too light to sneak up to him, so just lure and 
    knock him out. Then scan the first crate over in the opposite cell. Scan it. 
    Shoot out the light heading for the stairs, and you come up to the storage 
    2-Bridge: If you took this route, run across the bridge, quickly jump over to 
    the right of the bridge, hang there, and wait for the two guards to have 
    their conversation, and one of them leaves. You can either shoot the guy, or 
    grab him and throw him over the ledge, or whatever you find more 
    entertaining. Then go where the other guard was going, to the storage room.
    -Storage room: When you head in here, knock out the guard, and then go scan 
    the second crate. It’s at the end of the passage. If you didn’t go through 
    the secret passage, go downstairs to knock out the guard and scan the other 
    crate. If I haven’t told you yet, you can just scan those crates with the 
    EEV. Head upstairs to the Interrogation area.
    -Interrogation area: To your right, there is a med kit if you want to heal. 
    Go down the little ramp and when you turn to your right. You’ll see 
    Morgenholt being tortured. Well, so much for rescuing him! Wait till the 
    first guy walks out to where you are, and knock him out. The third guy is not 
    in there, so you can deal with the second guy to your right in his office 
    when you walk into the cell. You can just come up behind him and give him a 
    good whack on the head, because he is sitting down and has his back turned. 
    Then Lambert calls you up and says it doesn’t sound good. So then Fisher says 
    he’s dead, so you leave the body. Walk to the end of the cell, and turn to 
    the right, and head for the courtyard. But first, pick the lock (Don’t break 
    it. There are guards near).
    -Courtyard: Put your thermals on as you go through the door. This will reveal 
    a guard through the tent ahead. Come up to it and cut the material, then go 
    up and grab him. When interrogated, he will tell you that Lacerda has already 
    left the camp and that you’re wasting your time. Knock him out and go outside 
    the tent. When you head toward the light of the power generator, you will see 
    a guard. Use and airfoil round, just make sure you’re close enough for it to 
    knock him out. Before you head toward the stairs past the tents, head into 
    the other tent and you’ll find the third crate. Scan it. When that’s done, 
    head through to the next part, but move slowly, because once you get to the 
    brick wall on your right, you’ll see two guards. Shoot a camera at the ground 
    between them, and let off the gas. That was easy, huh? Once you head to the 
    south side of the area, find the fourth weapons crate and scan it. Head up 
    those stairs to the next area.
    -The keep: When you come up here, you will see one guard in a chair, and 
    another guard sleeping. Take the first guy in the chair, grab him, and do 
    your business, then leave the second one alone, unless you feel like having 
    some extra fun. To the right of the bed, you can heal at the med kit if you 
    need to. There is also a frag grenade and some pistol ammo. Pick that up, and 
    head out to the next part.
    Cross the catwalk to get to the next tower. In this area, you’ll find the 
    third guy from the torture room. Take him out. Grim says to access the 
    computer. Do that. You have just completed one of the main objectives. Now go 
    through the curtain ahead, and shoot out the lantern. To your right, there 
    are two guards talking. Use the little camera trick I showed you earlier and 
    gas them both. After you do that, go down the stairs to your left and then 
    head right to scan the last crate. That’s done. Now head down the next set of 
    stairs SLOWLY. This guy down here is taking down the fence to get on the zip 
    line. Wait until he’s done then grab him. Give him your thanks, and then send 
    him off to dream land. Jump on the zip line towards your final destination
    -the lighthouse: Once you get here, look around for a lone guard. Make sure 
    he has his back turned, and head into the only door in the lighthouse.
    Come in here slowly, and listen in on the guard’s conversation on the radio. 
    Once you do that, knock him out, and Grim will call you back about the 
    conversation. “Maria Narcissa”. Destroy the radio, and head up towards the 
    *Alternate way- If you took out the guard before you could get the 
    information; you can still go up a set of stairs and look in the cabinet 
    there. It’ll give you the same info.
    Before you go up the ladder, shoot out the lights. You can only shoot one 
    from below. Go all the way up the ladder, but stay on the side where you took 
    out the first light. Wait till the guard has his back to you, and shoot out 
    the second light. He might come in with a flare, so go back down the ladder 
    and wait. Once he goes back to guarding, go up and take him out. If you don’t 
    care about getting a 100% rating, this is the perfect time for a little fun. 
    The ledge grab! Jump over the ledge, wait for him to come near, and pull him 
    over. Then go to the door to the lights and the lighthouse, and you extract 
    from there.
    *Mission Complete*
    *Mission 2: The Cargo Ship*
    Primary: -Retrieve the Bill of Lading for Lacerda’s arms shipment
    -Retrieve the ship’s transit ledger for Lacerda’s shipment.
    -Find out which cabin Lacerda is in.
    -eliminate Hugo Lacerda
    Secondary: -Find the name of Lacerda’s Panamanian contact.
    Opportunity: Place tracking devices on any illegal weapons crates.
    Bonus: none.
    -The Fore Deck: This time, you start out on the foredeck of a cargo ship. 
    Now there are two things you can do to get through to the cargo hold
    1. Start at the beginning, and whistle near the stairs to your left as soon 
    as Lambert stops talking. The two guards will come over. Move to your right 
    and wait for the first guard to start going back to his position, then grab 
    the other guard. Quickly shoot the second with an airfoil round and hide his 
    body (After you’ve taken care of the first guard). If you also forget, when 
    you grab the guards in this level, you can throw them over the boat! Of 
    course, it kills them, so if you’re going for that 100% completion, don’t do 
    There’s a guard down the stairs on the right hallway pacing back and forth. 
    Wait until his back is turned and grab him, then do what you want to him. At 
    the end of the hall, a set of stairs will take you downstairs, where you’ll 
    find a sleeping guard. You can shoot him (I wouldn’t. It’s just a waist of 
    ammo), or you can let him sleep and pass on by down to the cargo hold.
    2. I prefer this way because it’s much easier. Go down the left hall until 
    you get to the end. Look to your right, and you will see an opening. Jump 
    into it.
    From here, find your way through this little maze.
    Once you look ahead and find an opening, don’t go in yet. This is the right 
    hall, and a guard is patrolling it. Wait till he walks toward the right and 
    quietly hop down and go to the left. You’ll go down a set of stairs and find 
    a sleeping guard. Just leave him alone. There’s no point in wasting ammo. 
    Open the door to your left, which will open to the cargo hold.
    -The cargo hold: In here, there is a real maze of a bunch of crates. Head 
    straight from here till you reach a wall. Go all the way left, and you’ll 
    find a gap you can squeeze through. Once through here, the first weapons 
    crate is right in front of you. Rather than scanning them like in the first 
    mission, Redding wants you to put tracking devices to see where they end up. 
    Once done, head over the crates to the ladder at the end. That’s when Redding 
    calls you up again telling you your objective to activate some pumps because 
    some of the rooms are flooded. Go through the door at the top of the ladder, 
    and at the end of the next room, open the door. In here, there’s a machinist 
    operating a saw. Do anything you want with him, and then start through the 
    crawl space to your left.
    -The forecastle: Once you get through the ventilation, there is a guard 
    patrolling up and down this way, so be cautious. Once out, wait the guy and 
    the guard below is having a conversation, then shoot out the lights with your 
    pistol (DO NOT miss, whatever you do!). Jump on the pipe down the catwalk, 
    and press Y twice to get your legs up there, too. Once you do that move over 
    to where the first guy up where you are is right under you, and snap his 
    neck! L for non-lethal and R for lethal. Hide his body, then jump over the 
    railing, sneak up on the second guy, grab him, do what you want with him, and 
    hide his body. Then go down and fix the bilge pumps. From there, go through 
    the next door, and the first door to your right is where you want to enter. 
    If you need to heal, there’s a med kit to the side of the door.
    In here, jump up to the pile of crates and scan the bill of Lading. You’re 
    now done with another objective. Jump off the crates, and head out the door 
    -The engine room: In this hallway, two guards are coming your way, but you 
    can do a few things here.
    1. The easy way: If you hid the bodies in the last area, the easiest way is 
    to move forward and once you find a dark alcove, there will also be a space 
    where you can fall in (ventilation). Drop down and go through. You will 
    eventually have to go through a crawl space. Do that and you end up at the 
    end of the tunnel. Come on up and look around the corner. Wait till those two 
    guards finish their conversation, and head to the next area.
    2. The hard way: Hide in the alcove up ahead and wait for the guards to start 
    a conversation. Shoot a sticky camera in between them and gas them. Then head 
    to the end of the hall to the next area.
    In here, there are three guards. Make sure that you and the other three 
    guards DON’T shoot! If you do, you die, because the fumes are deadly in here.
    To make this easy, run to the floor mounted pipe to your right slowly, jump 
    over it, and then head up the pipe near the stairs (The stairs are too lit 
    up), and you just evaded the first guard. Up here is a three-way catwalk. 
    Before you move to the right side of the catwalks, move to your right and 
    look straight ahead. You will see a guard walking on the catwalk up here. 
    Disable the light to your left (Don’t shoot!). The guards are having a 
    conversation, so they don’t notice it. Jump over the railing and move around 
    them. From the bottom of the stairs, head up the stairs and run like hell to 
    the door at the end to the next area.
    -Crewman bunks: In here, go forward, and right of the stairs, you’ll go down 
    here and see two doors. The one to the left is a bathroom, and the one 
    straight ahead is where a guard patrols a crate. Go in the bathroom, and flip 
    your thermals on. Once you see him going past, open the door and KO as he is 
    patrolling outside for a couple of seconds, shoot him with a sticky shocker. 
