Review by viewtiful_joe92

Reviewed: 09/28/05

Sam makes an awesome return to GameCube.

This game is, for all you people who didn't know, a sequel to Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, which in itself was a sequel to Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell was awesome, even though the level were a bit too linear. Pandora Tomorrow was, well, frankly, a disappointment. I won't waste anyone's time by listing it's faults here, but they were many. Is Chaos Theory about to make up for it? Yes. Is it better than Splinter Cell? YES. This is the best Splinter Cell yet. It may be inferior to all the other platforms' versions, but who really cares? The PS2 version has another multiplayer mode and the Xbox and PC versions have that AND far better graphics. WHO REALLY CARES??? You'll love this. As a matter of fact the only person I know who doesn't is a ANTI-GAMER. You're a gamer, so get it. If you aren't, get it anyway. Really, it's worth buying a GameCube to play just this game. But then, it might be smarter to buy an Xbox if that's your plan. But keep to your GameCube. But most importantly, PLAY THIS GAME!!!

Presentation (how easy it is to understand) 9.1/10
The manual's very detailed and easy to understand. However, I was profoundly confused several times because of the OCP and attachments to the SC-20K. It should be much clearer how to access them.

Graphics 9.8/10
The graphics in this game are really great, with lush environments and people. The only real problems are small details like the fact that nobody's lips move when they are talking. Annoying details.

Sound 10/10
This doesn't sound like a game with good music, but it's awesome and very tense. The sound effects are ultra-realistic and make you really feel like you're in there. Awesome voice-acting, too.

Gameplay 10/10
Awesome. Great moves, super-cool new gadgets, great levels, awesome missions. IT'S PERFECT. You've got to love it. When you're sneaking up behind a guard, the tension will kill you. Or the guard.

Lasting Appeal 9.9/10
10 ultra-long missions, which is more than it sounds. And you WILL replay the missions. You forget your friends. Until you've finished the campaign and wanna play the AWESOME co-op with them.

This game is for everyone who doesn't hate stealth. There's no good excuse not to own this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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