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    -o- CONTENTS -o-
    ~1~ Introduction
        - 1.1  Game Description
        - 1.2  Pros
        - 1.3  Cons
        - 1.4  Walkthrough Language
        - 1.5  Controls
    ~2~ Items
        - 2.1  Basic Items
        - 2.2  Story Items
    ~3~ Team Upgrades
        - 3.1  Ki Upgrades
        - 3.2  Melee Attacks
        - 3.3  Combo Attacks
    ~4~ Basic Enemies
        - 4.1  Saibamen
        - 4.2  Henchmen
        - 4.3  Yardrat
        - 4.4  Prototype Androids
        - 4.5  Cell Juniors
    ~5~ Bosses
        - 5.1  Radditz
        - 5.2  Nappa
        - 5.3  Vegeta
        - 5.4  Recoome
        - 5.5  Burter and Jeice
        - 5.6  Captain Ginyu
        - 5.7  Ginyu as Goku
        - 5.8  Freiza 1st Form
        - 5.9  Freiza 2nd Form
        - 5.10 Freiza True Form
        - 5.11 Soba
        - 5.12 Android 17
        - 5.13 Android 17 & 18
        - 5.14 Android 19
        - 5.15 Android 18
        - 5.16 Android 17
        - 5.17 Imperfect Cell
        - 5.18 Perfect Cell (Vegeta)
        - 5.19 Perfect Cell (Gohan)
    ~6~ Unlockables
        - 6.1 Pendulum Room
        - 6.2 Character List
    ~7~ Version History
    ~8~ Credits
    ~9~ Legal Disclaimer
    -o- INTRODUCTION -o-
    1.1 Game Descritption 
    - Dragonball Z sagas is the first action-adventure DBZ game released on a non
    handheld system in the USA. If you haven't yet played it, think of it as the
    Guantlet Legends of DBZ minus the constant annoyance of food and a more complex
    battle system.
    1.2 Pros
    - Fully interactive environments. Enemies can be hurled into/through buildings,
    mountains, large boulders, or anything else on the horizon. Anything touchable
    is destroyable, for the most part.
    - Co-op mode. The fact that you can go through the campaign playing side by
    side really saves the game's replay value. For the most part it makes sense
    as far as who you have to use in the main mode. For a boss fight that must
    be one on one, they actually came up with an interesting way to handle it.
    The first example of this comes against the first, and only, battle with
    Vegeta. There is a timer in the top-right corner of the screen. One player
    controls the character while the timer runs out. There is a series of beeps
    and then the timer changes color and restarts as control then passes to the
    other player. It requires both people to pay close attention to combos,
    positioning, the health of both you and the enemy, ki levels, and builds
    the teamwork needed for later, and harder levels.
    - Pendelum Room. I'll cover this in more detail later, but basically this is
    based on the room at Kami's lookout during the Saiyan Saga where Yamcha, Tien,
    Chaozu, and Krillin go back in time to battle a pair of Saiyans. The characters
    you unlock for completing the game can now be used in all story mode levels.
    1.3 Cons
    - Game Length. This game covers the span from the Arrival of Radditz to the
    final battle against Cell. However, a lot of time spans between the levels
    that really could have used fights. For example, during the Namek Saga, you are
    told to hold off Freiza until Piccolo arrives. When you do so, nothing happens.
    You move straight to the final battle between SS Goku and Freiza. You don't get
    to fight as Piccolo after all the work waiting on him to show up. Kind of a let
    down. Needless to say the game could have been much, much longer.
    - Cameras. You have absolutely no control over the camera angle, sorry chap.
    This is the one major problem I have with the game. Full 3-D environment and
    they don't give you camera control. *sigh* Oh well.
    1.4 Walkthrough Language
    - For the sake of time there will be simple abbreviations used for a lot of the
    combos, and button use. Since I don't feel like typing the words.
    "P" - Punch, Square
    "K" - Kick, Triangle
    "F" - Fly, X
    "O"- Ki blast, Circle
    1.5 Controls
    - These are the basic default controls for the PS2 version of Sagas.
    Square   - Punch
    Triangle - Kick
    Circle   - Ki blast, hold to perform Special, press during combo to break.