    Hide the body, and head into the room he was patrolling. In here is the 
    second weapons crate. Place a tracker on it, and head up the stairs you saw 
    coming in.
    -Ship’s office: In here are two guards, and a computer next to you. Head in 
    the ventilation system to your left, and wait till the guard is done talking 
    and goes out on guard. Come out of the ventilation. Grab the guy sitting at 
    the desk, KO him, turn out the lights, and hide the body. Then open the 
    cabinet near the computer and you’ll retrieve the ship’s transit ledgers. 
    Before you move onto the next area, if you don’t feel comfortable about the 
    guard wandering around that you just saw, take him out, too.
    Head out the door, and you’ll find yourself in a hallway. Move down, and to 
    your left is the medical bay. There is no purpose there, so move to the door 
    at the end of the hall.
    -The bridge: When you come out here, the third weapons crate is to your left. 
    Once done with that, head up the stairs into the next room.
    Be careful, because there are two people in here. The captain and his 
    helmsman. When you come in, the helmsman is closest, so once both of their 
    backs are turned grab him, take him into a dark spot, and take him out. Wait 
    till the captain has his back to you, and grab him. By interrogating him, he 
    will tell you where Lacerda is. In his room. So take him out. If you 
    accidentally took him out without interrogating him, the main computer room 
    has the answer also. But I’m sure how to do it at the moment. There is also a 
    second way to the bridge. I will get that soon, too.
    Once done with that, head down the stairs at the other side of the room. From 
    there, you go through a hallway with a bunch of rooms. Just keep walking and 
    go up the stairway at the end of the hall.
    -Deck three: At the top of the stairs you went up, the fourth weapons crate 
    is hiding. Take care of that, and then go through the nearby door, taking you 
    into the captain’s quarters.
    Once in here, eavesdrop on his conversation until you find his contact, and 
    then he goes in the room to your right for drinks. Grab him, and drag him out 
    to the hallway near the weapons crate (In the dark). Kill him, and that’s 
    done, but you still have two weapons crates. Leave the guards alone where 
    Lacerda was talking, and heal up in the bathroom (It’s to the left side of 
    the hallway of the captain’s quarters). Then go down the stairs you came up, 
    and halfway down, open the door to deck two.
    -Deck two: To your left are two guards talking about coffee. Don’t bother 
    them. Go to the right and shoot out the light. Then head to the end, and you 
    will find a door where two guards are talking. Go to the other side of the 
    room, whistle, and then head back to the other side. Both the guards will 
    investigate, so while their backs are turned, go to the room straight ahead 
    of you, and there’s another weapons crate. After that, sneak out to the door 
    at the other side of the room, and open it. You’ll be back at the stairs once 
    you go through the next hallway. Head all the way up the stairs, and the next 
    area a guard is patrolling the area. Wait until he turns his back and walks 
    up the stairs, and then sneak over to the stairs he walked up and go beside 
    them. There is a lot of darkness. Jump up to the railing above, and wait for 
    that guard to pass by again, then come over the railing. Move to your left, 
    and then turn around the corner to your right up here. You will see a ladder. 
    Go down it, and to your left, facing the ladder is the extraction point. But 
    wait? What about the last crate? Go down to the bottom where three guards 
    patrol this area. Go around the big area of boxes, and you’ll find the last 
    weapons crate. Go back up the ladder; go all the way to your left, and 
    *Mission complete*
    *Mission 3: The bank*
    Primary: -Enter the bank.
    -Find the name of Lacerda’s Panamanian contact (This could have been done 
    last mission.
    -Determined who MCAS bank purchased arms for.
    -Steal $50,000,000 in French governmental bearer bonds.
    -Authorize the vault access from three officers’ panels
    Secondary: -Look for any suspicious transaction records.
    Opportunity: -Plant a series of fake e-mails to make it look like an inside 
    Bonus: Delete all the camera files.
    -Reception area: When you start out here, there are three guards in this area 
    (and one in the reception room). Two of the guards near you are talking about 
    the motion sensing lights. Be aware of those. They’ll track movement and turn 
    on when they do. The first guard is right in front of you. Grab him, and drag 
    him into a dark corner, then knock him out. The other two guards will 
    investigate. Take them out however you want (You probably want to make sure 
    they are split up first). Then head toward the left wall. Now motion sensing 
    lights will come on as you walk. Don’t worry about them. You already took the 
    guards out that can see you. Head to the end of the left wall, and look to 
    your right. There is a switch mounted on the wall of the building. Press it 
    and the lights in the area turn off, making it easier to go through. After 
    that, go to the door in the front you saw earlier. It has a lock on it. Break 
    it. The guard inside this building does not hear it, even though he is close 
    to the door. Disable the camera above his head, and then shoot him with a 
    sticky camera (Yes, it works if you’re accurate. If you aren’t, then just 
    shoot him with the gas when you missed). Quickly move the body to a dark 
    spot, and make sure the camera can’t see it, then for the reason why you came 
    in here. Go over to the computer the guard was working on, and go to security 
    access. Hack it, and you can post a fake e-mail. Once done with that, disable 
    the camera once more, and head out. Once you’re outside, jump over the 
    railing to your left, and head through this area. Right when you’re close to 
    the ladder at the end, look for a camera before you go into the lit areas. 
    There is one planted on the wall to your left near the ladder. Disable it, 
    then run for the ladder, and jump on and go up.
    -The roof: Once you’re up here, Grim will tell you the roof access is 
    magnetically locked, so you need to unlock it. Go through the area, over the 
    short set of stairs, and over to a small building. Break the lock, go in, and 
    switch the object. Go out the way you came, and look for one of the dome 
    windows that is open. Grab onto rope. Go down, and a guy that’s named Thomas 
    “the turtle” will talk to you. He will tell you how to open the vault. 
    -Ground floor lobby: Once you’re down here, don’t move yet. There’s a laser 
    grid around you. Look for a computer with a yellow screen. Use your EEV on 
    it, and deactivate the laser grid. Go outside, and look around. There’s a 
    guard sleeping to your right. Grab him, and force him to use the retinal 
    scanner. Then knock him out and hide his body. Then from the two entrances, 
    take the left one. It’ll take you to the ground floor east. The vault access 
    is in three places: The treasurer’s office, the president’s office, and the 
    main security room.
    -Ground floor east: In here, there are several doors. To your right is the 
    bathroom, which has a med kit if you need to heal, to the left, there are two 
    guards, and a keypad, which leads to a security room and straight, is the 
    access to the second floor. First, make sure there are no guards coming by 
    flipping on your thermal vision. Then shoot out the light. This saves you not 
    only by the guards not seeing you, but the camera in this area won’t see you. 
    Now, in the security room there’s not only a fake e-mail you can plant (The 
    second of the 8), but there’s also an important piece of information you need 
    here. Here are the options.
    1. The stealthy way: Go through the room straight ahead. Look to your left, 
    and there will be a window you can look through to scan the computer and get 
    your stuff done. Scan with the EEV, hack the computer for the e-mail, and get 
    the information, then head up the stairs to the next area.
    2. The assault way: Wait for one of the guards to go to the bathroom. Flip on 
    your thermals. Once you see him come close, slam the door. Hide his body, and 
    turn off the lights. Go over to the security room door, and enter the code 
    (3624), then whistle for the second guard and bash the door. Hide his body 
    out where it’s dark, and then get the information off the computer. Then go 
    up the stairs to the next area.
    -Second floor laser grid: Once you’re up here, you’ll see a laser grid. But 
    there seems to be a guard here walking around with no problems. You can 
    either grab him when he’s in your area of reach or pull him over the railing. 
    Upon interrogation, he will reveal to you that he has a device that negates 
    the effect of the lasers. Now, you can’t pull it out, but you can carry the 
    guard with you. Before you go through to the next area, knock him out over by 
    the desk to your right, and upload the third fake e-mail. Go through to the 
    next room, but don’t enter yet. Hide the body, and do a whistle to lure the 
    guy in the next room over, and shoot him with an airfoil round. Then drag one 
    of the bodies through to the next area. Note that the kitchen ahead has a med 
    kit if you need to heal.
    -Second floor security room: The next room is the waiting room, but watch out 
    for the camera! It’s sooooo annoying. Disable it, and then go through the 
    curtain, which will lead you to the right side of a glass room. Be careful 
    heading for the door up ahead. Wait for the guard from the other room ahead 
    to enter the room, and then make your plans. The key code to the security 
    room is 2306, and then open door stealth to make sure neither of the guards 
    is wandering around. Both are usually in their chairs, unless they are on 
    high alert. Grab and interrogate the first, then knock him out in a dark 
    spot. Then KO the other and hide his body. The first enable access is in 
    here. Do that, then upload a fake e-mail on one of the computers, then you 
    can turn off all the cameras on one computer (Yes, all of them), turn off the 
    fan above, and delete all the camera files, fulfilling the bonus objective. 
    The door at the end of the hallway leads to the president’s office, so hack 
    the keypad. You don’t have the code yet, so you have to hack it.
    -Second floor president’s office: Inside, a camera lingers over the door. But 
    don’t worry about it. You disabled all the cameras, remember? There’s nothing 
    in here, so you can go through here, to the next room. 
    In here, there’s the second enable access in here. Take care of that, and 
    then go over to the computer near you to upload the fifth fake e-mail. Look 
    for the balcony, and jump over.
    -Ground floor courtyard: Drop down quietly, and make sure you’re to the right 
    of the plank before you drop down, because, you’ll be in the light if you 
    don’t. Grab the only guard out here when he comes by, and then do your 
    business with him. Go over to the door, and type in the code (3901), then 
    shoot the light out so the guards in the next area can’t see you. 
