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    FAQ/Walkthrough by loganan64

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 12/02/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Walkthrough for the Game Cube
    Version 1.11
    By: Adam Holowczak
    Original Release Date: December 25, 2005
    Current Release Date: November 30, 2006
    Table of Contents:
    To skip ahead to a certain section press CTRL and F, then type in the section
    Number, and if you own the PLAY STATION 2(PS2) version of the game please read
    the WARNING in section 1003.00
    1000 - Introduction to this guide
    1001 – Controls/Movement in game
    1002.0 – Characters
    1002.1 – Marvel
    1002.11 - Thing
    1002.12 - Wolveirne
    1002.13 - Electra
    1002.14 - Spiderman
    1002.15 - Daredevil
    1002.16 - Storm
    1002.17 - Venom
    1002.18 - Human Torch
    1002.19 - Iron Man
    1002.20 - Magneto
    1002.2 – Imperfects
    1002.21 - Wink
    1002.22 - Johnny Ohm
    1002.23 - Faultzone
    1002.24 - Solara
    1002.25 - Brigade
    1002.26 - Hazmat
    1002.27 - Paragon
    1002.28 - Niles Van Rokel/"Minute man"
    1002.3 – Imperfect goons
    1003.0 – Story Mode
    1003.00 - PLAY STATION 2 WARNING!!!
    1003.1 – Thing
    1003.11 - Invasion
    1003.12 - It's on now!
    1003.13 - Catch this!
    1003.14 - Clobber em all!
    1003.15 - Broken Things
    1003.16 - Last Stand
    1003.2 – Wolverine
    1003.21 - Street Fight!
    1003.22 - House Party!
    1003.23 - Femme Fatal
    1003.24 - To Defy a Goddess!
    1003.25 - Claws of fury!
    1003.26 - Casualties of war!
    1003.3 – Electra
    1003.31 - Death from afar
    1003.32 - Top of the world!
    1003.33 - Daredevil!
    1003.34 - Silent Death
    1003.35 - Assassins blades
    1003.36 - Deadlier then males
    1003.4 – Spider Man
    1003.41 - Spiderman!
    1003.42 - Airlift
    1003.43 - Deadly Venom
    1003.44 - Warped Evil
    1003.45 - Fragile life
    1003.46 - High voltage
    1003.5 – Dare Devil
    1003.51 - Redemption
    1003.52 - Scorched Earth
    1003.53 - Electric man
    1003.54 - Take them down
    1003.55 - Lovers Quarrel
    1003.56 - Death by fire
    1003.6 – Storm
    1003.61 - Returning home
    1003.62 - House call
    1003.63 - Earth quake
    1003.64 - Fight to survive
    1003.65 - Wrath of the elements
    1003.66 - Rage of the beast
    1003.7 – Venom
    1003.71 - The pit
    1003.72 - Seek and devour
    1003.73 - Fatal heat
    1003.74 - Wanton destruction
    1003.75 - Rise and fall
    1003.76 - Leathal toxin
    1003.8 – Human Torch
    1003.81 - Field trip to hell
    1003.82 - Torch bearer
    1003.83 - Old frineds
    1003.84 - Cleansing flame
    1003.85 - Blazing speed
    1003.86 - Along came a spider
    1003.9 – Iron Man
    1003.91 - Scuttle
    1003.92 - Call of heroes
    1003.93 - Eternal soldier
    1003.94 - Hot iron
    1003.95 - All or nothing
    1003.96 - Clash Of steel
    1003.10 – Magneto
    1003.101 - Master of magnetism
    1003.102 - Death incarnate
    1003.103 - Poisoned steel
    1003.104 - Duel of masters
    1003.11 – Paragon
    1003.111 - Beta test
    1003.112 - Mayas dilemma
    1003.113 - Paragons revenge
    1003.114 - Meet your maker
    1004 – Cards, Comics and Levels
    1005 – Cheats
    1006 – Thanks/Updates/Legal/Contact stuff
    1000 – Introduction to this guide
    Hi all, this is my first attempt to write a guide so just bear with me,
    basically this is to make things as easy as possible for you, the player,
    to beat, unlock and hopefully enjoy this game.
    Now many of you are asking “why did he make a guide for this game?” well
    mainly I see a lot of people whine and complain on forums, getting stuck
    on missions, wondering what codes there are, and so on, and not to
    mention that there aren’t any guides out there for this game that I know
    of (a side from the one you can buy for $25).
    In here you’ll find strategies for beating each characters story-mode
    missions, some cheats and maybe even some useful (or useless) trivia!
    So with out further adieu, I give you MARVEL NEMESIS: RISE OF THE
    1001 – Controls/Movements in game (Game Cube)
    Basic controls:
    Left Joystick - Move around, hold L Button while moving to increase
    mobility (run, sling, or fly)
    Right Joystick (C-stick) - in Story mode moves camera around.
    L Button – Hold down while moving to run/web-sling/fly, or tap A while
    using mobility to do mobility attack, and you may perform super mobility
    attacks by holding R.
    R Button – Hold R to regain super bar, hold R and tap A to do super
    attacks, tap R to activate RAGE mode when RAGE is flashing, hold R and
    tap grapple when an enemy’s health is in danger to perform a finisher.
    Start Button – Pauses game
    B Button – Jump, hold R Button and tap B to super jump
    A Button – Punch/Kick, tap 3 times to combo
    X Button – Grapple, hold R and tap X to do a super grapple
    Y Button – Block, hold R and Y to super block (reflects projectiles back
    at enemy)
    Advanced controls:
    L and R Buttons - After being tossed press these two to recover, flyers
    will begin to fly, melee characters will roll and
    recover, and slingers will swing away.
    R and A Buttons - Will activate a projectile or power up melee attacks
    depending on character.
    R and Y Buttons - Performs a super block, will deflect projectiles and
    block ANY thrown objects such as tanks, however they consume 25% of your
    special bar.
    Y and A button - hold down Y to block tap a direction on the left
    joystick to roll/dodge attacks, tap A during roll/hand-spring to perform
    an upper-cut.
    R and B Buttons - Performs super jump.
    L and B Buttons - Causes flyers to fly higher.
    R and X Buttons - Perform a super grapple (requires minimum of 25%
    energy) and when enemy's health is in flashing DANGER you perform a
    B then L Button - Jumping and then tapping L causes slingers to "sling".
    1002.0 – Characters
    In this section you will find out what weight class each character is, what
    category they fall under(Melee, Flier, Slinger), What's their "home
    level"(Their best level is marked with a *star*), what they say before and
    after a match, what special moves they do, how to do them, glitches that give
    them an advantage, Finisher description, in-game Stats(the ones that matter),
    and Pro/Cons.
    Weight classes
    There are three different weight classes and they are separated in to three
    classes: Light, Middle, and Heavy.
    Light - Can only lift light objects like barrels and mail boxes, usually takes
    damage easily, faster than most other classes.
    Middle - can lift middle weight objects like cars and steel crates, takes
    damage fairly well, moderate speed.
    Heavy - can lift heavy weight objects like lamp posts and tanks, takes little
    damage, usually slowest of the classes.
    I have separated all the characters in to THREE separate categories:
    Flyer - is a character that, you guessed it, FLIES! These characters
    usually have poor melee skills, and rely on quick flying attacks.
    Melee - character is someone that is strictly hand to hand combat,
    only a few have a projectile attack but rely heavily on melee attacks to
    win matches.
    Slinger - is basically a cross between melee and fliers, they have the
    ability to swing and zip line to a destination very quickly.
    1002.1 – Marvel Characters
    Our beloved heroes are here to save the day! Too bad during story mode
    you pretty much have to kill off a few just to finish the game. Has any
    one ever noticed that when a threat occurs, the heroes are able to
    organize like in ten seconds to fight the enemy, and then villains are
    pretty much picking their noses when they’re supposed to be anticipating
    a retaliatory action..?
    1002.11 - Thing – One of the larger melee Marvel characters in the game, he’s a
    heavy hitter, good at just slugging it out with enemies, Specials consist of
    ground pounds causing mini earth quakes, and a thunder clap that hurls enemies
    out ward.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, *NYC Street*, Grand Central Station, Rokel's Headquarters.
    -Your about to have a bad day! Its clobberin' time!
    -You looking for me?
    -That the best you got?
    -Look who just sprayed you with a can of whoop @$$!
    R+A: 1st attack is a Ground-pound 2nd is a Thunder-clap with "seeking" shock
    L+R+A: Leaping Ground-pound with seeking shock wave.
    B, R+A: Going up jumping Thunder-clap with seeking shock wave, going down
    R+X: Head crush into toss.
    B, R+X: Big-bad Choke-slam.
    Wall run/climb+R+A: NONE.
    Glitches: Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a "pit" and then
    doing a regualar air grapple(power-bomb) to take them down for an easy win.
    Finisher: Three consecutive “choke slams”, then “power bomb”.
    Strength – 6/7
    Durability – 6/7
    Speed – 2/7
    Pros: Super strong, can lift any thing from barrels to tanks, thunder clap
    sends a medium range "seeking" shock wave, extremely
    Cons: Slow as heck, and no long range attacks, cannot wall run.
    1002.12 - Wolverine – A light-weight, melee character he’s a character that
    does heavy damage really quick, and can regenerate 2% health every 5 seconds,
    specials consist of a 3 hit claw combo leading to an upper-cut, and really good
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, *Avengers Mansion*, NYC Streets, Grand Central Station.
    -Come on! Come and Get some!
    -You just made the biggest mistake of your life, Bub!
    -I tried to be nice!
    -Your small time, Bub!
    R+A: 4 hit claw combo, 4th being an upper-cut.
    L+R+A: Running Claw upper-cut.
    B, R+A: Going up Claw-tornado, going down Claw-pounce.
    R+X: Double claw-stab with toss.
    B, R+X: Double claw-stab with toss.
    Wall run/climb+R+A: Double Claw-dive.
    Glitches: You can continually hold down R to keep Wolverine's claws extended,
    even when your super bar is low and do double damage with punches. Can perform
    a 4-hit clawed combo with the 4th being an upper-cut(must have at least 25%
    super bar and stand about 3-5 feet from enemy).
    Finisher: Stabs both sets of claws in to enemy’s heart, twists in to a
    lift & toss, jumps on to enemy pins enemy to ground with five additional
    claw stabs.
    Strength – 4/7
    Durability – 4/7
    Speed – 2/7
    Pros: Quick, Heals, does respectable damage very quickly, claw-climbs
    walls, excellent juggler and air tackler, and combos a lot, can wall run
    (hold L while running towards wall) and climb (hold R when near wall),
    and 30 seconds of RAGE.
    Cons: Lightening rod, no range attacks, can only lift barrels and mail
    1002.13 - Electra – Another light weight melee character for the marvel side,
    she’s good at melee and very maneuverable; her specials include the use of her
    Sais and can throw a volley of daggers for long ranged attacks.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, *NYC Streets*, Grand Central Station, Power Plant.
    -Check this out!
    -Dont worry, this wont last long!
    -They said you were tough, I guess they were mistaken!
    -You really disappoint me!
    R+A: Double Dagger-toss, close range, 4 hit Sai-combo.
    L+R+A: Sai upper-cut.
    B, R+A: going up or down, Double Dagger-toss.
    R+X: Double Sai-stab with toss.
    B, R+X: Double Sai-stab with toss.
    Wall run/climb: Double Sai-dive.
    Glitches: Her dagger toss can be blocked/"caught" thus adding energy to the
    blockers super bar. Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a "pit"
    and then doing a regualar air grapple("bucking-bronco") to take them down for
    an easy win.
    Finisher: Stabs enemy with sai in the heart, kicks it deeper, then jumps
    and twirls throwing second sai in to enemy’s throat, walks over and pulls
    them out.
    Strength – 2/7
    Durability – 3/7
    Speed – 2/7
    Pros: Quick, throws daggers, very maneuverable, can wall run (hold L when
    running at wall) and climb (hold R while near wall).
    Cons: Not very durable, cant lift anything bigger than a barrel or mail
    box, daggers do minimal damage.
    1002.14 - Spider Man – The first middle weight slinger for the Marvel side,
    he’s good at everything but master of none, a “slinger” very quick,
    maneuverable, has ranged attacks using his webbing, such as web balls and
    zip lines to bring in enemies.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, Avengers Mansion, NYC Streets, *Daily Bugle*.
    -This better be good, I dont have much time!
    -You got to be kidding me! This is going to be easy!
    -Ouch! your going to feel that in the morning!
    -You know what we call that? We call that a web-slinging @$$ kicking!
    R+A: Web-ball, close range, 4 hit web-sling combo.
    L+R+A: Leaping Web-ball.
    B, R+A: going up or down, Web-ball.
    R+X: Web line with toss.
    B, R+X: Web-line spin with toss.
    Wall run/climb: Web-ball.
    Glitches: His web-ball can be blocked/"caught" thus adding energy to the
    blockers super bar. Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a "pit"
    and then doing a regualar air grapple("bucking-bronco") to take them down for
    an easy win.
    Finisher: Jumps on enemy’s head, punches three times in face, jumps up
    shoots web line pulls them up to do a double web-sling yo-yo then stomps
    enemy in to the ground.
    Strength – 4/7
    Durability – 3/7
    Speed – 3/7
    Pros: Fast, maneuverable, web slings after jumping and tapping the L
    Button, wall crawls(hold L while near wall), excellent super grapple,
    overall a good average starting character can lift, barrels and cars(from
    a distance too using special grapple).
    Cons: Not very durable, weak against lightening and fire.
    1002.15 - Daredevil – A light weight slinger, similar to Electra, uses
    Billy-clubs as a ranges special attack, I consider him to be a “slinger”
    character due to his use of Billy-clubs for mobility, his specials consist of a
    very devastating Billy-club toss that has amazing knock back.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, NYC Streets, Daily Bugle, *Grand Central Station*.
    -I am judge, jury, and exocutioner!
    -I'll make you a deal, I'll let you make the first move!
    -Just imagine what I could do if i really tried!
    -Justice is blind!
    R+A: Billy-club toss, close range, 3 hit Club combo.
    L+R+A: Billy-club upper-cut
    B, R+A: Going up Billy-club propeller, going down, billy-club propeller with
    foot sweep.
    R+X: Billy-club lasso with toss.
    B, R+X: Billy-club wrap with toss.
    Wall run/climb: Billy-club propeller
    Glitches: Billy-club throw can be blocked/"caught" thus adding energy to
    blockers super bar. Can get a ring-out by Upper-cutting an enemy over a "pit"
    and doing a regular air grapple(shoulder tackle) to take them down for an easy
    Finisher: Grabs enemy, slaps face with Billy-club, grabs arm twists it &
    breaks it over his shoulder, spins around, hitting knee, bringing enemy
    to their knees, back-flips over enemy & snaps neck from behind.
    Strength – 2/7
    Durability – 2/7
    Speed – 2/7
    Pros: Fast, maneuverable, club-slings after jumping (jump then tap L to
    sling), excellent special grapple, and very powerful ranged attack can
    wall run (hold L when running at wall).
    Cons: Not very durable, inaccurate (due to blindness, I think), can only
    lift barrels and mailboxes, only good thing is his range attack &
    1002.16 - Storm – A light weight flyer, very quick and maneuverable when
    flying, very quick lightening attacks, her specials consist of a very long
    range and very quick lightening attack and a long range special grapple using a
    mini-tornado-lightening combo.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, *Avengers Mansion*, Grand Central Station, Rokels Headquarters.
