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"I Like my Martinis Hiding in the Dark with a Silenced Pistol...Not Stirred"

Ever since I played Double Agent, I've been dying to play an earlier Splinter Cell game. So, I picked up this one after hearing about how fun it was on the Internet. I'll admit that it was fun, but I got nothing that amazing out of it.

Sam Fisher is capable of many things, including stabbing people, interrogating, creeping along in the shadows like a creepy psychotic leprechaun and, of course, hacking every electrical-device known to man. This is no exception for Chaos Theory. All of Sam's usual gizmos and gadgets are all present and accounted for.

I do have a problem with the co-op feature in Chaos Theory. I found the co-op campaign to be very boring, especially compared to the single-player campaign offered. It's very difficult to be stealthy when there are two Splinter Cells to worry about and you and your partner will often just get frustrated with trying to work together and just stab all the guards you come across. The way that team moves are activated is very annoying with the GC's controller. You have to hold down the Z button and then press on the d-pad, which is annoying when each of the directions on the d-pad seem to have a different purpose while holding Z each time you press it.

I found the story disappointing. The single player story isn't really that great, it's acceptable, but not something that will stick in your mind after you're done playing. The biggest complaint I have with the story is that the co-op story doesn't fit into the single-player story. This makes the co-op mode seem dry and it really sucks the life from the game.

Chaos Theory's graphics are outstanding, especially for the GameCube. I was blown away with the texturing, but the character modules, I couldn't say the same for. The characters never move their mouths when speaking and very seldom show much emotion, even when you can tell they're scared by their voice. When Sam or another character attempted to walk up a flight of stairs, it looked like they were standing on an invisible escalator or something because they slid right up the thing.

Text is usually provided when someone buzzes into Sam's ear. That's all fine and good, but sometimes a character would say something that didn't show up on the text. This isn't really a big problem with me, but a minor annoyance that shows the developers didn't really check over their work.

For some reason, this Splinter Cell seems unusually shorter than the other games. The solo campaign can be beaten in less than a day and the co-op campaign can be beaten in even less than that. In fact, you probably could beat the game on most of the modes in under twenty-four hours. However, Chaos Theory does provide some goodies that are worth checking out, including a teaser trailer for the Splinter Cell film.

Of course, if you find stealth games annoying, stray away from Chaos Theory, but if you are a fan of stealth games, get off the stupid computer and go buy the damn thing! If you're neutral on the subject, you should probably rent this Splinter Cell installment first.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/26/06

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