How do you body check?

  1. I was never really sure how to do that? does anyone know?

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    oceanblackdog - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Body Check: Some characters have a Body Check as a special ability (you can see special abilities by pressing Z on the character select screen). This can only be used in one specific place. Let's take Bowser for this example... Bowser is on offense, and he's on second. A hit to left-center is pretty deep, so Bowser takes off. He's slow, and by the time he rounds third base, the ball is already in the infield. It's thrown to the catcher, who is... oh, let's say it's Shy Guy.

    So Shy Guy is standing on the plate with the ball, waiting for Bowser. The camera will zoom in as Bowser gets near the plate. At this time, a small sparkle will flash around Bowser. Frantically tap the A button, and Bowser will turn this into Combat Baseball. He'll run over Shy Guy, making him drop the ball, and Bowser will be safe (plus clear a Challenge Star).

    Body checks only works against the catcher. Trying to kill another baseman isn't going to work. Also, if the catcher is a few steps away from the plate (that is, running down the baseline to tag out the runner), the body check won't work. Luckily, the AI will never chase a runner unless the runner turns around to retreat.

    (From the IGN Mario Superstars Baseball FAQ.)

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