    -I dont think you know what your in for!
    -Alright! lets see what you've got!
    -I hate doing that when its so &@#n easy!
    -I guess your best just isnt good enough!
    R+A: Lightening, close range, 3 hit Lightening-powered combo.
    L+R+A: Lightening-ball.
    B, R+A: going up or down Lightening.
    R+X: Whirl-wind with lightening strike.
    B, R+X: Whirl-wind with lightening strike.
    Wall run/climb: NONE.
    Glitches: Standing lightening-bolt can not be blocked or reflected(only a dodge
    or super block can block/dodge this attack).
    Finisher: Creates a large tornado spinning enemy around several
    lightening bolts strike as enemy spins, then as they reach the top of it
    lightening bolts cook enemy for five seconds, and they drop to the
    Strength – 2/7
    Durability – 2/7
    Speed – 3/7
    Pros: Flies (hold L press B to fly higher), maneuverable, long range
    fighter, very quick, capable of regenerating energy very quickly.
    Cons: Not very durable, and can not lift very much.
    1002.17 - Venom – Pretty much Spider Man, only bigger, slower, stronger, and
    uglier, has the exact same specials as Spider Man.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, NYC Streets, *Daily Bugle*, Power Plant.
    -You? You dont stand a chance!
    -I'm going to chew you up, and spit you out!
    -Game over!
    -You thought you could defeat me?
    R+A: Web-ball, close range, 3 hit Web-sling combo.
    L+R+A: Leaping Web-ball.
    B, R+A: going up or down Web-ball.
    R+X: Web-line with toss.
    B, R+X: Web-line spin with toss.
    Wall run/climb: Web-ball.
    Glitches: His web-ball can be blocked/"caught" thus adding energy to the
    blockers super bar. Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a "pit"
    and then doing a regualar air grapple("power-bomb") to take them down for an
    easy win.
    Finisher: grabs enemy by the neck, licks them, then bites in to their
    neck and begins to jumps around three times thrashing the enemy on the
    ground, on the third jump Venom lands on their chest and releases their
    Strength – 4/7
    Durability – 4/7
    Speed – 2/7
    Pros: Zip lines and slinging(jump then tap L) make him just as fast as
    Spider man, long range web balls knock back enemies, and can lift
    anything from barrels to tanks(from a distance too)!
    Cons: Really weak against fire, slower on foot, and really, REALLY UGLY!
    1002.18 - Human Torch – One of the quickest light weight flyers in the game,
    good at ranged attacks, specials consist of fireballs that have very good knock
    Home Levels:
    *Bridge*, NYC Streets, Daily Bugle, Rokels Headquarters.
    -Things are going to get hot around here!
    -Flame on!
    -Close, but not close enough!
    -I'm not even trying yet!
    R+A: Fire-ball, close range, 3 hit Flame combo.
    L+R+A: Flame-ball.
    B, R+A: going upr or down, Fire-ball
    R+X: Push back with Fire-ball knock back.
    B, R+X: Rings of fire with Fire-ball.
    Wall run/climb: NONE.
    Glitches: When in RAGE mode, is capable of throwing multiple fire-balls while
    on foot at high rate.
    Finisher: “Hugs” enemy sets him self a blaze, then flies in to the air
    then comes back down hard driving enemy’s head in to the ground.
    Strength – 2/7
    Durability – 2/7
    Speed – 5/7
    Pros: Flies (hold L press B to fly higher); fireballs do respectable
    damage along with knock back, very, VERY FAST!
    Cons: Can only lift barrels and mail boxes, not durable, melee damage is
    extremely lacking.
    1002.19 - Iron Man – The Marvel team’s heavy Flyer, statistically he’s the best
    character in the game, his attacks consist of a homing missile while in flight,
    and an energy projectile as a special.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, *Avengers Mansion*, Power Plant, Rokels Headquarters.
    -I am Iron Man!
    -What great day for kicking @$$!
    -You look like your going to cry!
    -That was easy!
    R+A: Energy projectile, close range, 3 hit Energy combo.
    L+R+A: Homing Missile
    B, R+A: Going up or down Energy projectile
    R+X: Homing missile to face.
    B, R+X: Homing missile to face.
    Wall run/climb: NONE.
    Glitches: When in RAGE, jump in to the air and hold down R then quickly tap A
    for rapid fire energy blasts(do not hold L or it will make you fire a homing
    missile, only jump and quickly hold down R and tap A).
    Finisher: “Hugs” the enemy, blasts with uni-beam from chest sending enemy
    in to the air then fires a concentrated beam for 5 seconds thus
    incinerating enemy. Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a "pit"
    and then doing a regualar air grapple(Shoulder tackle) to take them down for an
    easy win.
    Strength – 6/7
    Durability – 6/7
    Speed – 5/7
    Pros: Concussive energy projectile does severe damage and knock back,
    very quick maneuverable, durable, and can lift anything from barrels to
    tanks, flies (hold L press B to fly higher).
    Cons: Projectiles exhaust special meter very quickly, and regeneration
    (holding R) may cause health loss if energy is very low (flashing).
    1002.20 - Magneto –The last of Marvel’s Flyers, he can fall under light weight
    AND heavy weight categories, fairly fast, maneuverable, and does considerable
    damage, his specials consist of a magnetic burst projectile, and a long range
    super grapple.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, *NYC Streets*, Grand Central Station, Rokels Headquarters.
    -I am Magneto, you, are nothing!
    -You pathetic weaking! Prepare to feel my wrath!
    -You dare think you could defeat the master of magnetism? Pathetic!
    -Victory becomes so boring!
    R+A: Magnetic wave, close range, 2 hit Magnatized combo.
    L+R+A: Magnetic wave.
    B, R+A: Going up or down Magentic wave.
    R+X: Magnatized toss.
    B, R+X: Magnatized slam.
    Wall run/climb: NONE.
    Glitches: When using super grapple to pick up objects, to can "throw" them
    immediatley by pressing the A button(be sure to move the joystick in the
    direction of your enemy).
    Finisher: pushes back enemy, then throws out a ball bearing and causes it
    to shoot through enemy from different angles six times, catches it, enemy
    falls to the ground then Magneto throws the ball down.
    Strength – 2/7
    Durability – 6/7
    Speed – 5/7
    Pros: Can lift anything from barrels to tanks (from a distance too),
    quick, had long range attacks & grapples, flies (hold L, press B to fly
    Cons: Weak, can only lift barrels if low on special energy, melee attacks
    are extremely lacking.
    1002.2 – Imperfects
    Now the Imperfects, what can I say about them? Well: they’re ripping off
    Marvel characters; they’re generally stronger, in the fact that all but
    one can lift cars, and have similar powers to existing characters.
    1002.21 - The Wink – The one and only real light weight melee Imperfect,
    teleports instead of running, she’s actually the weakest Imperfect because she
    can not lift cars, she’s pretty much a cross between Wolverine and Night
    crawler (thought Night crawler is not in the game), minus the healing factor,
    her specials consist of combining the single claw on the back of each hand and
    her teleportation.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, *Avengers Mansion*, NYC Streets, Power Plant.
    -Do you believe in magic?
    -How quickly do you want this to end?
    -Now you see me, now you dont!
    -At least you can say you came in a strong second!
    R+A: 3 hit Teleporting combo.
    L+R+A: Spinning Teleport strike.
    B, R+A: Going up Spinning Teleport strike, going down Teleport dive.
    R+X: Teleport throw down.
    B, R+X: Teleport throw down.
    Wall run/climb: NONE.
    Glitches: Can teleport for "free" by holding block(Y button) and pressing a
    direction. Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a "pit" and then
    doing a regualar air grapple ("super-man-dive") to take them down for an easy
    Finisher: She first stabs the enemy in the stomach, teleports behind them
    stabs in the back, teleport to the right of the enemy stabs, teleports in
    front throws them up, and teleports as they get in the air, grabs them &
    throws them down and teleports one last time under them to catch the
    enemy on her claws.
    Strength – 2/7
    Durability – 2/7
    Speed – 4/7
    Pros: Can teleport (tap L to do several teleportation maneuvers), very
    fast, maneuverable, does a fair amount of damage with regular attacks.
    Cons: Not very durable, teleportation is very inaccurate, can only lift
    barrels and mailboxes, can not wall climb.
    1002.22 - Johnny Ohm – The first middle weight flyer for the Imperfects, and
    pretty much the best average character statistically, he’s good at everything
    but master of none, he sports Storms powers, only a little stronger, he’s fast
    and maneuverable, his specials consist of lightening attacks.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, Daily Bugle, Grand Central Station, *Power Plant*.
    -Lets rock and roll man!
    -Here's Johnny!
    -What the hell were you thinking?
    -You gone and done it now! Your grounded!
    R+A: Lightening, close range, 3 hit Lightening combo.
    L+R+A: Lightening.
    B, R+A: Going up or down Lightening
    R+X: Push down with Lightening strike.
    B, R+X: Spin around with Lightening strike.
    Wall run/climb: NONE.
    Glitches: Flying lightening bolt can not be blocked or reflected (only be
    blocked by super block, or dodged). Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an
    enemy over a "pit" and then doing a regualar air grapple(shoulder tackle) to
    take them down for an easy win.
    Finisher: Grabs enemy’s head pushes them slowly to the ground while
    roasting them with lightening, then as they get on their knees Johnny
    raises his hand & lightening hits it making the enemy start to rise up a
    little and twitch, then he stops and they fall to the ground.
    Strength – 3/7
    Durability – 3/7
    Speed – 3/7
    Pros: Fast lightening attacks, Flying (hold L, press B to fly higher),
    maneuverable, regenerates energy quickly with R button.
    Cons: Uses a lot of energy for attacks, melee attacks are lacking
    accuracy and speed.
    1002.23 - Fault zone – One of the middle weight melee characters for the
    Imperfects, pretty much ripping off Wolverine and Thing except she can perform
    ballet, fairly strong, durable, fast, and her regular jump is really high, her
    special attacks consist of mini-earthquakes.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, *NYC Streets*, Grand central Station, Power Plant.
    -Want to come out and play?
    -This wont hurt, much!
    -And now I take a bow!
    -You havent even seen my best moves yet!
    R+A: 3 hit Seismic combo.
    L+R+A: Leaping Ground-pound
    B, R+A: Going up Spinning-claw, going down Ground-pound.
    R+X: Claw-stab with toss.
    B, R+X: Claw-stab with toss.
    Wall run/climb: Claw dive.
    Glitches: You can continually hold down R to keep Fault zone's "seismic-claws"
    extended, even when your super bar is low and do double damage with punches.
    Finisher: Spins around kicking enemy in the face, then, digs both seismic-claws
    in to the enemy, activates tremor knocking them on to their back, jumps on top
    of them & begins to jackhammer them into the ground for three seconds and then
    gets off.
    Strength – 3/7
    Durability – 4/7
    Speed – 2/7
    Pros: Very fast, jumps really high with out use of special, maneuverable,
    can lift cars (while on toes!), can climb walls (hold R when near wall), and
    wall run(hold L while running at wall.
    Cons: No long range attacks, not very durable despite stats, specials
    useless against flying enemies.
    1002.24 - Solara – She’s another middle weight flyer for the Imperfects, she’s
    a stronger female version of Human torch, fairly fast, and her special attacks
    consist of explosive fire-balls.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, *NYC Streets*, Power Plant, Rokel's Headquarters.
    -Never fight a battle you can not win!
    -Well, well, what have here?
    -And I was just getting warmed up!
    -The pleasure was all mine!
    R+A: Flame-wave, close range, 3 hit Flame combo.
    L+R+A: Flame-ball.
    B, R+A: Going up or down Flame-wave.
    R+X: Punch spin-round with Fire-ball to back.
    B, R+X: Arm-bar with flame kick.
    Wall run/climb: NONE.
    Glitches: When in RAGE mode, is capable of throwing multiple fire-balls while
    on foot at high rate.
    Finisher: She blows a kiss to the enemy, they stagger back clutching
    their body, fire starts to emanate from their body, they fall to the
    ground and incinerate from the inside out.
    Strength – 2/7
    Durability – 3/7
    Speed – 3/7
    Pros: Fast, flies (hold L, press B to fly higher), maneuverable, can lift
    cars, and devastate a level with her special attack, regenerates energy
    fairly quickly.
    Cons: Uses up energy very quickly, not very durable, melee attacks are
    somewhat lacking.
    1002.25 - Brigade – Brigade is a heavyweight melee character, a cross between
    Iron man and Thing, he’s very strong, durable, and ridiculous firepower, his
    specials consist of firing missiles at enemies.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, Grand Central Station, *Power Plant*, Rokel's Headquarters.
    -Lock and load people!
    -I'm a hundred of your worst nightmares!
    -Total annihilation!
    -Say it! Sir, yes sir!
    R+A: Missile projectile, 2 hit Energy combo.
    L+R+A: Shoulder Missiles.
    B, R+A: Going up or down Missile projectiles.
    R+X: Missile to stomach.
    B, R+X: Missile to stomach.
    Wall run/climb: NONE.
    Glitches: When in RAGE mode, recieves increased rate of fire but lower accuracy
    at greater range.Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a "pit" and
    then doing a regualar air grapple("power bomb") to take them down for an easy
    Finisher: Grabs enemy places one fist to enemy’s chest and fires them in
    to the air, then continues to fire three times as they fall.
    Strength – 5/7
    Durability – 5/7
    Speed – 2/7
    Pros: Good at melee, durable, lots of damage from projectiles, rapid fire
    for projectiles while in RAGE, can lift anything form barrels to tanks.
    Cons: uses energy very quickly, gets “seizures” if energy is too low,
    VERY slow, slow energy regeneration even while holding R button cannot
    wall run.
    1002.26 - Hazmat – A middle weight slinger, Hazmat is an exact rip off of
    Spider Man, very maneuverable, fairly durable, and strong; his special attacks
    consist of shooting acid.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, NYC Streets, *Daily Bugle*, Grand Central Station.
    -It is my curse to be alive!
    -Kill them all!
    -Can no one kill me?
    -Kill me! I dare you!
    R+A: Acid-ball, close range, 3 hit Acid combo.
    L+R+A: Leaping Acid-ball.
    B, R+A: Going up or down Acid-ball.
    R+X: Acid-spit with toss.
    B, R+X: Acid-line spin with toss.
    Wall run/climb: Acid-ball.
    Glitches: Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a pit" and then
    doing a regualar air grapple(shoulder tackle) to take them down for an easy win.
    Finisher: Grabs enemy by the neck and spits acid in their face they fall
    back, he jumps on them and continues to spit acid for 5 seconds until
    they dissolve.
    Strength – 3/7
    Durability – 4/7
    Speed – 2/7
    Pros: Can lift cars, acid balls do excellent damage, durable, fast and
    maneuverable, slings (jump then tap L), and wall climbs (hold L when
    running at wall).
    Cons: Melee attacks are extremely lacking, fairly inaccurate with
    1002.27 - Paragon –The “perfect” character in the game, a heavyweight melee
    character, a combination of Wolverine (claws and healing), Storm
    (lightening attacks), Iron man (firepower and strength), and Night
    crawler/Wink (teleportation), her attacks consist of an explosive Plasma
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, NYC Streets, Grand Central Station, *Rokel's Headquarters*.