    X        - Jump. Press mid-jump to Fly, Flying stop if hit into the air.
    L1       - Lock onto target
    L2       - Display Items picked up. Capsules, Story Items etc.
    R1       - Block
    R1+X     - Charge Ki
    R2       - Teleport (Unlockable)
    R3       - Toggle Map/Radar
    R1+R3    - Hide Map/Radar
    Start    - Pause
    -o- ITEMS -o-
    - Instead of a full on walkthrough of where all of the items are I will simply
    tell you this. Leave no stone, car, or house un-blownthecrapup. All of the
    items that are not in plain sight are hidden under one of those three things.
    Maybe if I get enough time away from school I'll put together a kind of
    walkthrough that tells you where the items are, but Atari didn't hide them
    with hopes that you wouldn't find them.
    2.1 Basic Items
    - Red Capsules. Red Capsules are health capsules that serve two functions. If
    you, or your partner, are in need of health it will restore some of your health
    and for every 10 Red Capsules you collect your maximum health bar will increase
    in size.
    - Yellow Capsules. Yellow Capsules work the same way as Red Capsules except
    they affect Ki instead of health.
    - Z-Coins. Z-Coins are the currency of Sagas. After collecting them you may use
    them at the Upgrade stations in just about every non-boss level to purchase
    upgrades for the characters.
    - Senzu Beans. Senzu Beans are extra lives. Like Mega Man Heads, if you have
    these in your inventory, should your character bite the big one, you will be
    revived with all of your health and Ki restored.
    2.2 Story Items
    Story Items are not useful in any way, shape, or form except to advance to a
    new area of a level, or to beat a level. You cannot use them in any other way.
    - Dragonballs
    - Time Machine Parts
    -o- TEAM UPRADES -o-
    3.1 Ki Upgrades
    - Special Move. This is the first upgrade you will purchase, as it is required
    to get past the giant boulders directly in front of the first upgrade station.
    That and it is the single most useful upgrade in the game.
     Z-Coin Cost: 4
     Requirement: None
     Combination: Press and hold O
    - Quick Recovery. Allows you to perform an air recovery why knockedback. Useful
    for stopping an uppercut combo and performing one of your own and to avoid
    rapid ki fire after a knockback. However it leaves you open for a second while
    you are recovering.
     Z-Coin Cost: 6
     Requirement: None
     Combination: X during knockback
    - Teleport. Allows you to teleport behind the enemy you are targeting. VERY
    VERY useful upgrade. Once mastered it makes you almost unbeatable.
     Z-Coin Cost: 10
     Requirement: None
     Combination: L1+R2
    - Flight Speed. Doubles your flight speed. Nice for outrunning tracking blasts
    and when exploring.
     Z-Coin Cost: 3
     Requirement: None
    - Turbo Ki Charge. Ki charge rate goes up by about 25%. Obviously very nice.
     Z-Coin Cost: 8
     Requirement: None
     Combination: R1+X
    - Ki Sense. Allows you to see enemies on the Dragon Radar. Not a very big help.
     Z-Coin Cost: 5
     Requirement: None
    - Lucky. Allows you to see items on the Dragon Radar. Not a very big help until
    you get to the point where you want to get all of the items in each stage.
     Z-Coin Cost: 4
     Requirement: None
    3.2 Melee Attacks
    - Uppercut. Uppercut that can either set up an unblockable ki shot or a combo.
     Z-Coin Cost: 6
     Requirement: None
     Combination: R1+P
    - Roundhouse. Roundhouse kick that hits everyone around you.
     Z-Coin Cost: 6
     Requirement: None
     Combination: R1+K
    - Smash. Starts a 2 hit combo after a successful uppercut.
     Z-Coin Cost: 8
     Requirement: Uppercut
     Combination: R1+Press and hold P
    - Unblockable Finishers. Makes the end of any combo unblockable.
     Z-Coin Cost: 8
     Requirement: None
     Combination: Press O instead of last button of any combo but Sakuryu-Dageki.
    - Combo Breaker. Allows you to break a combo if timed correctly. I know what
    you're thinking. C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! Yes, it is just as useful in this
    game as in that classic.
