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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jackal__

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                     Medal of Honor: European Assault Walkthrough
                                   Author- Jackal
    1- Introduction
    2- Game
    3- Walkthrough
    Operation: Chariot
    Raid on St. Nazaire
    Lights out in the Port City
    Escape at Dawn
    Operation: Blindfold
    Operation: V2 Silence
    Road to Stalingrad
    Climbing Mamayev Hill
    Mission to Rocherath
    Farmhouse Liberation
    Operation: Virus House
    4- Final Thoughts
    5- Multiplayer
    6- Nemesis Bosses
    7- Cheats and Hints
    8- Legal Stuff and Credits
                                1- Introduction:
    You don’t play, you volunteer…that’s damn right. Jackal here, now before I
    start I just wanted to say that I’m a pretty big admirer of WW2 the history,
    the battles, really everything about it captivates me, always has and always
    will. First off I want to point out some of the new inventions made by EA in
    European Assault, the Adrenaline Meter, Revives, Squad, etc… With the
    Adrenaline Meter it allows you to be invincible and have unlimited ammo for a
    short period of time, it’s located in the bottom right corner just above your
    ammo and grenades, use it in critical situations only, I recommend saving it up
    for the Nemesis Bosses you encounter in each level of the game. You will see
    the red meter fill as you advance killing the Germans in your way, aim for
    headshots and you’ll fill it in no time, once used you’ll see the red meter
    slowly diminish then you’ll have to fill it again. Revives are like a second
    chance for the player, instead of getting killed and starting all over again
    you come back to life where you were slain, but don’t use these carelessly you
    only get so many, once down past 0 you’re finished, to find out how many you
    have look in the bottom left corner next to you’re heath. You’ll find these
    after you’ve completed an objective, for the inexperienced use them wisely on
    some missions they will be invaluable.
    As for your Squad EA listened to the fans this time around and have included in
    each mission a squad of soldiers (British, Russian or American) that will
    accompany you wherever you go, but just like any other soldier on the
    battlefield they can be killed as well so proceed with caution. You will be
    able to order them around- to cover, to advance on the enemy, even to take
    control of machine guns, when they’re wounded you can heal them with your
    medkits, you can tell how bad off they are by their green/yellow/red health
    meters. It can be tough at times with them as their AI isn’t that sharp and
    when you’re trying to heal them they tend to move around erratically, but if
    you have some patience and use them with wisdom they’ll surely lend you a hand
    when need be. Finally the terrain in the game has been spread out quite a bit
    as you’ll have to really look around for those objectives, on the pause screen
    you can check your objectives and the map to see where you are and what you’ve
    accomplished, but just follow my instructions and I’ll get you around the
    levels. This walkthrough was completed on Normal difficulty and is for the Xbox
    version. Anyways get ready to be thrown into WW2 Medal of Honor style, because
    it’s a time for heroes and a time for honor, now grab your rifle and follow me…
                                2- Game:
    Europe 1942, Hitler’s German war machine has steamrolled across Europe leaving
    most of it in ruins as they conquer everything in their path. With their sights
    now set on England and Russia the Germans must be stopped before they become
    insurmountable, this is where you come in. As OSS Special Agent Lieutenant
    William Holt you will be the main figurehead in liberating Europe, traveling
    across France, North Africa, Russia and Belgium you will fight alongside
    British Commandos, the infamous Desert Rats, Russian Partisans and finally
    Williams own American Allies in the 101st Airborne. As you advance you will
    unravel the mysteries of Germanys Dirty Bomb codenamed ‘Virus House’ and you
    will soon discover the man put in charge of this operation Von Schrader will
    stop at nothing to assemble and release this deadly weapon onto the Allied
    Forces. Your job will be to aid the Allies in liberating Europe, collect as
    much Intel on events as they unfold before you and above all stop Von Schrader,
    his men and the Dirty Bomb no matter what the cost. Through each level you will
    be able to earn Medals, ranging from Gold, Silver and Bronze. If you achieve
    all Gold’s in each territory you’re sent to (France, North Africa etc…) you
    will be awarded a special Medal from each country you aid. In order to achieve
    a Gold Medal you must complete all objectives on each respective mission.
    William Holt:
    As the player you will fill the shoes of this man, here’s his official profile-
    Mid-20’s a Lieutenant in the fledgling Office of Strategic Services. Hand
    selected by William “Wild Bill” Donovan Holt spent his formative years in the
    Midwest. His mother, once a school teacher, created in him a desire to follow
    the truth. His father, a successful farmer, instilled in him the importance of
    sacrifice and honesty. His parents were hard-working Americans who wanted every
    advantage for their children; they insisted William go to college. World events
    were also starting to shape William Holt, as well. After graduating from the
    University of Texas Holt entered the service. Holt wanted to serve just like
    any other young American but there was something else to him. It was true that
    he had a natural ability to lead – he was also an excellent marksman - but it
    was his frankness and his ability to take action that caught the eye of
    Donovan’s men. The General soon agreed. With Hitler on the loose in Europe and
    the OSS little more than a special project, Donovan knew he needed men like
    William Holt was quickly brought into the OSS and his training extended. The
    timing was excellent. For months Donovan had been speaking with the British. As
    a long-time player in the intelligence game, Britain’s Special Operations
    Executive – or SOE had all but written the book on espionage. Donovan thought
    that with their help the OSS could rise quickly in the global intelligence
    community. In return, Britain finally saw an opportunity to gain America’s help
    in the war effort – one way or another. It seemed the perfect arrangement.
    Again, “Wild Bill” Donovan would need someone he could trust to step into this
    arrangement – someone he could rely on. He would send Holt. William Holt is
    like any other American. He’s an ordinary man. Only now, he has been called to
    do extraordinary things.
    Von Schrader:
    He is the face behind the German Dirty Bomb and the main Nemesis Boss in the
    game, overseeing the operation he has nine loyal men under his command. You’ll
    meet up with him in the end of the game, if you’re still alive.
    Manon Du Champs:
    A French SOE Operative, Manon is tougher than she looks being a former member
    of the French Resistance, you’ll run into her in Belgium. Here’s her official
    profile- Late 20’s. As both lovely and ferocious, she is beauty and the beast
    combined. Manon was drawn into the fight through the French Resistance. It was
    there that she repeatedly demonstrated her passionate hatred for the Nazis as
    well as a willingness to get the job done at any cost. In the course of her
    service for France she infiltrated a critical German stronghold and compromised
    its defenses – allowing British SOE agents access to sensitive information
    inside. The success of this mission brought the Resistance much-needed weapons
    and ammo. It also brought Manon to the attention of London. Manon soon became
    an integral part of British operations in France, until finally becoming an SOE
    operative herself. Now, with the OSS and SOE working closely, and events in St.
    Nazaire unfolding to reveal a larger Nazi threat, it will be only a matter of
    time before she crosses paths with William Holt.
    Klaus Mueller:
    The first of Von Schrader’s men, he holds info on V2 Rocket Specifications.
    You’ll run into him right away as you storm your way through the St. Nazaire
    Horst Brenner:
    The second of Von Schrader’s men, he carries with him an important blueprint
    for V2 Rocket Equipment. He’s located in the Power Station in St. Nazaire.
    Erich Koster:
    The third of Von Schrader’s men, he has with him a North African Shipping
    Manifest involving the V2’s. He will know you’re coming as you fight your way
    out of St. Nazaire through the suburbs.
    Adabold Brecht:
    The fourth of Von Schrader’s men, you’ll fight him in North Africa somewhere in
    the Tunisian desert near a shot down Spy Plane, he’ll be hunting for the
    British Reconnaissance Documents from the aircraft.
    Hans Schneider:
    The fifth of Von Schrader’s men and an important one at that, he will have
    vital info on the Dirty Bomb codenamed ‘Virus House’. He’ll be housed in a
    secret underground base as you continue through the Tunisian desert.
    Walther Neumann:
    The sixth of Von Schrader’s men, in his possession is an Ardennes Forest Recon
    Dossier. He’ll be hunting you as you trudge your way through the intense
    fighting in Stalingrad.
    Franz Gruebner:
    The seventh of Von Schrader’s men and probably the least known, he’ll be
    guarding the Heavy Water Test Logbook with his life so you’ll have to pry it
    from his dead fingers, he won’t be easy to take down.
    Folker Kappelhoff:
    The eighth of Von Schrader’s men, with him he has the Atomic Scientist Rosters;
    most of them are likely involved with Virus House. He’ll be high in the church
    tower in the twin villages in Belgium.
    Freder Engel:
    The ninth and final of the Nemesis Bosses, Von Schrader’s most trusted Officer
    he will be guarding the location to Virus House and holding Manon Du Champs
    hostage when you break through the farmhouse trying to find him.
    M1 Garand:
    A step up from the Russian Infantry Rifle, this early semi-automatic rifle
    allowed U.S. soldiers to easily overtake their bolt-action rifle bearing
    enemies. It contains an 8 round unloadable clip that can only be reloaded once
    all bullets in the round are fired, you can carry a maximum of 112 bullets for
    this weapon.
    M1 Thompson SMG:
    The British-designed sub-machine gun was a popular gun with Allied Troops with
    an amazing full automatic rate of 600-725 rounds a minute. Combined with a
    long-term record of reliability, German forces on the wrong end of this weapon
    quickly learned to despise the Brit Gun. Probably my favorite weapon in the
    game, it contains a 20 round clip and you can hold up to 140 bullets for it.
    U.S. Shotgun:
    Primarily designed as a sporting shot, the U.S. Shotgun was modified for
    military use with a heat shroud/bayonet lug. Reliable, robust and strong
    soldiers sought out the gun for use in close combat fighting due to its
    enormous power. Slow but gets the job done close up it comes with an 8 round
    clip capacity and you can hold up to 152 bullets.
    Enfield Scoped:
    Originally designed from the British Lee-Enfield Rifle it was fitted with a
    scope so British manufacturing plants could easily produce sniper rifles for
    their troops. An accurate weapon with a fierce kick back and bolt-action
    capabilities, it can hold 5 rounds in each clip and you can carry 65 bullets.
    During the war almost half of the Russian infantry called this their primary
    weapon. Featuring selectable semi- or fully-automatic modes and a 71 shot round
    drum, the gun sounds like a highly-effective weapon but a non-standard
    ergonomic design and questionable reliability caused it to be a rather
    undesirable weapon. Along with the 71 round drum you can hold up to 284 bullets
    for this weapon.
    Though intended to be the German army’s first attempt at a sniper, the hurried
    production of the German semi-automatic rifle made it prone to malfunctions.
    Ultimately, those malfunctions made it a last resort for most soldiers. It
    contains a 10 round clip and you are able to carry up to 110 bullets for it.
    Moisan-Nagant 1891:
    Easy to manufacture but underpowered when compared to other rifles of its day,
    the Moisan-Nagant featured a bayonet mount for close combat and a 5 round
    magazine. You can carry 45 bullets for this bolt-action rifle.
    BAR(Browning Automatic Rifle):
    The BAR is often praised as one of the best weapons ever used by the US army.
    It may be fired from the shoulder or from the hip, and uses the same .30
    caliber as the M1 Garand or the M1 Carbine. The BAR can fire 450 rounds per
    minute, at an effective range of about 1800 feet, but it’s usually fired in
    short burst for better accuracy. It is a heavy infantry weapon that requires
    specialized training to use. Has a 20 round clip and you can hold up to 160
    bullets for it.
    Highly sought after for its light weight construction and powerful rounds, the
    automatic pistol was most effective during close combat. It has a 7 round
    magazine and you can carry 63 bullets total.
    M1 Garand Scoped:
    Designed after the standard M1 Garand rifle this long range weapon has been
    fitted with a scope allowing snipers to use them in combat. As with the M1
    Garand it comes with an unloadable 8 round clip that must fire all shots before
    it can be reloaded, you can carry 152 bullets maximum.
    M1 Bazooka:
    Initially intended as an anti-tank rocket deployment weapon, the Bazooka’s low
    success rate against tanks caused U.S. soldiers to discover that the Bazooka’s
    best talents were against buildings, bunkers, and personnel. Able to shoot only
    one rocket per round, you can hold up to 9 rockets for this weapon.
    M9 Bazooka:
    Lightweight an ultra-portable due to its two piece design, this anti-tank
    rocket launcher pocketed a powerful rocket but was painfully deficient at
    penetrating German tank armor. One rocket per round you can hold 9 rockets for
    this powerful weapon, there is also a special aimer for this weapon increasing
    your accuracy.
    Brit Grenade:
    Constructed similarly to other grenades in its class, the British frag grenade
    had a casualty radius that was twice that of the most popular grenade of the
    day. You can throw these one at a time and can carry 10 with you.
    M2 Frag Grenade:
    Weighing in at 21 ounces the U.S. frag grenade featured a kill radius of 5
    yards and casualty radius of 15 yards with a 3-5 second fuse. You’re able to
    only throw one at a time and you can carry no more than 10.
    Karabiner 98k:
    One of several German rifles used in WW2, the Karabiner is a bolt-action weapon
    with an internal box magazine that holds 5 rounds of 7.92mm Mauser ammo. It was
    accurate to a range of about 1300 feet, and was the standard infantry weapon
    used by German troops throughout the war; you’re able to carry 45 bullets.
    MP40 SMG:
    The MP40 packs a powerful punch as it delivered 9mm rounds at a rate of 500
    rounds per minute. The gun also featured a folding butt stock for better
    targeting, it holds 32 rounds in a single clip and you can carry up to 168
    bullets, you’ll soon find that this weapon is very deadly.
    The StG44 also known as Sturmgewehr is considered to be the first purpose-built
    assault rifle. The 90-round magazine was created especially for this weapon and
    designed to strike a medium point between the size and power of pistol
    cartridges and full-sized rifle cartridges. The StG44 can fire up to 500 rounds
    per minute of 7.92mm ammunition, with an effective range of up to 250 feet.