    -I will summon the Gods of War, and take you down!
    -You are about to find out what it means to fight a true warrior!
    -I have given you more than one chance!
    -I thought you would do better than that!
    R+A: Plasma-chain, close range, 3 hit Plasma combo.
    L+R+A: Spinning Teleport strike.
    B, R+A: Going up Spinning Teleport strike, going down Claw-dive with
    R+X: Double Claw-stab-health-sap with toss.
    B, R+X: Acid-line spin with toss.
    Wall run/climb: Claw-dive.
    Glitches: Plasma-chain can not be blocked or reflected (only be blocked by
    super block, or dodged). Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a
    "pit" and then doing a regualar air grapple("bucking bronco") to take them down
    for an easy win. Can teleport for "free" by holding block(Y button) and
    pressing a direction.
    Finisher: Grabs enemy impales them through the chest and pumps them full
    of her plasma energy until they get incinerated.
    Strength – 5/7
    Durability – 6/7
    Speed – 3/7
    Pros: She’s fast, strong, excellent at melee, fastest energy regeneration
    using R button can lift anything from barrels to tanks, resistant to fire
    and electricity, special grapple allows her to regain 5% health(hold R
    and press X), teleports(tap L to teleport several times), can wall climb
    (jump at wall and hold down R).
    Cons: Difficult to control teleportation, does not fly, uses up energy
    quickly, other than that she’s perfect.
    1002.28 - Niles Van Rokel/"Minute Man" – This mad scientist is the heavyweight
    flyer for the Imperfects, a copy of Iron man, he’s strong, fast, and durable,
    and his specials consist of green energy projectiles.
    Home Levels:
    Bridge, NYC Streets, Grand Central Station, *Rokel's Headquarters*.
    -You really think you are a match for me?
    -I promise you, this wont last long!
    -You humans will never learn!
    -Now that was a complete waste of time!
    R+A: Energy blast, close range, 2 hit Energy combo.
    L+R+A: Double Energy blast.
    B, R+A: Going up or down double Energy blast.
    R+X: One handed slam with Energy blast.
    B, R+X: Lift-off with Energy blast.
    Wall run/climb: NONE.
    Glitches: Can get a ring out by upper-cutting an enemy over a "pit" and then
    doing a regualar air grapple("power-bomb") to take them down for an easy win.
    Finisher: similar to Brigades, except punches enemy in stomach lifts them
    over his head & does a back breaker throws enemy in to the air and shoots
    them three times as they fall.
    Strength – 6/7
    Durability – 7/7
    Speed – 3/7
    Pros: Fast, strong, durable, maneuverable, massive damage from
    projectiles can lift anything from barrels to tanks; flies (hold L, press
    B to fly higher).
    Cons: Uses too much energy for projectiles, inaccurate with attacks, slow
    energy regeneration even while using R button, some attacks take awhile
    to perform.
    1002.3 - The Imperfect goons
    Just added these for story mode, just so you guys know how much damage
    these guys can take, and how much they can dish out.
    Invader – They’re the weakest of the weak, they do little damage, and
    take little damage, the first enemy you face, can lift barrels only,
    blade combos are annoying.
    Decapitator – Basically bigger and stronger versions of Invaders can lift
    cars, and take more damage, that’s about the only difference.
    Eviscerator – Exactly like Invaders except they only grapple and when
    they do they suicide bomb you, doing minimal damage, but if you counter
    grapple they just blow them selves up or if you quick you can kill them
    very easily.
    Mauler – Now here’s a really unhappy camper, a little more difficult to
    kill has a fair amount of health, can lift cars and can do
    mini-earthquakes like Fault zone.
    Obliterator – A modified Mauler, instead of tremors, he shoots energy
    Ravager – Modified Invader that shoots energy projectiles, no melee
    attacks, that’s it.
    Marauder – The first flying unit in the game flies around randomly and
    shoots at you.
    Desolator – Same as Marauder.
    Predator – Same as Marauder and Desolator.
    1003.0 – Story Mode
    This portion of the guide is for story mode, which apparently a lot of
    people have problems with, either unable to get through the first level
    with Thing due to a glitch (if this is the case; I would like to direct
    you to section 1005 - Cheats to by-pass this glitch), some missions being
    extremely difficult, or just that you have some other “moral” issues with
    it. I for one found story mode to be exactly what it’s supposed to be, a
    story mode for a fighting game, although with mission oriented twists, I
    also say that its better than the usual fighter story mode where you
    merely fight one person at a time until you meet the final boss (like in
    Street Fighter and/or Mortal Combat). Granted you have to go through it
    to unlock over two-thirds of the levels and characters, but luckily I
    have included a cheat section for all you slackers. But for those
    interested in getting things (including all cards, comics and movies) via
    story here you go:
    There are three different types of mission in Story Mode
    Regular missions: You have a set objective, like; kill a number of
    enemies, destroy targets and so on.
    Bonus missions: Usually destroy, or kill a set number of enemies or
    targets within a time limit.
    Sacrifice missions: This occurs when all characters in the mission select
    screen have completed their 3 Regular missions, and the mission select
    screen turns Red, at which point when you select a character you wish to
    sacrifice, you will not play as that character, rather you will play as
    either an Imperfect, or Altered (“evil-clone”) Marvel character, and use
    them to kill the target Marvel Character.
    I found there is one way to unlock about 90% of all the movies, cards,
    characters and comics in one play through story mode, please not that I
    have left out a few characters that you will have to play as during the
    game, just beat their first 3 missions and bonus and let them be, only
    the characters that face Imperfects will unlock 90% of the game:
    Thing missions 1 - 3 and bonus missions
    Wolverine missions 1-3
    Sacrifice Thing
    Storm missions 1-3
    Wolverine's bonus missions
    Storm 1-3
    Sacrifice Wolverine
    Storm bonus
    Electra missions 1-3
    Daredevil missions 1-3
    Sacrifice either Daredevil or Electra
    Daredevil/Electra’s (who ever is left) bonus missions
    Venom mission 1-3 and bonus
    Sacrifice Daredevil/Electra or Venom
    Spider man mission 1-3 and bonus missions
    Sacrifice (who ever is left from the following) Spider man,
    Daredevil/Electra or Venom
    Iron man missions 1-3 and bonus
    Sacrifice Iron man
    At this point you will only have Magneto and he automatically plays out
    all his missions and then it will lead you to Paragon's missions, and
    boom your done, there are however a few cards you may have missed due to
    other characters SACRIFICE missions but if your not too picky you don’t
    have to go through again, just to recap: Only sacrifice characters that
    get killed by Imperfects, other than that use "extra" characters only for
    their first 3 missions and bonus missions to unlock cards and comic
    In closing the characters that you should sacrifice to unlock the other
    characters are (in this order I believe): Thing, Wolverine, Electra,
    Daredevil, Venom, Spiderman, Iron man, and Magneto.
    1003.00 - PS2 WARNING!
    **** ATTENTION PS2 OWNERS ****
    I have been recieving a few questions about the First mission being glitched
    and no enemies appearing, you have THREE options:
    (1) This is a message from EA-tech support:
    Thanks for writing us at EA Technical Support. I understand that you are
    currently having issues with Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. There are
    a few questions I need to ask. Have you tried restarting the game? This can
    often resolve issues when a level does not load properly.
    If that does not resolve the issue, try starting the game without a memory card
    installed. If this solves the issue then there may be a corruption in the
    game's save file. Try deleting the game file and starting the game with a new
    save file.
    If the above does not resolve the issue, it may be a sign of deeper issues with
    the game or console. Follow the link below to help resolve the issue:
    Please try the following steps that might help resolve your issue:
    Check the game disc.
    If there are any noticeable scratches or smudges on the surface of the game
    disc, try to clean them off by using a non-abrasive cotton cloth.
    Note: Do not rub hard and do not rub in a circular motion as this could further
    damage the game disc.
    If there aren’t any noticeable scratches or smudges on the surface of the game
    disc, try using that game disc in another Playstation 2.
    If the game disc works in another system, this is an indicator that your
    Playstation 2 may be damaged. For information on getting your system repaired
    or replaced, you will want to contact Sony directly for assistance at
    If the game disc does not work in another system, this is a good indicator that
    the disc is damaged or defective. To acquire a replacement game disc you will
    want to refer to your manual for warranty information specific to your product.
    Unplug all non-official peripherals.
    The easiest way to ensure this is to unplug any peripherals except for the
    official licensed controllers that came with the system. This includes any
    memory cards or network adaptors. When the console is starting up it will
    calibrate the controllers. Do not move the thumb sticks or press any of the
    buttons until the EA logo appears.
    Example of non-liscenced equipment manufacturers: Nyko AirFlow, MadCatz
    MicroCon, Mad Catz Dual Force 2.
    Use default settings for the game.
    Before trying to remove the savegame data set any controller, sound, and video
    settings to their default setting. This can be done by removing the memory
    unit, or deleting the game's settings information from the hard drive.
    Remove game related save data.
    Power on the Playstation 2 without a game disc inside to display the
    Playstation 2 front end.
    Select Browser.
    Select the memory card that you are using by highlighting it and pressing the X
    Find and delete any save file with a name matching the game you are having
    trouble with by highlighting the game file and pressing the X button.
    Once all of the save files have been removed, restart the console with the game
    disc inside.
    Try playing the game.
    Check your configuration.
    Sometimes certain control configurations can conflict with your data. Try
    changing the control configuration to Default from the Options menu (if such an
    option is available).
    If none of these troubleshooting steps resolved the issue.
    Then it is possible that the disc may be defective and needs replacement.
    However before trying to have the game replaced by EA, you can try have the
    game replaced at the store where you purchased as much as possible to avoid
    incur additional shipping charges if you let EA replce the game.
    The EA Warranty information is as follows:
    If your game disk has been determined to be defective upon purchase, or has
    been damaged due to misuse or wear, our warranty department can replace it for
    a nominal fee. Click on the following link for replacement instructions and
    associated fees:
    If you wish to return the game, more then likely the store you bought it at
    will not accept the return because the box has been opened. In this case, you
    can send the game back to our Warranty department and we will give you a sealed
    copy of the game so that the store will accept the return. Click on the
    following link for replacement instructions:
    For further assistance about any Electronic Arts games please visit our
    extensive Self Help knowledge base. (http://support.ea.com)
    I hope this helps and that you will continue to enjoy the game. If you have any
    other questions feel free to reply to this e-mail, and I will be very glad to
    help you out to the best of my ability.
    Should you require further assistance with this game or other Electronic Arts
    games in the future, please visit our website and review our extensive Self
    Help knowledgebase at (http:support.ea.com).
    Thank you,
    EA Technical Support
    (2) Head to section; 1005 - Cheats, and find the cheat labeled with four(4)
    stars(****), this will allow you to by-pass the glitch partially.
    (3) You can go back to the store and return/exchange the game for either your
    money back/store credit or take a chance with getting a newer (1.01) version of
    the game that will hopefully work, although be warned that games are not
    usually labeled with version information!
    1003.1 – Thing -
    Once a skilled fighter-pilot, Ben Grimm is now the Thing, a member of the
    world-famous Fantastic Four. Bathed in cosmic radiaition during a fateful trip
    with his 3 friends, Ben was transformed into a hideous creature of craggy,
    orange stone with superhuman strength.
    1003.11 - Mission 1 – Invasion - Card# 1
    Simple mission, the game’s first tutorial; learn to jump, run and do
    basic attacks, first run straight, punch the wall of cars three times to
    break them (this is where I heard the PS2 version glitches, no enemies
    show up and player is left with nowhere to go; at which point go to
    section 1005 - Cheats to by-pass this glitch), once that happens you
    should see an enemy (Invader) teleport in and taunt you, go up to him &
    lay the smack down on his invading butt! After that you’ll see two more
    teleport in on the other side of the bridge you can wait and let them
    come to you or you can take the fight to them, either way it’s up to you,
    once you beat them to a pulp, a cinematic will show a flaming green
    “dough-nut” shaped rock on the bridge’s median extinguish, go up to it
    and punch it three times, after that you will see another cinematic of a
    Decapitator teleport in, in this case you know what to do… hurt him,
    very, very badly!
    1003.12 - Mission 2 – It’s on now! - Card# 2
    Pretty much a no-brainer mission, here you’ll be facing about 10
    invaders, first in a wave of three, and then another three, they’re weak
    so if you got see a car throw it at them, if your feeling aggressive,
    just beat-em-up, you will then see the Helicopter being shot down and it
    will crash in to the bridge opening a passage, go down it to face the
    last few invaders and after that you’re done! If you’re particularly
    good, you can go in to Rage mode and possible beat this level in two
    minutes flat.
    1003.13 - Mission 3 – Catch this! - Card# 3
    This is pretty much like the first two, except you need to figure out how
    to get past the force field, to do this, go to the shield at the end of
    the alley you see a Decapitator behind it, he will throw barrels and
    mailboxes at you, all you need to do is tap the Grapple button as he
    throws it, Thing will then catch the item, and if you wish throw it back
    at your enemy, once you defeat him turn left you will see a Turlin
    Engine, it’s a big green glowing ball, punch it until it starts to glow
    brighter, make sure you run away a little when its about to blow up
    because it may cause some damage if you get caught in it! After that the
    shield will power down, go to where the Decapitator was, and break
    through the wall of junk, then two Decapitators are waiting at the end of
    the alley, step out of the end for a second run back in just to make them
    toss what ever they have, then they will follow you in to the alley where
    you can kill one at a time, once you kill them five invaders will
    teleport in, if you got Rage you can use it and just ground pound them in
    to oblivion, after that two more Decapitators will teleport in, deal with
    them quickly before they can pick up a car, once you kill them the alley
    opposite the one you started in will open up and you can break through
    the junk pile, there you will meet two Decapitators carrying dumpsters,
    if you can use the Mobility button to run up to one of them and do a
    Super Grapple, this will most likely kill the first one while the second
    misses you with his dumpster, defeat both of them, and then you will face
    three more Invaders that teleport in, quickly dispense a sound beating,
    and voila, victory!
    1003.14 - Mission 4 – Bonus – Clobber em all! - Comic Fantastic Four# 1
    Straight foreword mission kill thirteen enemies in two minutes, best bet
    is to swat (punch) or toss cars at smaller enemies such as the Invaders
    and, introducing, Ravagers, use ground pounds in a crowded area to deal
    maximum damage to multiple enemies, just go crazy, be creative, it
    shouldn’t be too hard for Thing to kill off thirteen enemies in two
    1003.15 - Mission 5 – Bonus – Broken Things - Comic Fantastic Four# 2
    Similar to Mission 4, except that you only have Half of your health, you
    will face four Decapitators, be extra careful they tend to throw cars at
    you, make quick work of them first by doing either special grapples or
    throwing back the cars they throw at you, then six Invaders will teleport
    in, piece of cake, a couple of cars or even exploding barrels will take
    care of them, lastly four Ravagers will teleport at roughly each corner
    of the map close to the walls, make them in to paste quickly before they
    shoot you full of holes, after that take a breather!
