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"Stealth action has never been so fun."

If you have never played Splinter Cell or Pandora Tomorrow, then same on you! They are some of the best third party games out there. You spend a lot of your time sneaking around and interrogating, which sounds boring but it's soooo fun. Chaos Theory is a huge improvement over the other two in many ways. Here is my in-depth review.

Graphics 10/10
Chaos Theory is no doubt the best looking Cube game on the market. everything from candles to water to people looks just like the real thing. Also, you'd think with all the power in this game, that it would skip a lot. Let me tell you, I bought it used and it only skipped once!

Sound 10/10
Every level has it's own "soundtrack" that plays throughout the level. When a guards suspicions are roused, the music gets quicker and more intense. when he realizes that you are there (or you kill him) the music turns to rock techno.

Controls 9.5/10
When you first start playing this game, the controls will take some getting used to. This is mostly because you have to do Z button combinations. Other than that, the controls are fairly simple. Move with control stick, kill with R knock out with L, etc.

Story 10/10
Chaos Theory has a much more interesting storyline than the other two. I don't want to ruin it, but it has something to do with North Korea, China, Japan, and computer algorithms. You have to get far in the game to completely unravel the story.

Replay Value 10/10
When you begin each level, you are givin a choice of what pack you want to bring. The coices are Stealth, Assault, and Reddings Recommendation. Stealth has little ammo, but lots of non-lethal gadgets. Assault usually consists of los of ammo, and sometimes a sniper rifle or even a shotgun! You can go through each level with a different pack. Redding's Recommendation is in the middle.

Multiplayer 9/10
Since Gamecube doesn't have online capabilities, Ubisoft took the Spies vs. Mercs out of this version of Chaos Theory. However, they did put in an awesome co op mode. You and a friend can play through four two-player missions, and do all sorts of two-player moves. You can even heal your teammate after he (or she) dies. However, it is rather short. I hope that Splinter Cell 4 has a longer co op, because it was fun while it lasted. You also can't choose your pack, you always get Redding's Recommendation.

Overall 10/10
Rent or buy? I would say buy. This is mostly because I couldn't find it at any nearby video stores. If you have played previous Splinter Cells, than buy it, no question

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/29/06

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