    -Ground floor west: When you’re in here, you’ll see a guard across the 
    hallway fixing a keypad. Get close to him, and wait for him until he’s done. 
    Once he is, grab him and get the door code. Then hide the body.  
    Once in the treasurer’s office, enable the last access for the vault, upload 
    another fake e-mail, and search the cabinet, for the suspicious transaction 
    records, which is the secondary objective, then head back out the door. Once 
    out here, the vault door will be open. Scan the computer through the window 
    to your left first though to get the second to last fake e-mail, then head 
    towards the vault.
    -The vault: Hang a right before heading downstairs to get some items out of a 
    safety deposit box. Then head downstairs to the actual vault.
    There are two locks down here, so set the telemetric lock on either one, then 
    pick the lock of the other one. This is a little different, though. There are 
    three green lights on when you start. Once you pick one of the locks, wait 
    for the red light to go back to green, or you have to start over. Once that’s 
    done, step back and detonate the charge, then head in. Go over to the 
    computer at the end, and you can plant the last fake e-mail, download the 
    transaction files, and open the cage to the money. Get the $50,000,000 (Hmm, 
    I wonder what I could do with this), and all objectives complete. Before you 
    head out the vault though, most people think the alarm here is unavoidable, 
    but it isn’t! Look for a little circle in either wall to the side of the 
    short steps, and use your EEV on it. See? It’s avoidable. Leave the vault 
    area, and go through the treasurer’s office, then right, then right again 
    towards the lobby. Go to the door left below the exit sign, and this leads 
    you back out where you went up the ladder. Head back the way you came, and at 
    the front of the building, look to the right of you, and you’ll see a pipe. 
    Go up it, and you’ll zip down near the beginning. Now go to the right of the 
    gates, look for a rope, and exfiltrate over the wall.
    *Mission complete*
    *Mission 4: the penthouse*
    Primary: -Get to Zherkezhi’s penthouse in the adjacent building.
    -Access Zherkezhi’s server to determine who Dvorak is
    -Obtain the missing transaction records.
    -Find out who the mercenaries work for.
    -Locate Dvorak.
    -Retrieve a hardcopy output for a single Dvorak execution style.
     Secondary: -Discover who is in charge of the Zherkezhi protection detail.
     Opportunity: -Tap the penthouse video cameras.
     Bonus: Find the penthouse architectural plans.
    -Manhattan streets: The beginning of this mission starts you out in an 
    alleyway. There are four guards in this area, and it’ll not be easy for you. 
    First hide behind the dumpster, and wait till the first guard turns his back 
    to you, and then grab him. Make sure the other guards aren’t in sight of 
    seeing you first. Drag him to a dark spot, interrogate him, and then knock 
    him out. Do not kill him! All these guys are your allies, and you may know 
    they’re yours, but they don’t know you’re one of there’s. You can kill them, 
    but it’ll piss the hell out of Lambert.
    After that, you still have three guards to deal with. You can either deal 
    with them, or just pass through.
    1.	The easy way: Move a little past the flare you see at the beginning, and 
    you should find a ladder. Climb it, and then you’ll be up on a fire 
    escape. Go all the way up, and you’ll see a bunch of boxes. Jump on the 
    boxes, and then jump on the wall. You’ll be hanging from something on the 
    wall you can’t really see. Shimmy all the way to the left until you get to 
    a pipe. Go down the pipe, and you’ll see a few guards here. Disable the 
    big light around the corner to get there attention, and then go through 
    the open door up ahead with a guard going back and forth. Once you go 
    through there, look to your right, and you’ll see another door. Go through 
    it to enter the apartment building.
    2.	The hard way: Go behind the dumpster sitting against a wall up ahead, and 
    then shoot out the light to your left. The first guard will go 
    investigate. Wait until the flare is out of his hand, then grab him, and 
    hide his body behind the dumpster. The second guard will come near where 
    you are, and then you can grab him or KO him. The third guard has a 
    flashlight, and is patrolling near where you need to get to. Wait till his 
    back is turned, then KO him and hide his body. Then head into the door to 
    the apartment building.
    -Apartment building: In here, there is one guy fixing the elevator, and the 
    other is looping around the area. There are two options here:
    1. Climbing: If you’re impatient, just KO the guy trying to fix the elevator, 
    and then hide his body. After that, just go into the elevator and jump 
    through the opening, and climb up. The elevator comes on while you’re 
    2. Going on the elevator: Wait for the guy to fix the elevator, and whistle 
    before he leaves and grab him. This interrogation is hilarious, because the 
    guy you grabbed thinks it’s a training exercise. Knock him out and hide his 
    body, then get on the elevator and head up (Don’t mind the other guard. He’s 
    not really in your area). 
    You stop at the top floor, and there’s one guard before you get to the roof. 
    Take care of him, and then head through the maze of crates and boxes, and 
    head outside.
    -The rooftop helipad: There are three guards out here. You need to get to the 
    axe sign to get to the next area. To make it simple, head straight then turn 
    left, and switch object. The guards will come and investigate, giving you a 
    good distraction. Head out and go over the pipes to your left. North of your 
    position should be the axe sign, so disable it, run over there, climb up the 
    ladder, get on the zip line and zip across!
    -Penthouse/Lower floor: Go down the pipe, and then move forward, shooting out 
    the second light to your right, having the guard up ahead investigate. Jump 
    for the glass railing up ahead, and come up when his back is turned and grab 
    him. Do not pull him over. He will tell you who the mercenaries work for. 
    After that, knock him out in a dark spot. Look into the doorway ahead. One 
    guard is fixing another bad elevator, and another is on guard, often staring 
    at the door you are coming from. There are two ways you can take care of 
    these guys here:
    1. The stealthy way: Head in just a little bit, and make sure there are no 
    guards near. To the right you can cut material. Do that, go inside, and to 
    your left, you’ll see a ventilation shaft. Go through, and when you come out 
    the other end, you’ll be right passed the guard repairing the elevator, 
    passing up two guards.
    2. The assault way: Whistle for the guy that comes near the door, and then KO 
    him. Then disable the light above the repairman’s head, and grab him from 
    behind. Take him out and go right to the next area.
    Go past the kitchen up ahead, and there’s a guard sleeping. Take him out, 
    then access his computer. Hack it, and you’ll fulfill the bonus objective. Up 
    ahead, break the lock of the door up ahead, and head outside. You’ll see the 
    first infrared camera out here, and go under it, and tap it. This is the 
    first part of the opportunity objective. Then disable it and go up the stairs 
    near you, but instead of going through the first door, go to the next one. 
    This leads to the main floor.
    -Penthouse/Main floor: Up here, there’s a guard sitting on a bed, listening 
    to loud music. You can knock him out, or leave him alone. Then go outside to 
    the next area. You go through the glass door. You’ll see the second infrared 
    camera. I believe there are two guards in this area. One behind the next door 
    and one near the infrared camera. Disable the camera, and take care of the 
    one outside, then hide his body. After that, tap your second camera, and 
    disable the camera again. Whistle for the guy in the next room to come out, 
    and take him out. Then head to the room where he came from. 
    In the TV room ahead, there is one guard. Throw a bottle from the kitchen to 
    get his attention and knock him out. In this area, there are two more cameras 
    to tap, so make sure his body is out of sight. Before you do go to the TV 
    room, there is a ventilation shaft to your left in the laundry room. Go 
    through it, and you’ll be right below the first camera in the area. Tap it. 
    The other one is over on a far wall, and if you stick to the right, there’s 
    material to hide behind as you move so the camera doesn’t see you. Tap it, 
    disable it, and then go up those stairs near you. 
    -Penthouse/Upper floor: Yay, No guards in the area! Look for the camera, and 
    disable it, then run across to the computer desk to get some files for one of 
    your objectives. After that, disable the camera again, and tap the fifth 
    camera. If you are low in health, there is a med kit behind the glass door 
    near the bed. Then go to the left of the camera, and you’ll find a room with 
    more computers. Accessing this computer will unlock the magnetic locks in the 
    room you couldn’t get into earlier, near the guard’s room who was listening 
    to loud music. Head away from the closet, along the stone wall, and go passed 
    the window open that leads to the floor above the patio, there’s a tunnel you 
    go through that leads to a door. Get out your optic cable, and listen in on a 
    conversation two guards are having. When they’re done, one of them will come 
    for the door you’re at. Turn off the light switch, and the guard will try to 
    turn them back on. Grab and interrogate. He’ll give you the answer to the 
    secondary objective. Then take him out. After that, whistle so the other 
    guard comes for the door, and bash it. Then hide his body, and directly left 
    of the door when you come in is the last infrared camera. Tap it. Now you’re 
    done with the opportunity objective. Then leave the greenhouse and take out 
    the lights in the open window area, jump out the window, disable the camera 
    below, hop down, go through the room with the music, and go into the door 
    right outside of the music room. Open the door inside this room up, and head 
    into the next area.
    -The abandoned building: Hide behind the crates, as there is one guard 
    patrolling in this area, and a couple more in the building. Shoot out the 
    light in front of the building. The guard will go on alert, and you can grab 
    him from behind. Then take him out. Head into the door, and through the next 
    door, there is another guard. Flip on your thermals, wait till he comes 
    close, and door bash him. Up here, there is a split of two rooms. A keypad 
    and the area where the snipers lurk. Go to the keypad, but you can get a 
    second chance to see who the mercs work for if you go to where the snipers 
    -Dvorak’s room: No guards in here, except a nutty old man. Talk to him a lot, 
    until you get the objective of retrieving hardcopy output from the ancient 
    computer. You work three of the computer terminals, and he works three. Wait 
    for one to buzz, and go switch object. Do this with all three, and you can 
    pick up the hardcopy. Do one wrong, and you have to start over.