    1003.16 - Mission 6 – Sacrifice – Last Stand - Card# 32 - Movie# 4
    If you’ve selected Thing to be sacrificed, you will be facing him using
    the prima-ballerina, Fault zone, she’s a lot faster than Thing, but not
    as durable, use your speed and super combos to your advantage, basically
    go in close with a three hit super combo to send him flying in to the
    wall back up a little run around him to keep him confused, go in again
    with another three hit combo and if your feeling lucky try and toss a car
    on top of him when he’s on the ground, with that done, you should have no
    problems dancing circles around the brute!
    1003.2 – Wolverine -
    Little is known of his past, save that it was fraught with pain and loss. Long
    ago, he trained as a samurai in Japan; later, he became Weapon X, an operative
    for the Canadian government. Today, Logan is an X-Man - using his animal-keen
    senses, healing factor, and razor sharp claws to help protect a world that
    fears and hates mutants.
    1003.21 - Mission 1 – Street fight - Card# 4
    This is Wolverine’s first mission, fairly simple, just go out to the
    street and beat up anyone standing in your way, don’t be stingy with
    special combos, and if you can pull it off and get in to Rage mode it
    makes easy things 100 times easier, once you killed off all enemies in
    the street section, you’ll need to jump over a wall of fire on the other
    side of the street, behind it you’ll find one two Decapitators and three
    Invaders, once you beat them, another three Invaders will teleport in,
    kill them and your done!
    1003.22 - Mission 2 - House Party - Card# 5
    If its your first time playing as Wolverine(including mission 1) this may
    get you a little stressed, don’t worry I'll get you through it, first off
    you start in the back room, run over to either side, I usually go left so
    Ill do this part from my experience, as far left as you can so that your
    touching the left wall in the hallway with the lasers, hold L to begin
    running; make sure you are aiming at the upper left corner of the laser
    field so Wolverine will wall-run through the small gap, there will be a
    second set of lasers do like you did before, when you make it over the
    lasers break down the door on the right side and you will enter the
    dining-room and meet up with 12 invaders that will come in waves 3, you
    shouldn't have too much trouble with them, if need be, throw the
    furniture at them, after you kill the 9th Invader, a new unit will
    appear: the Marauder, don’t worry these things are dumb as posts they
    will only circle around you and shoot from time to time, just be sure to
    move around a lot, and take these guys out first, do this by jumping,
    quickly tapping X to grapple, and moving the joystick in a circular
    motion this works fairly well due to all the air units circling you, once
    you killed the first two more will show up, take them down the same way,
    after that only 3 more Invaders to take out and after all that's done the
    Feng-Shui will be balanced to what's left of the room!
    1003.23 - Mission 3 - Femme Fatal - Card# 6
    In this mission you face Wink in the Avengers computer room, lots of
    stuff to throw around, but as soon as the fight starts Wink will teleport
    towards you, begin to tap the A button as she gets closer, once you hit a
    few times hold down R and tap the A button to deal more damage, if she
    blocks a few times try and mix in a few grapples, when you get a chance,
    or even if your skilled enough, try to do a Super-Mobile attack(hold R
    and L while moving and attack enemy) this will cause Wolverine to do a
    sliding upper-cut, thus sending Wink in to the air, quickly follow this
    up with a jump and either keep holding R and tap X to grapple, or just
    tap X to grapple her in mid air this will do extra damage that the
    Upper-cut alone could not do. After Wink is down to 75% Health she'll
    teleport to the upper left pillar and throw a barrel at you, best bet is
    to stand at a distance where the nearest computer to the pillar is and
    tap X to grab the barrel that she tosses at you then quickly toss it back
    at her, but if you think your "the best at what you do", then pick up a
    spare computer consol, and wait till she teleport on to the pillar make
    sure to aim, if successful she will receive damage from the consol, then
    drop the barrel and receive even more damage from the ensuing explosion!
    When Wink makes a full trip to all four pillars, she will teleport to the
    middle platform, here you need some skill, there are two ways of getting
    up, one is very fast, the other is a little slower, to get up fast, hold
    down L to run, just before the wall; jump you will wall-run straight up
    about 3/4 of the way when you see Wolverine slowdown press down & hold R
    this will make you cling to the wall then just climb straight up, then on
    to the platform, release R to fall on to it and its best recommended to
    do a special grapple (Hold R and tap X) or just a regular grapple, do not
    punch her because she'll only get hit with one punch then teleport to the
    ground, continue with the previous strategy until successful, if you find
    you are low on health, climb up to the middle pillar and wait there for a
    few minutes there you can recover about 20% of your health, don’t worry,
    Wink will not follow you unless she begins her "pillar" cycle at which
    point you can still wait there and do a grapple when she's typing on the
    computer, follow this and victory is yours!
    1003.24 - Mission 4 - Bonus - To Defy a Goddess - Comic Fantastic Four# 3
    This mission is a little tough, you face off against Altered Storm, first
    off, just do a straight run up to her, you can do one of two things here:
    one hold down R and L to do a sliding upper-cut sending her in to the air
    then air tackle her back down in to the pile of barrels behind her, or
    run up to her, and hit her with a triple combo of regular punches and
    then just before the third punch hold down R to do a triple super combo
    totaling 6 hits, this should put her off balance, keep the fight close so
    she cant hit you with lightening, if you get her on the ground toss a
    barrel at her, if she tries to fly; clip her wings with an air tackle,
    but mainly keep the pressure on her with a combo of regular punches,
    super punches, and grapples, if she gets far away from you do your best
    to keep right to her, and if you find your self low on health run behind
    a car or crate and get back some health, then get close to her again and
    continue to whittle her down, after a good hearty fight like that you
    deserve a rest.
    1003.25 - Mission 5 - Bonus - Claws of Fury - Comic Fantastic Four# 4
    A nice relaxing mission, well, in Wolverine’s case, your out to bust some
    skulls, pretty simple, a nice mix of Invaders, Decapitators, and a few
    Marauders, nothing too taxing about this mission, no time limit, only
    about 20 enemies total, so be creative, use barrels if you want of duke
    it out, if you can kill enough enemies to get RAGE that'll just make
    things go faster, just take down all enemies at your leisure and reap the
    reward of a good brawl.
    1003.26 - Mission 6 - Sacrifice - Casualties of War - Card# 33 - Movie# 6
    You get to play as the Imperfects resident bruiser; Brigade! This match
    is fairly easy to win, first off try and hit Wolverine with one missile,
    when he falls on to his back run to a car or crate and toss it at
    Wolverine, since Wolverine is a light weight he can not lift cars, so you
    have the advantage, there is also an 18-wheeler on the right side of the
    screen try to hit him with that, basically maintain a steady flow of car
    and crate tosses, if you run out revert to using Projectiles, however be
    careful Wolverine does no hesitate to super block and send those missiles
    back to you! If you get RAGE don't be afraid to go "full-auto".
    1003.3 - Electra -
    The world’s most dangerous assassin, Elektra remains a mystery, a shadow—until
    she chooses to reveal herself. Trained as a ninja, loyal to no one, she sells
    her amazing abilities and her mastery of the deadly sai to the highest bidder.
    1003.31 - Mission 1 - Death From Afar - Card# 7
    You start in an alley with a shield blocking it, go up to it you'll see a
    Ravager shoot at you, now the game will say use Super block (hold R and
    Y) when the Ravager fires, however its far easier to just throw her
    daggers at him (hold R and tap A), kill him, and the one after him, you
    will then see the street, some Invaders will try and come in to the
    alley, let them but hit them with a volley of daggers to either kill or
    weaken them, after run out to the street you'll face 8 Invaders, in waves
    of 4, they shouldn’t be too hard, if you get RAGE throw daggers at them
    and do super grapples when in close quarters, after that you'll see
    another shield on the other side and another Ravager will pop up you can
    either deflect his shots back at him or throw daggers, the shield will go
    down, step in to the alley and your done!
    1003.32 - Mission 2 - Top of the World - Card# 8
    Nothing too fancy here either similar to Wolverine's House party just
    take out the 6 Invaders on the first building wall run over to the second
    building take out the last 4 Invaders, at which point 2 Marauders will
    fly in, you can easily take them down with air grapples, RAGE wont really
    help you in this fight, but if you get it use it for super melee attacks
    and super grapples, after that your home-free!
    1003.33 - Mission 3 - Daredevil - Card# 9
    In this match try and hit Daredevil with a volley of daggers, once he's
    down on the ground try and toss a barrel at him he'll most likely catch
    it, but that's part of the strategy! If he catches the object quickly
    throw a dagger at him to make him drop the object on his head! The
    combination of a dagger and barrel hitting him will drastically reduce
    his health! Continue to use this strategy, unless he begins to sling
    around the arena at that point try to air tackle or dagger him, after
    that you may claim victory!
    1003.34 - Mission 4 - Bonus - Silent Death - Comic Fantastic Four# 5
    This mission is left to you; the player, nothing really to do here other
    than stomp on enemies, you already know how to deal with the basic goons
    and air units, if your any good you should get this done in no time! The
    only real info I can offer is to hit and run.
    1003.35 - Mission 5 - Bonus - Assassin's Blades - Comic Fantastic Four# 6
    This mission takes a little skill, but its fairly easy, all you need to
    do is break all the screens in the computer room, first off run up to the
    nearest computer, rip off one of the sides thus breaking the screen then
    toss it at the next nearest screen, then grab another side off of a
    screen, toss it an the next nearest screen, run foreword to the computer
    on the shortest pillar break off one side and toss it at the screen on
    the next highest pillar then grab the other side and toss it at the
    opposite screen on the next highest pillar, from there you can wall run
    to the next pillar destroy the screen then wall run to the next pillar
    destroy that one, and that should be all you need to do, if your a pro it
    is possible to beat this mission with well over 1 minute left and not get
    hit by any enemies!
    1003.36 - Mission 6 - Sacrifice - Deadlier than Males - Card#34 - Movie#2
    Here you get to play as Wink, possibly the weakest Imperfect, against
    Electra, they are evenly matched except Electra tends to use her daggers
    a lot when at a distance, so keep Wink close to her and make sure that
    you use a lot super attacks (hold R, tap A) and either super or regular
    grapples, there aren't many small objects in this level but if you can
    when Electra is on the grounds nail her with a barrel, additionally use a
    super stomp to keep Electra's health low, it is a difficult fight but
    Wink has the advantage to be partially invincible when performing a
    mobility attack (tap L and tap A) she'll teleport thus avoiding Electra's
    attacks briefly, and then re-appear in a spiraling dive, this should
    knock Electra back hopefully in to some explosives, hopefully you can
    keep the pressure on long enough to take her out!
    1003.4 - Spider Man -
    The bite of an irradiated spider granted high-school student Peter Parker
    incredible, arachnid-like powers. When a burgler killed his beloved Uncle Ben,
    a grief-stricken Peter vowed to use his amazing abilities to protect his fellow
    man. He had learned an invaluable lesson: With great power, there must also
    come great responsibility.
    1003.41 - Mission 1 - Spider Man! - Card# 19
    This is a some what tough mission, the objective is to destroy all 11 of
    the white computer consoles on the upper and lower levels of the power
    plant, best bet is to quickly run around the bottom picking them up and
    tossing them at the next computer, or use your super grapple while aiming
    at the consol to zip them back to you can destroy them by tossing them at
    the invaders that show up. Once you destroyed the 7 on the bottom there
    are 4 more on the upper level, now Marauders will start to fly around and
    for some reason have better accuracy and tend to take turns to quickly
    shoot you while you’re on the ground. You have to be careful now because
    there will be a lot of Shooting going around and don’t try to take out
    enemies they will only come back, your main concern is to destroy all the
    computers and do it quickly before you die! You can try and toss the
    computers at enemies to get them off your back for a few seconds but
    speed is key to this mission!
    1003.42 - Mission 2 - Airlift - Card# 20
    A very difficult mission for Spider man, defend 2 helicopters until
    civilians are onboard, first sling as fast as you can to the chopper in
    front of the alley, don’t get too close because the propeller blades
    hurt, and try not to hit the chopper either, it is not immune to your
    attacks! 6 invaders will appear and start to circle the chopper, best bet
    is to web-ball (hold R tap A) them before they get too close, use a
    mobility attack( Zip-line-drop-kick) to take these easy guys out fast,
    another set of 6 will come from just right of the alley you started in(if
    your standing in front of the chopper looking at the street), super
    grapple the car to the left of the chopper(if your standing in front of
    the chopper looking at the street) and toss it at the goons before they
    get too close and pick them off if they get passed the car, don’t be
    afraid to toss objects at enemies just be sure if they catch the object
    to web-ball them to make them drop it, finally a wave of 6 more will
    appear right in front of you, super grapple the car in front of the
    chopper & toss it right at them this should take out a few, then you can
    pick off the last stragglers, then you'll see the civilians run in to the
    chopper and take off, quickly sling over to the second chopper that is
    already covered with 4 Invaders and 2 decapitators, and a the third
    flying unit Predator! don’t worry these guys are just as dumb as the
    other flying units, for now concentrate on knocking off the Invaders and
    Decapitators, its best to use the third and final car in the level this
    will kill all the Invaders and injure the Decapitators then quickly
    tackle the 2 air units by jumping in a circular motion and tapping X to
    grapple them down, then when you kill them off, the two injured
    Decapitators will stagger back, just have pity on them & kill them quick
    before they end up hurting each other...
    1003.43 - Mission 3 - Deadly Venom - Card# 21
    Spider man faces off with his arch-nemesis Venom! you two are evenly
    matched except for Venom being a lot stronger, the best tactic I have for
    this match is to go at him with mobility (zip-line) attacks, limit the
    number of web-balls to when he's carrying an object so he'll drop it on
    himself, try to set him on fire with the large fuel tanks and air
    conditioner units and barrels fire is his major weakness exploit it, once
    he's out the Daily Bugle is yours!
    1003.44 - Mission 4 - Bonus - Warped Evil - Comic X-MEN# 4
    Now you get to face your evil Imperfect "clone"; Hazmat, he's exactly
    like you in every way except his acid-balls hurt a lot more than your
    web-balls, and on top of that he's resistant to your web-balls, your best
    bet is to use the same strategy you used on Venom, mobility (zip-line)
    attacks and if you can get in close punch combos and super punch combos,
    when he's on the ground, try and hit him with cars and crates he doesn’t
    like explosions it seems, and same goes for when he's carrying an object
    he may be resistant to web-balls but they can still knock objects out of
    his hands! Make sure you keep zip-lining him to keep him off his toes,
    and then go in for the knock out!
    1003.45 - Mission 5 - Bonus - Fragile Life - Comic X-MEN# 5
    This mission is a little challenging, basically you can not recover
    stamina, so you have to be very careful there are a total of 6 Predators,
    2 Maulers, 6 Invaders and 2 Ravagers, in this level keep moving around
    use mobility attacks to knock enemies away grapple as many as you can if
    your standing facing the center at about 1/4 from either side of the
    bridge you can super grapple and toss enemies off the bridge but if not
    move around a lot and take out the Invaders and other light weight
    enemies first, that should clear the way to victory!
    1003.46 - Mission 6 – Sacrifice – High Voltage - Card# 38 - Movie# 3
    This is Spider man’s sacrifice mission; you get to play as Johnny Ohm.
