Review by tonythekitty

Reviewed: 02/22/07

Am I the only one who didn't get this game?

If you have never played a 2 dimensional space shooter before (or a schump if you prefer)....then you might think Chaos Field is a good game. However, if you have played any other shooters in said genre, and I'm going all the way back to Galaga here, you will realize this is a piece of garbage.

Lets start with the good....

GRAPHICS : 8/10 :

The first thing you will notice is that Chaos field is a very pretty game. While it doesn't make you drop your jaw in wonder like Radio Allergy or Ikaruga, it has very solid graphics. The backgrounds are uninspired but serve the purpose, but all the on screen action is illustrated well. There is quite a lot of on screen firepower and each bullet is easily identified and seperate from the enviornment.

CONTROLS : 10/10 :

Every movement I tried to make in Chaos Field was executed perfectly by the game. Never once did I feel I had been cheated out of a life due to a poor hit detection system. Controls are mapped well to the buttons on the Gamecube controller and worked perfectly with my Wavebird if you want to play wirelessly.

Now for the bad....


Story? What Story? As with most of these games you find yourself immediately thrown into the heat of battle with little to no explanation of how you got there. I can live with that. But the gameplay? Chaos Field immediately throws you into what seems like a boss battle. You never have time to practice your controls or come to terms with your little ship before it is assaulted with volley after volley of heavy fire. Engaging your "Chaos Field" makes things (expectedly) even more Chaotic with all the on screen firepower. The tradeoff to this is that your weapons do more damage to the enemies as well. After beating this first "boss" you move on to ANOTHER boss like creature. After this comes the THIRD AND FINAL Boss. This one must be a real boss because it says Caution at the top of the screen before you fight him. After beating him, the level is over. 3 enemies. On the whole level. Don't expect levels 2+ to change things up much. This was very dissapointing to me. I always enjoyed wailing on the weaker enemies in this game and then strugling with a boss. This feels like we miss out on the experience of being the character in the game. I was so dissapointed that I decided to play the new "Original" mode instead of arcade mode. At first I was thrilled!!!! Little small non boss enemies were attacking me! I shot them down with ease and precision! Those little guys were toast!!! Then, just as I was about to say hey this Chaos field is getting pretty good, it went right back into the "boss rush" mode. 4 little guys. Thats all I got. Then non imaginative boss enemies. Blah. These arent like Gradius or Rtpye bosses either where just seeing them and fighting them is a thrill and a pleasure. Nope. These are cookie cutter "mech style" boring enemies that shoot screen fulls of fire at you. *Yawn* There arent enough shot and explosion sounds either. I never felt "In the game" due to lack of audio and video response to my firing on the other ships. I fired and fired and fired and then eventually they were dead. But I had no idea how well I was doing until they actually keeled over.

SOUND : 2/10 : Unless you are a fan of extremely boring and repetitive techno music (and who isnt!) then you will find yourself turning Chaos Fields music down to the lowest level you can still hear your TV on.

OVERALL : 2/10 :

In conclusion, unless you want to collect every shooter ever made, don't buy this. Heck dont even rent it. Buy Radio Allergy, Ikaruga. R Type - Final, Gradius V. Heck buy one of those old school "classic" compilation discs. Most of them have at least 5 semi good schmups on them. DO.NOT.BUY.THIS.GAME. Me personally, mine is going on ebay rigggght now.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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