    Now for extraction. Go out of the locked doors, through the loud music room, 
    through the main floor of the penthouse. Go past the kitchen and into the TV 
    room. Disable the camera to your right, then go into there, and you’ll find 
    an elevator. Drop through the hole on top, and extract.
    *Mission complete*
    *Mission 5: Displace International*
    Primary: -Retrieve the server access algorithm.
    -Access the central server in the server room
    -Discover who is in charge of the Zherkezhi protection detail (Could have 
    been done last mission).
    -Don’t kill anyone
    -Find information linking Displace and Zherkezhi.
    Secondary: -Discover the real identity of Milan Nedich.
    Opportunity: -Insert tracer programs into Displace’s division servers.
    Bonus: Access the turret performance report.
    -The roof: Move through the beginning part, and once you find yourself in an 
    open area, Two guards are having a conversation at the end of the area, not 
    too far from your position. Once the first guy walks out, grab him from 
    behind, interrogate him, and take ‘em out! The other guy is working on the 
    machines. Climb over the fence, into a dark spot, and KO him from behind. His 
    back is turned, anyway. Hide his body, and then look for a switch object. 
    Then interact. This makes it able to pick the lock to the fan. Open the door 
    and then head up near the cage with the fan under it. Pick the lock, and then 
    look for the rappel. Go down in there, and plant your feet on the ground 
    Go through some new shafts, and you’ll see another trap door. Do not open it. 
    There are too many guards to handle, and they’ll see you as soon as you open 
    it. Just watch through the optic cable and wait for them to leave the room, 
    and then go on in.
    -Meeting room: There’s nothing to do in this area. Go past the computer to 
    your left and head into the operations room.
    -Operations room: There’s one guard in this area. Take him out while he has 
    his back turned on you playing with the computers. The computer at the top is 
    where you upload the first tracer. Take care of that, and then look at any 
    other of the computers to complete the primary objective of getting a VIP 
    detail report. Leave down to the lower level, and bring the body along. You 
    come up to two doors straight ahead of you and one keypad door to your left. 
    Go to the left door straight ahead. It’s a bathroom. Dump the body, and head 
    to the door left of you when you come out of the bathroom. There’s a guard in 
    this area. Grab and interrogate, then KO and hide the body in the bathroom 
    where you hid the other guard’s. Head back out of that room, and you have a 
    few options here:
    1.	The stealthy way: Head back up to the upper floor past the operations 
    room, and go left when you head out, down to the hallway where the keypad 
    door is. Hide behind the door, and enter the code (8136), but don’t open 
    it yet. One of the guards will come up and hit the switch on the electro 
    chromic window. That’s why I told you to hide. Wait till they start 
    walking, and head out the door. Hide behind the plant, and as soon as you 
    can, EEV the suitcase, and hack to get the objective. Be quick about it, 
    2.	The assault way: Stay on the lower level, and put in the key code, which 
    is the same as the one above. Then head to the side of the stairs ahead. 
    After not too long, both of them will come down. Sneak behind the guy with 
    the briefcase, and knock him out. If you’re quiet enough, the second guy 
    won’t see it. Then look in the briefcase, hack, and you have your first 
    primary objective for this mission complete.
    If you can’t do either of these, or missed the opportunity, you can still 
    find them in the meeting room and get the Intel there. 
    -Lower lobby: There is really no purpose for being down here. The only thing 
    down here is a guard behind the elevators, a camera, and even if you open the 
    keypad locked door, it’s a dead end. But Grim you will give you another way 
    into the server room, though.
    -Central Lobby (second floor): There’s a lot of stuff up here. If you didn’t 
    cause any commotion when you took out the two businessmen, there’s a guard at 
    the other end of this hall. But don’t go anywhere yet. There is also a camera 
    mounted above the elevators. You can’t sneak past it without it seeing you, 
    so this is what you do: Shoot a sticky camera above the guard’s head. Gas 
    him, and then disable the camera. Run across to where you knocked the guard 
    out, and pick up his body. Go to the bathroom on the right, dump his body, 
    and make sure the lights are off. Now don’t head for the retinal scanner 
    locked door, but go to the door on the left, where you come into the training 
    -Training Gym: There is only one reason you’re coming in here: To upload 
    another one of Grim’s tracers. You see a guard near the lockers. Leave him 
    alone for now. After he has headed into the next room, move into the room to 
    the left of the lockers. In here, the guard got on a treadmill, and you see 
    computers. First, the guy on the treadmill has his back turned, so don’t do 
    anything to him yet. There’s another guard at a computer. Sneak up behind him 
    and knock him out, then hide his body. Then head for the computer on the far 
    wall, and hacking it gets another one of Grim’s tracers. Then, if you want to 
    take care of the guard on the treadmill, do it, and make sure his body is 
    hidden. After that, head out the way you came. But right when you walk out of 
    the gym, you’ll see a ventilation shaft near the lockers. Head into it, and 
    it’ll take you to the research and development room.
    -Research and development: Once you get into this area, you’ll see two guys 
    having a conversation about the Prince of Persia game. Once they’re done, let 
    the first guard walk by and the second one will star reading a paper, making 
    a simple grab for you. Take care of him (And you probably want to put his 
    body in the break room, right next to you), then shut the door when you’re 
    done. There are two more guards by the weapons testing window, one you saw 
    earlier, and another one that’s just hanging around. If you have gas 
    grenades, gas them when they’re together and take care of their bodies. If 
    you don’t, well, just be creative. Then check the computer on the left, and 
    you’ll find hacking available. Hack it, and you complete the bonus objective. 
    Head up the stairs, and hack the keypad up here. Go in and get on the 
    computer to get the last tracer. Then head into the ventilation on your 
    right. After a little, you’ll com out where there are two ways to go. Go to 
    the right, and you’ll see a room with a lot of green. That’s the right room. 
    -The main server: Rappel down to the bottom, and open up the algorithm, but 
    it turns out the information isn’t here. Then the power comes back on. 
    Immediately jump back on the rope and climb up until no one will be able to 
    see you on your light meter. A computer geek comes in. Once he’s messing with 
    the computer, come on down and grab him. Interrogate, and dump the body 
    behind all the giant wires. When you come up to the door, the doors open 
    immediately, so be careful! DO NOT hit the switch on the wall, either. You 
    guess what happens. Sneak into the next room, where a guard awaits. Take him 
    out, and when you get to the next door, remember the dead end after the 
    keypad on level 1? That’s where you are. If you haven’t dealt with the guard 
    in this area, he’s back behind the elevators. Take care of him, disable the 
    camera above the elevator, and go up the elevator to level 3 (Yes, the 
    elevators work now).
    -Upper level lobby: There’s no camera above this elevator, but there’s one in 
    the hall. Head to Sam’s left, and listen in on the conversation the two 
    guards are having down the hall here. While listening, put a sticky camera in 
    between them and wait till they reveal a door code to the executive suites, 
    then gas them. Hide their bodies, and head down the right hallway. There’s a 
    dark lounge down here, and across from there is a break room. There are two 
    guards in here. Put your EEV on, and then zoom in. You can here there 
    conversation, listening to find out what the true identity of Milan Nedich 
    is: Milos Nowak. This fulfills the secondary objective. They leave the room 
    when the conversation is over, so take them out, and hide their bodies. Head 
    down the hallway, and you see a keypad. Pass that, and you’ll see a camera 
    and a keypad door under it. Disable the camera, and run for the door. Put in 
    the code (2346), and go inside.
    -Executive offices: Go to the second room to your right, and open the door 
    slowly. Grab the guy in the room, and interrogate him. He’ll give you the key 
    code to the CEO’s office. Take care of him, and then head to the last door to 
    your left in this area, and put in the key code, and head in.
    The computer closest to the door gets you the last primary objective, and 
    before you leave, look for the key code to the fire escape. Head out the way 
    you came, through the executive offices, and don’t forget to disable the 
    camera as you go out. Then put in the key code to the door across from where 
    you are. Head all the way up the stairs, and extract.
    *Mission complete*
    *Mission 6: Hokkaido*
    Primary: -Discover the real identity of Milan Nedich (Could have been done 
    last mission)
    -Eliminate Milan Nedich
    -Abduct Abrahim Zherkezhi
    -Eliminate Douglas Shetland
    Secondary: None
    Opportunity: -Retrieve the hidden microphones
    Bonus: None
    -Dojo infiltration: Go under the log, and you’ll see a guard standing on some 
    rocks. You can either play with your sniper (If you got the assault kit), or 
    you can just shoot a sticky shocker at him. Hide his body in a decent spot, 
    then move toward the building. Shoot the light on the wall from the outside, 
    not the inside, and then whistle to have the first guard comes over after he 
    lights the candle. Grab, interrogate, and take care of the body, and then 
    shoot out the candle, and one of the guards from the outside will come in. KO 
    and hide the body, then head outside.
    -Courtyard: Here you may be able to scan the license plates, if you missed 
    finding the true identity of Milan Nedich. Otherwise, head into the next 
    building. There are two ways to get in: 
    1.	The easy way: Head for the right of the building and jump through the 
    window. You’ll see two guards having a conversation. Just pass them up and 
    go to the ventilation in front of you.
    2.	The hard way: You can go under the porch over to the right and you’ll go 
    through, finally finding a hole in the floor of the building. The problem 
    is, there’s a guard here, so you’ll need to take him out. Then head to 
    where you end up through the first passage I talked about.