     Z-Coin Cost: 6
     Requirement: None
     Combination: Press O at the same time as the attack.
    - Throw. Um... throws the bad guy.
     Z-Coin Cost: 6
     Requirement: None
     Combination: R1+O
    3.3 Combos
    - Chikara-Dageki. 6 hit combo.
     Z-Coin Cost: 5
     Requirement: None
     Combination: PPKKKK or KKPPPP
    - Chudan-Dageki. 7 hit combo.
     Z-Coin Cost: 6
     Requirement: Chikara-Dageki
     Combination: KKPPKKK or PPKKPPP
    - Chikara-Kobushi. 8 hit combo.
     Z-Coin Cost: 7
     Requirement: Chudan-Dageki
     Combination: PPPPKKKK or KKKKPPPP
    - Tatsumaki. 9 hit combo.
     Z-Coin Cost: 8
     Requirement: Chikara-Kobushi
     Combination: KKKPPPPKK or PPPPKKPPP
    - Kiai-Dageki. 10 hit combo.
     Z-Coin Cost: 9
     Requirement: Tatsumaki
     Combination: PPPPKKKPPP or KKKPPPKKKK
    - Sokuryu-Dageki. 23 hit combo that does insane damage.
     Z-Coin Cost: 10
     Requirement: Kiai-Dageki
     Combination: PPP hold K or KKK hold P
    -o- BASIC ENEMIES -o-
    - Enemies usually show up in groups of three or four. The most I've seen is
    five. And the next group of enemies will not spawn until all of the ones from
    the first group have been destroyed. The maps are pretty self explainatory if
    only for the fact that you can't deviate from the set paths. I'd say enemies
    appear just about every 20-30 yards or so, and you'll be able to tell because
    the music changes and the screen will bounce a little bit.
    4.1 Saibamen
    - Yellow Saibamen. These guys are really the cannon fodder of the game. They're
    especially weak, and are more annoyances than anything else. Most characters
    can kill them with a single punch. The only thing to worry about is that if
    you fail to knock them down when they die they will chase you down and blow
    themselves up. Just outrun the little bugger and move on.
    - Green Saibamen. Green Saibamen are only dangerous in groups of 3 or more.
    They can shoot acid out of their heads and that hurts. They can also latch on
    to you and self-destruct, which hurts a lot.
    - Red Saibamen. The most annoying baddies ever. Mostly placed in areas that you
    can't reach, all they do is blast acid at you from farther away than you can
    target them. This in itself is not too bad, but they always back up a group of
    Green Saibamen and screw up your timing.
    - Purple Saibamen. These guys aren't nearly the terror they're made out to be.
    They can sprout more Saibamen, but once you kill the Purple one, all of it's
    children die.
    - Mega-Saibamen. I'm not sure what the real name for these guys are, but when I
    played through and saw them for the first time, Mega-Saibamen was the first
    thing that came to mind. They have some strong attacks, but like most large
    enemies they're very slow and once you take their tanked HP down, they're easy.
    Make sure to stay away from their shockwave when they punch the ground. You
    don't want any part of that. Ouch!
    4.2 Henchmen
    - Normal Henchmen. Like the Green Saibamen, these guys are only dangerous in
    - Red Henchmen. Red Henchmen are the same as Purple Saibamen, kill him and the
    whole group goes away.
    - Green Henchmen. I've only actually seen one of these guys, but he had a lot
    of HP and his attacks hurt, so take him out quick.
    4.3 Yardrat
    - Yardrat Sharkish Alien Thingys. Not sure what the heck these guys are. In the
    show he doesn't fight anyone or anything on Yardrat, so I made up another name.
    If you have a better one, email it to stormrider@idontreallycare.com. These
    things won't attack you if you're not close to them, and actually will "swim"
    away from you. But if you do manage to be attacked by one just kill it, they're
    4.4 Prototype Androids
    - Small Androids. These small guys are the basic baddies. They're extremely
    weak and they don't take much to destroy. The only thing is when they're in big
    groups. Just like all of the other standard goons.
    - Large Androids. These guys are tanks. Not only do their blasts hurt, but they
    can take lots of punishment. Plus, they can spawn a bunch of little kamakazi
    droids that chase you and explode when you touch them.
