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" Atari miss that one!!"


Yeah!! A Dragon Ball Z game that is not a Fighting type of game. This game is good and it is not, well some aspect of the game are very good and some are not very good. Atari has now provided a DBZ game in which you can roam on a field an kick some butts. But the game isn't that great as Atari said it would be, a very good effort but that needs improvement.

Story 8/10

Well something I really like about this game is that it respects the DBZ sagas. You will also have cut scenes from the show, this is one of the aspects I like when a game sticks to the story.

Gameplay 5/10

Well this is a great aspect of the game but still needs much improvement. In the beginning of the game you have no special moves…(very weird for DBZ characters that are known for their super powers) oh well.. You have to buy all the skills before you can get in some real good fighting. Well it is true that you can roam on a world of DBZ in 3D but it is basically a straight forward game. You can't fly in this game you hover, flying is very different from hovering because flying gives you the ability to go up and down this game has none of this.
Also most of your enemies can't even fly. Well this is not something I like to say but Atari didn't respect what they told us, they said that on levels you could go almost anywhere and blow a lot of things but like I said before, the levels are linear and you follow paths that will eventually end up with breakable objects. Well the game play is not that bad but I was expecting a little bit more!!

Graphics 5/10

Nothing very spectacular here. The characters and the enviroments were really well done, Atari did something great with these, maybe except *Gohan*. Something that maybe you have noticed is that when you look at the characters from a close look you will see that the characters aren't that great at all, maybe it is me but gosh!! But when you see an explosion from a KI Blast wow!! are they great.

Sound 7/10

The sound is good for the most part of the game it is very good! They actually respected the voices of the characters in the show,which I really like because it was familiar voices. But the KI Blast were not that great, they actually sounded weird, but oh well…

Replay 2/10 Generous!!

Well I don't even know why I gave a 2, maybe it is because I like DBZ. Their isn't something enough good to be replayed, if you like smashing cars and stuff then go for it, other than that there is all the Z coins you need to collect.

Rent or Buy

Well I suggest that you play it at least once, because we have to say that it was still a very good TV show. Though I have bought the game doesn't mean you have to because I sure regret it because I didn't have enough for my money.. It will be up to you to judge, but I strongly suggest to rent it first and you will probably beat the game in one rent!!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/29/05

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