    -Old Shoin: From where you came out of the ventilation, stay in the ferns you 
    run into and wait there until the guard you see passes by. Grab him and give 
    him a smack on the head, and then hide his body in the plants. Go down the 
    hall to your left, and you’ll see a guard looking for hidden mics. Sneak in, 
    grab him, interrogate, and take care of him. Then flip on your thermals to 
    find the circular mic by the telephone. Then after that, head back the way 
    you came up and go in the other direction past the ventilation, where you’ll 
    find a red curtain (Take care of any guards you find on your way, because 
    there may be some from where you just came from). In here, there is only one 
    guard. Flip on your thermals and wait till he comes toward you, and strike. 
    Then move to the next room, where you’ll find a table to the side that has a 
    box of pistol ammo. Pick that up. Then head toward the next area.
    -Dining area: Once you get here, go over near where the two guards are, and 
    listen in on their conversation. It’s hilarious. Just listen in. It’s got 
    some humor to it. Once they’re done, they split. One comes out near where you 
    are, and the other searches for a mic. Here are your two options for taking 
    them out:
    1.	Rail pulling: In my opinion, this is the funner way, and it doesn’t hurt 
    the guards, just knocks them out. Whistle to the first guard over, and 
    pull him over. Make sure you’re in a dark spot. Lure the other guard out, 
    and pull him over, too. Then go into where they came out of. 
    2.	Shooting: Just shoot both of them if you don’t want to pull them over the 
    railing. Then head into the building.
    In here, you can get to a kitchen and a bathroom. First off, though, find the 
    second mic. Then head to the kitchen, turn off the lights, and open the door 
    to the next area.
    -Practice yard: There are two guards and a civilian here. The civilian is 
    dancing around while the two guards will soon start talking. Just go straight 
    and stay to the left, then when you see the door, head quickly to the right 
    when the civilian is dancing in the other direction. 
    -Bathhouse: When you reach the golden Buddha, make a U-turn at your right, 
    and you’re outside the bathhouse. In the room ahead, Nedich is talking on the 
    phone while three Displace guards are keeping watch. You can kill Nedich now, 
    or you can do it later, but if you do, do this: go to the ventilation shaft 
    right of the door, go through, and don’t move once you’re out. Once Nedich 
    comes to the bathroom you see ahead, wait for a guard to come up and turn 
    back toward the door he came out of. Once he’s gone, grab Nedich from behind 
    the paper. Cool, huh? Interrogate, and then kill him in a dark spot. Go back 
    through the ventilation, and you’ll see that the guards are all around this 
    place now. The bedroom ahead has the third hidden microphone. Take care of 
    that guard, and then find the microphone. Head back to where the statue was, 
    and then look behind the statue. You’ll see a ventilation shaft. Go into it, 
    and head through.
    -Middle Shoin: Once you get out here, there’s a guard. Switch the object near 
    you, and he’ll come to investigate. Take care of him, go past the little 
    greenhouse, and head into the next building. 
    At the end here, you’ll see a hallway. Turn left and you’ll see a guy 
    watching TV. Go behind the couch and you’ll find another mic near the 
    telephone. Take care of that, and leave the guard alone. Go directly across 
    the room to a bedroom and look for another microphone. Once you have done 
    that, head to the end of the hall into a grey room with a clear screen door.
    -New Shoin: Shoot out the light, and then head outside under the stairs. If 
    no guards are coming out of the next glass door you see, head in the and look 
    for another microphone. This is the last one. Wait for a guard to walk down 
    the stairs, and shoot him with an airfoil round. Then head up the stairs and 
    open the glass door. To make it simple in going past this other guard, I 
    found a cool way of getting past him: Go to your left, and you’ll see a 
    window. Instead of shooting it, press the L or R trigger. Cool, huh? Sam 
    actually breaks the glass himself. Go in and look around for a med kit. Look 
    below it and you’ll see a ventilation shaft. Head in and go through. 
    -The teahouse: You end out on the rooftop, and you see a guard at the front 
    of a building, and you also see the shadows of Shetland and Zherkezhi 
    talking. Don’t move until Doug kills him, then head down, and sneak past the 
    guard. Then head into one of the small windows near the right. Go through, 
    and you’ll find yourself back in the courtyard. If you didn’t take out Nedich 
    earlier, you can do it now. He comes when you get to the scene. If you did 
    what I did, two of his guards are out here. Shoot out the lantern, and then 
    you can either sneak by them, or shoot them. Once you do, head back to where 
    you started at the beginning, go under the log, and get yourself out of 
    *Mission complete*
    *Mission 7: The battery*
    Primary: -Determine if the Koreans intentionally launched the missile
    -Tap the launcher BIOS for a fingerprint of Dvorak algorithm fragments 
    -Stop the missile launch
    -Acquire the missile abort codes
    -Abort the missile
    Secondary: None
    Opportunity: -Recover the shipping and repair logs
    Bonus: -Prime a missile in each of the missile bays
    -Interrogate the base commander
    -Outpost entrance: Rappel down from the air shaft you’re in, and then you’ll 
    see that you’re in a dimly lit warehouse. There are two guards in this area, 
    and there’s to ways you can deal with them.
    1.	The easy way: See the truck? Go behind it, and you’ll see a hole. Go into 
    the hole, and then squeeze through the cracks and you’ll be in a room with 
    some generators. After that, shimmy through some more tunnels and you will 
    eventually find a ladder. Go up it, and you should see a guard sitting 
    down at a desk, messing around. If he’s not, wait for him to come back. 
    Grab him from behind, and KO him. After you do that, head out the door 
    (Take care of the lights, first).
    2.	The hard way: While the two guards are arguing, grab the closer guard in 
    the darkness, and interrogate him. He’ll give you the door code to the 
    door past the first one. Knock him out, and then KO the second guard. 
    After you hide the bodies, head in the door. In here, there is a camera 
    above the door. You can’t see it with your thermals, so flip your EMF 
    vision on, and disable it (After you have taken care of the lights), then 
    put the code in the door. Once it’s opened, slowly move to the left, turn 
    out the lights, and take out the guard in this area. Then head to the next 
    -Battery offices: the cubicle of computer desks over here may look empty, but 
    there’s one on the other side from where you are, and if you look to your 
    right, there is one in that office. Come up behind the guard in the cubicle 
    and KO him, hide his body, and then go into the office with the other guard in 
    it and shoot at his head with an airfoil round. Turn out the lights in this 
    room so you can hide his body, and then hack the computer he was working at to 
    get the first shipping log. After that, head through to the next room.
    -Guard barracks: There are two guards in this area, and they sleep, wake up, 
    look around, then go back to sleep. Shut out the lights in the hallway first 
    so they don’t see you coming in. Wait till they are both asleep, and sneak 
    past them, but before you go all the way to the other side, there is a flash 
    grenade on the nightstand by the guard sleeping in the bed. Sneak into the 
    next area.
    -Munitions warehouse: Before you open the door into here, make sure you’re 
    safe by checking with your optic cable. When you come in, disable the camera 
    while the guard has his back to you, and grab him. When interrogated, he’ll 
    tell you the secret entrance to the missile launch area. Then shoot out he 
    lights so the camera doesn’t see you, and look for two boxes of SC-20K ammo 
    lying around. Go towards the stairs, and break the lock of the door to your 
    left. The guard doesn’t hear it. Shoot him in the back of the head with one of 
    your gadgets, and then hack the computer for a second shipping log. There are 
    two ways to the loading bay: 
    1.	The easy way: Go back to a corner where all the boxes are and you’ll find 
    a crawl space. Go through, and you’ll find yourself right below two guards 
    and a truck. Wait till the guards are out of sight, and pull yourself up 
    and shoot out a light. As the guards go investigate, go through the crawl 
    space under the truck, bypass the circuit, jump on the pipe above the 
    truck, put your legs up so the camera doesn’t see you, and move forward.
    2.	The hard way: Go down the stairs, and wait for the first guard to come. 
    Shoot him, and when the other guard comes over, take care of him, too. 
    Bypass the circuit to your left, jump on the truck, and jump on the pipe. 
    Put your legs up before you move down it.
    -West and east bays: Drop down through the hatch, and don’t mess with the 
    other one. The elevator is dead ahead. Find the only guard in this area and 
    interrogate. Go out to each missile bay (Disable the cameras first), and take 
    out each guard, and then examine the warheads with the open cases, and this 
    fulfills the bonus objective. Once you’ve done that, there are two ways to the 
    command center:
    1.	The easy way: In the west missile bay control room, look for an open 
    hatch in the ceiling. Go until you’re on the top of the elevator. Bypass 
    the circuit, and the elevator goes up. Once up here, go through the next 
    ventilation shaft. You will find yourself near a conversation with a few 
    men. Listen in, and you have completed a primary objective.
    2.	The hard way: Go on up in the elevator. Disable the light right before 
    you’re at the top, and take out the guard here. Hide his body, and hack 
    the retinal scanner. Then go through the next room, listen in on the 
    conversation, and complete a primary objective. 
    -Command center: Take out the guards after the commander goes in his office. 
    Do it quietly. Go to a computer in the upper level, and you can get the third 
    of the four shipping logs. Then head into the office where the commander went, 
    and interrogate him for the bonus objective (Just use the whistle and grab 
    trick). After you do that, head back to the west missile bay (go to your right 
    when you head out the elevator), and disable the camera, then you see that a 
    door has opened. 
