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    Owner Mode FAQ by MetsRule

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    MVP Baseball 2005 Owner Mode FAQ
    Created by: MetsRule
    Contact: MetsRule5@gmail.com
    Updated: 4/03/05
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Choosing/Building Your Team
    3. Stadium Upgrades
    4. Making Money
    5. Random Facts 
    6. Top 100 Prospects List
    7. Players With Potential
    8. Media Revenue Contract
    9. Trades Section
    10. Custom Covers
    11. Young, Cheap Team
    12. Copyrtight/Credit
    1. Introduction
    I created this FAQ to try and help the many peOple that have 
    been complaining that they are having trouble making money 
    in owner mode.  If you have any qustions or comments about this 
    FAQ please email me at MetsRule5@gmail.com.  If you are viewing this 
    FAQ on GameFAQS I would really appreciate it if you rated my FAQ.  You 
    can do this by clicking on the rate button next to my FAQS name.  Then 
    just say if you found the guide informative or not.  It would really 
    help me know how I'm doing.  As of today my FAQ has about 8,000 views 
    since its been posted and nobody has rated it saying if it was 
    informative or not.
    2. Choosing/Building Your Team
    I always choose my favorite team,the Mets, when I begin Owner Mode.  
    If you don't have a favorite team I would reccomend using a team that 
    has a low payroll or a team that fits your playing style.  
    While building your team you should obviously look for young players 
    with low salaries.  It is good to have a young pitching staff with
    long contracts.  Pitching is the key to becoming a winning team.  
    Your lineup should be be filled with atleast 5 young players.  
    You should keep some veteran players on your team as the leaders.  
    Make sure you don't overpay the veteran players though because they 
    usually have a higher asking price.
    Here is an outlook of about how much you should spend for each 
    position and what type of player you should look for.
    C: Your catcher should have a good arm because in this years game 
    there are a lot more stolen bases compared to last years version.  
    Try for a lot of power here.  Don't try to get a top player here.  A 
    prospect usually will do good.  If you can't get a prospect just get 
    a decent player who is consistent.  Try to spend about $500K-$1.00 
    Million for a prospect and about $1 million-$2 million for a veteran.  
    Only sign the veteran to a one year deal.
    1B: For first base you need a power hitter.  Make sure he has decent 
    contact and a good glove.  Spend about $4 million here.
    2B: A speedy player with very good contact will do good here.  You 
    should spend about $1 million - $2 million here.
    SS: Same as second base, a fast player with good contact.  You 
    should spend a little more here then second base though because he 
    needs a stonger arm because its a loger throw.
    3B: For me good third baseman are hard to come by.  It would to get 
    a young guy here and sign him to a longterm deal fast.  Spend about 
    $2 million - $4million here.
    LF:  For here all you need is a guy who has power.  You should 
    spend about $3 million - $6 million here.
    CF:  This is one of the important positions one the field.  Get a 
    fast center fielder and it should help your pitching staff out by 
    having a fast guy to chase down the balls hit out there.  
    Spend about $4million-$7million here.  
    RF:  This should be a very strong player who is a threat to hit 
    it out of the park every time he steps up to the plate.  You 
    should spend about $2-$4 million here.
    Make sure the bench has a few fast guys for pinch running and 
    contact hitters for pinch hitting.  You should have a 
    backup catch here since catchers tire quickly.  Only spend about 
    500K or less for each player here.
    SP:  Every team needs an ace.  About $8 million should be spent here.
    SP:  The second pither isn't as important as the first but is still 
    important. Spend about $4 million on this guy.
    SP: A decent pitcher who has potential for big games.  Should have 
    an E.R.A. around 3.50.  The 3rd pitcher should average around $2 
    SP: Pitcher #4 should be a veteran who is ok but has seen his better 
    days.  Spend about $1 million-$2 million.
    SP:  This should be a young prospect that has potential to be your 
    #1 in a few years.  This players should make $1 million-$2 million.
    Bullpen: The bullpen should consist of a closer that WILL hold the 
    lead no matter what.  Have another decent pitcher ready in case 
    your starter gets hammered.  Spend about $3 million for your closer 
    and about $800K or less for the rest of the bullpen.
    You can spend more on a position if you have the chance to land an 
    all star caliber player.
    Total Payroll: Your total payroll should come out to be about 
    $80 million-$100 million dollars.
    3. Stadium Upgrades
    This is all courtesy to Hollywood nWo:
    I did this with the high RF wall stadium so things may be slightly 
    different if you choose another one . Different stadiums seems to 
    only affect the restaurant placement though .