    This weapon has a 30 round clip and you’re able to carry 150 bullets for it.
    Gewehr Scoped:
    German snipers used this powerful carbine weapon against distant targets
    through the use of its high-powered scope and 8mm rounds. It holds a 10 round
    clip and you can carry just 40 bullets.
    Stick Grenade:
    The Grenade Baton was based on a WW2 design that was used throughout the war.
    The grenade didn’t change much at all except with a few small variations. The
    grenade consisted of a hollow wooden shaft along with a pull-out string with a
    porcelain ball attached. Inside the tin head of the grenade was a fuse,
    detonator and the powder charge. The stick grenade had to be primed before use
    by unscrewing the safety cap on the stick end and then pulling the string. As
    with the other grenades you can only throw one at a time, but it will go quite
    a distance with the advantage of the wooden shaft, you can carry a maximum of
    10 with you.
    Distinguished Service Cross:
    The Distinguished Service Cross is awarded in recognition of extraordinary
    heroism in connection with military operations against an opposing Armed Force.
    This commendation is presented to a person who, while serving in any capacity
    with the Army, distinguishes himself or herself by extraordinary heroism while
    engaging in any action against an enemy of the United States; while engaged in
    military operations involving conflict with an opposing/foreign force; or while
    serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an
    opposing Armed Force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.
    Distinguished Service Order:
    The Distinguished Service Order is a military decoration of the United Kingdom,
    and formerly of other Commonwealth countries, awarded for meritorious or
    distinguished service by Officers of the armed forces during wartime, typically
    in actual combat.
    Order of the Patriotic War (First Class):
    Established on May 20, 1942 The Order of the Patriotic War was an Order
    (decoration) of the Soviet Union, and was awarded to all soldiers in the Soviet
    armed forces, security troops and to partisans for heroic deeds during the
    Great Patriotic War. The Order came in first class and second class depending
    upon the merit of the deed. It was the first Soviet medal established during
    the war, and the first Soviet order divided by classes. Its statute precisely
    defined which deeds are awarded with the order, example: shooting down three
    aircraft as a fighter pilot, or destroying two heavy, three medium or four
    light tanks, capturing a warship or repairing an aircraft under fire after
    landing on a hostile territory, and so on were awarded for first class.
    Y Button- Jump/Stand
    X Button- Crouch/Prone
    A Button- Action/Reload/Cook grenade (when holding grenade)/Change class at
    supply base (Multiplayer only)
    B Button- Toggle weapon 1/weapon 2
    White Button- Use medkit
    Black Button- Activate Adrenaline (when meter is full)
    Right Trigger- Fire/Throw grenade
    Left Trigger- Zoom/Aim mode (pull and hold)
    D-Pad- Toggle weapon/grenade (up)/Recall squad (down)/While aiming with a scope
    (press up/down)
    Right Analog Stick- Look/Aim/Melee attack (click)
    Left Analog Stick- Move/ Lean (in Aim mode)/Position squad (click)
    Back Button- Access mission map
    Start Button- Access pause menu
                                3- Walkthrough:
    “History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid” -
    Dwight D. Eisenhower.
    St. Nazaire, France
    March 28, 1942, 0115 hours
    Operation: Chariot
    Locate Captain Beck
    Fall Back to HMS Campbeltown
    They called it the greatest raid ever…so get yourself ready to play through it.
    As you hit the docks in the HMS Campbeltown chaos has already engulfed the area
    as Gerrie is spraying the ship with heavy fire. As you get your orders you must
    now find Captain Beck who’s already landed and has the radio, first off
    approach forward and take out the sniper on top of the crane. After he falls to
    his death take control of the machine gun mounted on the ship nearby, rip into
    any Germans you see on the dock. Then once visible take out the machine gunner
    firing on at the ship and the searchlight in the distance, but remember if you
    keep firing the machine gun eventually it will overload and have to cool down
    before you can fire it again, the indicator in the corner can tell you how hot
    the gun is, I recommend firing in short burst to prolong use, keep all this in
    mind for future use when using machine guns. After all resistance has been
    taken care of relinquish your hold of the machine gun and make your way off the
    boat and onto the dock, a few Gerries will greet you firing in the distance.
    Quickly get behind cover and wait until they stick their heads up to fire, cap
    off all Gerries in the area with your M1 using this technique, if you cap one
    in the head you will increase your Adrenaline as explained in the
    ‘Introduction’. Now remember this as you continue forward throughout the game,
    this isn’t your typical run and gun Medal of Honor type game you need to use
    cover in this particular game to keep yourself alive, do this or be chewed up
    by the heavy punch of the German MP40. Back to the game, if need be pick up the
    medkit in the left-hand corner next to the ammunition, now go right and get
    behind cover with your British allies and shoot the Germans down in front of
    you, be patient and wait for their heads to pop up. Some will retreat further
    down the dock, follow them and cut them down as they retreat, there should now
    just be a few left up ahead behind cover, toss a grenade and blow them to hell.
    Go up ahead past the few dead British Commandos and you’ll now find Captain
    Beck with the radio completing your very first objective.
    After Beck radios in you’ll have to fall back to the HMS Campbeltown as the
    Bombers are coming in to soften up the dock, going back the way you came you’ll
    run into a few Germans firing on at you from cover, dispose of them using your
    M1 and collect the medkit to the left, at any time you can switch weapons but I
    recommend the M1 Garand for these long range skirmishes, you should use the M1
    Thompson SMG for close quarters fighting, if you learn to hone these skills
    with your weapons you’ll be unstoppable. Also if your wounded use the small red
    medkits you’ll find throughout the level after killing Germans, if you’re badly
    wounded however use the full medkits you have on you, you can carry up to 8 of
    them and you’ll find them throughout each level. Now as you make your way back
    towards the ship a few Gerries will try and stop you, whip your Thompson out
    and storm forward taking care of them in close quarters, with no resistance
    left head back towards the boat and watch as the British Bombers lay waste to
    the docks. Congratulations, you’ve completed the first mission…but don’t let it
    go to your head because now you have to make your way further into the
    dangerous and deadly St. Nazaire docks.
    Raid on St. Nazaire
    Destroy Fuel Tanks
    Eliminate Klaus Mueller
    Find V2 Rocket Fuel Specifications
    Locate and Destroy Anti-Aircraft Gun (Explore)
    Destroy Shore Gun (Explore)
    Capture German Bunker (Explore)
    Return to HMS Campbeltown (Explore)
    Okay, before we start up again I just want to make a few things clear. Firstly
    you will now be in control of a squad, to order them around click the Left
    Thumbstick, they will move to where you position them, to bring them back to
    you just hit the D-Pad down. Don’t worry this isn’t Brothers in Arms, the
    squads you’re given throughout the game will more or less provide support, if
    you’re out of ammo, outnumbered etc… use them wisely and they’ll come in handy.
    Finally you can access the map on the start screen, just press X and you’ll get
    the map of the level, this will help you if your lost or need help finding
    objectives, also the x on the map indicates a completed objective, a blue arrow
    indicates a secondary objective, the yellow arrow indicates your main objective
    and finally a green arrow indicates your final objective but as I said before
    just follow my instructions and you’ll be fine. Now as you make your way
    forward past the docks you’ve now seized a British Commando will inform you of
    what’s around, we’ll wait for the petrol tanks, for now get past him and lets
    take the first objective the Anti-Aircraft Gun. Take out the searchlight and
    the Gerries next to it atop the building; just eliminate the few in your way as
    they will keep coming.
    Head inside the lower level of the building and to the right you will spot some
    stairs, before heading up wait and aim precisely as there is a German at the
    top of the stairs. After you shoot him dead head upstairs and take out the
    Kriegsmarine a-holes near the gun, there should be three of them. Now place the
    charge by holding A, wait for the timer to expire before letting go, get clear
    as it explodes, good job first objective complete. Oh and always remember to
    collect the revives after completing objectives. Go back the way you came
    ignoring the fire in the distance on the walkway and head left for the Shore
    Gun, running into your British Allies firing at the Gerries another one of the
    boats will be destroyed. Time to find that gun and destroy it, take out the few
    Germans firing at you in the distance, now head to cover ahead as more Germans
    will ambush you and your boys. Kill the two to the right and toss a grenade
    forward to take care of the rest, once dead head for the next batch of cover
    and shoot down the remaining Germans off the Shore Gun, to the right through
    the caged fence a few Gerries will be lurking, kill them and collect the medkit
    in the small room at the end of the dock. Now set the charge and blow the Shore
    Gun, another objective complete.
    Head down into the bunker next to the destroyed gun, don’t venture down too far
    though just far enough to toss a few grenades. That should take care of the
    first few Gerries, now head down the steps to officially enter the bunker and
    immediately go right behind cover as there’s a machine gun up ahead. Get out
    from behind cover and aim precisely nailing the machine gunner, you may take a
    few hits but it’s unavoidable, now advance a little further inside until you
    see the opening next to the machine gun up ahead, order you squad through there
    to kill the Germans inside. Before following your squad in head right and nab
    the medkit and grenades at the end of the corridor, watch out for the few
    Germans on your way. Now rejoin your squad through the opening and you’ll run
    into your first Nemesis Boss ‘Klaus Mueller’, once you see him toss a few
    grenades his way to weaken Mueller up a bit, you’ll spot him via the Iron Cross
    overhead. Now I assume if you’ve followed my instructions you should have a
    full Adrenaline Meter, activate it and head towards this Nemesis a-hole, fill
    him full of lead and any of his Kriegsmarine buddies nearby. Once he’s down
    collect the V2 Rocket Fuel Specifications in the room with the files in it to
    your left nearby, there, two objectives in one shot, nice. By the way if you
    need more help with Mueller just consult the ‘Nemesis Bosses’ section of the
    Collect the medkits in the far corner where you entered and the other up ahead
    past the deceased Klaus Mueller near the machine gun, jump on the machine gun
    and drill the two remaining Gerries. Head forward out of the bunker and into
    the real battle that’s going on overhead, kill the advancing Germans as they
    spot you just ahead. With them down head right towards the German Bunker, stay
    to the right as you’ll end up getting chewed up by the machine guns. Shoot out
    the searchlight above the bunker and take cover behind the set of pipes, using
    your cover aim and kill the Germans firing on at you near the bunker, if you
    find this not working just storm them with your squad or use a grenade. Next,
    take out the searchlight atop the building to the right, now heading for the
    rear of the bunker a few stubborn Gerries will fire on at you in the distance,
    kill them and toss a grenade inside the rear opening of the bunker, after it
    explodes send you squad in to clear it out, collect the medkit nearby and
    follow them inside capturing the German Bunker, objective completed. On top of
    the bunkers rear there’s a searchlight, don’t bother wasting your ammo as it
    can’t be broken because it highlights the swastika on the German Fuel Tank but
    you can take out the searchlight to the top left in the distance, just use your
    pistol if you’re low on ammo.
    Take out any stubborn Gerries with the bunkers machine guns if need be,
    otherwise toss a grenade deeper into the bunker through the opening to the
    right, that should kill the waiting German. Head down inside through another
    opening and wait by the wall as a machine gun will be firing madly towards you
    and your squad, waste the lone German near the gun and once ready nail the
    machine gunner, collect the medkit and venture past the machine gun further
    into the bunker. As you see the Gerries through the small square opening ahead
    shoot the red explosive barrels behind them killing these guys easily, collect
    the medkit on the table to the right and before sending your squad up the
    stairs to the left take out the unsuspecting German in view at the top of the
    steps. After your squad heads up follow them in and kill the two Gerries on
    your way, another will be on the catwalk above so be sure to nail him before
    venturing forward, get on the catwalk near the tankers and follow it around to
    some steps on the far side, be sure to kill the last German to the right below.
    On your way up the steps kill the Gerrie waiting for you at the top, just shoot
    through the metal, the bullets will get through.
    As you get to the top and make your way around two more Germans will try to
    stop you, take them both out and head around the corner to the left. Inside
    three or more Gerries will be waiting for you so toss a grenade in, it should
    take care of them but if not just pile in with your squad and kill them in
    close quarters, then shoot the lone sniper through the window atop the Fuel
    Tank. Now head right through the opening and as you make your way down the
    stairs two Germans will pop up, shoot the red barrels behind them to take these
    guys out, keep in mind the more you throw at the explosive barrels the faster
    they’ll explode. Going forward two more Gerries will appear, just use the same
    technique shooting the red barrels, collect the medkit and head up the steps to
    the right, as you head for your main objective the Fuel Tank you’ll lose
    control of your squad, this is only temporary. Now climb to the top of the Fuel
    Tank via the stairs on its side and as you arrive at the top kill the two
    Germans on the catwalk across from you, now quickly set the charge and get the
    hell out of there! Another charge will explode when you get to the bottom
    blowing a hole through the concrete enabling you to get out and away from the
    blast, as the charge explodes the Fuel Tank will erupt into flames sending fire
    into the bunkers below and out through the vents as you can plainly see, main
    objective complete.
    Head back towards the boat but beware as German reinforcements will come
    pouring from the buildings, this can get really chaotic so just head left and
    look for the farthest building in order to get through, it’ll be next to the
    blown open gate. They aren’t making this escape easy though as a German Troop
    Train will arrive blocking your path, quickly rush the building wasting any
    Gerries in your way, now take cover immediately and shoot any Germans you see
    that came from the Troop Train. It may be tough for first timers but if you aim
    just right and use cover wisely it should be no problem, after you’ve taken out
    all the Germans from the Troop Train head up the slate past the train and onto
    the HMS Campbeltown, congrats, mission accomplished. But there’s still plenty
    more to do so don’t get cocky…by the way keep in mind that if you succeed in
    all objectives and keep your entire squad alive you’ll get 3 medkits and 1
    revive as an additional reward.
