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    FAQ/Walkthrough by INoble

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    Medal of Honour: European Assault
    Written by Iain Noble (inobleuk@yahoo.com) with credit to the members of the
    IGN MOH Board for hints and tips on the final mission. Any additions,
    corrections or constructive criticism welcome.
    I played through the game on Recruit mode to get this walkthrough together.
    It is just a quick and dirty guide to getting through the various objectives
    in the missions. Obviously at harder difficulty levels there are all sorts
    of tactics you will need to use to survive.
    To see a list of all the weapons in the game go here
    St. Nazaire (for the "real" story checkout
    Mission 1: Operation Chariot
    1. Meet Captain Beck 
    2. Fall back to Campbeltown
    Go down the gangplank and right. Go towards the green flare. Talk to the
    Captain. He will call in an air strike. Return to the ship. Watch the raid.
    Mission 2: Raid on St. Nazaire
    1. Destroy Fuel Tanks 
    2. Eliminate Klaus Mueller 
    3. Find V2 Rocket Fuel Specs 
    4. Destroy Shore Gun 
    5. Destroy Anti-Aircraft Gun 
    6. Capture Bunker 
    7. Return to Campbeltown
    Head right. Take out any opposition. At the end of the jetty is a med kit.
    Locate the shore gun. Set charge. Retire. Collect revive.
    Down stairs into tunnel system. Encounter Mueller (a good time to use your
    adrenaline meter.) The V2 specs are in a room just to the left of Mueller.
    Emerge from tunnel. Go to building just ahead and to the left. Go up to the
    roof and set a charge on the anti-aircraft gun. Use the walkway and go down
    the stairs. New objective, capture the bunker. Go round the back. Take out
    the occupants and move through the bunker into a large "factory" area. Go
    along the cat walks and up the stairs.
    As you exit plenty of opposition. Go over the small set of stairs and climb
    up the side of the fuel tank. Set the charge at the top and GET OUT!
    A breach is blown in the wall. Go through, watch out for exploding fuel
    A troop train arrives and disgorges a horde of enemies. Take them out and go
    around the back of the train to get to the jetty and the Campbeltown.
    Mission 3: Lights Out in the Port
    1. Destroy Power Plant 
    2. Eliminate Horst Brenner 
    3. Uncover V2 Rocket Equipment Blueprints 
    4. Eliminate German Infantry Unit 
    5. Destroy 3 V2 Rocket Hulls 
    6. Destroy U Boat
    Go through the hole in the wall and take on the infantry unit. Work your way
    to the end of the mole. Pick up the revive. Go to the side of the main area
    and set a charge on the door of the bunker. Go through and take out the
    Go right and shoot the V2 hulls to destroy them. Snipe the machine gunners
    from the window of the top of the stairs.
    Go round the side of this building and enter the next warehouse. Take out
    the soldiers on the far side and go thru the railway truck and out the other
    On the docks there are lots of enemies. Once they have been eliminated go
    down the stairs to the left to get to the U boat. Set 3 charges, one at
    either end and one on the conning tower. GET OUT and watch the sinking.
    Leave the docks at the far end via a couple of railway trucks. In the large
    open area at the front of the power station there is plenty of opposition.
    Make sure you have full health before you go in as you need to take on Horst
    Brenner in the office at the top of the stairs. Once he is out of the way
    take the V2 documents from the desk.
    Exit the office and go along the catwalk and down the stairs into the power
    Set three charges, one on each generator. They won't detonate immediately.
    You need to leave the same way you came in and go out into the square in
    front of the building. There is a fierce fire fight on progress. In the
    middle of the piles of lumber is a plunger. Press it to blow up the power
    station and complete your mission.
    Mission 4: Escape at Dawn
    1. Escape to French Countryside
    2. Eliminate Erich Koster
    3. Obtain North African Shipping Manifest
    4. Destroy Machine Gun Nest
    5. Eliminate Panzer Tank
    6. Destroy Radio Mast
    This will be street fighting, house to house. In the first house watch out
    for the enemy at the top of the stairs. Go through the door on the ground
    floor. Sniper in window, take him out.