    Level 1- $0 
    Level 2- $2.5M
    added advertisements and light towers on both sides
    Level 3- $5M 
    replay screen added
    Level 4- $10M
    2 animation screens added to both sides of scoreboard , now making 
    it a rectangular shape .
    Level 5- $15M 
    audio speakers connecting the two light towers , enhancing the p.a. 
    Level 6- $20M 
    pyro shoots out of sides of scoreboard .
    Seating Capacity
    Level 1- $0 (20,000)
    Level 2- $4M (25,000)
    added seats along the lines to the OF.
    Level 3- $10M (33,000)
    OF seats added with gap in center .
    Level 4- $20M (42,050)
    adds 2nd tier all around the stadium and luxury boxes .
    Level 5- $30M (52,050)
    upper deck put behind home plate .
    Level 6- $40M (65,050)
    upper deck put around rest of stadium , also a platform behind left 
    center wall. On the platform is a large bat and ball . 
    HR Celebrations
    Level 1- $0 none default 
    Level 2- $1M
    1 big firework's explosion , 2 small ones different 
    colors .
    Level 3- $2M
    5-6 firework explosion's , different colors .
    Level 4- $3M
    8-10 firework explosion's , different colors .
    Level 5- $4M
    about same display as above except now at the end a bee mascot drives 
    across the screen in an atv. 
    Level 6- $5M
    like above but slightly smaller firework display , a close up of 
    the scoreboard, then the bee drives toward the camera .
    Lighting Banks
    Level 1- $0 default 1 light
    Level 2- $2M
    another light is added on top of the default one
    Level 3- $3M
    two lights added to either side of bottom light , like an upside 
    down T
    Level 4- $4M
    two lights added to the top lights like an I 
    Level 5- $5M 
    2 more lights added to either side of the middle to make a big square.
    Ad's & Logos
    Level 1- $0 default none
    Level 2- $1M
    ad's near dugout
    Level 3- $2M
    ad's on OF wall
    Level 4- $3M 
    ad's in bullpen
    Level 5- $4M
    welcome ad on dugout roof 
    Level 6- $5M
    backstop ad's
    Level 1- $0 default none
    Level 2- $1M
    concrete platform behind right field wall , 2 small buildings , and 
    14 picnic tables 
    Level 3- $2M
    4 canopy's added
    Level 4- $5M
    big diner added some tables lost 
    Level 5- $7.5M
    picnic tables added to roof of diner
    Level 6- $10M
    a second floor added to diner , making it much bigger and American 
    flags added to the roof .
    4. Making Money
    This seems to be a problem that many people are experiencing.  When 
    you start out in owner mode you should use the large budget.  With 
    that money you shold buy the first seating upgrade.  After that you 
    will have $1 million left.  After this buy one consession stand and 
    one store venue.
    First of all I would like to say that it takes time to make money 
    in owner mode.  At the beginning of the season the games have a lower
    impact on your team so less fans will come out to see the games.  For 
    the first month or two you should lower ticket prices about $5 from 
    your normal price.  Ypu should also lower your consession prices 
    about 50 cents - $1.  Merchandise prices should be lowered according 
    to there original price.
    Don't try to make a lot of trades in owner mode.  There is a good 
    chance it will have an effect on your player happiness and team 
    chemistry.  You don't need to trade all of your players away to grab 
    some talent for your team.  After the first year you can sign a lot of 
    great free agents during the off season.  If your team has a bad year 
    the draft is a good way to build too.  If you have a late pick in the 
    draft though you probably wont wind up with much talent.  If you have 
    a high pick the player should be MLB ready within a year or two. 
    Promotional days should be used only for games that have a low 
    impact ratings. Try to schedule around 5-10 promotional days a 
    year.  Setting your promotional days is important becuause promotional
    day make your fans happy.  This is a good way to bring fans into 
    the seats.  If you make the playoffs your team will make much more 
    money.  This is usually were your team will make the big bucks.  
    Try to play all of your home games in the playoffs.  I let the CPU 
    win a few games just so I could get some extar money.  I made about 
    $10 million during my first year in the playoffs.  
    You must WIN a lot of games if you want to be a successful owner.  
    Fans want to see a winning team not a team of losers.  After you 
    win a home game you will reliaze that in your next game you will 
    probably earn more money.
    You also need to spend all of your money at the end of a homestand.  
    If you don't all of that money you eared will go to waste.  You may 
    not be able to get a big upgrade like this but its good for buying 
    conceesion stands, store venues and scheduling promotional days.
    5. Random Facts
    Here are some things from the message board that I thought might be 
    - When a player retires he will not come back as a coach like in 
    - The purpose of the coaching staff is to help your players progress.