    Both characters are the pinnacle of balanced characters. In short it’s a
    very even fight, its best to start off with a volley of lightening
    attacks to just whittle Spider man down a little before moving in for
    melee attacks, once you have expended the majority of your super bar
    (about 75%) take to the sky with flying (hold down L) and begin to use
    mobility attacks to smack Spider man around if your lucky he’ll land in
    some barrels and cause a fire-works display! You can take a breather and
    hold R to regenerate some of your super bar and zap Spider man a few more
    times then go back to mobility attacks, I don’t really recommend using
    Johnny for melee attacks due to a slight lack of speed and accuracy but
    if your good then be my guest, I’ll stick to my mobility and maybe a few
    throws, additionally if you think you can pull it off try and toss some
    barrels at Spider man while he’s on the ground, or if he catches them,
    hit him with a lightening bolt to make it go boom!
    1003.5 – Daredevil -
    He dwells in a world of eternal night - but the blackness is filled with sounds
    and scents, tastes and textures most men cannot perceive. Although attorney
    Matt Murdock is blind, his other 4 sense function with superhuman sharpness. He
    stalks the streets at night, a relentless avenger of justice: Daredevil, the
    Man Without Fear.
    1003.51 - Mission 1 – Redemption - Card# 10
    This is your basic beat em up mission, first jump down from between the
    Daily Bugle sign, defeat the 6 Invaders that appear best strategy is to
    use your Billy-club attack (hold R, tap A) but be sure to aim, keep in
    mind Daredevil is blind! After you send the good either flying off the
    building or bounce them off a wall, jump up and sling over to the next
    building where you will face 4 more Invaders and one decapitator, then
    you move to a slightly lower roof top and face 2 more Invaders and a
    Decapitator, make quick work of them by either tossing them off the roof
    by Billy-club, grapple, or Daredevil’s super grapple, after that you’ll
    see some decapitators appear at the final roof top some times if you wait
    they teleport one-by-one to the roof your currently on and you can
    disperse them there, if not sling over and begin to toss them off or
    smack them with your Billy-club, but be careful they will toss A/C units
    at you so be sure to keep moving, try to maneuver yourself in to
    grappling range and fling them off the building or if your feeling gutsy;
    you can take them one-on-one with your fists.
    1003.52 - Mission 2 – Scorched Earth - Card# 11
    A little more difficult, using mobility and Billy-club attacks are
    recommended for this mission, first head down to the lower area and take
    out the first Invader, once you kill him 2 invaders and 2 Evicerators, if
    you move fast you can take them out with your Billy-club or even a combo,
    then 4 Invaders and 2 Evicerators show up you can easily take them out if
    you hit and run using your Billy-club attacks and grapples, once they get
    taken out the last set of 6 Invaders show up basically to protect the 5
    Ravagers that appear on top of walls on the upper levels and one in the
    center-back upper level, take these guys out by jumping up to meet them
    face to face and just hit them hard! But when your heading to the next
    one be sure to move around they like easy targets so try zigzagging, with
    them gone and the Invaders take out you claim victory!
    1003.53 - Mission 3 – The Electric Man - Card# 12
    This mission is a little difficult due to Daredevil’s slight statistical
    disadvantage, first off, destroy the big clock that is hanging in the
    middle of the level use what ever means you see fit best bet would be
    jumping and doing a super attack (jump then hold R and tap A), once you
    break the clock Johnny wont have infinite super abilities, after that
    give him a sound beating of Billy-clubbing and grapples be sure to throw
    a mailbox or two when he’s on the ground remember to try and air grapple
    him when he’s flying, it shouldn’t be too hard to take him to school.
    1003.54 - Mission 4 – Bonus – Take Them Down - Comic Fantastic Four# 7
    This is a fairly easy mission if you know what you are doing, first off
    take out all the weaker enemies like; Invaders, Evicerators and Ravagers,
    then start to jump around in a circular motion and tap X to air grapple
    any flying units that are encircling you once they’re out of the picture,
    move on to the big-boys there should only be about 2 or 3 Decapitators,
    when you take them out another wave of about 2 Invaders, 1 Ravager, 1
    Decapitator, 2 flyers and a Evicerator show up, once again take out the
    weaker units first, and move on to the bigger guys, and if you want to
    try your luck try to stand about 1/4 of the way from the sides of the
    sides of the level and toss them off the side with a super grapple, there
    should only be a total of about 15 enemies so its not too long of a
    1003.55 - Mission 5 – Bonus – Lover’s Quarrel - Comic Fantastic Four# 8
    This fight is similar to Daredevil in Electra’s mission, except it take
    place in the NYC streets, and Daredevil has an added handicap of not only
    being statistically worst character in the game but now he has to contend
    with being poisoned by Electra before the match, now he loses 5% health
    every 10 seconds, so it is critical to hit fast and hard and hopefully
    end this mission quickly! Best strategy is to run at Electra from the
    left or right, and dodge her daggers, get close enough to hit her with
    your Billy-club thus sending her back in to a barrel or other objects.
    Most important don’t be a target any damage you take will make it harder
    to beat her, either take her down from a distance with your Billy-clubs,
    or get up close and personal with throws and punches, and if you got the
    time when she’s on the ground toss a barrel at her, this may take a few
    tries but with a little confidence you can claim victory!
    1003.56 - Mission 6 – Sacrifice – Death by Fire - Card# 35 - Movie# 5
    Here, you get to play as Solara to beat Daredevil, she’s a little better
    than him statistically speaking, but in this case she hold all the cards,
    use her fire-ball attack (hold R tap A) to send Daredevil flying in to a
    barrel right of the bat, you can continue to hit him with it until you
    have only 25% super bar left at which point run to the nearest car, pick
    it up and hit him with it, this is one major advantage that you have that
    you can lift cars, if you have run out of super bar try and use your
    mobility attack (tap L and A) this will make you do a dive at Daredevil
    it is very difficult for him to block, if you manage to get a break take
    the time to recharge your super bar (hold R), then give him a good blast
    of fiery rage to end the match!
    1003.6 – Storm -
    Orphaned as a child, Ororo Munroe developed the power to command the forces of
    nature. As a member of the X-Men, she wields her unique genetic gifts to
    protect a world that hates and fears mutants.
    1003.61 - Mission 1 - Returning Home - Card# 13
    You start off on the bridge, at the end of the road you see a Marauder
    and 4 Invaders appear behind them is a Turlin engine (green glowing orb);
    the objective of this level is to take those out! Start out by
    flying(hold L) and fire off some lightening-balls(hold L and R, tap A)
    this should weaken if not kill the Invaders, keep flying by using L, try
    to take down the flying unit if it gets too close to you, you can do this
    easily by basically flying in the general direction of where you think it
    is or in a circle while holding L and tapping X, once you defeat these
    enemies go for the engine, Storm is too physically weak to actually
    damage it by hand so take some time and hold R to regain your super bar,
    then use your super attack (hold R, tap A) to hit the engine with
    lightening, be sure to stay a fair distance away from it when it
    explodes, next a force field will open, fly over to the new section of
    the bridge and be prepared to fight 2 invaders and a Marauder air unit,
    Hold L and fly around tapping X to take the flyer out, next you can do as
    you wish to the two Invaders, once you defeat them take time to get a
    full super bar by holding R. Hold L to take flight and then press B to
    fly a little higher to go between the two shields, as soon as you get
    past the shield; fly right and land on the “median” or “middle island” on
    the final section of the bridge, from there Invaders will actually have
    to run and jump on to the ledge to get you and no enemy can actually
    throw objects at you, if your fast enough aim for the Turlin engine and
    do 3 quick lightening attacks, if successful you win! However if you can
    not do it in time you will have to face about 2 Invaders and maybe a
    Marauder, and then try again to do lightening attacks on the engine.
    1003.62 - Mission 2 – House Call - Card# 14
    Talk about de-ja-vu! This is a lot like Wolverine’s House Party mission,
    in that you have to fly over the laser trip wires, and then pretty much
    the same, there will be about 10 Invaders and 5 Marauders, but they come
    in waves of 4 Invaders and 1 or 2 Marauders, take out the Marauders first
    by flying(hold L) around in the general direction of the Marauders and
    tap X to grapple them once they are eliminated begin to use mobility
    attacks on the Invaders, this should kill them in one shot, once you kill
    that wave the next will appear, do the same thing: take out air units,
    and then use you mobility attack to smack the Invaders in to the walls of
    the level, naturally you should finish this with little to no problem.
    1003.63 - Mission 3 – Earthquake! - Card# 15
    Pretty straight forward mission; use Storm to beat Fault zone, you have a
    slight advantage of flight, basically unload as many lightening bolts as
    you can from the start, this should take her down to 75%, maybe 50%,
    after that start to fly around and do mobility attacks (tap L and A) to
    knock Fault zone in to barrels and end her ballet career for good!
    1003.64 - Mission 4 – Bonus - Fight to Survive - Comic Fantastic Four# 9
    Run over to the middle portion of the level, here you have to toss
    enemies in to the pit, its not too hard especially since the A.I. has
    been disabled and they pretty much line up to get tossed, the effective
    method of tossing enemies with a regular grapple is if you have your back
    to the pit and an enemy comes at you from the back wall, your special
    grapple is better for enemies that come from the direction of the pit,
    the only time it gets a little difficult is after you killed about 7
    enemies, Ravages begin to appear and shoot at you, but if you just focus
    on tossing goons you’ll beat it no problem!
    1003.65 - Mission 5 – Bonus - Wrath of the Elements - Comic X-MEN# 1
    A very basic mission like all the other bonus missions, just kill all
    enemies, if you keep flying(hold L) and doing mobility attacks you should
    be just fine, there aren’t even that many enemies, most of them are weak
    anyways, so by now you should be able to take anything down. You can use
    any tactic you want at this point, I prefer to use the mobility attacks,
    you may like melee or ranged attacks, and ultimately it’s up to you.
    1003.66 - Mission 6 – Sacrifice – Rage of the Beast - Card# 36
    De-ja-vu or stalking? You decide! This is pretty much a repeat of
    Wolverine’s To Defy a Goddess, except that your in the Power Plant,
    though there is a lot more barrels and objects the same strategy applies
    from Wolverine’s mission, keep close, combo punch in to either a grapple,
    or upper-cut then a quick air grapple, do your best to bounce her off
    barrels, power-cores and the electrified walls, this is a little
    challenging still due to her flying ability but a few air grapples should
    take care of that, and if you feel really brave try to throw some barrels
    at her when she’s on the ground after a knock down, that should weaken
    her even more!
    1003.7 – Venom -
    Utterly insane and totally without remorse, Venom is the antithesis of his
    adversary, Spider-Man. Driven entirely by a single base emotion, Venom
    comprehends only its all-consuming desire for revenge.
    1003.71 - Mission 1 – The Pit - Card# 16
    While skulking around the Avengers computer room, Venom gets ambushed by
    5 Invaders and 5 Decapitators that appear in waves of 4. You start off in
    the back room, 3 Invaders will appear quickly use your mobility attacks
    (tap L and tap A) to bounce them off the walls! 3 more will appear do the
    same to them, after you kill them break down either door and go to the
    hall way, at the end of the hall you will see 3 Invaders appear, use your
    web-ball(hold R, tap A) to knock them in to the wall behind them, when
    they go down one or 2 invaders will break down the wall you can send him
    back with a mobility attack or web-ball, then move in to the main
    dining/living room, there you will meet 2 Decapitators and 2 Invaders,
    you will notice that the middle section of the floor is electrocuted, use
    this to your advantage by throwing enemies on to it this will either kill
    enemies or severely injure them! However if you feel you are not up to
    the task of fighting in the lower edges near the electric floor, you may
    run to he upper area of the dining room where there is a slight ramp
    leading to a fire place, here you can see all enemies as they approach
    and prepare to vanquish them as they get closer, here you have more room
    to use mobility attacks, also form here you can just throw enemies down
    at the electric floor, once the last Decapitator goes down, you can
    prepare for the tougher missions ahead.
    1003.72 - Mission 2 – Seek and Devour - Card# 17
    Ok, here’s a tough mission for Venom, I personally suggest that if your
    new to him log some rounds in V.S. mode either as Spider man or Venom if
    you have him unlocked. Ok you start off on the bridge, you have to kill
    30 enemies, you’ll first face 3 Decapitators, try to hit them with
    web-balls(hold R tap A) before they get too close if one does get too
    close use your mobility attack(tap L and A) to send them flying in to the
    walls, just start doing this like crazy until you bump them off, if need
    be you may need to duke it out, but they shouldn’t be too hard, when they
    go down a Marauder and Decapitator will appear take out the flyer by
    jumping in a circular motion when near it and tapping X during the jump,
    you will also notice a Turlin engine, now these are 100% in your favor,
    if you are in need of health, just destroy one and be in the blast range,
    Venom will absorb the green goop and regain 20% of his health, once you
    destroy the Decapitator and Marauder, 3 more Decapitators will appear
    along with 2 Marauders take out these Marauders as quickly as you can
    your best bet is to stand on the “median”, raised middle section, of the
    bridge and jump around  trying to grab these guys, once they are out of
    the picture take out those pesky Decapitators, use your mobility or combo
    attacks when they are fairly close and a web-ball to keep them at bay, if
    you wish you may toss a car or two at them to speed things along, when
    they’re gone, wait on the “median”, you’ll meet up with 2 more
    Decapitators, do with them as you wish, and if you need health this is a
    good time to break open that Turlin engine, once you get rid of the 2
    Decapitators, drop down to the left side of the bridge and move towards
    the end of the bridge, here random types of enemies will appear, you’ll
    also see a new enemy; Maulers, these guys are a little tougher than
    normal but you can take them! Pick up any near by car run up to them and
    then toss it, if your lucky it will kill two of them, at this point
    you’ll have racked up about 15 kills, don’t head out in to the open, its
    practically suicide instead bide your time and wait for a few enemies to
    walk up to you to fight them 1 at a time, best strategy here is go for
    soft targets like Ravagers, Invaders, Evicerators, and Marauders.
    Continue to wait in the mid section of the bridge and take on enemies one
    at a time, but if you feel brave, jump on to the median and run out to
    the final section of the bridge, but stay on the median for cover,
    enemies will come to you, and u can take them on one at a time from
    there, there is also one last Turlin engine, if you need health run and
    break it then run back to the median, take out what ever enemies you need
    still and I personally recommend you quit story mode for a moment go to
    options and SAVE YOUR PROGRESS, unless you have auto save. Naturally if
    your skilled and brave enough you are welcome to take the fight to the
    enemy on the final section, first take out fliers by any means you feel
    comfortable using there will only be 2 or 3 at a time, use any object you
    can there are tons of barrels, cars and an 18-wheeler there, use all of
    these to your advantage use your super grapple to pull in objects and
    enemies, most of them can’t lift heavy objects like you so you should be
    able to crush them easily, and if one should catch an object use a
    web-ball to knock them down!
    1003.73 - Mission 3 – Fatal Heat - Card# 18
    Despite being weak against fire and Solara being a fire character, this
    mission is very easy, use your web-ball attack to knock her back a few
    times, get in a little to be in range to get her with your mobility
    attack(tap L and A), if she manages to break away from your attacks and
    is low on health she’ll move in one of the open flames to regain health
    and super bar, keep her out of there, but if she gets in try to either
    knock her out of it using a volley of web-balls or a testla coil, of you
    can try and hit her with as many heavy objects as possible, in this level
    she is only able to lift barrels and the fork-lift, make this a quick
    match and move on.