    Lights out in the Port City
    Destroy Power Station
    Eliminate Horst Brenner
    Uncover V2 Rocket Equipment Blueprint
    Eliminate German Infantry Unit (Explore)
    Destroy 3 V2 Rocket Hulls (Explore)
    Locate and Destroy German U-Boat (Explore)
    You’ll start out just inside the Port City of St. Nazaire, heavy casualties are
    mounting and the Germans are bound to counter attack against their besieged HQ
    any minute so you and your British Commando allies will have to get moving,
    your main objective here is to destroy the Power Station shutting down all
    power in St. Nazaire. After you’re back on your feet and taken a quick look
    around head forward out the door past the battered brick wall, right away in
    front a Commando will become a casualty via a well thrown German grenade. Head
    out via the blown out wall to the left and kill any Germans you see headed over
    the barbed wire wall, ignore the crack of lightening and jump on the machine
    gun, tear into any Gerries you see in front of you. Once their all down go
    forward towards the lighthouse, your first objective here is to take out the
    German Infantry Unit. A batch of Germans should stop you halfway to the
    lighthouse near the crumbled bunker; throw a few grenades their way and move in
    on them taking the Gerries out with your Thompson. Move past the crumpled
    bunker and on to the lighthouse killing the few remaining Germans to complete
    your objective. If you look to the left and down you’ll see the destroyed boat
    the Commandos are referring to, if you head over to the far right you’ll be
    able to see it clearer via the descending ramp.
    Now head back the way you came and to the left will be a heavily fortified
    bunker, set a charge on the door to blow your way through, while you wait pull
    out your M1 and take out the searchlight past the bunker turning in the
    distance. Moving inside you’ll see more Germans set up in front of you, toss a
    few grenades their way out the bunker door. Once they’re all eliminated head
    back out into the rain, don’t worry about the Gerries to the right just go
    inside the factory nearby. A group of Germans will head towards you as you make
    your way inside to your new objective, kill all six of them and then shoot the
    two on the level above you in the distance, use your M1 if you have trouble.
    Now shoot all three V2 Rocket Hulls down to complete your objective, use the
    Thompson for that.
    Head up the stairs in the factory and shoot out a few windows to waste the
    firing machine gunner in the warehouse across from you, then take out the next
    machine gunner down below to the left, and while your at it shoot out the
    searchlight atop the building also. Head back down the steps and out of the
    factory, make your way to the warehouse across from you and after the Commando
    breaks down the door head inside following them up the stairs. Take cover with
    the Commandos and using your M1 shoot down the Gerries on the walkway across
    from you, they’ll be three in all. Collect the medkit in the corner and if
    you’re a good enough shot take out the searchlight through the window to the
    far, far left in the distance. Now toss a grenade into the open doorway where
    the Germans are firing from down below, descend down the stairs through the
    open train car and into the action, waste any remaining Gerries through the
    windows. Now head inside past the windows following your British Commando
    allies to the docks, if you have any grenades left throw one towards the few
    Germans that greet you as you step through the door, otherwise just waste them
    with your Thompson. Get behind cover and pull out your M1 shooting the group of
    Germans that engage you to the left. Once down head right and get behind cover
    beside your British Commando allies, take out the numerous Germans in front of
    you that pop up to shoot you, be patient and use your M1.
    After they’re all dead head past them to the second train car, you’ll run into
    a few straggling Gerries but just dispose of them with your Thompson. Step up
    the ramp and into the train car, take out the few Germans firing on at the
    Commandos, then shoot the German Officer pinning down your troops on the
    machine gun. Head past the dead Officer and into the building then staying to
    the left head into and past the train car and take down the two remaining
    Germans inside the fence. Now down below to your far right near the crane is
    your next objective the German U-Boat, head down to the dry dock via the wooden
    walkway killing the two stubborn Germans on your way down. Be careful as you
    place the charges because there are a few Germans to the right behind cover and
    one behind you across the dock firing a sniper rifle, head all the way down to
    the left to the front of the U-Boat and place the first charge, then to the bow
    on the other side, finally place the third charge on the front of the U-Boat
    itself. Take cover quick and watch the cool explosion sending water everywhere,
    the German U-Boat will sink completing your objective.
    Head back up the wooden walkway and into the building with the machine gun
    mounted near the open door, just follow your compass. Follow the Commandos to
    the right through the train car and finally you’ve arrived at the Power
    Station, go up the stairs and pick off any Gerries you see using your M1 while
    avoiding the heavy fire from the machine gun in the distance, take out the
    searchlight above the Station as well. Once you’ve cleared out enough head
    through the door down below and make your way towards the Power Station, kill
    any Gerries in your way and try to avoid the menacing machine gun as you head
    forward. Take out the many Germans on the ground between you and the Power
    Station then of course the machine gunners; they’ll be two of them. Collect the
    medkit near the Power Station and the next one to the far left in the first
    train car, also looking at the previous building you came from shoot the
    searchlight atop it.  Now before heading inside toss a grenade into the Power
    Station, that should frag the few Germans protecting your next Nemesis ‘Horst
    Brenner’ at the top of the stairs. Kill the last German protecting Brenner up
    top then if need be collect the grenades inside the room under him. Now head up
    the stairs and into the control room, quickly activate your Adrenaline and put
    Brenner down using your Thompson, finally collect the V2 Rocket Equipment
    Blueprint on Horsts dead body, well done another Nemesis down, like before if
    you need more help with these guys then just consult the ‘Nemesis Bosses’
    section of the walkthrough.
    Make your way across the catwalk, if need be there is a medkit in the far room
    on the catwalk, now venturing down the two sets of stairs to the right, kill
    the two Germans that emerge right away. As you keep going two more will pop up,
    kill them as well, as you round the corner a Gerrie will be waiting directly to
    the left in close quarters, shoot him dead and the following German as you make
    your way down the corridor. Going left across the catwalk a single Gerrie will
    start firing, if you can take him down but he will most likely descend down the
    sets of steps and you’ll have to kill him at the bottom. Next stay behind the
    fence so the two advancing Germans can’t hit you, just shoot them both through
    the fence and continue forward, to the right are the three generators you need
    to destroy to shut down the Power Station. But first kill the three snipers on
    the catwalk above you, now place the charges and collect the medkit in the
    corner near the last charge. The charges can only be detonated once you exit
    the Power Station so head back the way you came, on your way out kill the two
    Germans that come at you after you’re across the catwalk. As you emerge out of
    the Power Station a large force of Germans will be engaging you’re British
    Commando Allies, you’ll be instructed to pull the plunger to set off the
    charges in the Power Station, to do so head down the stairs and stay to the
    left taking out any Gerries that get in your way. It’ll be in the middle near
    the truck, just follow your compass. Watch as the charges go off blowing the
    Power Station sky high, well done, another successful mission, but you’re not
    done yet, now that you’ve done the irreversible damage to the St. Nazaire docks
    making sure there’s no way the hefty Tirpitz can dock you must escape, which
    won’t be easy…
    Escape at Dawn
    Escape to French Countryside
    Eliminate Erich Koster
    Obtain North African Shipping Manifest
    Destroy Machine-gun nest (Explore)
    Eliminate Panzer Tank (Explore)
    Destroy Radio Tower (Explore)
    After a long, long night of fighting the St. Nazaire docks are in ruin, now you
    and your British Commando Allies will have to fight your way out of the suburbs
    and to the countryside. After you’re informed that no reinforcements are coming
    and the scout returns you’ll begin your fight out of the city, follow the
    Commandos around the corner to the right. A group of Germans will begin to open
    up, firstly just take cover behind the boxes and wait for the Gerrie to emerge
    on the top floor of the battered house, when he does use your M1 and take him
    out. Now move up to the next set of boxes for cover, if you can score a grenade
    into the open house window, next take out the two Gerries to the left behind
    cover, that should be all of them, if there’s any left in the house just toss a
    grenade inside the door to finish them off. You’ll be ordered to search the
    building for supplies so head upstairs cautiously, as you do a German will be
    waiting at the top for you so keep your back to the stairs and your Thompson
    ready, take this last German out and collect the ammo and medkit. Head back
    downstairs and meet up with your squad outside, immediately to the left in the
    window above you a German will pop out, shoot him dead with your M1 and
    continue forward.
    Now get position behind the wagon and kill the retreating Germans, then the few
    who are behind cover just ahead, head up the stairs to the left into the house.
    As you arrive in the hallway kill the Gerrie who quickly runs by then the next
    on the left in the doorway behind the bookcase, take down the final German in
    the room on the left up ahead and collect the medkit. If you move into the far
    room on the right you’ll be able to snipe the Gerries down below on the machine
    gun nest with your M1, if not head back down the stairs and follow this way.
    Move up forward and be careful when you arrive because as I mentioned there’s a
    heavily fortified machine gun nest to the right, that’ll be your first
    objective. First off kill the Gerries in front of you in the distance, use your
    M1, now toss a few grenades inside to the right to knock out plenty of the
    Gerries fortified in the house. Next, storm the house and kill the few
    remaining Germans inside completing your objective, collect the ammo, medkit
    and meet back up with the squad outside.
    Follow them around the far corner where you will run into another squad of
    British Commandos, collect the ammo and medkit and head past the wounded man
    being worked on and go left. As you move down the street a tank shell will
    burst into a building across the river, ignore it for now and keep going
    forward. When you reach the end a large force of Germans will start firing,
    using your M1 aim and kill the machine gunner in the blown out portion of the
    building above, your British Commando Allies will now be able to move up so
    head left into the rumbled cafe. Position your squad on the bottom floor near
    the window and head upstairs, snipe the Gerries in the house windows across
    from you, they’ll be a lot of them as they keep emerging after one gets killed.
    Kill the few Gerries on the ground and this will usher in more German
    reinforcements, aim and take out the ones in the windows like before and a few
    stubborn Gerries on the destroyed building to the far left. Now head downstairs
    and regroup with your squad, move in and kill the remaining Germans on the
    ground and take cover as a Commando will set a charge and blow the doors into
    the building.
    Head inside as the dust settles and kill the two Germans in the room to the
    left behind the knocked over bookshelf’s, grab the medkit and head upstairs to
    the right. Take out the German behind cover and the one in the doorway then
    move up to the window and shoot down the Germans in the ruined building on both
    floors. Once they’re all down move up and you’ll get a close call with a tank
    shell as it explodes right near the building rattling you a bit, make your way
    up to the stairs of the ruined building and grab the medkit. Follow the
    Commandos into another portion of the house and take down the Germans in the
    next house across from you, be sure to kill the one in the blown out hole on
    the top floor. Head inside the house and up the steps to the top floor, a huge
    tank shell will make impact blowing a giant hole into the building, stay behind
    cover beside the hole as British air support finally arrives taking out the
    Panzer tank and completing your objective for you.
    Kill the firing machine gunner and cover the windows as a group of Gerries
    moves in from the church, aim and take down the ones on the top floor first
    then the ones on the bottom, should be easy pickings and be sure to take out
    the two machine gunners as well. Collect the medkit and head downstairs, grab
    the ammo and make your way out of the battered house via the hole the Panzer
    tank punched. Grab the medkit in the truck as you make your way across the
    square, you’ll also spot your next objective the Radio Tower. Run into the
    house nearby to the right, position your squad on the bottom floor and get to
    the top as a batch of more Gerries will come running from the church. Take them
    down from the top floor and shoot the ones that retreat back into the church,
    now move in on the church and take the two Germans out in front behind cover.
    Collect the medkit in the far right corner of the church, then head through the
    blown out hole to the right and place the charge on the base of the antenna, it
    will explode destroying the Radio Tower and completing another objective. Head
    back into the church and get ready as a Nemesis Boss ‘Erich Koster’ is just up
    ahead, take down any Gerries protecting him and activate your Adrenaline. Move
    in on him and take him out with your Thompson, once he’s dead collect the North
    African Shipping Manifest on his body.
    Grab the medkit and head left, kill the few Gerries in your way here and go
    through the rubble on the left, be sure to grab the grenades just outside of
    the church, you’ll need them. Heading forward a few remaining Germans will hop
    over the wall to stop your impending escape, pull out your M1 and pop them
    behind the tombstones. As you arrive in the middle of the graveyard a tank will
    bust right through the wall, seeing as this is your first close up encounter
    with a tank I’ll show you how to destroy them. Kill the remaining Germans near
    the sides of the tank before you start, okay now get some grenades ready and
    toss them underneath its bulky armor, just be sure to score them right
    underneath the tank not close by as it will have no effect, it should take
    three if thrown correctly, throw them in from the back as the tanks turret is
    on the front and don’t worry about the its heavy gun as your too close for it
    to fire. Once the tank is destroyed move in behind the Panzer and out through
    the paths it’s made to escape St. Nazaire and complete your main objective.
    Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed all missions in St. Nazaire,
    France. If you followed my advice and completed every objective in all four
    missions then you will receive the Distinguished Service Cross, consult the
    ‘Medals’ section of the walkthrough for it’s description. But now that you have
    a feel for the game it’s going to get much harder, trust me you haven’t seen
    nothing yet, the tough stuffs still to come.
    Open Desert Somewhere in Tunisia, North Africa
    May 17, 1942
    Operation: Blindfold
    Destroy Tiger Tank Prototypes
    Eliminate Adabold Brecht
    Acquire Tiger Tank Operations Manuals
    Destroy Panzer Tank in Ruins (Explore)
    Sabotage German Radar Dish (Explore)
    Recover British Reconnaissance (Explore)
    Escape into Bunker (Explore)
    Welcome to the hottest place on earth North Africa, here you and your new
    allies the Desert Rats will have to do your best to hinder Rommel ‘The Desert
    Fox’ operations, which won’t be easy. You have also gotten wind of your main
    Nemesis ‘Von Schrader’, but getting back to the mission your main objective
    will be to destroy the new prototype German Tiger Tanks. Starting out you’ll
    have to wait for the ranking Officer to give his orders before you can move,
    once he’s done move down to the left through the sandy cliffs. On your first
    right turn and get up to the small opening on the left, from here you’ll be
    able to snipe the Germans in the fortified village up ahead and a few to the
    left by some nearby rock, make sure to be at the second opening before you
    start shooting, also collect the medkit at the end of the corridor. Start out
    by popping the Gerries in the village on the right with your Enfield, you’ll
    see them near the Panzer, they’ll be quite a few of them so just be patient and
    wait until each one reoccupies the position after you kill the first few. Also
    be sure to kill the machine gunner to the left if you’re Desert Rat Allies
    haven’t done it for you, then take out the two Gerries taking cover behind the
    nearby rock to the left.