    4.5 Cell Juniors
    - Cell Juniors. Small, fast, strong, and there are 6 of them. You have one HUGE
    advantage that I have seen. They can't fly. So get yourself airborn and SPAM KI
    -o- BOSSES -o-
    - Here's the thing with bosses. They all have the same setup as a PC (Playable
    Character). This means that for the most part the only skills they get are
    skills that you yourself can have. Then the boss also gets unique abilities,
    c'mon, they are bosses after all. So I'm making a really easy way of finding
    boss info. Their basic abilities are listed as the Upgrades that apply to them.
    Then I will explain patterns and their special abilities in futher detail after
    I deal with the basics. Mostly to avoid lengthy repitition.
    5.1 Radditz                  Power Level: 1,200
    - Chikara-Dageki (Punch Only)
    - Uppercut
    - Smash
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    Details: Radditz isn't very hard to defeat. He has a very distinct pattern as
             well as easily countered moves. Anyone who's planning on spamming Ki
             should put their controller down and stop playing, it won't work. He
             is quite a bit faster than you. Keep in mind that Goku has a Power
             Level of about 420, so he's about 3 times as strong as you are.
             Here's the real deal. He's going to try and combo you right off the
             bat, so you might as well start blocking. After the last punch he's
             wide open for a combo of your own. You've only got the basic 5 hit
             combos, but that'll do. Then once there's some distance between you
             he likes to be clever and try a Teleport/Uppercut/Smash combo. So just
             hold block until he misses, then he'll be floating in the air unable
             to guard. So lock on and blast him with the Kamehameha. After he's
             down to his last string of health he'll do nothing but run away until
             you get close enough for him to try and hit you while you're moving.
             That's pretty much it. He's actually really easy.
    5.2 Nappa                    Power Level: 4,000
    - Chikara-Dageki
    - Uppercut
    - Roundhouse
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    Details: This is very important. If you do not have teleport this fight is
             going to really really blow. Nappa has two unique abilities that are
             bound to annoy you and probably kill you once. The first of which is 
             the fact that he will plant 3 Saibamen to fight you. The other is his
             attack that usually follows that, is an electro beam that shocks you
             and freezes you in place.
             The strategy for this is to attack while he's charging his energy
             basts. He charges for a really long time, and that's almost the only
             window of opportunity you're gonna get. When he plants the Saibamen
             blast him, he won't be able to block. The the green guys get a Masenko
             and the yellow ones get a punch or kick combo. Rinse and repeat until
             Nappa is dead.
    5.3 Vegeta                   Power Level: 18,000
    - Chikara-Dageki
    - Chudan-Dageki
    - Uppercut
    - Roundhouse
    - Slam
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    Details: Vegeta is a bigger pain if you don't have teleport than Nappa. You
             start off on the other end of the screen from him, and he spams his
             Galick Gun like he doesn't know any other moves. Even though he does.
             Vegeta likes his energy. So if you have teleport wait till he's going
             to charge it up, then teleport behind him and combo him. If you stay
             right next to him the whole time he will teleport as well and combo
             you. So you're going to have to use your own judgement on when to go
             in and when to stay back. If you have teleport you know that if you're
             too far away you won't teleport behind him, just closer to him. So eye
             the distance and remember it, because the easiest way out of this
             fight is to back up, teleport, combo, repeat. If you no have teleport,
             then you'll just have to do a lot of side-stepping and guarding.
    5.4 Recoome                  Power Level: 40,000
    - Tatsumaki
    - Roundhouse
    - Uppercut
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    Details: Recoome is actually quite a bit easier than Vegeta. I put teleport on
             his list of skills because I am assuming he can do it, I've never seen
             him do it, he never lasts long XD. He has his Eraser Gun that is just
             a mouth beam. But his real strength is his rapid fire. You get hit
             with one and you get hit with all of them, and they hurt. He also has
             a varient of the Mega-Saibaman shockwave and it hurts even more.
             Here's the quick and easy way. Block until he's done firing his Ki. He
             gets tired and has to catch his breath. Then lay into him for some
             major damage. Teleport combos make this match over before it starts.