    1003.74 - Mission 4 – Bonus - Wanton Destruction - Comic X-MEN# 2
    Theoretically a simple mission; go out to NYC and destroy all 35 cars,
    parking meters, bus shelters, mail boxes, and lamp posts, simple, no? It
    would be if there weren’t any Decapitators and Marauders running around,
    the quickest way to finish this level is to run around like crazy use zip
    lines(tap L) and even mobility attacks(tap L and A) to smack around all
    the bigger objects, don’t bother trying to use grapple to break off
    objects a simple punch or kick will do just as well, you got to keep
    moving like crazy to avoid taking damage because as soon as a car
    explodes and you haven’t cleared that area you will take damage and
    fliers will capitalize on this and bomb you to pieces! This level may
    take a few tries but you should have enough skill to finish it with
    flying colors!
    1003.75 - Mission 5 – Bonus - Rise and Fall - Comic X-MEN# 3
    Back at the Daily Bugle you find yourself ambushed again by practically
    the entire Turlin army! The object of this mission is to toss enemies to
    their demise, while watching out not to get knocked off either! The
    quickest and most effective way to finish this level is to break down all
    the walls by tossing enemies at them. Your most effective means of
    beating this level once the walls are down is to zip-line(tap L) around
    and grappling enemies or if you prefer stay in roughly the middle of the
    stage and use a combination of web-balls to knock enemies off the roof,
    and/or super grapple enemies off, your super grapple is the most
    effective attack in this level due to the fact that you can ensnare
    enemies from approximately half way across the level and automatically
    throw them off of the roof, be careful there will be many strong enemies
    that may not fall off but rather catch on to the small lip and fall back
    on to the roof! Be on the offensive and keep tossing enemies around even
    if they don’t fall off the roof move on to the next enemy until you’ve
    1003.76 - Mission 6 – Sacrifice – Lethal Toxin - Card# 37 - Movie# 7
    Congratulations you have made it to the half-way mark of the game! This
    is Venom’s sacrifice mission, here you play as Hazmat, you and Venom are
    evenly matched for the most part only he’s stronger than you but your
    faster. Start off with a couple of acid-balls(hold R tap A) to knock
    Venom back, next; try and pick up a barrel or bench and toss it to the
    brute, if he catches it hit him with a acid-ball, then when he gets up
    try and run up close and hit him with a super-mobility attack(hold L and
    R, tap A when near) this should knock him in to the air, jump up after
    him and either punch him back down or air grapple, keep using mobility
    attacks until this ugly symbiote is out for the count!
    1003.8 – Human Torch -
    Mutagenically transformed by cosmic rays into the heroic Human Torch, Johnny
    Storm is the hothead of the Fantastic Four. Able to envelop himself in fiery
    plasma, the Human Torch has the ability to fly and project fire blasts from his
    1003.81 - Mission 1 – Field Trip to Hell - Card# 22
    Really quick and easy mission, all you need to do is take out the 5
    Turlin engines, to do this just quickly fly over to them(hold L) and just
    start to use your mobility attack(hold L tap A) you will dive at them and
    after about 3 or 4 attacks the first one will explode, next fly up to the
    second floor and take out the next 2 engines in the same way that the
    first did, at this point there may be some flyers in the room, take these
    out if they are causing you trouble, once those 2 engines are out, move
    to the final 2 and take them out with your mobility attack, be careful
    Ravagers will appear along with a few more Marauders, you may have to
    deal with them quickly, or focus on the engines, once the last falls you
    1003.82 - Mission 2 – Torch Bearer - Card# 23
    This mission should have been called Field Trip to Hell, your in the
    bowels of the Turlin base and you have to fight your way through 30
    enemies in waves of 4 or 5, I can only offer my strategy of playing a
    little more offensively to conserver health but it is somewhat flawed,
    first off run in to the area when you see enemies fully materialize shoot
    the middle one with a fire ball(hold R tap A) then quickly take flight
    and begin using mobility attacks on them(tap L and A), just keep moving
    and diving at these guys, after that the next shield will go up and 4
    more goons will show up try & disperse them with 1 or 2 fire balls then
    keep them off balance with mobility attacks, once they’re all out move
    on, now your half way out, your best bet is to strictly use mobility
    attacks to bounce enemies off the walls and maybe toss a fire-ball if
    they’re too far, but after every wave of enemies make sure to recharge
    your super bar(hold R), next is a room that has 2 shields on the floor in
    the shape of hurdles this makes mobility attacks a little more difficult
    because enemies may fall in between them and you will have to either wait
    till they come out or go in after them and use punch and grapple combos
    there are only 4, then 2 more, now recharge! Now your at the final
    section that is a wall made up of smaller black portioned bricks, enemies
    will break through this but before they do quickly mobility attack this
    will knock at least 2 over if not more, keep “dancing” and flying,
    because there will be Ravagers that will shoot at you, take every one out
    by any means necessary, best is mobility to keep you moving and keep the
    bad guys off your back, finally the last shield will go down, you will
    have 2 Ravagers left they will shoot at you, if you can spare the energy,
    shoot a fire-ball at them and then quickly fly over and finish them off,
    or you can fly over in a zigzagging pattern and mobility attack them,
    after that, a door to the left will open and you just step in there and
    let your self fall to the next level, at this point exit story mode, go
    in to options and SAVE YOU PROGRESS! Unless you have auto-save on.
    1003.83 - Mission 3 – Old Friends
    After Thing got beaten by Fault zone, Rokel brought him back to his lab
    and re-programmed him, now as Human Torch you have to take him out!
    Quickly take flight (hold L) and then nail Thing with a fire-ball (hold R
    tap A) to knock him back in to the electric walls, fly in close before he
    gets up, and when he does hit him with you mobility attack to bounce him
    off another wall, land quickly and pick up a barrel and toss it on him
    while he’s on the ground! Take flight again and hit him with a fire-ball
    this should send him flying into either a barrel, reactor, or an electric
    wall, keep hitting him before he gets a chance to recover and fight back!
    Be careful when Thing is in the lower area, he can step in to the reactor
    core (a glowing circle in the floor) and put up a shield that makes him
    invincible to physical attacks and recharges his special bar and some
    health, to get him out of this either throw a fire-ball or barrel, if you
    keep the pressure up you should knock some sense back in to Thing!
    1003.84 - Mission 4 – Bonus - Cleansing Flame - Comic X-MEN# 6
    Easy mission, no real strategy, my best strategy is pretty much use
    mobility attacks on all 20-or-so enemies and call it a day. You may feel
    free to be a little more creative, it really open to how you take out
    these goons.
    1003.85 - Mission 5 – Bonus - Blazing Speed - Comic X-MEN# 7
    This mission is a little more difficult, you have 3 minutes and 30
    seconds to kill 20 goons, first go after soft targets like Invaders,
    Ravagers and fliers, use mobility attacks(hold L tap A) to keep you
    moving and knocking enemies back in to the walls, if you find your self
    on the ground and unable to fly, or if your feeling brave, when your
    about 1/4 of the way from either side of the level and facing the outer
    walls, use a super grapple to send enemies flying over the wall and in to
    a watery grave, but mostly stay away from ground and hand-to-hand combat
    if you are new to this, stay in flight at all times and just hit and run
    this strategy will take out weaker enemies and injure larger ones, as for
    fliers just fly around in a circular pattern while tapping X to take them
    down. Just bite your lip, move fast and hit hard; you’ll get through this
    yet! It may take a few tries but as soon as you beat it, exit story mode,
    go in to options and SAVE YOUR PROGRESS! Unless you have auto-save on.
    1003.86 - Mission 6 – Sacrifice – Along Came a Spider- Card# 39
    Human Torches final mission, you get to play as Altered-Spider man, this
    is an even match, try a few web-balls at the start to get him softened
    up, follow up wit a quick mobility attack(tap L and A), to knock Human
    Torch in to either a wall or barrels, once he’s on the ground grab a
    barrel or A/C unit and toss it at him move a little to keep him from
    hitting you with a fire-ball, you need to focus on getting in close right
    after and hitting him with a combo and possibly getting him in to the air
    with an upper-cut, when you do get him in the air jump after him and grab
    him, it is possible to get about 3 or more stomps on him while he’s on
    the ground, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, in any case when
    he gets back up try and use a mobility attack to keep him down, it
    doesn’t hurt to try and get a ring out against Human Torch either, though
    it is harder due to him being able to fly, but who knows you may get
    lucky! If you can’t get him out that way then don’t be afraid to get him
    on his back and stomp that flame out!
    1003.9 – Iron Man -
    Gravely injured by an act of industrial sabotage, billionaire genius Tony Stark
    saved his own life by designign a life-sustaining shell - the high tech armor
    that is the invincible Iron Man.
    1003.91 - Mission 1 – Scuttle - Card# 24
    Basic mission, with a twist at the end. You start at the back of Avengers
    mansion, break down one door and take out the Decapitator behind it, then
    go to the other side and take down the other one, after that walk down
    the hall about half way and shoot the Invaders that try to come in to the
    hall, next head in to the dining/living room, you’ll see that the floor
    is electrified again, keep flying and toss in some projectile attacks if
    you wish to take out the few Invaders and Decapitators on the top floor,
    next the floor will open up and you’ll see a new enemy; and Obliterator
    standing on the top platform of the computer room stay out of sigh for a
    few moments on the top floor to recharge your super bar(hold R) because
    you will need it! First off just fly over the hole and then shoot your
    homing missile at the Obliterator (hold L and R, tap A), when he falls
    off the platform take his place if you need energy hold R to regain some
    energy, next fly right over to the other side of the room to the single
    computer consol on the lowest pillar, quickly pick it up and throw it at
    the newly arrived enemies, take to the air and begin to move like crazy
    and use mobility attacks(hold L tap A), if your out of energy and can not
    fly pick up any computer consoles and toss them at enemies all the while
    moving as quickly as possible to avoid being hit with projectiles! By now
    you should have just enough super bar to at least hover, take the last of
    these goons out with mobility attacks and you should be home free!
    1003.92 - Mission 2 – Call of Heroes - Card# 25
    This mission is a good test of Iron man’s defensive capabilities; the
    objective is to defend 2 satellite dishes, first a wave of 3 Invaders
    will run in you can take them out with a projectile, one each ought to do
    it, quickly before more show up hold down R to regain super, then 3 more
    will show up, you can do the same to them and recharge, finally 3
    Decapitators will show, the first 2 you should use your mobility attack
    (hold L tap A) to send those 2 back a little and you can deal with the
    single one by doing a super grapple, the other 2 should come back now and
    try to hit the dish, you can most likely hit one of them with a mobility
    attack and then quickly grapple the next one and bounce him off the wall
    that should kill him, next fly over to the neighboring building that has
    the second satellite quickly swat the 4 Invaders off the dish, tossing
    them off the roof is faster, next 3 Decapitators and 3 Marauders will
    appear take out the Decapitators first with mobility attacks and keep
    air-born(hold L) to keep the Marauders from shooting at you and the dish,
    or grapple the Decapitators to toss them off the roof. Once the
    Decapitators are gone, fly around in a circle and air-grapple enemies
    (hold L and tap X), 1 Marauder may have accidentally appeared really far
    out in the “abyss”, don’t try and fly out instead send a seeker missile
    out (hold L and R, tap A) this should get him. Once the 3 Marauders are
    gone rest easy knowing you saved the satellite T.V.!
    1003.93 - Mission 3 – Eternal Soldier - Card# 26
    This is a fairly easy bout, you get to face Brigade. You have a
    statistical advantage over him so use it, you also can fly, he can’t,
    right off the bat shoot him with 3-4 projectiles(hold R tap A), now you
    have to be careful Brigade does have an advantage in this level he can
    step in to the middle of the reactor and regain health and super bar, to
    counter this; take flight to the nearest testla coil and pick it up, take
    flight and throw it at him this should knock him back and/or explode, if
    he catches it shoot him quickly to make him drop it, then go to the next
    testla and the same, remember there is one on the second floor. Once all
    5 coils are ripped out of the ground it a good old fashioned brawl, you
    should have taken out about 50% of Brigade’s health, now you can do what
    ever you want to finish the job, if you get RAGE just take flight and hit
    him with seeker missiles (hold R and L tap A) until he dies or you run
    out of RAGE, after that if he’s still alive you can go in and finish the
    job with a few well placed mobility attacks.
    1003.94 - Mission 4 – Bonus – Hot Iron - Comic X-MEN# 8
    Here you face Altered-Human Torch, piece of cake, just hit him fast and
    hard with 3-4 projectiles(hold R tap A), then go to the nearest car, pick
    it up(tap X when facing) and toss it at him, he’s weak so he can’t catch
    anything, quickly fly over to the next nearest car toss that, then the
    big truck, if that wont kill him, he’ll wish it did, get a few more
    projectiles on him or mobility attacks, this match was over before it
    1003.95 - Mission 5 – Bonus – All or Nothing - Comic X-MEN# 9
    Ok from the most pathetically easy bonus level to the most difficult,
    well not if you know what to do! You only have 2% health and as soon as
    you get hit your gone, ill tell you how to increase your odds of success
    to at least 70%! First jump down to the lower level an Invader will
    teleport in quickly use a mobility attack to subdue him(hold L tap A)
    then fly back up to the second level land hide along the outer wall
    behind the pillar, hold down R the whole time(this will cause you wait
    until the Invaders begin to climb up shoot them with your
    projectiles(hold R tap A) as soon as they right themselves, and be
    careful; one or two may try and come from behind so keep scanning, after
    6 Invaders try to climb up and you’ve blasted them, Marauders will appear
    take flight and quickly air-grapple them then fly back to your hiding
    place, land and hold R to keep your super bar charged, 6 more Invaders
    will come at you make quick with the blasting and that should be the last
    of them!
    1003.96 - Mission 6 – Sacrifice – Clash of Steel - Card# 40
    Here you sacrifice Iron man, Rokel has decided to take things in to his
    own hands, and now you get to play as him to beat the man of Iron! Rokel
    is a little slower than Iron man but a little more durable, take 3-4 test
    shots(hold R tap A) at Iron man, when he’s down; quickly go to a reactor
    pick it up and toss it at him try to inflict as much damage with your
    attacks as possible, bounce him off of other barrels and electric walls,
    this shouldn’t be too hard for you, if you find your self unable to shoot
    projectiles just use mobility attacks(hold L tap A) to send him flying
    across the room, the man of iron should fall shortly after that.
    1003.10 – Magneto -
    The self-appointed Master of Magnetism has dedicated his life to the
    advancement of Homo superior, even if he must bring about humanity’s downfall
    to ensure the ascendance of mutantkind. Arguably the most powerful man on
    earth, Magneto believes that mutants represent the next step in evolution.