    Now head towards the village to take out the Panzer tank in the ruins, this is
    your first objective. Move in on the right with your Shotgun and blow a hole
    through the lone German taking cover here, head for the opening to the village
    on the left. Kill the first two Gerries in front of the tank then the next
    firing at you in the distance, you may get hit a few times but almost every
    German in these North African levels are packing MP40’s so get used to being
    hit a lot. Now to destroy the tank they’ll be some Stick grenades to the right,
    oh and seeing as I haven’t explained it yet to pull the pin on a grenade just
    hit A while holding it and toss the grenade immediately as it will explode in
    your hand if you don’t. Toss as many grenades as it takes underneath the tank
    and it will explode, as with before throw them in from the rear of the tank,
    objective completed, the first of many Panzers to come however.
    Now moving past the tank watch the firing machine guns in the trench ahead, you
    need to clear out the rest of the village before continuing on. Head into each
    ruined room and take out the Gerries, flush them out with your grenades or use
    your squad, either ways good. Once they’re all down jump on the machine gun
    perched in the farthest room to the left, waste the advancing Germans and
    collect the two medkits in the ruined village, then advance towards their
    position. As you arrive at the position on the left it will get a little
    chaotic as Gerrie is everywhere, just blow through any you come across with
    your Shotgun and make your way forward, take out the machine gunner in the
    distance to the left above. Now plow your way through the battle hardened
    Germans and on your way to the raised area on the left collect the two medkits
    close by. You should see the Radar Dish, that’ll be your next objective to shut
    it down. Heading up towards the Radar Dish’s bunker take cover to the left
    killing the few Germans here, now pull out your Enfield and snipe any Germans
    ahead of you. Toss a grenade into the bunker of firing Germans then head
    inside, if you have any left throw one more into the bunkers only room killing
    the final Gerrie. Place a charge on the generator and get out quick as it will
    explode shutting down the Radar Dish completing another objective, collect the
    medkit in the room and leave the bunker.
    As you emerge from the bunker a Panzer with some Infantry will have arrived,
    take cover to the left and take out the Infantry first then throw some grenades
    underneath the tank, once it’s destroyed move up to the machine gun nest on the
    cliff ahead, grab the medkit there also. Kill the advancing Gerries as they
    come running from the trench, once they’re all down move in on the trench from
    the left. This is complete anarchy so just shoot whatever you see in the
    trench, to the left down the trench is a medkit, just keep advancing down the
    trench using cover and snipe the Germans as they pop their heads up, be careful
    in the middle as a lone German will come running from the opening in the
    trench’s underground bunker. Once you get to the end go past the machine gun
    and down left into the underground bunker, toss a grenade through the opening
    to waste the first few Gerries then head inside. Get to cover near the wall on
    the right, several Germans will be firing on at you from farther down inside so
    use your Enfield to snipe each one of them from both their positions, you’ll
    have to move into the open a little to snipe the second set near the boxes, be
    careful though as they’ll return fire, there’s four in all. Collect the medkit
    and Tiger Tank Operations Manuals in the nearby room to complete your Intel
    objective, if you want you can also exchange your weapon here to an MP40,
    personally I don’t much care for the Shotgun and recommend swapping up for the
    MP40 but it’s your call.
    Head out of the bunker and past the trench to leave behind the coursing hot
    battlefield, if you look you can see the Radar Dish smoking from your handiwork
    in the distance. Anyways, ahead to the left is a warehouse and to the right is
    a wounded British pilot, move past the pilot as he warns you about the Recon.
    You’ll hear your Nemesis for this mission ‘Adabold Brecht’ make his point known
    about the documents you’ve got to find, use the MP40 to blow right through the
    Germans in your way as you round the corner into the battle. Move up into the
    center of the wreck and kill the two Gerries down below, when Brecht retreats
    pump him full of lead, you won’t put him down but you’ll take a lot off his
    health. Snipe the German sniper above and to the right continuing on, kill the
    last two Gerries protecting Brecht and activate your Adrenaline, move in on him
    and put Brecht down with your MP40. If you run out of ammo just use grenades or
    snipe him from cover, he’s not that tough to defeat. Kill another German sniper
    above you to the left, then head into what’s left of the Spy Plane, kill the
    single Gerrie on the ground and the German sniper above to the left. Head
    inside the next section of the destroyed aircraft to collect the Recon
    Documents, you’ll have to kill the last German sniper as you do. With Brecht
    dead and the Recon recovered that’s two objectives in one shot, good job.
    Move out of the wreckage and to the right, as you make your way forward you’ll
    run into three Gerries ready to dispatch you, kill the first as he advances
    then take out the next two as they pop out from behind cover. Keep going
    forward and grab the medkit, a final two Germans will come your way, throw a
    grenade to flush them out then move in and take them down, to the right is an
    opening so hop down and go back the way you came to the warehouse. If you’re
    tired of the MP40 you can swap back up with the Shotgun, it’s next to the
    wounded pilot. Get to cover on the left as you advance into the next area,
    snipe the Gerries firing from the antenna, once they’re down continue forward
    and to the left is the first of the Tiger Tanks, snipe the two menacing Germans
    in the distance and going round the side of the tank kill the rushing Gerrie
    then whip out your Enfield and take out the next one that jumps on the machine
    gun atop of the large bunker in front of you, also collect the medkit. Place
    the charge on the tank, as it explodes the nearby warehouse doors will open
    revealing two more Tiger Tanks, from cover snipe the machine gunner and take
    out the advancing Germans with your MP40. Now move in on the tanks carefully as
    there’s still one more German inside, as you place the charge on the tank to
    the left toss a grenade through the opening to take out the lone Gerrie near
    the tank on the right, then place the charge on the last Tiger Tank destroying
    these behemoth prototypes and completing your main objective.
    As you head back towards the large bunker another Gerrie will hop on the
    machine gun, snipe him with your Enfield and any other Germans you see behind
    cover in the distance. Once you’ve taken out enough to move forward venture
    into the radio room on the right but be careful because a lone Gerrie will rush
    out shooting wildly, grab the medkit on your way out. With him dead head up to
    the bunkers doors and kill any Germans you see from the openings on the
    opposite sides, place a charge on the door to blow your way inside. Toss a
    grenade inside once the dust clears, then have your squad move in to the
    section on the left, follow them in and kill all the Germans in here, next do
    the same with the section on the right, don’t forget to grab the medkit too.
    Once all Gerries are dead on the first floor move back into the left room and
    head up to the second floor, cut down the first German as he retreats, there
    are now two Germans left here, one on the right and one on the left, rush them
    both with the MP40 to take them out. Head up to the third and final floor of
    the bunker, pop the first Gerrie to the left near the boxes then the next on
    the right. Just outside the room via the opening a lone German will hamper you
    with accurate fire, kill him before you leave the room then shoot the next
    Gerrie as you emerge out of the room. Next toss a grenade through the opening
    on the right, this should kill the few Germans waiting here allowing you to
    head inside. They’ll be four Gerries in total behind cover down the narrow
    corridor so snipe them all and head for the opening past them escaping and
    completing your mission. There’s still one more mission to go in North Africa
    though, it’ll be one of the toughest yet I assure you.
    Operation: V2 Silence
    Destroy V2 Rocket
    Eliminate Hans Schneider
    Locate coded Virus House Information
    Free 3 SAS Commando Prisoners (Explore)
    Steal V2 Test Film (Explore)
    Photograph V2 Schematics (Explore)
    Destroy Train Tracks (Explore)
    Escape V2 Facility (Explore)
    This time for your main objective you’ll have to destroy the V2 Rocket the
    Germans are building way out here in the Tunisian desert, also the Nemesis Boss
    in this level will be of more value as he has some very important information
    concerning your true objective in the entire game ‘Virus House’. It’ll be a bit
    different this time out as you’ll start in the bunker you broke into from the
    previous level and you have no squad, but don’t fret there’s some SAS Commando
    POW’s nearby as you make your way through the secret underground base, this is
    going to be a long, hard level so be prepared. Moving forward a loud, obnoxious
    German will start screaming for the alarm, obviously they know you’re coming so
    shoot this loud a-hole and take cover by the wall. As you spot the various
    Gerries around the corner near the tables, radios and such throw a few grenades
    their way in both directions, that should quell the firing so move up and kill
    any remaining Germans. Collect the grenades in the corner and move straight
    forward, do not go right yet, kill the Gerrie as you round the left corner and
    in the distance a German will begin hammering you with heavy fire, throw a
    grenade his way or whip out your Enfield to take care of this pest. Move up to
    the first opening on the right, as with before throw some grenades towards the
    Germans behind the table, then toss a few to the right taking out a couple of
    Gerries waiting for you in the corner. Forget about the left for now, just keep
    straight ignoring their fire grabbing the medkit on the box, take out the
    German protecting the first of three prisoners you’ll have to free then if need
    be grab some Shotgun ammo to the left. Now place a charge on the metal door to
    blow it open, once the charge goes rush in and dispatch of the lone torturing
    German, free the prisoner and you’ll now have one for your squad.
    There’s still two more so go back to the previous room and peer around the
    corner to your right, if you have any left toss a few grenades towards the
    Gerrie taking cover behind the table, move up and kill the remaining German,
    set the charge on the door as the prisoner tells you and while waiting for the
    charge to go collect a medkit in the open cell opposite him. Two free, just one
    to go, for this final SAS Commando you’ll have to make your way all the way
    back where you started to that metal entrance on the right. Once you get there
    head down the clanging metal corridor and go left, kill the first Gerrie as he
    scrambles to cover, then rounding the corner to the right shoot down the two
    Gerries here, one will be behind a box under cover. Now looking left past the
    behemoth machines aim and take out the German to the far left, then move around
    the machines to the end and kill the final Gerrie to the left ahead of the one
    you just killed. Head around to the far left wall and into the opening, be wary
    as you round the corner there’s a hiding German here that packs quite a punch,
    blow a hole through him with your heavy duty U.S. Shotgun and place a charge on
    the door. Move inside and kill the lone German freeing the final prisoner
    giving you a full squad, objective completed.
    Heading out there will be two Germans waiting for you so kill them before they
    surprise you, now round the corner and moving right past the machine head
    straight through the path of machines to the next opening. Toss a grenade down
    the corridor to the rounding corner then throw a few inside via the opening on
    the wall, if you haven’t gotten him yet move up to the opening and kill the
    closest German. Move down the corridor and kill the unsuspecting Germans as you
    round the corner, collect the grenades in the small room then head for the open
    doorway on the left, toss a grenade inside to blow up the lone German taking
    cover by the table below, move inside and kill the final Gerrie to the left
    scouring near cover by the pillar. Hop over the rail and steal the V2 Test film
    to complete another objective, collect the medkit near the table.
    Now in the far left corner there is a room with your next Nemesis ‘Hans
    Schneider’, move inside slowly using the door as cover, kill the first German
    that appears then position your squad near the table to your right for support.
    Schneider will be in the far right corner of the room and he’s got lots of
    support so don’t rush in and try to cap him right away, first take out the two
    other Germans protecting him then throw a few grenades his way. Once he’s
    softened up enough activate your Adrenaline and then rush in to kill him,
    collect the very important info on the Dirty Bomb codenamed ‘Virus House’ on
    the desk then the medkit, good job, another couple of tough objectives
    Heading back out the way you came you’ll quickly be ambushed by a couple of
    Gerries, take care of them then move on back to the area with the massive
    machines. Arriving immediately turn right to leave the area, they’ll be a giant
    crate where you’ll need to go, kill the few Germans who run to cover behind it
    then you yourself move up behind it for cover. Pull out your Enfield and snipe
    the first Gerries in the distance, then move up to the next giant crate and
    kill the lone German to the right who pops out. Up to the right is a room,
    either toss a grenade in there or snipe the lone German to take him out, kill
    the last two Germans in the distance with your Enfield. Head into the raised
    room to the right and collect the goodies inside, then run past the boxes and
    crates to the stairs on the far wall. Snipe the two Gerries as they emerge
    firing at you stubbornly, move up the stairs until you reach the way out to the
    left, snipe the Gerrie on the catwalk above then kill the flurry of Germans
    down below as they emerge, this may be tough for you first timers but just do
    the best you can. Once they’re all dead jump down and collect the medkit and
    ammo nearby then quickly take cover again as to the left in the tower is a
    deadly machine gun.
    Using your Enfield jump out and pop the machine gunner in the tower then the
    sniper next to him on the side, toss a grenade into each of the small buildings
    to kill the Gerries inside, if your British allies haven’t done it for you yet
    kill the lone German in the middle of the two buildings then collect whatever
    you can from them, also when he emerges kill the last sniper in the tower.
    Flank around the back of the farthest house surprising the few Germans here,
    fill them all full of gun powder and continue on straight forward into the
    distance, as you arrive at the next building to the right quickly take out the
    machine gunner in the distance then the sniper next to him, kill the Germans
    who come from the rail and snipe any more in the distance near the truck, move
    your squad inside the building then follow them in, kill the Gerries inside
    here and photograph the V2 Schematics, objective accomplished, collect the
    medkit and head out the far door. Regroup with your British allies around the
    corner, collect the grenades and head forward to cover, kill the lone German in
    the alcove on the left, run over and collect the medkit once he’s dead. Kill
    all the Gerries you see as they pour from the warehouse, here you’ll have to
    destroy the train tracks so eliminate any Gerries while moving forward then
    place the charge on the tracks, get to cover and watch as it explodes rendering
    the V2 Rocket unmovable, objective complete.