    5.5 Burter and Jeice         Power Level: 95,000 (combined)
     BURTER  PL: 50,000          JEICE  PL: 45,000
    - Tatsumaki                 - Chudan-Dageki
    - Uppercut                  - Special Attack
    - Roundhouse                - Tackle
    - Special Attack            - Teleport
    - Teleport
    - Tackle
    Details: The game says their combined power level is 95k, but in reality it's
             no where close to that. When they suspect Goku has a power level of
             60k Jeice acts like that is enormous. So in reality they're not as bad
             as the game tells you. They are really annoying because although you
             technically only fight one at a time, if you are besting the on in the
             fight, the one outside will attack you a lot. Even if you're not, he
             will still attack, just not as much. One thing that you don't want to
             have hit you is their Purple Spiral Flash Attack... yeah I know, the
             name is really stupid, but that's what it's called, I didn't make that
             up. Anyway, as dumb as the name is the power it packs is undeniable.
             So get away from it, the range it has is very small.
             Ok, don't attack the guy on the outside of the circle, he can't be
             touched so you might as well leave him alone. The only way to beat
             both of these guys is to just combo and counter this whole fight.
             Jeice is the easiest because he loves to use his tackle, and when he
             does he telegraphs it and makes it easy to avoid. After you beat
             Burter, Jeice will run away to find Captain Ginyu which is your next
    5.6 Captain Ginyu            Power Level: 120,000
    - Roundhouse
    - Uppercut
    - Throw
    - Smash
    - Special Attack
    Details: Captain Ginyu is the single easiest fight in the entire game. He goes
             underground and tries to uppercut combo you until the end of time. He
             does have other moves, and he will use his Special Attack once in a
             while. But for the most part he sticks to the underground attack.
             Like I said, he spends almost the entire fight underground. So you do
             have one distinct adventage. FLIGHT! Stay in the air and when he comes
             up to uppercut you, he'll miss, and when he does just pummel him with
             Kamehamehas. Fight over.
    5.7 Ginyu as Goku            Power Level: 23,000
    - Chikara-Dageki
    - Uppercut
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    - Quick Recovery
    Details: Ginyu isn't strong enough in Goku's body to dent Gohan's boxer shorts.
             He's going to spam Kamehameha like it's his job, then try to string
             Chikara-Dageki's if you manage to keep dodging his Ki blasts.
             Once again Jeice is there, but he can't be touched. Fortunately he is
             not going to attack nearly as often. Once or twice at the most. And
             once again you can't touch him, he'll just teleport if you try. This
             will be super easy. Just block his physical attacks, uppercut him, and
             while he's in the air blast him with a quick Masenko. Even his he uses
             his quick recovery, he's still open and can't block it. All that you
             need to do is block and counter.
    5.8 Freiza 1st Form          Power Level: 530,000
    - Tatsumaki
    - Roundhouse
    - Uppercut
    - Unblockable Finisher
    - Smash
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    Details: Okay, You cannot win this fight, I'm going to tell you right off. The
             real deal is that Freiza has a true power level of over 12 million. No
             one really has a shot at beating him until Piccolo shows up. And even
             that doesn't last long. This form has a small version of his Death
             Ball, and it's fast and it tracks your movements, so don't bother
             trying to outrun it.
             Since there's no real way to win, just guard his death balls, teleport
             combo, and try not to die.
    5.9 Freiza 2nd Form          Power Level: 1,030,000
    - Tatsumaki
    - Roundhouse
    - Uppercut
    - Unblockable Finisher
    - Smash
    - Special Attack
    - Tackle
    - Teleport
    Details: Ok, they don't tell you what the power levels really are for these two
             forms, but I know them because I'm a dork and watch the show too much.
             Aight, so this form is bigger, faster, and stronger. His Death Ball is
             just like him, bigger, faster, and stronger. He is almost twice as
             strong as Vegeta right now, so don't bother trying to wail on him.
             Fight more cautious than before, but don't just run or he'll drill you
             with the Death Balls that you cannot outrun. Bide your time and wait
             for Piccolo to show up and save the day, so to speak.