    1003.101 - Mission 1 – Master of Magnetism - Card# 27
    The first mission for Magneto is a little difficult, start by taking
    flight (hold L), then flying down to the lower floor begin to use your
    super grapple while flying around the room (hold L and R tap A) to lift
    up the 6 testla coils, be sure to aim generally at the coils or you may
    grab an unintended target, the room will also fill very quickly with
    Ravagers and Marauders, so keep moving so they can not shoot you! This
    portion may take few tries but you will be successful, once all the coils
    are disabled, find the dark blue door but before you use your super
    grapple to rip it from the wall recharge your super bar(hold R) you may
    need it, rip the door off, there will be a hall way and at the end will
    be 2 Ravagers use your magnetic beam(hold R tap A) to eliminate them,
    then slowly head down the hall to the right will be 2 more Ravagers
    waiting to ambush you, move quickly out and use super grapple to pull the
    fuel tanks from behind them and then throw it back at them, then quickly
    turn around and the last Ravager will appear you can either shoot your
    magnetic beam at him or toss the forklift at him, once he is gone head to
    where the 2 Ravagers were, on the left wall will be another door, rip
    this off using super grapple(hold R tap A) and walk to the end and
    1003.102 - Mission 2 – Death Incarnate - Card# 28
    This is a slightly more difficult mission for Magneto, and may take a few
    tries, start by flying over the flames(hold L) but wait for a moment
    before completely leaving the alley, wait for the car to fly by and then
    quickly fly out of the alley and be prepared to take down 3 Marauders by
    flying in a circular motion and tapping X to grab them once you take all
    3 down, use your super grapple while flying (hold R and L tap X) to lift
    up objects and throw them down at the 4 Decapitators use what ever means
    to kill them even use the tank at the far end of the street, once they
    are dispersed, 2 more will appear you can easily take them down with a
    healthy helping of mobility attacks(hold L tap A) now take some time to
    recharge your super bar(hold R), once filled, move to the next shield
    blocking the opposite alley, 2 Obliterators and 2 Decapitators will
    appear, take care of the Obliterators first with either the tank or a
    car, or if you don’t have any more fly over and mobility attack them in
    to the wall a few times, once you killed the Obliterators the
    Decapitators should be no problem, next move in to the alley 2
    Decapitators and an Obliterator will appear in a garage at the end of the
    alley, you have 2 options first being easier; you fall back to the
    entrance of the alley where the shield was and wait for these goons to
    follow or occasionally will teleport after you, use your mobility attack
    on the Obliterator as he rounds the corner then hit him hard with a
    magnetic beam or stomp him to death, next just try and mobility attack
    the Decapitators or if they have the dumpsters wait for them to either
    throw them at you so you can catch them using a super grapple or hit them
    quick with a magnetic beam to knock it out of their hands, make quick
    work of them with mobility or magnetic beam attacks and you’ll be
    victorious and at this point exit story mode go to options and SAVE YOUR
    PROGRESS! Unless you have auto-save on.
    1003.103 - Mission 3 – Poisoned Steel - Card# 29
    Here you get to face Hazmat, you have a slight advantage over him in that
    you can lift the tank, start off by rushing him with a mobility
    attack(hold L tap A), and then a magnetic beam, hit him again with a
    mobility attack to send him flying again, when he goes flying a second
    time; start to use super grapple(hold R tap A) to lift anything and
    everything at him if you can hit him several times with the tank and that
    should pretty much stop his mad scientist ways!
    1003.104 - Mission 4 – Sacrifice – Duel of Masters
    In this fight you play as Paragon and you must defeat Magneto, this is
    fairly easy, start off by hitting him with your plasma burst twice, first
    to get him on the ground then again to bounce him off the wall, next run
    to the tank and try to hit him with it, this will either kill or injure
    him severely, next get up close and personal with a combo attack that
    leads to a upper-cut then jump after him and administer a grapple(tap B
    then X) or knock-down attack(tap B then A), when you land do a plasma
    burst to injure him or knock him out at this point, it shouldn’t be too
    hard since Paragon is “perfect”.
    1003.11 – Paragon -
    Cryogenically frozen for centuries, Paragon began life as a primitive soul
    named Maya. Uncluttered by the baggage of modern society and its politically
    correct morality, Maya’s life was simple – to survive by any means necessary.
    Now, augmented with sophisticated alien technology, she has been groomed into
    the ultimate warrior. With savage human blood & enormous power, Paragon has
    unstoppable abilities.
    1003.111 - Mission 1 – Beta Test - Card# 19
    This mission occurs right before Venom’s The Pit, the object is to take
    out all the Turlin engines in 1 minute, 30 seconds, however if you are
    quick enough you will be awarded 30 additional seconds if you finish a
    section of the course within 1 minute, you should have no problem with
    the first section you can use mobility attacks(tap L and A), or just
    combo(tap A: 3 times), plasma bursts aren’t that strong  against the
    engines your best bet is just punching them, the next set of engines will
    be on stairs just run up to them and break them, the next set are a
    little more difficult to get to they will be on a free floating platform
    you will need to jump from the top step and then teleport on to it, break
    them and move on to the next two sets, they both will have 6 floating
    engines just jump and smash if you can jump then hold R and tap A to do a
    super jump attack, once you finish this run to the end of the hall.
    1003.112 - Mission 2 – Maya’s Dilemma - Card# 31
    This mission happens after Human Torch’s Old Friends mission, this is
    your standard hack and slash mission, kill all enemies, about 10 in
    total, most of them are soft so you can be as creative as you wish, at
    the end you will face 2 Obliterators do with them as you wish, then turn
    left and climb (jump at wall hold R press up on joy pad) up to your
    1003.113 - Mission 3 – Paragon’s Revenge - Movie# 8
    This mission is a little harder, you must defeat a total of 10 heavy
    enemies and then destroy the cloning tanks, first start off by using a
    plasma blast(hold R tap A) to disperse the 3 enemies at the first shield,
    then pick them off one at a time using throws and plasma bursts, next
    there will be 4 enemies hit them with a plasma burst to spread them out,
    then use mobility attacks(tap L and A) get in close to grapple them, if
    you find yourself low on health do a super grapple(hold R tap X) to suck
    the life out of a poor sap and move on, basically when you’re about to
    fight send a plasma burst in to spread them out and then hit them fast
    with mobility attacks, you’ll only have 4 more Maulers to face before the
    cloning tanks once they’re out of the way run like hell in to the cloning
    room do a 3 hit combo, or mobility attack, then teleport to the next
    cloning tank, hit that one move, next, move, never stand still, keep
    hitting them and running until they’re all gone, if your lucky you’ll get
    out with out taking too much damage, try to ignore any enemies that may
    get in your way, and you’ll win, exit story go to options and SAVE YOUR
    1003.114 - Mission 4 – Sacrifice – Meet your Maker - Movie# 9
    This sacrifice is a little different from the others, here you play as
    Paragon and you must defeat Rokel, start off with 2 quick plasma
    bursts(hold R tap A), one to knock him down and the next to bounce him
    off an electric wall, use every thing in your inventory to beat Rokel to
    a pulp, anything from reactors to barrels and add in some plasma bursts
    and mobility attacks, Rokel’s A.I. behavior is extremely lacking, meaning
    he’ll run around in circles for no reason, in this mission if your good
    you should have no problem taking him down in 2 minutes or less the only
    thing you have to worry about is on the lower floor, there is an energy
    outlet that he’ll try and stand on if he does, he may regain 100% health
    and a full super bar, if this happens toss a barrel or plasma burst him,
    he will only be delaying his inevitable defeat.Now take the time to go
    1004 – Cards, Comics and Levels
    The following section shows which characters will unlock the
    corresponding cards, comics and movies during story mode. There are 40
    Cards, 9 movies and 14 Comic books.
    Thing – Cards # 1, 2, 3, 32 – Comic # Fantastic Four: 1, 2 – Movie # 4
    Wolverine – Cards # 4, 5, 6, 33 – Comic # Fantastic Four: 3, 4 – Movie #
    Electra - Cards # 7, 8, 9, 34 – Comic # Fantastic Four: 5, 6 – Movie # 2
    Spider man – Cards # 19, 20, 21, 38 – Comic # X-Men: 4, 5 – Movie # 3
    Daredevil – Cards # 10, 11, 12, 35 – Comic # Fantastic Four: 7, 8 – Movie
    # 5
    Storm – Cards # 13, 14, 15, 36 – Comics # Fantastic Four: 9, X-Men 1 –
    Movie # NONE
    Venom – Cards # 16, 17, 18, 37 – Comics # X-Men: 2, 3 – Movie # 7
    Human Torch – Card # 22, 23, 39 – Comics # X-Men: 6, 7 – Movie # NONE
    Iron man – Card # 24, 25, 26, 40 – Comics # X-Men: 8, 9 –Movie # NONE
    Magneto – Card # 27, 28, 29, 30 – Comic # NONE – Movie # NONE
    Paragon – Card # 19, 31 – Comic # NONE – Movie # 8, 9
    Levels - Here are the 7 Levels from both V.S. and STORY MODE i did my best to
    lable all the itemsand their locations in the map, but dont expect them to be
    100% accurate and keep in mind that some Levels have variations depending on
    the Character you are playing as, for instance: DAREDEVIL's GRAND CENTRAL
    STATION may only have light weight weapons, where as IRONMAN's may have only
    heavy weight weapons, or certain object can only be found in some missions,
    either way I did my best and hope this helps out all those who need it!
    |        |                     |        |B=Barrel
    |  B     |_LP____       __LP___|        |P=Pipes
    |                |     |              B |C=Car
    |                |     |/\        C     |SC=Steel Crate
    |  C            P|     |\/              |LP=Lamp post
    |                |   LP|B               |F= Flame Jets
    |                |     |B          SC   |
    |              SC|_____|B               |
    |           F                           |
    |                                       |
    |            B                          |
    |   F                                  B|
    |                              C        |
    |   C                              SC   |
    |                                       |
     ________________       ________________
    |                |     |                |
    |          C     |     |                |
    |    C           |     |B             LP|
    |----------------|     |B             C |
    |                |_____|                |
    |                |     |----------------|
    |   C            |     | C              |
    |                |     |----------------|
    |                |     |----------------|
    |          C     |LP   |           C    |
    |----------------|     |                |
    |----------------|   LP|                |
    |         _______|     |_______         |
    |        |                     |        |
    |        |    ____________     |C       |
    |   C    |   |            |    |        |
    |        |   |____________|    |        |
    |        |                     |        |B=Barrel
    |  B     |_LP____       __LP___|        |P=Pipes
    |                |     |              B |C=Car
    |                |     |/\        C     |SC=Steel Crate
    |  C            P|     |\/              |LP=Lamp post
    |                |   LP|B               |18= 18 Wheeler(STORY MODE)
    |                |     |B          SC   |F= Flame Jets
    |              SC|_____|B               |/\
    |           F                           |\/=Stepping Stone(Can't lift)
    |                            18         |
    |            B                          |
    |   F                                  B|
    |                              C        |
    |   C                              SC   |
    |                                       |
    Bridge - This is the first level you start off with In story and V.S.
    This contains alot of items to be thrown about and the left and right areas are
    where a "ring-out" is possible, one of the more balanced levels where all
    characters are "at home", boulders also fall from the area above the "cat
    walk", and alot of flame jets are on the floor. There are several variation of
    the BRIDGE in STORY MODE, some are elongated, or even more complex depending of
    the character's mission.
    Light weight
    Barrels - all over the place. can only be thrown.
    Pipes - on the left side of the "cat walk". can be swung 2-3 times or thrown.
    Middle weight
    Cars - one car in all four corners of the level. Can only be thrown.
    Steel Crate - bottom right corner and left of the "cat walk". Can only be
    Heavy weight
    Lamp Post - on top of "cat walk". can be swun 2-3 times or thrown.
    18-Wheeler - middle right (presumably only in story mode). Can only be thrown.
    |G BC                BC    G|C=Couch
    |           C  C            |SA=Suit of Armour
    |SA    P     Ch    P      SA|Ct=Coffee table
    |                           |G=Globe
    |----------       ----------|BC=Book case
    |G       -----------       G|C=Chandelier(hanging from ceiling)
    |Pa                       Pa|Pa=Painting
    |    C/P/SA        C/P/SA   |P=Pillar
    |                           |
    |            Ch             |
    |BC                       BC|
    |                           |
    |          C Ct C           |
    |             C             |
    |    C/P/SA  Ch    C/P/SA   |
        |C                         C|
     ___|SA                       SA|___
    |BC /    BC            BC       \ BC|
    |   \___________________________/   |
    |   |G BC                BC    G|   |C=Couch
    |   |           C  C            |   |SA=Suit of Armour
    |SA |SA    P     Ch    P      SA| SA|Ct=Coffee table
    |L  |                           | L |G=Globe
    |   |----------       ----------|   |BC=Book case
    |   |G       -----------       G|   |C=Chandelier(hanging from ceiling)
    |   |Pa   P|  \      /  |P    Pa|   |Pa=Painting
    |L  /      |   \    /   |       \ L |L= Laser grid
    |   \      |     EF     |       /   |EF= Electic floor
    |   |     P|    /  \    |P      |   |/
    |   |BC    |   /    \   |     BC|   |\ = Door
    |SA |      |  /      \  |       | SA|P=Pillar
    |L  |     P|____________|P      | L |
    |   |                           |   |
    |BC /                           \ BC|
              /   | SC  |    \        B= Barrel
             /B|   -----    |B\       C= Computer
            /--              --\      P= Pipe
           |B P  C        C  P B|     SC= Super Computer(Can not be Used)
           |                    |
           |B P  C        C  P B|
            \--   -------    --/
             \B| |  C C  |  |B/
    Avengers Mansion - This is Melee fighter heaven, due to multiple walls and no
    ring-outs, and majority of the items are Light weight, the pictures hangin at
    the bottom of the stair case cause extra damage if thrown into. Some Story
    missions have a combination of the V.S. and STORY MODE maps(Story may or may
    not have ELECTRIC FLOOR that leads to the BASEMENT, depending on mission).
    Light weight
    Couches - all over the place. can only be thrown.
    Suit of Armour - located in front of any pillars. can only be thrown.
    Spear - held by Suit of Armour. can be swung 2-3 times or thrown.
    Coffee table - usually near couches. Can only be thrown.
    Globe - at the bottom of the stair cases and at the upper left & right of the
    Computer - Can be thrown only in certain missions that are in the Avenger
    Mansion's Basement.
    Middle weight
    Book case - located middle left and right, and near the fire place. can only be
    Chandelier - falls from the ceiling every now and then. can only be thrown
    Pillar - breaks apart when hit 3 or more times. can only be thrown.
    Heavy weight
      | B       F                   B    |
      |    MB/LP   MB/LP PM   MB/LP      |B= Barrel
      |                          C      F|MB= Mail Box
      |           --------      C        |LP= Lamp Post
      |      C   /        \  B           |PM= Parking Meter
      |B  PM    |          |   B         |C= Car
      |         |          |             |DT= Delivery Truck
      |         |          |             |F= Fire
      |          \        /              |
      |B  PM      --------    PM     PM  |
      |       C                      LP  |
     _|                          DT     B|_
    |                                      |
    |  PM     MB B            B MB         |
      | B       F                   B    |
      |    MB/LP   MB/LP PM   MB/LP      |B= Barrel
      |                          C      F|MB= Mail Box
      |           --------      C        |LP= Lamp Post
      |      C   /        \  B           |PM= Parking Meter
      |B  PM    |          |   B         |C= Car
      |         |          |             |DT= Delivery Truck
      |         |          |             |F= Fire
      |          \        /              |
      |B  PM      --------    PM     PM  |
      |       C                      LP  |
     _|                          DT     B|____
    |                                         |
    |  PM     MB B            B MB            |
    |___      ________________________________|
        |    |
        |    |
    |    D  D|_                  B=Barrel
    |  D      B|                 C= Car
    |_______   |                 D= Dumpster
        ____|  |                 T= Tank
     __|B B    |____________     LP= Lamp Post
    |  C LP/MB  F MB LP C   |    MB= Mail Box
    |T                      |    F= Fire
    |  LP/MB B/LP/MB    C   |
    |__________________    _|
                       |  |
                       |  |
                 ______|  |
                |         |
                |_D_D     |
                     |    |
    NYC Streets - A really good place for a Melee battle to the death! 4 walls for
    wall running and lots of heavy objects, the flames in the walls cause more
    damage when thrown into them. There are a few variations to NYC Streets during
    Story mode some have more Heavier items for Heavy weight characters, others
    will have more Light weight items for Light weight characters.
