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"Not exactly as good as Ikaruga but still good in it's own right"

This game is what we would call a shoot em up. Shoot em up's are a dying genre unfortunately. There are a few games of this genre available on the Gamecube. The Gamecube deserves more of these.

Story : Unfortunately this game has no story that I'm aware of but most shoot em ups don't have a story so I'm not surprised about it

Graphics : 6/10 : if your looking for a game with shiny graphics prepare to get disappointed. This Game is almost a direct port aside from a few extras of a Dreamcast game that came out in 2004 in Japan so you may kind of be turned off by the graphics but graphics don't bother me so it's all good

Game Play 7/10 : the game play is fairly close to any kind of vertical shoot em up where you shoot enemies that come at you though this game has two modes arcade and original . Arcade mode just features boss fights in every stage which is quite entertaining . Original mode has a few waves of enemies thrown in before some bosses or during boss fights but the enemies kind of feel rather thrown in the game kind of making original mode rather disappointing in my opinion .

You have 3 ships to choose from and each have their own unique abilities for how to target enemies using lock on missiles or Wing Layer. The controls are also very straight forward such as B is to fire your primary weapon , the A button is a sword you can use to attack your enemy with or what you will be using it for most is using it to clear bullets that are coming at you , X-Y are the buttons you press to do a field change you can swap between two fields Chaos and Order . In Chaos Field your enemies attack more aggressively meaning they will fire more bullets but on the positive side your offense has increased so you can damage your opponent much faster , In Order field enemies attack with less fire power though as a negative your ship does less damage . While switching between fields your ship is immune to bullets but to swap back between the fields it takes your ship a few seconds to charge enough power to switch to a different field. The R button is used to fire lock on missiles but unfortunately does not work well unless the lock on range is in target of an enemy , the L button creates a Wing Layer for a short time that helps destroy oncoming bullets that surround you .

Music 7/10 : a definite hit or miss . I personally kind of enjoy the boss battle music. When listening to the music of this game I seem to get the feeling of I'm playing a game on a Sega console but that could be explained since this was almost a direct port of a Dreamcast game which was a Sega console.

Challenge 7/10 - 10/10 : the game has 5 chapters each one containing 3 boss fights but you can make the game easier by going to the options menu and changing the difficulty between easy , normal , and hard , you can also change how much health you get per credit which ranges from 2 to 5 hits per life.

+ the game is fairly cheap 30$ American
+ It's a shoot em up which is nice to have on the Game cube since the only other shoot em the Gamecube has is Ikaruga
+ It's Challenging

- Will be overlooked
- Be a hard to find game
- Kind of a short game Can be beaten in under an hour
- Sadly will be compared to Ikaruga and both are completely different games

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/21/05

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