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Reviewed: 12/10/07

*insert corny monkey joke here*

So, I went and saw the newest King Kong movie. It was a great remake and immediately after walking out of the theaters I remember thinking to myself that someone should come out with a game for it. Well, someone did, and they did a great job of doing so.

Grapics- Beautifully done. Everything looks realistic and fluid. It looked almost as great as the movie. The different types of environments and creatures you encounter are all creative and beautifully done. The only problem I have here is that some of the faces seem a bit...mushy. Like Silly Putty. But that is only a problem during cutscenes where they show some people close up.

Gameplay- This is where the game excels. In this game, you play as both Jack and King Kong. When you play as Jack the game turns into a First-Person Shooter. As King Kong it's more of a third-person adventure. I'll start with Jack first. When you play as Jack, you scavenge for weapons. At first you are weaponless but Hayes gives you a gun at the very beginning. But later on you have to find your own weapons. But don't worry, weapons are in abundance here. As King Kong you use his brute strength to pummel your opponents into submission. You face a variety of creatures on the island, a lot of which are from the movie. There are Venatosaurs, which are like Velociraptors, Scorpions, Megapedes, Giant Crabs, Giant Bats and Swampcrawlers, which are these fish like creatures that resemble tadpoles with legs. Oh yes, and let's not forget the V-Rex.

Controls- Everything is really simple and easy to learn here. You can pretty much master playing as Jack within minutes, and you can master Kong within an hour. When you play as Jack you have both a melee attack and then your ranged attack, be it spear throwing or gun shooting. Kong has a variety of different techniques of beating opponents. He also has a variety of finishing moves he can perform on several types of enemies. Kong can also go into a "Rage Mode" where he is a lot stronger and faster.

Story- The game follows the movie perfectly. It starts off with you going to the island (there's even an excellent part of the game where you play as Jack on the rowboat on the way to the island) and you crash. You end up split up from the others and one man has died.

Replayability- After you play it once through, you can select old episodes to replay as many times as you like and see how high of a score you can get. There's a lot of unlock-ables that you unlock by earning certain amounts of points.

Should you buy it?- This is definitely a game that should be bought. If you read this review and you're still not sure whether or not the game is for you, I would suggest renting it anyways. Trust me, it's well worth your time.


+Hours of engrossing gameplay
+A variety of puzzles and challenges
+Beautifully animated environments and characters
+First and Third Person gameplay


-Can be difficult (bordering on impossible) at times

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (US, 11/21/05)

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