    -West missile bay launcher: Once you reached the half open gate, you’ll see 
    half the body of a guard. Shoot him with a sticky shocker through the opening, 
    and then head toward the launcher. Grim will send you down into the room 
    below, and take the stairs nearest the missile bay. 
    In here, there are two guards. Shoot a sticky camera on the floor, and lure 
    both of them, then gas them. Check the computer the nearer guy was messing 
    around on, and you’ll find the last shipping log. Bypass the circuit the other 
    guard was working on, and head back up. Get on the computer, and all your 
    current objectives will be complete. But now you have a new objective of 
    stopping the missile launch. Head back toward the east missile bay, and head 
    for the now opened east missile bay launcher.
    -East missile bay launcher: There’s a new enemy in here. He usually walks 
    through the tunnels. Hunt and eliminate (Lethal or non-lethal), and then head 
    for the circuit at the end of the tunnel. You may want to save here, because 
    you’re being timed for the next part. You’re a bit short too late of stopping 
    the missile, no matter what. You have three minutes to get the abort codes and 
    input them. Go to the control room below, and go to the nearest staircase, 
    like before. There’s one guard near you, and two looking out the window. Shoot 
    the guy nearest with a sticky shocker or airfoil round, and then the computer 
    right across from you has the abort codes. You can get them without the other 
    two seeing you. Head back up and all the way back to the east missile bay 
    control room. Abort the missile. After that, head back to either missile 
    platform, go to the edge where you see a ladder, and get then extract out of 
    *Mission complete*
    Mission 8: Seoul
    Primary: -Locate and retrieve data drives from the NDT
    -Interrogate a Special Forces agent to determine the location of Jong
    -Get to the rooftop to transfer the data to the EA-6B
    -Prevent data aboard the EA-6B from being recovered by North Korea
    -Get to the EA-6B crash site
    -Designate the wreckage of the EA-6B for aerial bombardment.
    Secondary: -Tap a mobile command center
    Opportunity: -Stop the North Korea propaganda broadcasts
    -Gain information about NK UAVs
    -Disable P3Rs (Portable Reconnaissance Receivers)
    Bonus: -Save the pilots from the EA-6B crash site.
    -Destroy the North Korean tanks
    -The safe house: You begin in a real freaky house. Head past the room and move 
    to your left where you can rappel onto the wall, and rappel down to the 
    street. Sneak up to the wall mine down the street, disarm it, and go over the 
    -Back alley: Stay in the darkness and wait for the two dudes to stop 
    bickering, wait for them to separate, and grab the one nearest you. 
    Interrogate him, and move back to the darkness and take care of his body. You 
    have just completed one of the primary objectives. Then deal with the other 
    one. At the end of the alley, you find the first loudspeaker. Deal with it, 
    and then climb up the pipe over in the corner, bringing you up to a fire 
    -Mobile Command center: Look around the area in the high parts before you drop 
    down out of the fire escape. There’s a sniper in the hidden balcony (As you 
    can see), so be careful. Drop down, and shoot out the left light on the truck. 
    This will get two guards near here to investigate. So play around with the 
    guards, and head into the back of the truck. This is the mobile command center 
    you’re supposed to tap. Accomplish that, then if you have the shotgun 
    attachment, take the shells off the box you see when you come out. Go to the 
    left and you’ll see another loudspeaker. Take care of that, and then head past 
    the truck to where you are in between two buildings. Sneak up the one to your 
    right on the pipe to stun the sniper hanging out there, and head for the other 
    building, go up the ladder, and the last loudspeaker is up here. Now that 
    you’re done with that objective, go through the ventilation you see in front 
    of you. 
    -NDT infiltration: After you go through the ventilation, you’ll go down a 
    ladder, and head for the computer in this room quickly, and then get the 
    drives and run back near the ladder. Two guards will blow the wall open in 
    front of you. Wait till they are approaching the computer and have their backs 
    turned to you, then go head where they came out of (Quietly), and head up the 
    stairs, and you’ll see a guard heading down the hall towards you. Head a 
    little forward and you’ll see a spot where you can fit to wait till the guard 
    comes by. You can KO him or slip by. Go forward and head into the first door 
    to your left and shoot out the lights. Two guards will come out of the 
    elevator next door. They will investigate. Wait till they leave (The second 
    will stand by the elevator), and hug the wall moving toward the elevator, and 
    if you did it right, the guard wouldn’t have noticed you, so go all the way up 
    to the roof on the elevator. 
    PART 2
    Well, if you watched the really cool movie, you knew something was up. You 
    really think it was that simple? Oh, no. This mission may have looked like it 
    was over, but you’re just starting to get into it.
    -NDT rooftop: There is one guard up here, and a new nemesis. The UAV. I don’t 
    care what you say. These things are a difficult flat out bitch. Am I right, or 
    am I right? Anyway, if its red light spots you, you’re pretty much screwed, so 
    stay out of site of these things. However, there are two ways to deal with 
    this new invention: 
    1. The sniper: This is the only thing that can actually destroy these pieces 
    of junk. Shoot it, and then usually the guard goes on alert, so take care of 
    2. The OCP: It may not be able to be destroyed with the pistol, but it can be 
    disabled so its red light is temporarily disabled and has no way of finding 
    you until it gets the red light back. Disable the thing, and then KO the guard 
    somewhere where the UAV won’t be able to spot it.
    After you’ve done this, go over to the P3R and disable it. Then look for a 
    cable near it, jump on, and go across.
    -Neighboring rooftop: Hop the fence, and you’ll see a wall mine up ahead. 
    Shoot it, and then go around the corner. Don’t jump on the pipe. Instead, drop 
    in the gap before it because if you didn’t take out the UAV from earlier, you 
    won’t be able to pass it up unless you stay here until it does go by. After it 
    does, you will see a guard come by the railing. Shoot him, and go across. Then 
    hide his body. Jump up on the building to your right, and squish between the 
    air conditioner and the wall over to your right. You see a guard over by the 
    railing across from you along with a P3R, and a guard on the ground floor. 
    Whip out your EEV binoculars and disable the P3R from there. Disable the 
    light, and jump up on the railing, then pull yourself up. Go through the 
    opening in front of you, but first there’s a box of SC-20K ammo, some shotgun 
    shells, and a smoke grenade to your right. Get them and then head into that 
    opening. You’ll think you’re at a dead end, but drop down and hang onto the 
    window seal. Make sure the guard that wanders around in here is outside, then 
    pull up, head straight, then left, and you’ll find a door to your left. Open 
    -Office block: Whoa! This whole area has been blown off! Watch out for other 
    bombs coming this way. No, just kidding. Hide behind the bathroom stall and 
    wait for the UAV to get out of your area, and then head down the levels of 
    bathrooms until you see a P3R straight across from you. Scan it with your EEV 
    and disable it, jump across, and on the ledge you’re on, head right till you 
    can’t anymore, and then go straight until you hit the wall. Look to your left, 
    and you’ll see a guard come out after a little bit. Wait until he is a 
    distance from the door, and then sneak past him into the next room. 
    -Apartment building: This is cool. If you look at the hole, a bomb went 
    through here, but it never blew up! Drop down carefully, until you are on the 
    floor right above where the two guards are crying they’re going to die. One of 
    them even says “I want my mommy!” Wait until they leave back to their work, 
    and drop down. In the basement is the first guard, but you’ll have no purpose 
    to go down there unless you need a med kit. Instead, look in the kitchen where 
    the other guard is working. Scan his computer with your EEV, and you’ll 
    complete the objective of finding information about the UAVs. Then look to the 
    left of the desk right near the kitchen’s window. There is a ventilation 
    shaft. Go on through.
    -Restaurant back alley: once you get out here, check out the crates near you. 
    They have some goodies. Then wait for the South Korean you see to run into the 
    restaurant you just went through. With his back turned, sneak toward the other 
    side of the alley, look to your left and head for the fence and go over.
    -Market street west: Look to your right and blow out the sign that’s lighted 
    up, but don’t shoot the soldiers ahead. They’re allies. Also disable the wall 
    mine across from the dumpster, and then KO both the South Koreans and then go 
    right from the alley you came from, and go left. You’ll find yourself at a 
    ladder. Go up the ladder. Shoot a sticky shocker at each on-foot Korean from 
    above, and then shoot the guy in the tank (If you kill him, it’s not going to 
    hurt your mission rating). Head over to where the light is and zip across. 
    Then drop down and go around the tank, go up the ladder and throw a grenade 
    from above. Make sure it’s totaled, and then KO the sniper up here, and 
    disable the P3R. Then head inside the next building.
    -Market street east: Jump through the hole inside, and then you come to a 
    window. There is a UAV (Man, don’t you hate those things?), and two guards. 
    Wait till the UAV passes by, and drop down to grab the first guard and take 
    care of him. The other guard is at the other end, sitting down. Shoot a sticky 
    camera at his head, and then pick it up. There are some treats for your toys 
    near the guard. As the UAV comes back, disable it before it spots you, and run 
    through the next door right near the crash site. 
    -Crash site: Go to your left when you come to the split and move out of site 
    of the tanks detection area as you do it. KO the few guard around the tank, 
    and then shoot the guard in the tank, go up the ladder high enough, and 
    destroy the tank with a frag, and then head back down and go to the other side 
    of the area, finding the plane and the pilots. First, go up the pipe to the 
    left to disable the last P3R, and then get both the pilots to safety (Lambert 
    starts bitching about it, but ignore him). You want to take them back to the 
    door you went through to get here, and Lambert will tell you when it’s safe 
    enough. After you do that, go all the way up the ladder, and a pilot will come 
    in and blow it up as soon as you designate. Then watch the cool movie at the 
    *Mission Complete*
    *Level 9: The bathhouse*
    Primary: -Gain entry to the bathhouse
    -Discover who Shetland’s contact is
    -Eavesdrop on Shetland’s meeting before the I-SDF takes him down.