    Go upstairs in the building across the street from the machine gun nest and
    snipe the enemies from there. Clean out the rest of the building and collect
    the revive.
    Go through the archway and link up with another squad. Go upstairs in the
    building around the corner and snipe the enemies in the building across the
    street. Watch the windows and reinforcements that arrive.
    Cross the street and through the door that has been blown. Move through the
    building clearing out enemies as you go. Upstairs in the final building the
    tank blasts a hole in the wall but then gets taken out by a bomber. Collect
    the revive. Snipe enemies across the road from the upstairs window, watch
    out for the machine gunner.
    Go past the tank into the building and shoot as many enemies in front of the
    church as possible. Koster is hiding behind the altar in the church. He will
    toss grenades as well as firing. Once he is dead collect the documents from
    behind the altar.
    Go through the hole in the wall to the right to get to the radio mast and
    set a charge. Collect the revive.
    Go through the church and into the graveyard. Tank! Use the large graves for
    cover and pick un the grenades in the area if needed. Use your adrenaline
    and take out the tank with the grenades. Mission accomplished as you go past
    the wrecked tank into the countryside.
    All gold in these missions gets you a medal.
    North Africa.
    You have joined the desert rats (more info here 
    Mission 1: Operation Blindfold
    1. Destroy (3) Tank Prototypes
    2. Eliminate Adabold Brecht
    3. Acquire Tiger Tank Operations Manual
    4. Destroy Radar Dish
    5. Recover British Reconnaissance
    6. Destroy Tank in Ruins
    7. Escape into Bunker
    Move through the gully and take the right fork. Tank in ruins! Move to the
    right of the ruins and take out 3 or 4 enemies. Stay to the rear of the tank
    and destroy it with grenades. Pick up the revive.
    Stay to the right of the ruins and move towards the trench. Snipe the
    machine gunner and then jump into the trench. Move along taking out the
    enemies until you reach the far end. The move down into an underground
    passage and do the same. The documents are in a side room about half way
    When you emerge at the other end leave the trench by the slope about half
    way along and go to your left. Snipe the machine gunner and continue up the
    slope to the radar dish. Snipe enemies in the bunker and enter to set a
    charge on the radar dish. Lots more enemies appear along with a tank. Get
    grenades from the bunker if required and use adrenaline whilst you chuck
    grenades at the back end of the tank to destroy it.
    Go back past the trench and up the slope to the right. GO past the injured
    airman and along the gully. Brecht is here amongst the wreckage. Snipe him
    with head shots if possible. Carry on to the end of the gully to get the
    reconnaissance data and another revive.
    Retrace your steps and go right towards the hangar. Set a charge on the
    first tank to the left of the bunker. Now the hangar opens up and there are
    two more tanks to destroy in there.
    Now set a charge on the door to the big bunker. Once inside use the shotgun
    to take out all the enemies in close quarters combat. Move up to the top of
    the bunker and into a final corridor infested with enemies. Go through to
    escape and complete your mission.
    Mission 2: Operation V2 Silence
    Find out more about the V2 rocket here http://www.v2rocket.com
    1. Destroy V2 Rocket
    2. Eliminate Hans Schneider
    3. Locate Coded Virus House Information
    4. Free 3 SAS Commandos
    5. Steal V2 Test Film
    6. Photograph V2 Schematics
    7. Destroy Train Tracks
    8. Escape
    This is an underground maze, try not to get lost. Your first priority is to
    rescue the SAS commandos so you have a squad.
    Go down the slope into the first "office" area. Go straight ahead, then left
    and right into another "office" area. The first SAS is to the left. Set a
    charge to blow the door, the other SAS is in a cell straight ahead, set a
    charge and take out the guard as well. Press A to free them from their
    Back to the first "office" area. Go down a corridor to a generator room. Go
    left at the top to find the final SAS commando.
    Then take the corridor at the right hand side of the generator room. This
    leads to a "cinema" where you can steal the V2 film from the projector.