    Kill any stragglers and continue forward past the destroyed tracks, eventually
    you’ll come across some green smoke in the distance but they can’t advance
    until you destroy the tank and large German force guarding the area. So head
    for the guard barracks and kill the two Gerries inside, collect the ammo and
    head back out the door behind you. Take out the numerous Germans on the left
    beside the barracks, once dead head over to the fence to link up with the
    reinforcements, move out the door into the next area you’ll see the Panzer to
    the far right. First off kill the few remaining Germans and head towards the
    tank, like before just toss the grenades underneath it, this time around throw
    them in from the front doing the best you can avoiding the turret and heavy
    gun, after it’s destroyed move up forward killing the final few Gerries next to
    the warehouse holding the unmanned Panzer tank. Head inside the warehouse and
    kill the lone German and collect the medkit, now if you have enough grenades
    for it throw them underneath the unmanned tank, it will destroy like all the
    others, should take four grenades. Move around to the right of the huge
    warehouse holding the V2 and link back up with your British Allies, collect the
    medkit as you head inside.
    Mow down the group of Germans in your way as you enter then grab the medkit in
    the train car to the right killing the Gerries inside as you do, now head to
    the far right behind you past the machinery to open the warehouse doors via the
    lever, this will usher in some much needed reinforcements. Grab the medkit in
    the fenced area then head left back towards the train cars, moving through this
    area kill the many Gerries present here, it’ll get pretty frantic as you punch
    your way through. There will be a control room next to the rocket, that’s where
    you need to go first, grab the medkit in the far corner near the opened
    warehouse door then some grenades just outside the room your about to enter.
    Toss some grenades inside then order your squad in, follow them in and kill any
    remaining Germans, head upstairs and grab the medkit then to the far left down
    below a batch of Gerries will still be fighting, throw a grenade there way or
    just simply take them out with your Shotgun, also if there’s a lone German
    sniper above on the catwalk that hasn’t been killed yet pull out your Enfield
    and put him down. Now hit the switch in the left corner on the rooftop and it
    will lower the Rocket and the fuel vents will begin to open. Make your way back
    out of the control room and place the charge on the nose of the V2 as you
    British allies cover you, main objective complete. Now quickly run left
    following the arrow and get the hell out of there! As the charge explodes it
    will rattle the area as the V2 Rocket goes up in smoke, congratulations, you’ve
    destroyed the V2 Rocket and narrowly escaped with your life, excellent job that
    was one of the toughest levels in the whole game. If you racked up all gold’s
    then you’ll receive the prestigious Distinguished Service Order on behalf of
    the United Kingdom. But now it’s off to the greatest battlefield of WW2
    ‘Stalingrad’ in the bitterly cold Russia.
    Stalingrad, USSR
    January 28, 1943, The Eastern Front
    Road to Stalingrad
    Destroy Rail Gun
    Eliminate Walther Neumann
    Obtain Ardennes Forest Recon Dossier
    Locate Partisan Fighters (Explore)
    Destroy 3 Panzer Tanks (Explore)
    Destroy Ammunition Dump (Explore)
    Destroy Communications Tower (Explore)
    Secure and Defend Church (Explore)
    Welcome to Russia, lucky for you you’ve arrived as the Germans are on their
    heels because the Soviets are on the verge of pushing them completely out of
    Stalingrad, if you’d of come a few months earlier that wouldn’t have been the
    case. Anyways, button up tight because the cold air here makes those winters
    back in the States look like a day at the beach, this is arguably my favorite
    level in the game so have fun and listen closely, I’ve played through and
    beaten this level more times than I can remember. Your main objective is to
    take out a massive Rail Gun across the river, plus your Nemesis this time
    around knows all about you and when you’re coming so he’ll be a bit harder to
    knock over, also in exchange for some anti-tank prototype weapons you’ll be
    getting some info from the Russians on this ‘Virus House’, and finally you’ve
    caught wind of Von Schrader’s involvement. You’ll begin just in front of the
    gate, move up ahead a little and pulling out your Gewehr aim and take out the
    first Fascist then as the second runs to cover either in the booth or near the
    sandbags kill him as well, you may miss the first German, if you do just take
    them both out while they’re behind cover, collect the medkit and proceed
    forward. As you make your way towards the house you should see the waving
    Russian, that’ll be your first objective to link up with him, but before
    following him kill the German next to the destroyed Panzer just to the left of
    the house, there should be a few more next to him behind cover, either toss a
    grenade their way or just aim and shoot them, your call. Now head down into the
    cellar and meet up with your squad of Russian Partisans, objective complete,
    after he finishes giving you your orders exchange your Gewehr with the M1
    Bazooka and collect the medkit, head back out into the cold going right back
    where you shot those first few Fascists. There isn’t too much I can tell you
    about the Bazooka, just aim and nail those tanks dead on, be accurate as the
    ammo is pretty rare, thankfully you won’t have to fumble with those awkward
    grenades to destroy any more tanks.
    Back to the mission, moving around the side of the house toss a grenade or two
    into the destroyed house that’s barely standing as several Germans will rush
    in. You should get most of them in the blast but take out any stragglers left
    over; going past the dead cow you’ll see another house right next to it, moving
    in on the right toss a grenade through the vacant hole, after the explosion
    head in and kill any remaining. Jump on the machine gun and nail the Germans
    making their way across the road in front of you, if you look close enough
    through the fog there’s a few Germans on the Rail Gun, take them out with the
    machine gun. After you’ve killed all the Germans on the road head right taking
    cover behind another wrecked Panzer, from cover kill the Fascists on the right
    side of the hill, they’ll be a lot of them as they keep getting reinforced but
    eventually they’ll dry up, storm the hill with your squad shooting any Fascists
    down on the left as you charge up the hill on the right. Once you reach the top
    kill the few Germans here then move around past the tank, never mind the Panzer
    for now just jump into the trench and use the Nebelwerfer on the Rail Gun, the
    explosion will shake the entire area destroying it, your main objective is
    completed already but unfortunately you’re not even close to being done yet. If
    you want instead of destroying it with the heavy Nebelwerfer you can place
    charges at the base of the Rail Gun taking it out that way, but I’d advise
    against this, the Germans are too heavily fortified across the river, while it
    can be done it’s almost suicide.
    Now whip out your M1 Bazooka and hit the tank from the rear, if you hit it just
    right it should only take two rockets, one Panzer down two to go. Now get back
    into the trench, as you move around to the left quickly toss a grenade down
    into the underground trench, if your too late what’s left of the large German
    force you just punched your way through will usher from underground, pump them
    with as many bullets as your Russian PPSh will allow you, collect the medkits
    and ammo down below. Head back over around the Nebelwerfer in the trench, in
    the distance down below you should see a few Germans, kill what you can see
    through the fog and head for the road down the hill, if you want you can storm
    the village here via the wooden bridge but more than likely the Fascists will
    have destroyed it before you get the option. Move down the road until you reach
    the next bridge, this is the one to cross, more Russian soldiers will link up
    with you and help cross the bridge as you arrive. Toss a few grenades in the
    direction of the firing Fascists across the bridge, quickly head through the
    fog and kill the two Germans at the end of the bridge on either side. You’ve
    arrived at the village but this is going to be very difficult to make your way
    through as there’s plenty of German defenses not to mention those other two
    Panzer tanks. Move to the left near the tractor and take down the few Fascists
    here, toss a grenade into the house in front of you before you head inside, now
    rush inside and collect the Bazooka ammo and medkit. Via the window on the wall
    to the right kill the few Germans next to and inside the burning house, now
    move in on the house, kill the final Fascist and collect the medkit. The second
    tank will be visible now, it’s in the ruined house so you’ll have no choice but
    to hit it from the front, should take three rockets from your Bazooka, two
    Panzers down one to go. Head back the way you came and you’ll see the final
    tank barge into the village, take cover in the house you came from and take it
    out from behind with your M1 Bazooka, objective completed. If you run out of
    rockets for your Bazooka just use grenades on the tank like before.
    Move up to the house behind the destroyed Panzer and clear out the Germans
    inside, they’ll be three or four. Across the open area in the village to the
    right several Germans will be taking cover, kill as many as you can with your
    PPSh. Now in front of you is your new objective to destroy the ammo dump so
    waste any Fascists in the burning house then kill the few protecting the dump,
    quickly place a charge on the box and get to cover! The ammo dump will go up in
    flames completing another objective, collect the medkit and revive if need be
    then head for the two story house on the right. Moving inside you’ll see a few
    dead Germans, head up the stairs and exchange the used up Bazooka for the
    Gewehr, start sniping any Germans you see in the church’s graveyard down below,
    aim for those headshots. Once you’ve killed a handful head back down the steps
    and take out the final Fascists in the small house on the right, next rally
    with your Russian Allies near the church gate. As the gate opens storm through
    and kill any Germans in your way as you head forward towards the right, kill
    the few Germans near the Communication Tower and hop over the sandbagged
    machine gun to place a charge on the tower, collect the medkit and hop back
    over the sandbags into the next section of graveyard on the right as the
    Communications Tower goes up, objective complete.
    Take down any Germans as you make your way forward down the path and collect
    the medkit on the right at the end next to the Russian soldiers, using your
    Gewehr aim and take out the Germans behind cover in the graveyard in front of
    the church, it should be easy target practice. When you feel ready head for the
    church entrance, moving inside kill the many Fascist bastards in here and your
    expecting Nemesis ‘Walther Neumann’ will reveal himself as a few doves fly into
    the air, toss a couple grenades his way and kill the few Germans protecting
    him. Eventually he’ll head upstairs so follow him up, if you want there’s an M1
    Bazooka and a medkit to the left down some stairs just as you enter to church,
    as you reach the top throw a grenade towards the German behind cover to the
    left on the second floor here. Now activate your Adrenaline and move in on
    Neumann, after you’ve taken him down collect the Ardennes Forest Recon Dossier
    on his body, two objectives in one shot done, if you’re having trouble killing
    Neumann as he’s a hard Nemesis to take down then consult the Nemesis Bosses
    section of the walkthrough. Getting your Gewehr back out aim and kill several
    of the Germans still in front of the church, then hop on the machine gun and
    waste any more you’re able to hit. Eventually an entire swarm of Germans will
    come running to take the church back, mow them all down with the machine gun,
    use short burst as the barrel will overheat. Kill the second swarm of Fascists
    and you’ll have held off the counter attack securing the church, objective
    completed. Congratulations this was not an easy mission, but you’re not done in
    Russia yet, now that you’ve knocked the Germans on their asses you’ll have to
    finish them off.
    Climbing Mamayev Hill
    Transmit Virus House Intel to OSS
    Eliminate Franz Gruebner
    Steal Heavy Water Test Logbook
    Destroy Panzer Tank (Explore)
    Meet with Russian Officer (Explore)
    Signal Rocket Strike (Explore)
    Destroy Artillery Guns (Explore)
    Destroy German Intelligence (Explore)
    Hope you’re ready for more action in the bitterly cold Russia; your main
    objective will be to transmit the Virus House Intel you’ve found back to the
    OSS. Also your Nemesis on the mission ‘Franz Gruebner’ is holding vital info on
    the German Dirty Bomb and is guarding it with his life so he’ll be much harder
    to kill. You’ll begin with the Russian Officer giving his speech to the entire
    attacking Soviet army, once he’s finished he’ll give the order to attack so run
    down the road and make a left when you come to the village. Take cover by the
    stone wall near the destroyed house and start picking off the Germans with your
    outdated Moisan-Nagant, if you become beset by the German troop’s just whip out
    your PPSh and mow them down. After they’re all dead aim towards the machine
    gunner in the house to the far right and kill him. Now move inside the house
    behind you and swap the Moisan-Nagant for the Bazooka, you’ll need it for the
    tank. You should see the Panzer on the road in the middle of the village by now
    so before making your way around to destroy it toss a grenade into the small
    opening in the house up ahead on the right, that’ll take care of the Germans
    inside. Now move past the house and nail the Panzer from the side, should take
    just a few hits, objective complete.
    Throw a grenade through the window in the house behind the destroyed tank, move
    in and kill any Germans left over inside. Now head into the house next to it
    and grab the grenades, both upstairs and downstairs, from the top window you’ll
    see the few remaining Fascists outside the window. Toss a grenade their way and
    head back downstairs to give the Russians a hand, take out any lingering
    Fascists and move past the houses into the trench. Make your way down the
    trench to meet with the Russian Officer, ignore the machine guns across the
    river, you can’t hit them with your PPSh. There’s a medkit inside an
    underground trench on the left just as you begin your way down, there’s another
    two when you meet up with the Russian Officer, one next to him and another in
    the underground trench, objective complete. If you want through this whole
    ordeal down the trench you can acquire a Moisan-Nagant in the underground
    trench to take out the machine gunners but another one will simply reinforce
    the position, so it’s pretty useless, just keep moving until you meet up with
    Next you’ll need to order a rocket strike to weaken the German defenses so get
    yourself out of the trench and move down the road, kill the few remaining
    Germans on the Russian side of the river behind the wall on your left, just use
    a grenade. As you continue down the road move into the trench on the left to
    support your Russian Allies, take hold of the machine gun and rip into any
    Fascists you see across the river in the bombed out village. Don’t sit there
    for too long though, just kill as many as you can because the Germans will
    continue to be reinforced, collect the medkit in the underground trench and
    storm across the wooden bridge taking the fight to the Germans. Kill the
    Fascists in and beside the machine gun bunker on the left, move past the bunker
    linking up with your Russian Allies, it will be quite chaotic the whole way
    through this next area so just try to keep your wits about you and take down
    any Fascists in your way with the PPSh. Set off the smoke canister in the road
    to signal the rocket strike, as soon as you set it off take cover back down the
    road into the alcove on the left, and don’t worry about the Panzer the rocket
    strike will take care of it. Collect the Bazooka ammo in here, eventually the
    Katyusha rockets will hammer the area softening up the German defenses,
    objective completed.