    - If one of your top prospects isn't dpong to good you should fire 
    youR hitting/pitching coach and hire a new one.
    - Spring training is after the first season and you can play mini 
    games there to help progression.
    - Barry Bonds isn't in the game because he is not a part of the 
    MLBPA.  His name is John Dowd.
    - Arguing a call will never reverse the call.  All it does is raise 
    the attributes of some of your players if you do it at he right 
    - There will most likely not be an MVP Baseball 2006 because Take 
    Two bought the rights to the MLBPA.  The only way EA can make a 
    baseball game is if they team up with Sony or Microsoft.
    - Don't complain about being in debt in owner mode.  You probably 
    wont have a positive amount of cash untill around the all star break.
    - Cooperstown Effect is when you play in the classic stadiums.  It 
    makes the screen a grey like color.  It gives you a feel of the old t
    ime games.
    - Variable stuff is if your pitcher will have his on or off days.  
    When you have this feature on your pitcher can play really bad even 
    if they have good stats.  I love this because it makes the game more 
    - After you unlock all the upgrades, concession stands and store 
    venues in Owner Mode you will unlock something called "The Making 
    of Owner Mode." 
    6. Top 100 Prospects List
    SP B. Bath = Ervin Santana
    1B J. Bukvich = Kendry Morales
    SS L. Baert = Erick Aybar
    C D. Roberts = Jeff Mathis
    CF B. Brinkman = Javi Herrera
    C A. McDonald = Daric Barton
    RP P. Lidge = Huston Street
    Blue Jays:
     SP B. Nielson = Francisco Rosario
    SP R. Perez = Dustin McGowan 
    CF J. Doonan = Jeff Francouer
    3B E. Rodriguez = Andy Marte
    C J. Berroa = Brian McCann
    SP S. Blancard = Kyle Davies
    SP R. Samuels = Mark Rogers
    SS S. Gent = J.J. Hardy
    1B W. Collier = Prince Fielder
    SP D. Larmour = Anthony Reyes
    SP I. Krystal = Angel Guzman
    CF D. Doluntap = Felix Pie
    1B G. Wegner = Brian Dopirak
    Devil Rays: 
    RF K. Morales = Delmon Young
    RF B. Jarvis = Carlos Quentin
    LF J. Ennis = Conor Jackson
    SS J. Mowatt = Sergio Santos
    SS D. Driediger = Joel Guzman
    1B D. Estrella = James Loney
    SP K. McCracken = Chad Billingsley
    SP J. Choi = Greg Miller
    SP R. Santiago = Matt Cain
    RF R. Sullivan = Franklin Gutierrez
    1B T. Gray = Michael Aubrey
    SP K. Barrera = Fausto Carmona
    SP R. Auschrat = Adam Miller
    SS M. Smith = Matt Tuiasosopo
    CF M. Thomas = Shin-Soo Choo
    SP D. Buhler = Felix Hernandez
    SP N. Pena = Scott Olsen
    SP L. Ordonez = Yorman Bazardo
    RF B. Lecroy = Jeremy Hermida
    CF B. Tyner = Lastings Milledge
    SP T. Tucker = Yusmeiro Petit
    SP S. Payne = Mike Hinckley
    1B Y. Vuu Carinha = Larry Broadway
    RF M. Alvarez = Nick Markakis
    SP R. Rodriguez = Hayden Penn
    SP J. Wilson = Adam Loewen
    2B G. Devore = Josh Barfield
    SP O. Uttuslien = Cole Hamels
    SP R. Sanchez = Zach Duke
    C J. Cardona = Neil Walker
    SS F. Garcia = Joaquin Arias
    SP M. Mondesi = Thomas Diamond
    SP T. Mulder = John Danks
    Red Sox: 
    SS M. Derksen = Hanley Ramirez
    RF G. Lewis = Brandon Moss
    3B M. James = Edwin Encarnacion
    SP R. Perez = Homer Bailey
    SS A. Murphy = Chris Nelson
    3B R. Klann - Ian Stewart
    3B B. Pioveson = Mark Teahen
    SP J. Snare = Justin Verlander
    SP T. Coleman = Francisco Liriano
    SP R. Sanchez = Kyle Waldrop
    White Sox: 
    CF M. Alicea = Brian Anderson
    SP T. Berrie = Brandon McCarthy
    RF C. Rae = Ryan Sweeney
    SP R. Cho = Phillip Hughes
    SS M. Smallenburg = Marcos Vechionacci
    3B M. Francis = Eric Duncan
    7. Players With Potential
    Here is a list of some young players that progress very well for me.  
