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"Wow! This is a great game!"

There was a huge amount of hype put into Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong which, according to everyone I know was a flop. Too drawn out, too similar to the original, too much cursing, and Ann fell in love with Kong instead of Jack, so on and so forth. I never saw the film but, this game wasn't anything like what I've heard about the movie! This game came from the same company as Splinter Cell- Ubisoft. How could it go wrong?

Graphics: 9/10 The graphics were quite impressive. The people and monsters are all very well done, except for the Venatosaurus who look slightly blah. Jack's arms look almost real as you can see the ridges made by his tendons. The Megapedes move incredibly realisticly as they slide and fall after being shot. The Kong levels have a lot of detail too, even though the landscapes appear much smaller.

Gameplay: 10/10 Basically, you land on Skull Island and as Jack, help the team reach the plane. Well, we all know nothing works out as planned so you end up having to save Ann and get off of Skull Island. One big problem most people will have is that although advertised with "Play as Man. Play as Kong" you can only play King Kong for about five levels scattered throughout the game. I still enjoyed it a lot because I found Jack's levels full of excitement, mild strategy and just surviving against beast and savage natives. A cool benefit is that 1st mate Hayes can hold and used extra guns for you.(You can only carry one at a time.) Everyone else just carries spears for you. The suspense raised in this game as Jack, is amazing. Dinos scream outside the cave you're hiding in, unstoppable V-Rex's chase you as your comrades search for an escape. Another cool feature is that you don't have any health. When hit, everything turns red and you hear your head throb. If your hit again, you'll die otherwise you'll soon recover.

Controls: 8/10 Some may find the controls confusing. As Jack the C-stick handles your vision while the control stick moves you. Another thing more realistic but a little challenging to learn,personally I picked up on it right away. You shoot with R and aim with L. You can turn crosshairs on or off and invert the controls. You have no jump but you'll manage. Kong's jumping patterns are completely controlled, but the camera shots make you feel like your watching a movie. Kong attacks with A, repels and gets rage with Y and runs and jumps with B and throws with X.

Sound 8/10 The music acts as a sort of conductor, you know more enemies are active if the music is fast. It usually quites down when your out of danger. The voices sound clear except when you're turning a post. The characters mouth's don't always move like you would expect. Carl becomes down right funny with his over obsession with his camera and making a movie. The Venatosaurus have a strange yet fitting growl.

Reply: 9/10 There is plenty of this! Aside from unlocking mini art galleries, once you have beat the game you can earn points for each level and place your score online against the world's highest scores! Plus there are a lot of fun cheat codes for unlimited ammo and all the guns. The only thing this game is missing is a multiplayer mode. Kong V.S. Kong? That would have been an awesome match for you and your friends.

Rent or Buy: Personally, I think this is on of those games that is worth buying. This game is easy enough to beat in a week but to pursue a global high score would mean you'd need to buy the game. Besides, it's not more than $30 brand new.

Conclusion: Even with only a few King Kong levels and a very small and sparse use of mild language, this is a suspenseful and exciting game, the best one I've played in a long time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/20/06

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