    Now move back out into the left side of the village, make your way to the house
    taking down any Germans that get in your way, they’ll be plenty of them. Once
    inside the house grab the medkit and grenades and toss a couple across the way
    to the other side of the village and if they reveal themselves shoot any
    Fascists dead. Move in on the Germans here and kill any as you make your way
    through what’s left of the ruined houses, behind one of the houses if you look
    up you’ll see a German trench on the hill. Throw a few grenades up into the
    trench to soften it up a bit, now make your way around and into the trench
    killing what remains of the Fascists here, get your Bazooka and take out the
    entrenched Panzer, after its destroyed make your way towards the wooden gate.
    There’s a machine gun and several Germans preventing you from smashing your way
    through here so get a throwable distance away and toss a grenade into the
    machine gun bunker and another towards the Germans in the trench. On the
    opposite side are two more Fascists in a trench, shoot them dead and collect
    the medkit, now place a charge on the gate to blow your way inside. After the
    charge goes move in and head left hopping over the stone wall grabbing the
    Bazooka ammo in the machine gun bunker, also collect the medkit in the maze
    like house. Your next Nemesis ‘Franz Gruebner’ is just up ahead by the tank, I
    hope you have your adrenaline meter full otherwise this will be tough, activate
    it and move in on him from the left, throw everything you’ve got at him and any
    other Fascists protecting him. With Greubner dead pull out your Bazooka and
    destroy the Panzer right away behind him, once it’s destroyed steal the Heavy
    Water Test Logbook off Gruebners body, both objectives complete. It’s important
    to surprise Gruebner here for this to work that’s why I insist you kill him
    before destroying the tank, if your having trouble with this just consult the
    Nemesis Bosses section of the walkthrough.
    Head for the ruined structure in the far corner to gain access into the
    building, you should have no problem spotting it. Kill the German on the stairs
    as soon as you enter then head up the rest of the steps and take another down
    here, collect the medkit and make your way back down the steps. A few Germans
    should usher in to the right of the stairs, gun them down and toss a grenade
    through the opening, move in and place a charge on the first Artillery Gun.
    After it’s destroyed continue through the building killing two more Germans, to
    the right is a trench, ignore it for now and keep going. Throw a grenade
    towards the third gun down the corridor, kill any Germans left over after the
    explosion, now place a charge on the second Artillery Gun and head forward. A
    few Fascists will flood through from the opening on the left, mow them down and
    place the charge on the final Artillery Gun completing your objective.
    Now head back to the trench and kill the first two Germans as you enter, move
    right and kill the machine gunner. Keep moving down the trench and take out the
    menacing Fascists on your way through, there should be six of them, use your
    squad if need be, kill the next two machine gunners and head back to the
    destroyed third Artillery Gun. Get a peek inside then toss a grenade towards
    the Germans protecting the Intelligence, move in now and kill the remaining
    German immediately to the right, above you is the last Fascist shoot him down
    and make your way up the stairs and radio the OSS, main objective complete.
    You’ll be given new orders to destroy the German Intelligence before the
    Soviets arrive so head back down the steps and place a charge on the box of
    German Intel, the mission will end as its placed, well done another mission
    complete. You’ll receive the Order of the Patriotic War (First Class) one of
    the highest distinctions the Soviets can give. You should be proud this one was
    tough but I’m sure you’ve had your fill of freezing cold Russia, time to move
    on to the Western Front to your American friends and put a final end to the
    German Dirty Bomb and of coarse ‘Von Schrader’.
    Krinkelt and Rocherath, Twin Villages in Belgium
    December 16, 1944, 07:00 hours
    Mission to Rocherath
    Reach American Command Post and Destroy King Tigers
    Eliminate Folker Kappelhoff
    Uncover Atomic Scientist Rosters
    Fall Back to American Command Post (Explore)
    Eliminate Recon Unit in Windmill (Explore)
    Obtain C2 in Church Tower (Explore)
    Transmit Artillery Coordinates (Explore)
    Destroy Town Bridge (Explore)
    The Germans are running out of steam and it looks like the war is coming to an
    end, but don’t celebrate just yet you’ve been sent to Belgium to gather more
    Intel on this ‘Virus House’ and you came at the worst possibly time because the
    Battle of the Bulge is about the break out, on your way to uncovering all the
    mystery’s to the secret German Dirty Bomb you’ll be aiding your American Allies
    in the 101st Airborne in the fight to stop the Germans last full-on attack of
    WW2. Get yourself prepared right away because in front of you is the American
    line in which the Germans will be punching their way through. Quickly hop on
    the machine gun and start tearing into the advancing Infantry, you will get hit
    several times here, it’s really unavoidable so just keep using those medkits,
    if it becomes too much for you and you keep dying just take cover in the corner
    and wait until they pass, after the last bit of Infantry is out of range make
    your way left collecting the new M9 Bazooka and medkit, next head over to the
    charge nearby. Wait until the tank passes over the charge and set it off
    crippling the tank a bit, be sure to detonate it right before the King Tiger
    Tank reaches the house on the road. Now move through the chaotic village
    towards the windmill, just before the windmill stop at the rockets and get
    down! Grab the medkit and wait until the King Tiger has stopped its advance
    then fire the rockets. It won’t take it out but it will certainly cripple it
    some more, now immediately get up and aim the Bazooka at the tank and fire,
    that should destroy the King Tiger Tank. Rally your squad and run into the
    windmill, kill the two Krauts on the stairs and position your squad on the
    bottom floor of the windmill, this is key or else the Germans will flank you
    and run up the steps. You should hear the lone German Officer as you near the
    top, quickly advance up top and waste him with the BAR then collect the medkit,
    objective complete.
    Before you swap for the Scoped Gewehr rush out through the opening and kill the
    German on top of the windmill to the left, if you don’t get him he’ll continue
    to hinder you as you snipe the Krauts below. Get some more Bazooka ammo and the
    medkit nearby on top, you should see another King Tiger plow its way into the
    village quickly hit it with a rocket and get back under cover, after its fires
    each time pop out and nail it with the Bazooka, should take four hits. If
    you’re lucky it’ll be too slow to spot you allowing you easy hits each time,
    this happened for me only a few times so it’s pretty rare, just use my advice.
    With the colossal King Tigers destroyed in this part of the village you can now
    deal with the Kraut Infantry down below, run back into the windmill and swap
    the BAR for the Scoped Gewehr. Now using your noodle snipe the machine gunners
    first and any other Germans that reveal themselves down below, they’ll be
    plenty of them so make sure you get them all before leaving the windmill. Once
    they’re all dead head down the steps making sure to swap back up with the BAR
    and regroup with your squad, collect the medkit close by in the center of the
    village and go right back where you started the level. There’s still a batch of
    Krauts you need to take out in this part of the village, they’ll be in the
    house to the far right of where you started, toss an American made M2 Frag
    grenade into the house then storm in and kill the remaining Germans, or just
    have your squad do it either ways fine, collect the medkit and Bazooka ammo
    inside. Now make your way all the way around the other side of the church
    following the road off to the right, eventually you’ll see the green smoke
    signal with an American soldier waving you in, follow him to the CP. Acquire
    the Atomic Scientist Rosters Documents on the table in front of the Captain,
    objectives complete. Get ready to take cover though because the entire American
    Command Post is about to be attacked.
    Collect the Bazooka ammo and medkit then head inside the left most room, mow
    down any Krauts you see advancing from the west with the machine gun, once the
    tanks have stopped set off the charge right next to the machine gun. Next, hop
    out the left window in the room and head for the rockets here, set them off and
    retreat back into the CP, it should destroy the King Tiger but if not finish it
    off with your Bazooka. Grab the medkit in the far left corner of the CP near
    the radio then head upstairs, collect another medkit and more Bazooka ammo then
    start hammering those King Tiger Tanks with your M9 Bazooka. After they’re
    destroyed the Krauts will fallback to the previous part of the village, kill
    them as they retreat with your BAR, objective complete. If you’re becoming
    overwhelmed through this whole attack take out some of the Germans down below
    and to the right near the bench with a well placed rocket from your Bazooka.
    Grab the Bazooka ammo in the crates, one’s where you are now and the two others
    are outside to the right and behind the CP, there’s also a medkit there as
    well. As you get your new orders head for the church entrance, position your
    squad behind the battered concrete in front of the Command Post, be sure to
    face them towards the church doors, now advance towards the entrance but don’t
    be too eager as a group of Krauts will blast the doors open and rush out with
    their MP40’s. So as soon as the doors explode throw a grenade towards the steps
    of the entrance and take cover will your squad, shoot and kill any left over
    Germans from here then make your way inside the church. You’ll see some strewn
    dead American soldiers on your way through, collect the medkit as you enter and
    the other one on the platform to the right, I like to look around for a bit
    glancing up to see the nice scenery of the tattered glass church roof but
    that’s just me. Okay head for the stairs in the far right corner of the church,
    beware here as your Nemesis ‘Folker Kappelhoff’ is close to the top of the
    stairs, don’t activate your Adrenaline yet though, as you head up the steps
    wait until he starts firing at you then activate it, it’ll be the difference
    between a dead Holt and an alive Holt. Rip into Kappelhoff with your BAR and
    grab the medkit near his shot up body, now quickly transmit the Artillery
    Coordinates completing both objectives. Watch to the right as the American Air
    Force rolls in and destroys the King Tigers in the village square, nice job.
    Before you head upstairs and collect the C2 grab the Scoped Gewehr close by and
    begin sniping the Germans down below starting with the machine gunner in the
    house on the left. Once he’s down pick off the Krauts on both floors of the
    house in front of you, after you’ve killed them all head upstairs and obtain
    the C2, objective complete. Outside the window in the distance there’s a lone
    Kraut on a machine gun on the second floor of the building overlooking the
    village square, snipe him and make your way back down the steps. You’ll have to
    destroy the towns bridge in order to put a choke hold on the advancing German
    Armor and Infantry in the area, so venturing back through the church you’ll
    quickly run into some more Krauts as they bust through the church’s doors,
    position your squad by the downed pews and start throwing grenades their way,
    once softened up move in and take them down with your BAR. Another bunch of
    Krauts will blow their way into the church behind you, move your squad up to
    the next set of pews and again begin throwing grenades their way, move in and
    kill whatever Krauts remain. Now head outside the blown out doors here and kill
    the two German Officers to the left, also kill the Krauts who come storming
    from the house then make your way in to collect the medkit, there’s another one
    upstairs in the house, just jump across the get it. While there take out the
    Kraut firing at you in the upstairs window in house opposite you, now move down
    to the street and kill any remaining Germans in your way, should be about two
    or three of them.
    In each house in the area there’s a medkit inside, I suggest you collect as
    many as you can because you’ll need them for the charge to the bridge ahead, in
    some houses there’s two just be sure to check both floors. Head past the houses
    to link up with the 101st. Collect the medkit and Bazooka ammo here, next take
    down the Kraut firing the machine gun in the house just in front of you.
    Upstairs in the house there’s a medkit if you need any more, move up to the
    blown out wall where all the American soldiers are taking cover, slowly peer
    out and you’ll notice a heavily armed King Tiger in the distance, there’s three
    in all here. Lean out and aim for the first Tiger in the distance, hit it again
    and again with your Bazooka, be sure to nail it right on and eventually it will
    be destroyed, use M9’s aimer if need be. Now toss a few grenades in the
    direction of all the Germans near the tree, once they’re down storm your way
    forward following the slope down past the tree, activate your Adrenaline here
    and lay waste to the Krauts who come from the steps to the right, then head
    underneath the bridge and kill all the Germans protecting it. Once they’re all
    down aim and take out the lagging Kraut in the distance to the right of the
    bridge, place the charge and watch as the town bridge will go up in smoke
    destroying the King Tiger along with it, nicely done mission completed, that
    should throw up a wall or two in the Germans advance through the Bulge.
    Alternately you can try for the third Tiger across the bridge on the right hand
    side but it’s almost suicide, I’ve done it before but I only recommend it for
    the seasoned European Assault veterans. To do it when you reach the top of the
    bridges stairs on the right toss a few grenades towards the machine gunners,
    once down move in and kill the Krauts around the King Tiger on the bridge.
    Another group of Germans will come so quickly take them down and get over to
    the right hand side of the bridge, nail the third King Tiger with your M9
    Bazooka, using the aimer makes it much easier, once it’s destroyed head back
    under the bridge to plant the charge. You can give it a shot if you like but I
    recommend just letting the Air Force take care of it, this mission was tough no
    doubt but get used to it because all missions in Belgium are going to be this
    way, it’s pretty hard for those new to the game I agree but it can be done, so
    keep at it. For now its time to move on deeper into Belgium and find out
    whatever else you can about this ‘Virus House’.
    Farmhouse Liberation
    Rescue French Operative
    Eliminate Freder Engel
    Discover Virus House Location
    Destroy King Tiger Tank (Explore)
    Destroy 3 Artillery Positions (Explore)
    Defend Farm and Destroy Approaching Tanks (Explore)
    Well were nearing the end but we’re not quite there yet, its time for a night
    mission. Your main objective will be to rescue the French Operative ‘Manon Du
    Champs’ from the farmhouse, it won’t be easy though it’s heavily guarded and
    Von Schrader’s most trusted Officer ‘Freder Engel’ is in there questioning her,
    but Manon holds vital info in finding the German Dirty Bomb, time to fight your
    way in and bust her out. Before I start I just want to mention that ammo is
    pretty scarce in this level so use it wisely, you may have to swap up weapons
    if you run out, you’ll begin just outside the farmhouse near a bridge, make
    your way forward and behind cover to the right, let your American Allies get
    positioned on the bridge before you do anything. Once they’re in position use
    your M1 Garand Scoped and aim for the two Germans talking at the end of the
    bridge, sometimes the bullet won’t make impact but never mind them now as the
    Krauts now know they’re under attack. Quickly zoom over to the machine gunner
    in the house to the right at the end of the bridge, put him down and the sniper
    above him on the second floor of the house, then kill the lone German just
    outside the house to the right, one last Kraut will hop on the machine gun,
    snipe him securing the house to the right. Germans will begin to pour onto the
    bridge so snipe them from your position before they can get close enough to do
    any damage, they’ll be quite a lot of them. After they’re all down move up with
    your squad through the crunchy snow across the bridge, stop at around the
    middle of the bridge as a flair will be fired lighting up the night sky, take
    out the German sniper on top of the windmill to the left then toss a grenade
    towards the machine gunner to silence the heavy fire, if you’re out of sniper
    ammo just shoot the sniper down with your Thompson.