    If there are some players I may have missed please email me with the 
    email address I posted in my introduction.  In the email please post 
    the player team, league/class, and star potential.
    A player with an * next to there name means that it is a player on 
    the Top 100 Prospect List that needs to have there name changed.  
    There names are listed just as it they were when the game came out.
    Quinn Abbot (PHI) AA 5 Star Potential
    * Juan Berroa (ATL) AAA 3 Star Potential
    Ricky Fuentes (CIN) A 5 Star Potential
    Thomas Jackson (OAK) AAA 5 Star Potential
    Joe Mauer (MIN) MLB 5 Star Potential
    Dioner Navarro (LA) AAA 3 Star Potential
    First Base
    Andy Bako (ATL) AA 5 Star Potential
    Matt Barkett (NYY) A 4 Star Potential
    * Wayne Collier (MIL) AAA 5 Star Potential
    Jose Perez (CWS) AAA 5 Star Potential
    Greg Rushton (SF) A 5 Star Potential
    Chris Smallenberg (NYY) AA 5 Star Potential
    Second Base
    Hideki Inoue (NYM) AA 5 Star Potential
    Chris Lopez (MIN) A 5 Star Potential
    Rickie Weeks (MIL) MLB 5 Star Potential
    Chad Borland (NYM) A 4 Star Potential
    * Matt Derksen (BOS) AA 5 Star Potential
    Royce Merced (PIT) A 5 Star Potential
    Antonio Perez (LA) AAA 3 Star Potential
    Third Base
    Dallas McPherson (ANA) MLB 4 Star Potential
    Joe Rogers (OAK) A 5 Star Potential
    Left Field
    Craig Simontachi (SD) A 5 Star Potential
    Center Field
    Seth Anderson (CLE) AA 5 Star Potential
    Ramon Baez (STL) AA 5 Star Potential
    Joey Gathright (TB) AAA 4 Star Potential
    Eric Jacinto (TEX) A 5 Star Potential
    Grady Sizemore (CLE) AAA 4 Star Potential
    Rich Thompson (PIT) AAA 3 Star Potential
    Matt Williamson (ARI) A 5 Star Potential
    Right Field
    Brad Barnes (DET) AA 5 Star Potential
    Ace Connolly (CLE) AAA 5 Star Potential
    Wes Krukow (SF) A 5 Star Potential
    Starting Pitchers
    Miguel Asencio (SD) AAA 1 Star Potential (Plays better though)
    * Randy Auschrat (CLE) AA 4 Star Potential
    Edwin Jackson (LA) AAA 4 Star Potential
    Lee Jones (BOS) AA 5 Star Potential
    Scott Kazmir (TB) MLB 5 Star Potential
    Jake Peavy (SD) MLB 5 Star Potential
    Jose Penny (CWS) A 5 Star Potential
    Michael-Sea Morgan (COL) A 5 Star Potential
    Chin-Hui Tsao (COL) AAA 3 Star Potential
    Relief Pitchers
    Luke Hudson (CIN) MLB 2 Star Potential
    Merkin Valdez (SF) AAA 4 Star Potential
    Ryan Wagner (CIN) AAA 4 Star Potential
    8. Media Revenue Contract
    The media revenue contract in owner mode is a great source of 
    earning money.  The higher your payroll is the more money you will 
    earn from your media revenue contract.  Your media revenue contract 
    will also increase when you start winning a lot of games and when 
    you are selling out games.  If might also increase if your fan 
    happiness is high but I'm not 100% sure on that.  If you have a 
    high payroll though you will have to pay more expenses daily for 
    your player slaries.  So the media revenue contract basically 
    evens everything out.
    9. Trades Section
    Here is a list of some great trades that you are able to pull off 
    in the game and rip off the CPU.  Some of these trades were sent to 
    me by other people so I'm not 100% sure if some of them will work.
    NYM Trade SP Jae Seo and CF Ron Calloway to TB for SP Scott Kazmir.
    This is a great trade for the Mets.  With this trade the Mets get 
    back there former coveted prospect and they are able to get rid of 
    Jae Seo since the Mets have no need for him.  Ron Calloway was just 
    thrown in the trade because he is 28 and the Mets have Beltran so 
    he has no future with the team.  Calloway is just thrown in to get 
    the Devil Rays to accept.
    TB Trade C Toby Hall to LA for C Dioner Nivarro.
