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"KK's first review, and It'll be good...I hope."

So you want to buy King Kong hey? Well read on to find out if It's worth it!

Story. 6/10
The game starts out on a boat heading for a odd looking island. You get there and start exploring. Okay, well the main premise of the story is: You go to an island named Skull Island. Once you get on the island you explore. After that a girl named Ann is taken to Kong, and It's your job to rescue her.

Game play. 7/10
It's all basic movie based game guessed it BORING. You play as a person named Jack, and It's your job to rescue Ann. You will have to fight dinosaurs, and stuff. There is a ton of stuff to pick up, but the game is kind of linear. If you are having a hard time with one level, and you restart and die a bunch of times, each time you respawn that part of the level (that you keep dieing at) will become easy-er to help you pass it. Then you play as Kong! Now this is FUN! You have tons of moves at your disposal. You can jump along walls snap, V-rex's heads in half, and do pretty much anything you want kong to do. The bad thing is; There is only (I think) 3 Kong levels, and the rest make you play as jack.

Graphics. 8/10
These are pretty plain looking. At first you will think they are awesome, and look like a movie...but then you start to think about it and It's really not that good. Trees swing by some un-known force, and bushes moving will sometimes make you think DINOSAUR, so then you throw your last spear at it and alert a real dinosaur which kills you. It has a decent frame rate during the whole game which is kind of surprising considering the fact that Kong levels are amazingly huge and there is a ton of enemys on the screen at once. When you first play the game you will notice that the character models are pretty good, but they also kind of look blocky.

Sound. 10/10!
The sound is simply put: AMAZING. Running through the forest and hearing a earth shattering roar from a V-rex (like a T-rex but bigger). The first time that happened I threw my controler 5 feet in the air and almost flipped over my gamecube! There is some music during the Kong levels, but over all I con't really tell you about a sound track...doesn't have one. I really wish they would have put that I'm On Top of The World song by, Bobby Darren (sp?)...but sadly it wasn't included. The sound effects are top notch and realistic. Like if your in a cave and some one yells it will echoe, and maybe even alert a Megapede or dinosaur.

Controls. 6/10
The Controls are average FPS controls. The right analog stick aims the gun...did I mention there is no crosshair? Well there isn't no HUD either. Anyways, the left analog stick moves your guy forward and back, and also lets you strafe left and right. The Y (I think) button will make your guy say how many clips or bullets you have on back-up. X (I think) Reloads your weapon. the A button picks stuff up, and I forget what B does. Kong controls like a typical 3D fighter. There is the grab button, jump button, pickup/putdown ann button. Over all the controls are average at best.

Replay Value. 7/10
You will have a bunch of fun going through it the first time, and maybe a second time, but defenitly not a third time. There is a bunch of things to unlock, like concept art, clips from the movie, and secret endings. Not much for replay but after you beat it you might occationally re-play a Kong level, and thats it.

+ Really fun Kong levels
+WICKED sound

-Average controls
-Bland graphics
-Very linear game play
-odd story that strays away from the movies

Rent or Buy.
If after reading this review you are even interested with this game rent it.
After all It's defenitly worth a rent, and if you like it then by all means buy it. It should only be $30 dollers (maybe cheaper) so sure if you've got the money to spend on a $30 doller game that is only going to last you 4 days then buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/21/06

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