    Now move up a little closer and a group of Krauts will start firing from the
    right, toss a few grenades their way and get down, after detonation move in and
    mop up any left over, head immediately into the house and collect the medkit.
    Make your way to the windmill to the far left, just ignore the firing Germans
    up ahead for now, throw a grenade or two inside to take out the Kraut, now head
    in and kill the German up above and the next one as he runs down the stairs.
    Move up the steps and outside to grab the medkit and ammo on the top of the
    windmill, now peer down and snipe the Germans just ahead of you behind cover,
    if you zoom towards the farmhouse up ahead you will see a couple of Krauts in
    the distance, if you’re a good enough shot take all three down. Kill the next
    group of Krauts just ahead to the right behind cover using your M1 Garand
    Scoped, finally the area will be clear so head back down the steps out of the
    windmill and grab the medkit underneath the bridge via the path by the machine
    gun. Make your way to the farmhouse and immediately get down as you approach
    the wall, get your sniper rifle out and activate your Adrenaline. Snipe all
    three machine gunners to silence the murderous fire and any Germans that come
    to take their place, with the machine guns down aim and snipe any Krauts on the
    ground in front of you. After the adrenaline meter expires place a charge on
    the barbed wire to blow your way through, this whole next area will be pretty
    frenzied so just try and keep it together as you slowly break through the
    German defenses.
    Smoke the Krauts in your way as you head right into the house, collect the
    medkit inside and move out the other side and kill the Germans here. Throw a
    grenade into the shack to the right then collect the medkit inside, as you make
    your way towards the first Artillery Position snipe the German firing wildly
    from the second floor of the farmhouse, be wary though as two more Krauts will
    take up his position. Mow down any Germans that get between you and the
    Artillery Position, quickly place the charge on the gun and take cover in the
    shack behind it, be sure to grab the grenades while you’re in there. They’ll be
    two more Artillery Positions so you’ll be moving counter clockwise around the
    farmhouse to avoid the King Tiger, getting out of the shack take down the two
    Germans to the far right and the last one in the window above them. Collect the
    medkit in the shack just to the right of the farmhouse; take out any remaining
    Germans on this side before venturing forward using the sniper rifle. Keep that
    M1 Garand Scoped out because up ahead behind cover three Krauts will be firing
    at you, snipe them all before moving forward, now make your way round the back
    of the farmhouse and kill the two Germans scrabbling to the far left by the
    explosive barrels, shoot the barrels if you can’t hit them. Now up ahead toss a
    few grenades towards the Krauts near the second Artillery Position, move in and
    kill the stubborn German in the shack, snipe the Kraut sniper in the farmhouse
    above, same goes for any left over Germans in the area. This side should be
    clear now so swap the sniper rifle for the M9 Bazooka in the shack and take out
    the King Tiger with a few well placed rockets, objective complete.
    Place a charge on the second Artillery Position and make your way towards the
    destroyed King Tiger to collect the medkit, ignoring the fire from the
    farmhouse place a charge on the final gun and head for the blown out opening in
    the right side of the farmhouse, objective completed. If you’re low on ammo or
    have none left swap the Thompson for the Shotgun near the Christmas tree by the
    fireplace. Throw a grenade into the next room taking care of the German behind
    the table, move into the room and take down the Kraut on the stairs to the
    right then head upstairs and collect the medkit. Make your way back down the
    steps and before heading into the next room throw a few grenades over the
    barricade in front of you, now grab the medkit and move up into the barn. Kill
    the German as he retreats on entry then toss a grenade towards the machine
    gunner and move in to collect the medkits, to the right just below is where
    Manon is being kept in an underground tunnel so plant a charge on the wooden
    door, after it goes make your way down the tunnel. When you arrive your Nemesis
    ‘Freder Engel’ will be involved in a shootout with the French Operative,
    activate your Adrenaline and move in filling Engel with gun powder, once Engel
    finally goes down collect the Virus House Intel in the corner, objectives
    Don’t get too cozy the Germans are preparing to mass a huge counter attack on
    the farmhouse, you’ll have to defend it so grab the Bazooka ammo in the corner
    and head back through the tunnel to the barn. Hop on the machine gun and take
    down any Krauts that storm their way into the barn, once one of your American
    Allies starts talking about the advancing Armor then you’ll know when to do
    this next part. Now there’s a plunger behind the well that will set off quite
    an explosion but its highly risky getting there so if you’re new to the game
    just ignore this next part. Jump through the window to the right with the
    raised portion in front making your way to the well on the left in the middle
    of the area. As you see the tanks and Infantry storm across the bridge hit the
    charge to put a dent in their counter attack, now quickly run to the window and
    jump back inside. Position your squad or Manon on the machine gun to thwart the
    Germans rushing into the barn, get your Bazooka and aim out the window for the
    first tank in the distance. Continue to nail the tank with rockets until it’s
    destroyed, if you need more ammo for your Bazooka just go back down the tunnel
    and more will be in the corner. The final tank will be circling the farmhouse
    so wait until he comes into view from the window and destroy it as well, after
    both tanks are taken out the mission will end. Your American Allies will
    finally show up and take care of the remaining German Infantry, congratulations
    mission complete. With the location of this ‘Virus House’ you can now find Von
    Schrader and silence his Dirty Bomb, if you thought these missions were hard
    you haven’t seen anything yet, on to the Ardennes to put an end to all this.
    Operation: Virus House
    Find and Infiltrate German Underground Bunker
    Eliminate Von Schrader
    Find Von Schrader’s Journal
    Radio Airstrike Coordinates (Explore)
    Destroy 3 Entrenched King Tiger Tanks (Explore)
    Eliminate Von Schrader and Disable Dirty Bomb (Explore)
    Well this is it, what it all comes down to, you should be commended for making
    it this far, it certainly wasn’t easy. From the intro you should understand now
    how all this is connected- the launch site in St. Nazaire, the secret weapons
    in North Africa and the Virus House information in Russia. Von Schrader has
    become desperate with the war winding to an end favoring the Allies he may use
    the Dirty Bomb right here in the Ardennes, it could kill thousands, you have to
    stop him. This is what you’ve worked so hard towards firing all those bullets
    killing all those Germans to arrive here and now to put a final end to all
    this, good luck and god speed. You’ll begin again smack dab in the middle of
    the Battle of the Bulge, the Germans are mounting a huge push toward the
    American line so after you get your orders move right down the trench
    collecting the medkit and fire off a round or two at the advancing Kraut
    Infantry with your M1. Now keep moving right and swap the M9 Bazooka with your
    M1, jump on the machine gun and cut down the advancing Infantry, once they’re
    all down grab the medkit to the right and set off the rockets near the tree
    outside the trench. That’ll take care of the tank, after killing the pestering
    Kraut up and to the right move up with your squad to the next trench, gun down
    any straggling Germans advancing around you and be sure to collect the Bazooka
    ammo, use the machine gun if you have to thin any firing Germans in front of
    you otherwise keep advancing through the snow towards the next trench. You
    should get your first objective right here so follow the green smoke signal to
    the soldier in the trench, unfortunately as you arrive he’s annihilated by an
    exploding shell, quickly send the airstrike coordinates on the radio and get
    the hell down. The Air Force will wind by taking out the next tank in front of
    you, objective complete.
    With the German attack repulsed its time to take the fight to them before they
    reorganize another push, hop out of the trench and head left. Once you link up
    with your American Allies make your way forward through the thick Ardennes
    Forest, do your best to avoid the exploding shells all around you as they cut
    down the trees on your way through, eventually you should run into some heavy
    machine gun and small arms fire collect the Bazooka ammo and medkit as you
    storm your way through, they’ll be located in the trenches and blown out shell
    holes. Kill the machine gunner firing from the trench and move around it to the
    right taking out any Krauts in your way. As you jump down into the trench to
    the left take down any Germans you see, move down the trench and kill the
    machine gunner to the left, don’t worry about every Kraut in the trench your
    squad will take care of them. Head to the end of the maze like trench and
    collect the medkit and Bazooka ammo, up ahead behind the King Tigers is a well
    defended entrenched German position, kill what you can with your BAR and throw
    a few grenades to soften it up. Now advance in on it from the left and lay
    waste to the Germans defending, collect all the Bazooka ammo and move left down
    the entrenched position, you’ll eventually come to the center of it, quickly
    toss a few grenades into the small area wiping out the final few Germans
    protecting the entrenched position, collect the medkit and make your way back
    into the trench. Don’t get too comfortable because a tank will come rolling in
    behind you, immediately start nailing it with your Bazooka, try aiming for the
    tanks rear, you’ll destroy it quicker. After the tanks destroyed collect the
    spare Bazooka ammo in the trench then move in on the defenseless King Tigers
    and place a charge on the tanks rear, they’ll all go up in smoke completing
    your objective.
    Now move forward down the exposed path behind the trenches, eventually you’ll
    run into quite a few Germans. Take out as many as you can then wait for the
    American fighters to strafe by and kill the rest, head down to the end of the
    path linking up with the shouting soldier. Shift your focus to the left right
    away as a large batch of Krauts will storm into the area to reinforce their
    flank, aim and kill as many as you can with your BAR. Next follow the soldiers
    over the massive tree log making your way through the absolute hell that is the
    Ardennes Forest, trees will be exploding, men will be blown up and shells will
    be crashing all around you but whatever you do don’t stop, just keep going.
    Once you’re past the barbed wire head left ignoring the Bazooka ammo for now,
    that is if it’s full, which it should be. Stay to the left as you advance
    towards the entire German Army’s left flank, kill the Krauts down in the
    trenches as you make your way through, take out another German upon arriving
    near the end of the flank in the trench right next to the tank to the right,
    rip into it with your Bazooka taking it out of action. Grab the medkit and jump
    out of the trench, inch your way past the destroyed tank and up ahead you
    should see another large group of Germans storm down the hill into the area,
    stay behind cover and nail as many as you can, try throwing a few grenades
    their way. After they’re down move up and hit the last tank to the far right
    with your Bazooka, once it’s destroyed be sure to kill the few Krauts sure to
    be firing on at you from their positions in the trenches. Head for the
    destroyed tank and kill the lone German in the last trench, move in on him
    collecting the medkit and steal Von Schrader’s Journal next to the machine gun,
    objective completed.
    Commandeer the machine gun and mow down the Krauts in the trenches in front of
    you, hop out of the trench and start traversing yourself all the way back down
    to where you started the attack on the Germans left flank collecting the
    Bazooka ammo littered throughout the end of the area, you’re going to need it.
    Once you’re full up make your way forward again killing any Kraut stragglers
    left over, now move up the hill behind the trenches, on your way another tank
    will intercede attempting to head you off, don’t worry though the Air Force
    will make short work of the highly exposed tank. Move around the tank to the
    right and toss a few grenades towards the Germans protecting the bunker, once
    they’re down move in on the bunker and immediately get behind the crates to the
    left for cover, there’s also some on the right but I prefer getting behind the
    ones on the left, its just makes this next part easier. Slowly peer out and aim
    gunning down the first machine gunner on the right, two more will follow taking
    up his position so be sure to get them all, do the same for the machine gun on
    the left, it might be a bit tougher but just keep those crosshairs pointed
    towards the gun and you’ll get them all no problem. Head up towards the bunker
    door and place a charge on it, I hope you’re ready this is without a doubt the
    toughest challenge you’ve faced yet, Von Schrader’s got an entire army in there
    with him, be ready. After the charge goes move up to the door and aim inside to
    kill the machine gunner and the lone Kraut next to him, another German will hop
    on the machine gun as well so be sure to dispatch of him also. Head into the
    bunker about half way and toss a grenade down the corridor, quickly retreat
    back to the entrance for cover, throw one more to assure you get them all, now
    move up into the bunker and be prepared for some close quarters fighting.