    Great trade here for the Devil Rays because they get a future 
    all star.  Nivarro is much better then Hall and has a lot more 
    CLE Trade Juan Gonzalez to CIN for Willy Mo Pena and Ryan Wagner
    This is an amazing trade for the Indians.  They are able to dump an 
    old player who is on the the decline for two young players who are 
    going to become very good.  Willy Mo Pena becomes an all star 
    within a year.  He is fast and has decent contact and power ratings.  
    Ryan Wagner is a great relief pitcher with four star potential.  He 
    is a great addition to any bullpen.
    WAS Trade 3B Vinny Castillo and SS Henry Mateo to Tex for 3B Hank 
    This is a good trade for the Nationals because they are able to get 
    younger at the third base position.  Hank Blaylock is a great 
    player to build your team around with Jose Vidro.
    ATL trade CF Andrew Jones to NYM for CF Carlos Beltran
    This is a good trade for Atlanta because Carlos Beltran is a much 
    better player then Andrew Jones.  I'm pretty sure Beltran is a 
    year younger so that also favors the Braves.
    10. Custom Covers
    Some people are not satisfied having Manny Ramirez on the cover of
     MVP Baseball 2005 so they decide to make there own cover.  To 
    create a cover for MVP 2005 you need to have a program called 
    Photoshop or Microsoft Picture It!. There may be other programs 
    you can use but these are the only two I know of now.  
    If you are tired of seeing Manny on the cover you can email me 
    and I will create a cover for you of any player you want.  I 
    just started creating these though so they may not look perfect.  
    In the email specify which player you want and for what game 
    system.  If you don't I will just delete your email.
    If you would like to create your own custom covers here is how you 
    can do it.  First open up Photoshop or Microsoft Picture It!.  
    I have Microsoft Picture It! so the instructions I give you may be a 
    little different if you are using Photoshop.  First you need to copy 
    and paste the blank MVP Template.  Resize this image so that it is 
    5.693" wide and 7.12" tall.  If you don't do this the cover will not 
    fit onto the box.  Then find a picture on Google or Yahoo and copy 
    and paste that onto the template.  You can also add in a background 
    if you want before the picture.  Then layer the pictures so the MVP 
    logo is in front of the player.  Some people have trouble with this 
    so I will post the MVP logo at the bottom of the section.
    Here are the templates that I use to create my covers.
    PS2 Template
    XBox Template
    Gamecube Template
    PC Template
    MVP Logo
    10. Covers Made
    You can find all the covers I have made at: http://www.geocities.com/
    11. Cheap, Young Team
    The following recommended players can be bought for very low salaries.
    In owner mode, a team like this has a good chance at winning a title.
    They are cheap and better yet they are young.
    1B: Texeira (TEX)                   1 yr - 300k                
           Morneau (MIN)                1 yr - 300k                                
    2B: Rivas (MIN)                      1 yr - 1.50m
    3B: Wright (NYM)                  1 yr - 500k 
           Blalock (TEX)                  4 yr - 3.00m 
    SS: Young (TEX)                    1 yr - 500k
           Uribe (CHW)                    1 yr - 300k
    LF: Mench (TEX)                    1 yr - 300k 
           Bay (PIT)                          1 yr - 300k
    CF: Baldelli (TB)                     1 yr - 300k
           Nix (TEX)                         1 yr - 300k
    RF: Rios (TOR)                       1 yr - 300 k  
    SP: Prior (CHC)                       1 yr - 300k 
          Webb (ARI)                       1 yr - 300k
          Greinke (KC)                     1 yr - 300k  
          Harden (OAK)                   1 yr - 300k  
          Bonderman (DET)             1 yr - 300k  
    RP: Nathan (MIN)                    1 yr - 300k
          Rincon (MIN)                    1 yr - 300k  
          Ayala (WAS)                     1 yr - 300k  
          Bauer (BAL)                      1 yr - 300k  
    C: Martinez (CLE)                  1 yr - 300k
          Mauer (MIN)                      3 yr - 1.30m 
    Total:          23 Players                             45,899,996
    With the 2 extra players left you should get 2 big name players who
    will help your franchise get more fan support. I added Pujols and
    Ordonez to my team bringing the total to 69 million. You might want to
    go after bullpen help however. All players with exception to Rivas and
    Blaylock will be very unhappy and you will notice your team chemistry
    meter will be very low. You can choose to re-sign some of these
    players to help bring up your bar or you can just turn off chemistry
    12. Copryright/Credit
    Credit to:
    Hollywood nWo for the stadium upgrade list. 
    Jeff "CJayC"Veasey for creating GameFAQS.
    Copyright 2005 Thomas Barnett
    Note: This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
    for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  The 
    only websites with my permission to use this FAQ are GameFAQS.com 
    and IGN.com.

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