    5.10 Freiza True Form        Power Level: 12,000,000
    - Tatsumaki
    - Roundhouse
    - Uppercut
    - Unblockable Finisher
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    Details: This is actually not a very easy fight if you are unable to defeat him
             before you revert back to normal. The gauge drains quickly and it
             replenishes very slowly. 
             While a Super Saiyan just teleport/uppercut/Kamehameha. If you end up
             reverting back to normal just use your longest and most powerful 
             combos to try and replenish the gauge.
    5.11 Soba                    Power Level: 14,000,000
    - Tatsumaki
    - Uppercut
    - Smash
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    Details: This fight isn't terribly difficult. He has the ability to teleport
             many times in a small time period, then combo you afterwards. He can
             also summon up two to three little sharkish monster things that will
             kind of swim around and attack you if you get too close, but they will
             leave you alone if you don't get too close.
             Teleport conter his Ki blasts and try to knock him into the nearby
             mountains, they add a considerable ammount of to the end of a combo.
             You can always uppercut/Kamehameha him to death, he's not terribly
             smart. Since he's not supposed to exist, maybe they made the fight
             easy on purpose. The Super Saiyan Gauge increases faster now, and he
             has less health than Freiza.
    5.12 Android 17              Power Level: ??,???,???
    - Tatsumaki
    - Sokuryu-Dageki
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    Details: He has a couple of weird moves. One of them works the same way as the
             Purple Spiral Flash from the fight with Burter and Jeice. It's easy to
             spot because he flies into the air and there's red and yellow glowing
             all around him. Also, he can make the ground under you explode, and
             that really really hurts, so don't get hit with it. He also has a real
             fast Special Attack, his Power Blitz is pretty much undodgeable, and
             unless you have your guard up already, you won't get it up in time.
             All this being said he does has a weakness, he's not very strong when
             you use physical attacks. In fact, the long combos do much more damage
             than your Special does. Just make sure to avoid his heavy attacks and
             drill him with long combos when you can and the fight will be easy.
    5.13 Androids 17 & 18        Power Level: ??,???,???
    - Tatsumaki
    - Sokuryu-Dageki
    - Special Attack
    - Teleport
    Details: This is exactly the same as before, except you have to do it twice.
             Avoid the heavy hitters, combo when you can, and don't lose patience,
             it's gonna be a long fight.
    5.14 Android 19              Power Level: ??,???,???
    - Sokuryu-Dageki
    - Special Attack
    - Uppercut
    - Smash
    - Roundhouse
    - Teleport
    Details: This is pretty ridiculous. Android 19 has absolutely no chance to win.
             I actually had to stand still to find out if he even HAD attacks, and
             guess what... HE DOES! Not that you'll actually see them, but he has
             Eye Lasers, a blue wave thing that tracks your movements, and another
             eye blast that's much bigger. However, he does absolutely no damage
             when it hits you, he's basically a punching bag.
             Just kill him, do it fast so Goku doesn't take too much punishment
             from Dr. Gero, unfortunately he's just like Jeice in the fact that
             you can't hit him. So beat Android 19 in the whole 5 seconds it will
             take, and move on to the next part of the level.
    5.15 Android 18              Power Level: ??,???,???
    - Chudan-Dageki
    - Tatsumaki
    - Sokuryu-Dageki
    - Special Attack
    - Uppercut
    - Smash
    - Roundhouse
    - Teleport
    Details: This is really silly to type in again, but she doesn't get any new
             abilities or anything else. She's slightly more powerful, a lot faster
             and is much more resistent to physical damage than before.
             Teleport, attack, unless you're a Super Saiyan you're not gonna do
             much in the way of damage, so you need to get the job done quickly.
    5.16 Android 17              Power Level: ??,???,???
    - Chudan-Dageki
    - Tatsumaki
    - Sokuryu-Dageki
    - Special Attack
    - Uppercut
    - Smash
    - Roundhouse
    - Quick Recovery
    - Throw
    - Teleport
    Details: Android 17 is very defensive in this battle. He likes to fight from a
             distance. Then he can use his rapid fire attacks the whole time.
             The best way to get through this is to stick to you like glue, go
             Super Namek when you can, and keep the pressure on him so that you
             can keep him from using his ranged attacks.