    Kill the first two Germans who come storming out at you as you take cover by
    the wall, toss a grenade into the next room to take out the remaining Krauts,
    if the grenade doesn’t get them peer in and shoot them down, move left and
    collect the medkit. Make your way right towards the box of grenades, I hope
    you’re ready cause here we go…Von Schrader will start talking on the speaker
    throughout the bunker as the timer below will activate, the timer indicates how
    much time you have left until the German Dirty Bomb detonates, for now just
    ignore them both and stay focused on the moment, nerves of steel and utter
    persistence, that’s what it will take to do this next part. As you arrive at
    the corner you’ll be ambushed by a few Germans, quickly kill them and any more
    that come running towards you, now peer around the corner and kill the Kraut
    behind cover across from you, now round the corner and kill the remaining
    Germans here. Immediately get your Bazooka out because a huge force of Krauts
    will come storming towards you, hurl a few rockets at them to thin their
    numbers considerably, kill any left over with your BAR, if your lucky enough
    your main Nemesis ‘Von Schrader’ will stop at the end of the corridor up ahead
    and won’t fire, quickly take advantage of this and nail him with a rocket or
    After he retreats move down the rest of the way killing any remaining Krauts,
    grab the medkit to the right and head up the steps, before venturing through
    toss a grenade towards the lone Germans to the left and right behind the
    crates, it’ll make this easier with them dead. Now move left around the device
    and activate your Adrenaline, get the Bazooka out and start nailing Von
    Schrader as he appears in the bunker above, two or three well placed rockets
    should do it, once he’s dead mop up any remaining Krauts and head for the
    stairs where you entered, they’ll be another set venturing upwards to the left,
    objective completed. Head through both rooms and move left, hit the switch to
    disable the Dirty Bomb saving everyone in the Ardennes from complete
    annihilation, mission complete. The final cut scene will play and you’ll see
    how everything ends, looks like the Holt character will continue, what can I
    say congratulations and salutations, you completed without a doubt the hardest
    mission in the whole game. Even for the most experienced gamer this was tough,
    I hope I helped and got you through in one piece, well done and best of luck to
    you playing future Medal of Honor shooters. For one final measure you’ll
    receive another Distinguished Service Cross from the United States for the
    Battle of the Bulge in your heroic accomplishment in killing Von Schrader and
    stopping the Dirty Bomb from detonating. Watch the credits and pay homage to
    the folks at EA for this great game Medal of Honor: European Assault…
                                4- Final Thoughts:
    I believe this to be one of the better games in the Medal of Honor franchise,
    sure its not as authentic as Brothers in Arms or as flashy like Call of Duty
    but if you just want to jump into WW2, kill some Nazis and get a feel for a fun
    WW2 shooter then look no further than Medal of Honor: European Assault. The
    locations I feel are the best in the series yet, I can’t tell you how long I’ve
    been waiting for Medal of Honor to do the Battle of the Bulge on Xbox, finally
    they did it pulling an excellent depiction off, Russia was a great surprise as
    well and they really captured the desperate combat in Stalingrad. North Africa
    and France were fun too but I think they maybe should have beefed up those
    missions a bit more, St. Nazaire to me was the worst of the locations; they
    should have started the game better I feel. The missions were a little bland.
    But those imperfections aside this game is still very good and one of the
    better WW2 games out there, I like how they combined the old Holt with the
    young Holt in the intro story, very Band of Brothers. The combat in the game
    can certainly be tough at times, especially for the inexperienced but I think
    it challenges you to be creative and find different ways to kill the enemy, the
    one thing I might take away from the combat is the machine guns, why do they
    heat up? I know you’re constantly firing it but it can really be frustrating
    sometimes being in a chaotic firefight and you’re sitting there waiting for it
    to cool down like an idiot, I feel they should of left that feature out…I mean
    its still a game after all, not even the authentically driven Brothers in Arms
    had that feature.
    Sure some may say its too arcady but I for one think those arcade type features
    really improved combat, I mean without Adrenaline and Revives I’m sure the best
    gamer would of frustratingly died over and over again, I liked the Nemesis
    bosses too, each one had their own sort of personality, I didn’t mind them at
    all. All in all I think EA did a great job on this one and should be commended,
    this was definitely one of their better titles in the series and those who
    disagree with me probably stink at this game and are unwilling to give it a
    chance learning how to play it correctly. That’s why they’ve affronted it
    saying it was terrible; it’s simply not true while this game has it flaws it
    was a really great game to play through. If there’s one thing I hate its gamers
    who bad mouth a game because they’re no good at it, anyways Medal of Honor:
    European Assault was a great game while certainly tough, that’s why I did this
    Walkthrough, to show everyone how to play it and give the game its due. In
    conclusion I want to thank EA Games for making and publishing this great title,
    great work guys…job very well done.
                                5- Multiplayer
    Multiplayer in Medal of Honor: European Assault is an enjoyable way to just sit
    around and have some fun with your friends, up to eight can play. Surprisingly
    the Multiplayer in this game is quite good, the levels are diverse and there
    are some cool modes to play around with, including Death Match, Axis vs. Allies
    and Free for All.
    Death Match:
    Death Match is a point-based game mode where players score points by killing
    one another. The first player to reach the specified score wins the match. Be
    careful not to kill yourself, as players are penalized for this by losing
    points. Death Match mode can be played either individually or in teams.
    Axis vs Allies:
    The Axis vs. Allies game mode puts players head-to-head as members of either
    the Axis team or the Allied team. This game mode allows for multiple types of
    gameplay, with each map allowing for different types of objectives to be
    Free for All:
    The Free for All game mode leaves every player to fend for themselves as they
    try to complete various point-based objectives. There are multiple types of
    gameplay for this game mode, such as King of the Hill and Nemesis.
    The following is a brief description of each Multiplayer level in the game,
    there are 15 in all.
    Up in Flames:
    A medium ranged level resembling the Raid on St. Nazaire mission you do in
    France, fairly wide open with lots of cover and places to hide.
    Up-close and Personal:
    A small ranged level with good sniping points but for the most part close
    quarters fighting, lots of destruction in this one, personally one of my
    Meet me in Bastogne:
    A medium ranged level mainly reserved for close quarters fighting, a makeshift
    portion of the city of Bastogne in Belgium, tight corridors and winding
    Crash Landing:
    A large ranged level widely spread out over several hangers, this one’s mainly
    for sniping.
    Crossing the Styk:
    A small ranged level spread widely across a beach, lots of rubble to hide
    behind, snipers would be ideal for this level.
    A medium ranged level for close quarters fighting, striking level based in and
    around a church, probably the best Multiplayer level done, the courtyard around
    the church is beautifully done, definitely one of my favorites.
    A large ranged level spread out over a snowy forest, ideal for snipers, not
    many places to hide but a challenging Multiplayer level nonetheless.
    Outskirt Skirmish:
    A medium ranged level excellent for sniping, plenty of really good spots, this
    one’s highly recommended for snipers, another of my favorites.
    For the Motherland:
    A medium ranged level ideal for snipers, excellent position atop a house, yet
    another level great for sniping.
    Cellar Rats:
    A small ranged level in a dank cellar perfect for close combat, it’s almost
    like a maze, frantic close quarters again that’ll get your heart pumping.
    Winter’s Harvest:
    A large ranged level good for a little bit of everything, both close quarters
    and sniping, really good sniping spot atop a windmill, widely spread out and
    one of the best Multiplayer levels in the game.
    Sniper Square:
    A large ranged level perfect for sniping, the best sniper level bar none out of
    all the Multiplayer levels, tons of great spots ideal for snipers making the
    square a nightmare to cross.
    End of the Line:
    A large ranged level set in a train yard, plenty of close combat and places to
    hide, there’s a secret vent in this one key for hiding in.
    Stage Fright:
    A small ranged level good for close quarter’s action, not the best but the
    desert like stadium makes it an interesting place to have a firefight,
    excellent for ambushes.
    Crimson Shores:
    A small ranged level with bases on either side making for interesting combat,
    the small location makes it very deadly, plenty of great action of all sorts,
    yet another of my favorites.
    These are the soldiers you’re able to command in Multiplayer; you can use them
    in their respective classes as Infantry, Sniper, Heavy Weapons or Rifleman.
    Russian, American, British, French.
    Kriegsmarine, Officer, Infantry, Female.
                                6- Nemesis Bosses
    Klaus Mueller:
    You’ll have to take Mueller out as you storm the docks at St. Nazaire, being
    the first of the Nemesis’ you face he should be pretty easy for you to take
    down. Get past the pillar on the left and hug the wall for cover, you should be
    right next to some crates, then just lean out and nail him with your Thompson,
    aim for the head and he’ll drop in no time, if you keep up the fire the entire
    time he won’t even put up a fight behind cover up ahead making him easy
    pickings for the kill, be sure to stay in this position though, the reason this
    works so effectively is because you’re so close and he can’t do much.
    Horst Brenner:
    He’ll be located in the Power Station as you continue through St. Nazaire;
    Brenner’s not really much of a challenge but a small step up from your first
    Nemesis. He’s a bit tricky because after you kill all the Germans protecting
    him he takes cover in that small control room, slowly move up the stairs and
    toss a few grenades into the room then get out your M1 and aim directly for his
    head through the windows from the steps. He’ll get up and go back down to
    reload but his fire won’t find you because of your location on the steps,
    simply keep nailing those head shots with your M1 and he’ll drop in just a few
    bullets, very easy.
    Erich Koster:
    You’ll run into him while fighting out of St. Nazaire in a ruined church, all
    these Nemesis Bosses are pretty easy in France and he’s no different. After
    you’ve killed all the Germans around him move in on Koster from the left,
    getting to the far end of the church lean out from behind cover here and rip
    into him with your Thompson, he should fall after just a few precise hits.
    Alternately he will retreat further into the church to the far right, simply
    kill the Germans around him first then toss a grenade or two his way. The
    grenades should take a good chunk out of him if thrown correctly, either way
    just wait from behind cover for him to pop his head out then empty a round or
    two into him finishing Koster off, aim for those headshots, they take a
    considerable amount off his health.
    Adabold Brecht:
    Brecht will be looking for the British Reconnaissance when you run into him
    around the destroyed plane; he’s a pretty tough customer that’s well protected
    but still not that hard to put down. As he runs for cover the first time you
    have a really good opportunity to fill him full of lead so I recommend using
    the MP40 to take a large chunk off his health, after you kill all the Germans
    around him move in with your squad and keep tearing into him behind cover. You
    will probably get him here but if he retreats further into the wreck just toss
    a few grenades his way then move in and finish him off, shouldn’t be too
    Hans Schneider:
    As you make your way through the underground base he’ll be in a small room
    that’s deadly for close combat, Schneider is cowering behind cover in the far
    right corner so after killing the Germans protecting him throw a grenade or two
    his way to soften him up a bit then just wait until he takes cover to reload
    and peer around the door you’re using for cover and waste him with either the
    Shotgun or MP40, I recommend the MP40, pretty simple.
    Walther Neumann:
    One of the toughest Nemesis Bosses to take down, he’ll be in a church at the
    end of the village, what makes him so tough isn’t so much himself but the
    suicidal level in Stalingrad. When you enter the church kill all the Germans
    around Neumann first and follow him upstairs, when he takes cover upstairs toss
    a couple grenades his way and wait for him to pop his head up, aim and hit him
    with your PPSh. Keep up the fire and eventually he will fall, alternately you
    can kill him with the Bazooka, just acquire it to the left down the steps as
    you enter the church then nail him with a few precise rockets blowing him to
    pieces. He may chose to fight you on the bottom floor of the church but this is
    somewhat rare, almost every time he runs upstairs, if he does just use the
    Bazooka to obliterate him in close quarters.
    Franz Gruebner:
    In my book he’s the second hardest Nemesis in the whole game next to Von
    Schrader, after you blow your way past the gate he’ll be in the center of the
    area reinforced by many groups of Germans and a Panzer. Move into the very back
    of the maze like house to the right, get some cover and start tearing into
    Gruebner with the unending drum of the PPSh, aim for the head and he’ll fall
    within one round. Alternately you can eliminate him easy with the Bazooka, just
    aim and hit him right on, one precise shot will put him away…although this is
    quite cheap, I prefer to just gun him down but if you’re in a rough spot and
    can’t seem to kill him just use the Bazooka.
    Folker Kappelhoff:
    Not the toughest Nemesis but has very good position on you at the top of stairs
    in the church tower, to defeat Kappelhoff when you start up the stairs stop
    after the first set and aim upwards, lay as much fire into him as you can than
    retreat back under the stairs for cover. Continue to do this until you drop
    him, if you aim correctly this shouldn’t be a problem, alternately if you want
    a quick kill get up to the second set of stairs so your right under Kappelhoff
    then peer out and nail him with the Bazooka, only do this if your desperate,
    it’s an easy kill but you need to save your Bazooka ammo for the King Tigers on
    the bridge.
    Freder Engel:
    Being in close quarters and with no support Engel isn’t that hard at all to
    knock over, he’ll be in the underground tunnel in the farmhouse. When you
    arrive at the end of the tunnel take cover near the wall, wait for Engel to pop
    his head up then shred him to pieces with the Shotgun or Thompson, whatever you
    have. Keep it up and stay behind your cover and eventually he will fall, this
    guys pretty simple, shouldn’t have much trouble at all.
    Von Schrader:
    Definitely the hardest Nemesis in the game and rightfully so as he’s the main
    boss to beat, he’ll be in his bunker with an entire army waiting for you.
    There’s no real way to do this without the Bazooka as Von Schrader has an
    unending supply of German troops at his disposal, it can get quite chaotic very
    quickly so just try to stay focused on Von Schrader up above on the machine
    gun. Once you’re in position just start launching rocket after rocket into him
    until he dies then deal with all the Germans in the small area, it’s important
    to stay absolutely focused on Von Schrader, do not start firing at any of the
    Germans he deploys as they’ll easily tear you to pieces, just get your Bazooka
    and take him down.
                                7- Cheats and Hints
    The following cheats can be activated in game.
    Enabling Cheat Mode:
    Pause the game then hold L+R and press B, B, Left, Y, B, A. The following codes
    may now be enabled.
    Commit Suicide:
    Press A, Y, B, Right, Y, B.
    Disable Shellshock:
    Press White, R, White, L, Y, Y.
    Hide HUD:
    Press B, Down, B, Up, Y, B.
    Kill Nemesis:
    Press Down, White, L, Up, X. The Nemesis Boss you have to hunt down will be
    automatically killed.
    Pickup OSS Document:
    Press Up, A, Black, R, Up, X.
    The following are hints.
    Free Medkits:
    You will receive a free medkit at the end of every level for each surviving
    member of your squad.
    Free Revives:
    You will earn one revive at the end of a mission for completing all mission
                                8- Legal Stuff and Credits
    Medal of Honor: European Assault © 2005 Electronic Arts Inc. Electronic Arts,
    EA, EA Games, the EA Games logo, Medal of Honor: European Assault, and You
    Don’t Play, You Volunteer are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic
    Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.
    This walkthrough was created by Jackal. Under no circumstances may my hard work
    be copied as someone else’s, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Jackal is my
    internet alias; no one else may attempt to take credit for this walkthrough. I
    have given gamefaqs.com permission to host my FAQ. If you have any questions or
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    FAQ was completed in October 2006.
    Medal of Honor: European Assault walkthrough by Jackal © All rights reserved.

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