    Schneider is in a room off the "cinema." Try to kill him with head shots
    from your sniper rifle. Collect the coded information from a desk in the
    Now head back to the generator room and take the slope at the top right. Go
    through the open area and right up another slope into a loading bay in a
    HUGE hangar. Emerge outside into a fierce fire fight.
    Snipe the machine gunners in the towers, look in the huts for ammo/med kits
    and work your way around the outside of the hangar. There is a small shed on
    one wall where you can find the V2 schematics to photograph.
    Carry on around the hangar until you get to the train tracks. Set a charge
    to destroy them.
    Further on you will meet a tank. Use adrenaline plus grenades to destroy it.
    Finally you reach an entrance to the hangar. Go inside and up the stairs and
    along the cat walks to the other side. Open the loading bay doors with the
    lever to let in your reinforcements. Fight your way through the chaos to the
    large control room next to the rocket and go up to the top to operate the
    lever to lower the V2. The go to the side of the V2 to set a charge. GET
    OUT FAST through the doors and head to the gate to escape. Mission
    Another medal to pin on your manly chest.
    Mission 1: Road to Stalingrad (more about the battle for Stalingrad here 
    1. Destroy Rail Gun
    2. Eliminate Walther Neumann
    3. Obtain Ardennes Forest Recon Dossier
    4. Locate Partisan Fighters
    5. Secure and Defend Church
    6. Destroy 3 Tanks
    7. Destroy Ammo Dump
    8. Destroy Communications Tower
    Snipe the sentries on either side of the road.
    Enter the house on the right to locate the partisans and gain a squad of
    fighters. Pick up the bazooka to help with the tanks.
    Go right up the hill. Be careful it is swarming with enemies and they are
    tougher than before. At the top use the bazooka to take out the tank (a
    couple of shells at the rear should do it.) Fire the field gun to take out
    the railgun.
    Now go down the hill towards the destroyed railgun on the other side of the
    river. Keep low and cross the remaining bridge (the enemy will destroy the
    other.) Work from house to house killing all the enemies and picking up
    ammo/supplies. The second tank is to the right and the third is to the left.
    One of the houses has additional ammo for the bazooka if required.
    Close to the final tank is a well defended ammo dump. Kill the defenders and
    place a charge when prompted. RETIRE!
    Now it is time to assault the church. Go through the gates and to the right.
    Kill the enemies around the communications tower and set a charge. Carry on
    to the right until you reach the main entrance to the church.
    Neumann is near the altar along with a few friends. Kill him ASAP and pick
    up the documents. Take out any other enemies on the ground floor and then go
    upstairs for the final defender. Now you need to defend the church.
    Use the machine gun at one of the windows to mow down several waves of
    attackers. Fire in short bursts so you don't run out of ammo. Once they are
    all killed, mission accomplished.
    Mission 2: Climbing Mamayev Hill (more about this historic battle site here 
    1. Transmit Virus House Intel to OSS
    2. Eliminate Franz Gruebner
    3. Steal Heavy Water Test Logbook
    4. Signal Rocket Strike
    5. Meet With Russian Officer
    6. Destroy Panzer Tank
    7. Destroy Artillery Guns
    8. Destroy German Intelligence
    Go up the road. Work house to house. You will find a stock of grenades in
    one to the right. Take out the machine gunner in the upstairs window. Take
    out the tank with grenades.
    Go right to the trench system. Work your way along (keeping low, there is a
    lot of firepower coming your way.) Meet up with the Russian officer and then
    take your squad down to the river and cross over. The smoke canister to call
    in the rocket strike is at the junction of the two roads. Activate it ASAP
    and take cover in the nearby tunnel. Once the rockets have done their work,
    go  on up to the top of the hill and set a charge on the rectory gate.
    Go in and right. Up the tower to take out snipers and then along the right
    hand side of the square to find 3 artillery guns. Set a charge on each to
    destroy them.
    Carry on past the last gun to get into the operations rooms (big map in
    centre of floor.) Gruebner will be here somewhere so take him out and get
    the documents.