    Light weight
    Barrels - all over the place. can only be thrown.
    Parking meter - around the inner circle. can be swung or thrown.
    Crate - all over the place usually beside barrels. can only be thrown.
    Mailbox - they line along the side walk. can only be thrown.
    Tank Gunbarrel - Hit Tank 3+ times to break off, can be swung or thrown.
    Middle weight
    Cars - on the inner circle of the level. can only be thrown.
    Tank Turret - Hit Tank 3+ times to break off. Can only be thrown.
    Tank Hull - Hit Tank 3+ times to break off. Can only be thrown.
    Heavy weight
    Lamp post - found along the side walks usually beside a Mailbox. can be swung
    or thrown.
    Delivery truck - its big and blue at the bottom right. can only be thrown.
    Tank - Only found during Story Mode can only be thrown.
    |                          |ELGUB YLIAD= Daily Bugle letters.
    |  FT RT/SS        B SS/RT |AC= A/C Units
    |     B             AC     |SS= Smoke stack
    |     AC  |     |      AC  |B= Barrel
    |         |     |          |RT= Radio Tower
    |         |-----|      AC  |FT= Fule Tank
    |         |     |          |
    |  RT     |     |      FT  |
    |  SS                FT    |
    |     B                 RT |
                              | AC AC   AC AC|
     ___________________      |              |
    |AC              AC |     |              |
    |  AC               |     |           AC |
    |__________    -----|     |______________|
               |___\  /_|______
              |                |
              |                |
             _|-----           |
            | |_____|__________|
            | |
            | |
    |    AC   |              | |
    |          --------------  |
    |                          |
    |                          |
    |                          |
    |                          |
    |                          |ELGUB YLIAD= Daily Bugle letters.
    |  FT RT/SS        B SS/RT |AC= A/C Units
    |     B             AC     |SS= Smoke stack
    |     AC  |     |      AC  |B= Barrel
    |         |     |          |RT= Radio Tower
    |         |-----|      AC  |FT= Fule Tank
    |         |     |          |
    |  RT     |     |      FT  |
    |  SS                FT    |
    |     B                 RT |
    Daily Bugle - A nice level but due to high item population you may spend more
    time fighting the level than you opponent, with three break away walls this
    level is a challenge for any player. There is are slight variations to the
    Daily bugle in Story mode depending on the character's mission.
    Light weight
    Barrels - near the four corners of the level. can only be thrown.
    A/C units - usually beside a barrel. can only be thrown.
    Smoke stack - found beside all Radio towers. can be swung or thrown.
    Middle weight
    Bugle sign - the letters of the Daily Bugle sign break off when hit 3+ times.
    can only be thrown.
    Heavy weight
    Radio tower - found at the corners of the level. can be swung or thrown.
    Fuel tank - found in the corners of the level. can only be thrown.
    | \/\/   \/\/\/    \/\/    |\/= Half wall
    | SR   MR                 R|B= Barrel
    |                         R|R= Railing
    |Ph P/MB          MB/P    R|Be= Bench
    |                  B      R|MB= Mailbox
    |L  Be             Be     R|SR= Small Rock
    |   Be LP       LP         |MR= Medium Rock
    |Ph Be             Be      |P= Pillar
    |      T             P     |L= Locker
    |L SR            B         |Ph= Phone
    |__________________________|T= Tank
    |  | \/\/   \/\/\/    \/\/    |  |\/= Break a way Half wall
    |  | SR   MR   ___           R|  |B= Barrel
    | -|          /   \          R|- |R= Railing
    | ||Ph P/MB  |INFO | MB/P    R|| |Be= Bench
    | -|          \___/   B      R|- |MB= Mailbox
    |  |L  Be             Be     R|  |SR= Small Rock
    | -|   Be LP       LP         |- |MR= Medium Rock
    | ||Ph Be             Be      || |P= Pillar
    | -|                    P     |- |L= Locker
    |  |L SR    |--| B|--|B       |  |Ph= Phone
    |  |_________--------_________|  |T= Tank
    |    Be                Be        |INFO= Information Booth(Can not be used)
    Grand Central Station - another favorable Melee level lots of walls, many
    objects for each weight class, and a ring out at the top of the level. As
    always there are slight variations for certain Characters during Story mode,
    and there are only a few Items located on the upper level.
    Light weight
    Barrels - located at either pillar and bottom. can only be thrown.
    Crate - located at bottom. can only be thrown.
    Phone - located on left wall. can only be thrown.
    Railing - located on right wall. can be swung or thrown.
    Small rock - located around each pillar and bottom left corner.
    Tank gunbarrel - hit tank 3+ times to break off. can be swung or thrown.
    Middle weight
    Lockers - located between phones. can only be thrown.
    Bench - located in middle left and middle right of level. can only be thrown.
    Medium rock - located around pillars and break off of pillars and Half wall
    when hit 3+ times. can only be thrown.
    Tank turret - hit tank 3+ times to break it off. can only be thrown.
    Tank hull - hit tank 3+ times to break off. can only be thrown.
    Heavy weight
    Tank - located at bottom left. can only be thrown.
    Lamp post - located infront of benches. can be swung or thrown.
       / TC FT|________      TC= Tesla Coil
      /  _____|SC/P P/B|_    C= Computer
     /  /FT  SC        FT\   Pi= Pillar
    |  |FL    B FL       B|  SC= Steel Crate
    |  |P Pi  ___SC Pi   C|  B= Barrel
    |P |C  B /PC \        |  FL= Fork Lift
    |B |     \___/       C|  P= Pipe
    |B |  TC         TC   |  FT= Fuel Tank
     \ /          B FL   /
         / TC FT|________                    TC= Tesla Coil
        /  _____|SC/P P/B|_                  C= Computer
     __/  /FT  SC        FT\                 Pi= Pillar
    |    |FL     TC        B|      _____     SC= Steel Crate
    |C   |P TC  ___SC TC   C|_____|B  FT|    B= Barrel
    |    |C  B /PC \        \        B C|    FL= Fork Lift
    |C   |     \___/        /_____     B|___ P= Pipe
    |    |  TC         TC  C|     |FL   \   |FT= Fuel Tank
     \ _/           B FL   /      |FT B /___|\
      \___________________/       |_____|    /= Door (Only in Magneto's level)
    Power Plant -  good for Melee battles, but alot of Middle and Heavy weight
    items dot the field, many walls, and the Reactor in the middle is capable of
    giving full health, though it will knock you in to DANGER for 10 seconds
    (requires a well timed jump right before it comes online, however fliers just
    need to fly over it before it turns on). The major variations for the STORY
    MODE Power Plant happen during SPIDER-MAN and MAGNETO's first missions, the
    power plant for SPIDER-MAN will have 11 Computer's along the walls & upper
    levels, where as MAGNETO's will have 6 Tesla coils in the level, 5 on the
    ground floor and one on the upper level.
    Light weight
    Barrels - located on upper level, near pillars. can only be thrown.
    Pipes - near Computer terminal on left side. can be swung or thrown.
    Broken Forklift - can be lifted after 3+ hits. can only be thrown.
    Middle weight
    Forklift - located at top and bottom-right of level. can only be thrown
    Computer terminal - located on left and right sides near pillars. can only be
    Steel Crate - located near pillars. can only be thrown.
    Broken Pillar - can be picked up after 3+ hits. can only be thrown.
    Heavy weight
    Testla coil - located on upper level and middle left and right. can only be
    Propane tank - located near pillars. can only be thrown.
             /    AB        C AB    \      AB= ALIEN BARREL
            /      C                 \     C= Container
           /             PC           \    PC= Power Core
          /        AB                AB\   RC= Regeneration Chamber
         /                            C \  CT= Computer Terminal(Can not be used)
        /                                \ CR= Cooling Rods
       |                         PC      C|
       |                                AB|
       |   CR   CT   PC         CT CR     |
       |                                 C|
       |                                AB|
        \ C       AB   ____              /
         \ AB         /    \            /
          \          |  RC  |          /
           \          \____/         C/
            \    AB C              AB/
              /    AB        C AB    \      AB= ALIEN BARREL
             /      C                 \     C= Container
            /             PC           \    PC= Power Core
           /        AB                AB\   RC= Regeneration Chamber
          /                            C \  CT= Computer Terminal(explodes hit)
     ___ /                                \ CR= Cooling Rods
    | 2 \                         PC      C|\
    |___/                                AB|/= Door (never really used)
        |__________/------------\__________|2= To Tunnels(going up)
        |   CR   CT   PC         CT CR     |
        |                                 C|
        |                                AB|
         \ C       AB   ____              /
          \ AB         /    \            /
           \          |  RC  |          /
            \          \____/         C/
             \    AB C              AB/
    GROUND FLOOR(1st Floor)
        / AB\
       | CV  |                                         CV= Cloning Vats
     ___\AB /_________            ___________          AB= Alien Barrel
    | 2 \      AB     \          /    AB     \         []= Wall/Barrier
    |___/____________  \        /AB________ AB\_____   1= 1st Floor
                     \  \______/  /        \     \ ?|  2= 2nd Floor
                      \    AB    /          \____/__|  X= Sub basement
                       \________/                      ?= Outside (Power plant or
    BASEMENT(2nd Floor)
                 /   []AB[]AB\
                /AB _[]__[]_  \  __
     __________/   /        \  \/ X|
    |   AB    AB  /          \  \__|
    |_/\_________/            \  /
     | 1|                      \/
    Rokel’s Headquarters - The last level of the game, heavy item population of
    Light and Heavy weight classes, items regenerate like crazy, explosive
    teleportations appear randomly, walls are electrocuted, but be glad they added
    a regeneration chamber in the bottom level.
    Light weight
    Alien Barrels - small, round, black and smokey, located everywhere. can only be
    Containers - small rectangular and black, located around Alien Barrels. can
    only be thrown.
    Cooling rods - located to the left and right of the lower middle area. can be
    swung or thrown.
    Middle weight
    Heavy weight
    Power core - round, big, black, and smokey, located around the right side on
    upper and lower levels. can only be thrown.
    1005 – Cheats
    If you’re here that means you want to cheat to unlock everything, right?
    Well sorry but no one has found the “unlock everything” cheat for this
    game yet or maybe there isn’t one to find, or maybe you have been
    directed from one of the previous sections to the cheat section due to a
    game glitch, either way here are the cheats that have been discovered:
    **** - Unlock all Characters and Arenas: - ****
    Go to V.S. mode, select lives match, select any 2 characters, select one
    life each, select bridge, take player 2 and make them jump off the
    bridge, select re-match, do this 160 times, every 10 rounds you will
    unlock a new character or arena, this cheat is best used on the PS2
    where, Things first mission is glitched and no enemies appear.
    Stupid A.I.
    During missions(and some V.S. matches) where you play as either a flier or
    slinger character, and its a level where a ring-out is possible fly out over
    the pit and the computer will try and follow you but forget to fly/sling, and
    will fall to their doom, this also works on levels where there are
    "GOONS"(Invaders, Evicertors, Maulers, etc...).
    Fantastic Four Comic:
    Go to options, cheats and type in: SAVAGELAND
    X-Men Comic:
    Go to options, cheats and type in: NZONE
    Solara Swimsuit Card:
    Go to options, cheats and type in: REIKO
    Electra Swimsuit Card:
    Go to options, cheats and type in: THEHAND
    Storm Swimsuit Card:
    Go to options, cheats and type in: MONROE
    1006- Thanks/Legal/Contact Stuff
    Thanks goes out to MARVEL and E.A. and their staff for making this unique
    and enjoyable game. And as always thanks to you; the player!
    Special thanks goes out to:
    - Tony Lopez - for pointing out that Paragon's Opening phrase is "I will summon
    the GODS OF WAR, and take you down!" as opposed to "CATHODE" as I previously
    - Felipe Bustamante - For winning the ASCII Art contest by default, but a win
    none the less!
    1.00 - Dec 25, 05 - I would be bragging to say 100% complete, so i will... ITS
    100% COMPLETE! Ahh the memories, the heart ache, the joys & sorrows...
    1.05 - Mar 27, 06 - Ok, so its now 105% complete! added "Phrases" and
    "Glitches" for each character, "Stupid A.I." trick in cheats, added which
    mission unlocks what card(even though its easy-> Spiderman mission 1 unlocks
    Spiderman card #1, mission 2 unlocks card #2...), made "PS2 WARING!" section
    and lastly added "Updates" section in section 1006(your reading it right now).
    1.08 - Apr 14, 06 - Added Official response from EA about the PS2 story-mode
    glitch(section 1003.0), added "Special Moves" for each Character, added section
    numbers for each mission(ie. Thing mission 4 is numbered 1003.14) for
    1.09 - Apr 25, 06 - Added Character info for each Major character in the story
    mode section(ie: 1003.1, 1003.2, 1003.3... ETC, contains back story for
    character copied from the "trading cards"), Changed Paragon's opening phrase
    (thanks to Tony Lopez), added "Home Levels", added better character
    class/categoty description (section 1002), added V.S. level descriptions.
    1.10 - Oct 29, 06 - Long time since i updated... well... Added that
    super-fantastic-cool semi-ASCII(Think you can do better? then send it in!)
    Logo up top made some minor spelling changes, and section revisions (PS2
    warning is now in section 1003.00).
    1.11 - Nov 30, 06 - Well the turn out for the ASCII contest was very poor, so
    by default Felipe Bustamante has won... however his ASCII art wasn't very
    legible but he has promised to try another one and send it in! In other news; I
    have added a ASCII MAP of each level in both STORY & V.S. MODE and minor
    changes to hopefully make getting around this FAQ easier and what not.
    All characters are copy right MARVEL and E.A. and their rightful
    owners, This guide is to be used for nonprofit personal purposes only.
    None of the material in this FAQ was used or gained through other
    publications, FAQ files, or players except where otherwise stated above
    in the Thanks section. This guide is intended to be a fan effort, and no
    money is being made off of it whatsoever. This guide is also only
    available to be published on GAMEFAQS.com, NEOSEEKER.com, CHEATCC.com,
    GAMEPLAYWORLD.com, SUPERCHEATS.com, 1UP.com and will be updated as such.
    This guide is Copyright © 2006 to Adam Holowczak, you can not sell this
    guide, nor post it on your own web site unless you have my written
    consent and give me full credit.
    If you have any questions, comments or additional hints please write me
    at the following:
    Wolverinen64@hotmail.com – With the subject line “Marvel Nemesis FAQ”
    The information submitted will be published in this FAQ and accredited in
    the “Thanks” section.

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