    5.17 Imperfect Cell          Power Level: ???,???,???
    - Chudan-Dageki
    - Tatsumaki
    - Sokuryu-Dageki
    - Special Attack
    - Uppercut
    - Smash
    - Roundhouse
    - Quick Recovery
    - Throw
    - Teleport
    Details: Imperfect Cell is a very easy battle, especially as a Super Saiyan. He
             gets the same moves as Android 17, but like Android 19, he won't get
             the chance to use many of them.
             He takes uber damage from your physical attacks. So pummel him until
             he runs away. Then do it again.
    5.18 Perfect Cell (Vegeta)   Power Level: ???,???,???
    - Chudan-Dageki
    - Tatsumaki
    - Sokuryu-Dageki
    - Special Attack
    - Uppercut
    - Smash
    - Roundhouse
    - Quick Recovery
    - Throw
    - Teleport
    Details: This fight is exactly like the Imperfect Cell fights except he has a
             much higher defense against your attacks.
             Here's the deal, teleport/uppercut/ki. That's about all I can say. He
             doesn't attack much, but he defends just about every frontal assault.
             So just beat him and call it a level.
    5.19 Perfect Cell (Gohan)    Power Level: ???,???,???
    - Chudan-Dageki
    - Tatsumaki
    - Sokuryu-Dageki
    - Special Attack
    - Uppercut
    - Smash
    - Roundhouse
    - Quick Recovery
    - Throw
    - Teleport
    Details: This is by far the hardest fight in the entire game. You CANNOT, I
             repeat, CANNOT damage him until you reach Super Saiyan 2. He will use
             Quick Recovery every time you knock him back. He will rush you after
             that, and he is ungodly fast. 
             The only hope is timing your teleports and using your longest combos. 
             After you reach Super Saiyan 2 you will be unstoppable. Your attacks 
             will destroy him very quickly and he won't last terribly long unless 
             you somehow manage to screw up royally. That's it, that's the end of
             the game, hope you enjoyed it.
    -o- UNLOCKABLES -o-
    6.1 Pendulum Room
    - The Pendulum Room is where you can play through the entire game using all of
    the original characters, as well as the unlockable characters.
    6.2 Character List
    -o- Goku -o-
    - Goku: The Arraival
    - Goku: Saiyans Duel
    - Goku: Ascended
    - Goku: RIT Armor
    - Goku: Cell Games
    -o- Vegeta -o-
    - Vegeta: Saiyan Elite
    - Vegeta: RIT Armor
    - Vegeta: RIT Armor Variant
    -o- Gohan -o-
    - Kid Gohan
    - Kid Gohan: RIT Armor
    - Teen Gohan: RIT Variant
    - Teen Gohan: Namekian Uniform
    - Teen Gohan: Cell Games
    - Adult Gohan
    - Adult Gohan: One Arm
    -o- Piccolo -o-
    - Piccolo
    - Piccolo: With Cape
    -o- Trunks -o-
    - Trunks: No Jacket
    - Trunks: Dark Jacket
    - Trunks: Light Jacket
    - Trunks: RIT Armor
    - Trunks: RIT Armor Variant
    - Teen Trunks
    -o- Broly -o-
    - Broly
    -o- Bardock -o-
    - Bardock
    -o- Krillin -o-
    - Krillin
    -o- Yamcha -o-
    - Yamcha
    -o- Tien -o-
    - Tien
    7.0 Version History
    - Version 0.1 3/27/05
     - Sections 1 through 9 completed. 
    - Version 0.2 3/28/05
     - Game Description, Items section, and Basic Enemies sections lengthened.
    -o- CREDITS -o-
    8.0 Credits
    - FAQ created by The Stormrider
    - Text Art created at http://www.network-science.de/ascii
    9.0 Legal Disclaimer
    - GameFAQs is the only place permitted to host and/or display this FAQ.
    - Anyone my use any information from this FAQ as they wish, however if using it
    in creating a new FAQ I simply ask for mention in the credits.
    - Dragonball Z was created by Akira Toriyama
    - Dragonball Z is copywrited by Atari, Avalanche, and FUNimation respectively

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