    The radio for the OSS is on the balcony in this room and the intel is in a
    crate in the corner of the room (set a charge to destroy it.)
    Mission accomplished and the thanks of Mother Russia in the form of another
    The Battle of the Bulge (read about it here 
    Mission 1: Mission to Rocherath (http://home.planet.nl/~wijer037/Krinkelt.)
    1. Reach American Outpost and Destroy King Tigers
    2. Eliminate Folker Kappelhoff
    3. Uncover Atomic Scientist Rosters
    4. Eliminate Recon Unit in Windmill
    5. Fall back to Command Post
    6. Obtain C2 in Church Tower
    7. Transmit Artillery Co-Ordinates
    8. Destroy the Bridge
    Total mayhem! You can try using the machine gun to take out some of the
    waves of attackers but all it did was get me killed. Move along the low wall
    to the left for cover, pick up the bazooka and set off the charge at the end
    as the tank passes over it (this level has several charges and rocket
    launchers you can use to your advantage.)
    Carry on left and use the rocket launcher when the tank stops within range.
    Then dash to the windmill and climb the stairs to take out the recon team
    and get a much needed revive.
    You can pick up a sniper rifle here and some more bazooka ammo to take out
    the hordes of enemies below and the tank that gets stuck nearby.
    Then move across the square towards the green flare to get to the command
    post. More bazooka ammo and the atomic scientists rosters.
    As soon as you talk to the officer the post comes under attack from troops
    and tanks. Go upstairs and use the bazooka (more ammo there if required) and
    adrenaline if possible to take out 2 of the 3 tiger tanks. You can set off
    charges downstairs to help here as well.
    To get the final tank go out and to the left of the CP to find a rocket
    Once this wave of attackers had been eliminated you need to go to the next
    green flare by the church steps. The door explodes and a few enemies rush
    out. Once inside go the altar for a med kit and then climb the exposed
    staircase in the tower. Beware of Kappelhoff shooting at you as you do so.
    On the way up call in an artillery strike, take out Kappelhoff any way you
    can (I used a spare bazooka round!) At the top pick up the C2 charges you
    will use to demolish the bridge.
    Go down into the church again and out the opposite end. Lots and lots of
    enemies. This is pure survival until you can get down the slope and
    underneath the bridge. There is a whole squad of opposition waiting for you
    there. You only have to set one charge on the bridge in order to destroy it.
    Mission accomplished.
    Mission 2: Farmhouse Liberation
    1. Rescue French Operative
    2. Eliminate Freber Engel
    3. Discover Virus House Location
    4. Destroy Tank
    5. Defend Farmhouse/Destroy Tanks
    6. Destroy 3 Artillery Positions
    Move down the slope to the left of the bridge. Once you are spotted take out
    the machine gunner and sniper at the windmill. Use the machine gun
    emplacement to take out the enemies nearby and snipe any others in the
    vicinity. Climb to the top of the windmill for more supplies/ammo.
    Go over to the water mill on the other side of the bridge and take out the
    enemies there and collect weapons etc.
    Advance cautiously to the wall surrounding the farmhouse. Snipe as many
    enemies as possible from cover until things go quiet. Set a charge on the
    barbed wired barrier to the entrance.
    Once inside go left to find the first artillery gun. Set a charge to take it
    out. The tiger tank is in a shed nearby. if you can get round the back you
    can set a charge to blow it up. Then on to the next artillery gun. Finally
    all the way around the back of the farmhouse is the last gun. It is very
    heavily defended.
    Now enter the farmhouse (note the festive Xmas tree?) Work your way through
    to the barn and go down the slope to the underground cellar. Set a charge on
    the door. Beware Engel is inside. Shoot him from distance as he pops his
    head over the table. Collect the documents.
    Collect the bazooka and go back upstairs. Then go back to the main room of
    the farmhouse and upstairs. Get one of your squad on the machine gun and use
    the bazooka to take out the first tank.
    Then back down to the barn and reload the bazooka. Take out the final tank
    from the windows of the barn.