    -Eliminate Shetland
    -Disarm Shetland’s bombs
    Secondary: -Find out who gave the I-SDF assault team their orders
    Opportunity: -Tap the bathhouse telephone lines
    Bonus: Read the chaos theory e-mail
    -Streets of Shinjuku: Go through the beginning and you’ll soon see a guard 
    repairing, and it’s very bright. Disable the light, so the guard goes to 
    investigate, then bypass the circuit for the first telephone to your right, 
    and then go to the pipe and head up. Don’t zip down it yet. First, shoot out 
    the three alternating lights, and then zip down. Pull yourself up when you get 
    to the end, then jump toward the roof, and you should be hanging off the roof. 
    Shimmy all the way over to the end and then drop down. You’ll see another 
    street light here. Shoot it or disable it, and then head down the pipe, and 
    into the hole in the ground near you, getting you into the ventilation. Go 
    through until you find a ladder. Go up the ladder to the next area.
    -Basement/ Laundry: When you pull yourself up, you’ll see a guard at the end 
    of the room. Get over and grab him as soon as you pull up, otherwise, he turns 
    the lights on after a few seconds. Once you’ve taken care of his body, move to 
    the next room, where you’ll find a guard sitting to your left. Aim through the 
    shelf near him so he doesn’t see you, and then shoot him with an airfoil 
    round. Turn off the light and hide his body, and head toward the next door to 
    get to the next area.
    -Bathhouse lobby: There are two guards and a civilian in this area. There are 
    two ways to get at them:
    1.	The assault way: Set a wall mine by the light switch, and turn the light 
    off. Move a good distance, and you’ll see the guards coming for the 
    light switch, shoot at them when they’re close enough, and when they try 
    shooting you, the mine will kill them. Then just grab and KO the 
    civilian. He’s at your mercy. 
    2.	The stealthy way: Just turn the lights off and run past the desk to the 
    door to the left, and then detach both curtains so the light doesn’t 
    flood in on you.
    Once you’re in here, open the door to your right. If you didn’t take care of 
    the civilian, make sure he’s not coming in, because he does sometimes. There’s 
    a med kit here if you want to heal, but right after you do, head into the 
    ventilation shaft to your left. Once you’re through, flip your thermals on and 
    look through the curtain to find a computer. Hack it and you can also disable 
    the camera up the stairs. Once the guards are done with their conversation, 
    head out here and look for the light switch on the wall. Turn it off, and the 
    guard from outside will come in. Lure him into the little spot you’re in, and 
    he’ll attempt to turn the lights back on. KO him, and make sure you dealt with 
    the guard coming down the stairs from the right, and then head outside and 
    look for a pipe. Climb up it, and then zip across the zip line and wait until 
    the civilian lies down. Then pull yourself into the room.
    -2F Private rooms: Go in and grab the civilian. He’ll give you the door code 
    to the office. KO him and turn off the lights as you hide his body, and then 
    put your optic cable to the door outside. If the guard outside has his back to 
    you and walking in the opposite direction, quickly grab him. Then turn out the 
    lights and dispose of his body. Then enter the code, and head in.
    -The office: Look in the cabinet to get the information you need, and head 
    into the ventilation shaft to get next door. What’s this? You say. More 
    Splinter cells? Yes, in a way they are, but they’re Japanese. Listen in on 
    their conversation while you look at their computer. Then once they’re sat 
    down, interrogate one. This will fulfill another objective. Go back through 
    the crawl space, back out the office, and down the stairs, and you’ll find 
    yourself back in the lobby. If you haven’t taken care of the guards (Or 
    civilian), it can be a bit difficult. Go in the little room, and wait for the 
    civilian to leave. As soon as he does, create a distraction by making noise on 
    the other side of the room (You can make some noise with the sticky cam). Once 
    you do that, go straight then left.
    -Locker room: Disable the light in here, and grab the guard from behind. Hide 
    his body next door in a stall, and turn the lights off. Then head for the left 
    with the yellow strip. You can go through it, so do that, and head into the 
    pool area.
    -The pool: The light in here is annoying. Head down the ladder ahead of you, 
    and go left to find a power generator. Pierce it. Once you do that, you can 
    either mess around with the guards, or head to the other side to tap the 
    second telephone, and head into the door into the next area.
    *Alternative-the Public Baths: This is alternative if you didn’t want to go to 
    the pool, however you will not get 100% completion because you’ll miss one of 
    the phones you have to tap. Go through here, and you’ll see a guard lingering 
    around. Play with the lights, and take the guard out by luring him through 
    shooting the lights out. Take him out, and another guard will come in. Man, 
    they must be asking for it! Shoot that sucker! He’ll go crying to his mommy 
    anyway. Actually, before I tell you to break this guy, be aware of the light 
    above your head if you go through the door. My suggestion is shoot him with a 
    sticky shocker or airfoil round. Ugh, this next part can be annoying! In the 
    next room, there’s another Jap, and he is no sympathizer. Keep in mind that 
    there is an alarm lever near him, so stay quiet, and don’t let him catch you. 
    Hide in one of these tiny rooms, and navigate slowly to find which one he’s 
    in, and then bam! He’ll be on the floor, unconscious after you knock him in 
    the face. Move to the next room 
    -The steam rooms: This part can be annoying. If the steam isn’t on, move to 
    your right, and turn the pipe. Take out everybody quietly, or just sneak past. 
    The second steam room is opposite the steam pipe, so head into there. There is 
    a guard in here sometimes. There is also an auto turret. I remember these from 
    the last splinter cells, and they kill quickly, so to make it easy, head to 
    the pipe to your left, turn it so there’s steam, move into the pool ahead then 
    jump over to the second one, and you’ll see the control to your right. 
    Deactivate it, and head into the door to your left if you’re facing the 
    control. This will lead you to the next area.
    *Tip-Steam rooms: If you’re feeling confident, and you took the public baths 
    path, there is a trapdoor hidden in the water in one of the baths. Going into 
    this will lead to the first steam room, putting you inside one of the baths. 
    However, there’s a risk because there’s a crazy Japanese dude (konnichiwa!) 
    that is messing with the steam. Wait for him to turn it on, and whip out a 
    smack on the head. 
    -Private baths: Shoot out the candle you see, and the I-SDF agent will come 
    down to investigate. Grab him, and then put his body behind the desk, where 
    you’ll find the final phone to tap. Then head down the hall, and to your left. 
    Wait until the splinter cell turns and walks back the other way, and head for 
    the ventilation shaft. But right before, make sure all the guards won’t see 
    you (There’s like three). Once you get to here, there’s a guard that comes in. 
    Wait under the little plank until backs are turned, and then head into the 
    little greenhouse when you pull yourself up and into the ventilation shaft at 
    the end. Go through, and you’ll watch Shetland’s meeting. Hack the computer to 
    get the chaos theory e-mail. When he’s done, you have a big problem. The 
    meeting didn’t go well, and you need to head back out the ventilation and kill 
    -The shower room: Instead of going out the door to your left, go into the 
    ventilation shaft ahead so you don’t get caught in crossfire. Save right when 
    you get in the ventilation because this part’s tough. Head out, and go 
    straight to the door ahead, because you’ll get shot if you don’t. After you 
    did that, take a loop around this area, and you should then go through the 
    washroom. You’ll look straight across the room and find another open door 
    soon, but you’ll get between the two teams’ crossfire. Wait till they stop 
    shooting, and then roll across. Go to the door on your left, but disable the 
    camera right when you walk in this room first. Then head for the goodies, and 
    walk right out straight to the room on the other side, heal at the med kit if 
    you need to, and walk slowly around the corner. You’ll find a wall mine so 
    disable it. Then head straight for the door and peek out. Save because this 
    part is hard. There are three Displace troops in here. There are a couple ways 
    to take care of that:
    1.	The easy way: Don’t waist your ammo on shooting out the lights. The 
    troops have night vision. Instead, sneak to the tiled thing to your 
    right, and throw a smoke grenade behind the nearest guard. Since they 
    can’t see once it’s expanded enough, run for the door on the opposite 
    side, and they shouldn’t see you go past. 
    2.	The hard way: Shoot all three of them. I don’t care how you do it, but 
    this is real difficult to do, but that’s why I prefer the other way 
    -The furnace room: Go straight, and then slowly move left and disable the wall 
    mine you hear ahead. Disable it, and head out to the open area, where Shetland 
    starts talking. I suggest you save here. Break the lock and then head toward 
    the first bomb. Go left, and then go down, and you’ll find the first bomb. 
    Defuse it (You have 90 seconds to defuse each bomb). You’ll see a soldier 
    coming. Shoot him, and head toward the second bomb, which you go up the 
    stairs, down, left, up, and jump over the railing, finding the second bomb. 
    Defuse it, and two more soldiers will come in. Go up the pipe behind you, and 
    you’ll see them from above. Throw a smoke grenade at them, jump down, and KO 
    them in the smoke. Hide there bodies, and then go forward to find bags of 
    cement. If you jump to the left of them, you’ll find yourself on a platform, 
    with the third bomb. Aim at the door that Shetland just ran into with a sticky 
    shocker, and shoot the final soldier that comes out. Hide the body, and then 
    head through the door and down the hall, and then up the ladder, and through 
    the door. You’ll find yourself face-to-face with Shetland. After the long 
    talk. You can either shoot him, or put your gun away and watch the better 
    ending (In my opinion). Watch the cool movie at the end, and you’re done with 
    this mission.