    Alternatively you can go outside and face a swarm of enemies as you try to
    find the right time to detonate the charges using the plunger by the well.
    This was not a success for me.
    Reinforcements arrive. Mission accomplished.
    Mission 3: Operation Virus House (http://www.fpp.co.uk/books/VirusHouse/)
    1. Find and Infiltrate German Underground Bunker
    2. Eliminate Von Schrader
    3. Find Von Schrader's Journal
    4. Radio Air strike Co-Ordinates
    5. Destroy 3 Entrenched King Tiger Tanks
    6. Defuse Bomb?
    Chaos reigns in the Ardennes! Use the trench systems to move around wherever
    possible. Move forward cautiously. Avoid using the fixed machine guns as all
    they seem to do is unleash a horde of advancing enemeies. You can take out
    the first tank using a rocket launcher. Soon you will come to a foxhole with
    a radio where you can call in an air strike.
    You need to takeout the Tiger Tanks by getting behind them and setting
    To get to the final bunker area find a soldier who tells you to follow him. 
    Make sure you pick up all the bazooka ammunition, you'll need it!
    You can find the journal in a bunker in the last section of trenches. It is
    just to the right of the slope up to the underground bunker. You will
    recognise it because it has a tank next to it!
    An air strike will take out the final tank on the slope before the bunker
    For further hints and tips, checkout this IGN message board
    Here is the text of the best message posted there. This is the one that got
    me through the final section of the mission.
    Date Posted: 6/18 12:12am Subject: RE: last level (virus house) BAZOOKA is
    necessary. Tried beating it with the BAR and Stg 44 only and it didn't work.
    Be patient and save rockets for the waves of troopers you meet after the
    timer starts.
    Dealing witht he guys in the stationary guns at the entrance to the bunker
    is easy. Hide behind some crates to the right and peak out in iron sight
    mode. Make minor corrections to aim each time you pop your head out and when
    the bad guy is in your sights just release two rounds from a BAR or 2/3 from
    the Stg. 44. BTW, I beat this part of the level with the Stg. 44 and a
    Anyhow, repeat the three shot burts each time for gun because three
    different guys will try to man each. Set charge on door and then hide to the
    side of door and peek out and carefully adjust aim and fire guick and
    accurate burst. They die. After kill 3 Nazis downstairs, no more Nazis will
    dare come out. Equip grenades and run down hall. Chuck two grenades forward
    and quickly haul ass back outside. Nazis will swarm in but they will be
    distracted by grenades and may not take shots at you. Some will de because
    of the chucked grenades. Hide at side of door, kneel, and then shoot the
    nazis from far away. Nazis will stop comming, equip Stg and wait for NAzis
    to rush in. Kill them with auto fire. Go in and pick up goodies in roon
    withoverturned table. To left of entrance is a room with a medpack. Take it.
    Equip grenades and take grenades in room to right of entrance and move
    towards the opening to the next room and chuck a few grenades. Equip rifle.
    Shoot rushing Nazi or two. Pick dudes off in that room witht he pipes. When
    they are all dead, equip rocket launcher. They rush in and so you aim for
    the center of the mass and blow them up. Back track. And try again. If they
    get too close switch to rifle.
    Once they are dead make sure you BAZOOKA is loaded. move forward and another
    way comes. Aim for center mass and shoot. Nazis die. Stragglers remain so
    hide and then take another shot at the wall down the hall to kill a Nazi
    going for the stationary gun. Equip rifle and pick off survivors. Nemesis
    runs during all this. Make sure you have life gauge full and equip rifle.
    follow schrader. Chuck a few grenades at some crates just to shake up one or
    two nazis in cover outside. Head to the left and around to some crates
    across from where you entered this area. Kneel and take shots at stationary
    gun upstairs. Schrader should die quick and nazis in aread will be hiding or
    just moving in. Haul ass out of there from where you came in and up some
    stairs that just opened up and flip the switch at the top. No one will be
    there. Equip rifle 'cause some Nazis may follow you and an untimely death
    may force you to start over.
    mission complete

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