    *Mission complete*
    *Level 10: Kokubo Sosho*
    Primary: -Don’t kill anyone
    -Contact the detained American officers
    -Gain access to the war room
    -Record the meeting in the war room
    -Access the I-SDF general’s laptop
    -Cripple Otomo’s I-SDF servers
    -Capture Otomo alive
    Secondary: none
    Opportunity: none
    Bonus: Access the I-SDF server before you destroy it.
    -Outside approach: You start on the outside of a building. Go forward, and go 
    in front of the garage door thing, and flip on your thermals. You should see 
    two people coming. Wait till they walk back to where they were, and then 
    switch the object to your left and the door will open up. Not only is there 
    two guards in here, but there’s also an infrared camera to the right. There 
    are two ways in, but I’ll only show you one for now. While the guards have 
    their backs turned, move to the right and under the infrared camera, and 
    you’ll see a door to the right. Go in. find the ventilation shaft after you 
    navigate a little, and go on through.
    -Main lobby: In the bathroom ahead, there is a guard taking a leak in the 
    stall in front of you. Quickly bash the door before he comes out, and turn off 
    the lights to hide his body. Move forward and moving out in the open area, 
    you’ll see one guard and hear him and another talking. Once he sits down, come 
    up and grab him while he sits and get the door code off his computer. Now you 
    need to get up to the third floor. Here’s the way safer than the stairs or 
    elevator: See the thing with the pipes going around it? First, disable the 
    light above the double door thing behind you, and then maneuver up the ledges 
    to the top. Once you’re up there, move forward and watch your step. Once you 
    see the last path to the left, go that way and head into the ventilation 
    -Press room: You come down to a catwalk, above where the prisoners you need to 
    talk to are. You’ll here a guard start arguing with a prisoner who wants to go 
    to the bathroom. Ignore it, and go to the end, where you’ll drop down in some 
    plants. Move out of the light, and wait for the guards to go outside, and then 
    disable the lights above the prisoners’ head and talk to them QUICKLY (don’t 
    aim at them because somehow they go alert if you do, even though they’re 
    blindfolded). Once you’ve done that, the guards are probably investigating. 
    Shoot a round from the pistol away from the prisoners and somewhere distant so 
    the guards investigate and you can sneak away unnoticed. There’s a ventilation 
    shaft opposite the prisoners. Go through the short crawl space, and then drop 
    down the railings of the stairs safely so the guard at the top doesn’t see you 
    (Or you can just KO him) and drop down to the door with the two computers in 
    front of it, shoo the light out above it, and get inside.
    -The basement area: Save here, because this part can be a bastard. Head down 
    and to your right, turn the switch so the lights go off and you’ll see down at 
    the bottom that three guards are talking. These guards are LTL equipped. In 
    other words, they have ammo similar to your sticky shocker. Which means one 
    shot, and you’re out. They’ll interrogate you if the get you. We’re not going 
    to let that happen, are we? Of course not. Wait till the first guard comes up 
    and KO him and hide his body. Head down and shoot out the lit sign. A guard 
    should come to investigate. Disable the camera, grab him, and pull him up to 
    where you knocked out the other guard, and take him out, too. Now the third 
    guard can be a little more difficult. Lure him up the escalator and grab him. 
    Don’t KO him yet. You need him. Disable the camera, and drag him to your 
    right. Once you go down a short set of stairs, you’ll see a retinal scanner. 
    Force him into using it, and then KO him and hide his body under the stairs. 
    -Server/Interrogation room: Go through the door that you just hacked, and turn 
    left. You’ll see a room to your right and to your left. If you want two sticky 
    shockers to the right room, get them, but it’s difficult to. If you already 
    did that, head to the left door to access the war room with a computer. There 
    are two infrared cameras in here, and they can be difficult. Put the code in 
    the keypad (1945), and wait until the infrared beams pass by. Head into your 
    right behind a shelf, and move all the way to your right. The next shelf over 
    is where the computer you need to access is, so peek around the corner, 
    disable it, and access the computer to get into the war room, and when you 
    head back out, make sure the cameras don’t see you! Head out past where you 
    went through the retinal scanner, disable the camera and go straight past it, 
    and once you go past the escalator, you’ll see two giant double doors with a 
    red light over it. Go in.
    -War room: In here, you need to take the left side to get to your destination. 
    Keep in mind there are two cameras and two guards in here (Only one and one if 
    you take the left side). Peek around the corner to the left, and disable the 
    camera you see (Once you’re right in front of it. It isn’t facing toward the 
    way you came). Head to the other side, and find a dark spot ASAP, because a 
    guard about three feet away from you is going to investigate. KO him (Make 
    sure it’s around the camera, because it’s infrared and it’s looking this way), 
    and then Look above you and you should see an open ceiling panel. Jump 
    through, and look for ventilation up here. Go through that. Not only will you 
    need to record the war room, but Grim also wants you to access the General’s 
    laptop, which is off to the right. Whip your EEV out, look on it, and when the 
    conversation is done, head out the ventilation, and come out the way you came, 
    but disable the camera again while you’re at it. Look for the elevator, and go 
    down all the way.
    -Down below: you won’t stop on the bottom, so drop down on the pipes, jump up 
    the ledge behind you to get to ground level, and head right to loop around 
    where you’ll find four guards and a crapload of wall mines around them 
    (Mwahahaha!). Either shoot one to set off a chain reaction, or disable the 
    light above their heads, and SLOWLY sneak to the door near you while they have 
    their backs turned. In this next room, flip on your thermals, and crouch under 
    these lasers, because if you don’t, the little half sphere thing above you 
    ahead will tear you to pieces. Go past that part, and Jump over the railing to 
    your right in the next room. Move right until you hit the wall, and then go 
    left and you’ll find the computer near. Access for the bonus objective, and 
    then set the charge. Before you detonate it, KO the two guards left of you, 
    because a few more guards come in after that. Detonate, and a few more guards 
    come in. Drop them with a shot from whatever, and then head up the stairs to 
    your right.
    -Otomo’s office: You will reach a dead end, and Otomo will start talking, and 
    then try to commit suicide. You have to save him first, so go into the glass 
    door behind you that wasn’t open before, and drop down in the ventilation hole 
    at the end. Go all the way through, and you’ll find you can pull yourself up 
    into Otomo’s office at the end. Get the knife out of Otomo, and head for the 
    giant glass window behind the small desk to set the charge for getting out of 
    here. Get far away, and after the 10 seconds are up and it’s detonated, its 
    mission complete. You don’t extract, but Sam swims up to safety. Watch the 
    movie at the end, and enjoy!   
    *Mission complete*
    +Game complete+
    Well, that’s the rest of it. I will update sometime soon for even more ways to 
    make it through some levels, and I might even write a co-op walkthrough in the 
    future. Hope you guys are ready for double agent. I can’t wait.
    FAQs (Frequently asked questions)
    Which Splinter Cell is this?
    This is the third Splinter Cell in the series.
    Will there be another Splinter Cell?
    Yes. They’re calling it ‘Splinter Cell: Double Agent’.
    I’m having trouble with those UAVs. How do I take them out?
    Oh, man I hate these things. But the sniper attachment is the only weapon 
    that can actually destroy these things. The OCP temporarily disables them, so 
    if you wanted the stealth package, just use that.
    Why don’t the bonus objectives appear in my OPSAT?
    Bonus objectives are required for 100% completion, but they appear on your 
    OPSAT. Lambert, Redding, or Grim will mention them to you, so listen 
    How do you hack something?
    It may look complicated, but it is quite easy. Check in the section “Hacking 
    and the EEV” in this walkthrough.
    Where is your co-op walkthrough? 
    I never made one. I might make one after I finish the single player 
    walkthrough. If you need any help with cooperative missions, I can still help 
    you. Just e-mail me with the question.
    Closing and credits
    I am very thankful that you have viewed my Walkthrough. Note on my level six 
    walkthrough, the hard way I put to get into the building isn’t that good, so 
    just use the first option till I fix that up. Any updates I get I will be 
    sure to get them up and posted ASAP. I want to thank:
    -GameFAQs: For giving me the privilege to post my walkthrough online, and 
    just for giving me some help to making my walkthrough
    -Neoseeker: For also letting me post my walkthrough on their site.
    -The PRIMA official game guide: Oh man. This was a huge help. It definitely 
    helped me to getting a base for this walkthrough
    -The splinter cell instructions booklet: Without this, I wouldn’t have known 
    what the controls were. This was also a really big help.
    Thank you to those who have made this possible. If you want to help, just e-
    mail me. I’ll be sure to put you in the credits. As long as it’s info I can 
    Contact information
    I am not always available, and there are only certain things I will respond 
    <Correction of mistakes
    <Co-authoring a walkthrough with me
    <Useful information to add to my Walkthrough
    <Permission to put this walkthrough on your website
    <Anything else you might think significant
    To reach me, you can either go thelegendaryzamanee@zoomshare.com, or 
    nacheswaffles@hotmail.com. Hope you liked my Walkthrough!
    P.S. If you like this game a lot, and really want to complete it 100% but 
    can’t, feel free to ask help from me. Not only did I complete it with 100%, 
    but half of the levels that were complete I played on expert level. Yeah!
    Legal information
    This document shall not be reproduced in any way, shape or form, without the 
    permission of the author, zamaneethegreat, without permission from the author 
    first. The only sites that have permission are the following:
    If you would like to put my walkthrough on your site, just ask. It’s not that 
    hard, rather than stealing it.

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