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"Nintendo went full count with this one."

Mario Superstar Baseball was released for the GCN in 2005. This game took its place among the many Mario sports games that appeared from Nintendo. This game is very fun to play, but it's an average game overall. It's nothing spectacular, but it is satisfying enough when you are bored.

Bowser is building a mighty powerful team and has sent a challenge for any other team to beat his team. You, whichever team captain you choose, must take down the other rival teams and defeat Bowser's mighty powerful team. You can only gain an audience with Bowser if you have defeated the other teams at least once. The story is kind of bland, but it does fit the game's title quite nicely. I can't penalize it for that.


Controls in this game are broken down into two main categories. You have the button functions for pitching and fielding, and you have the button functions for batting and running. Even though the controls are nice and spread out, some of them are horrible at times. For example, throwing a ball to a base. You have to point the control stick towards the direction analogous to the diamond of the field. Many times, you will point one way, but you'll end up throwing to a different place. This is very annoying as this can cause you to lose a baseball game.


The parks in the game are spectacularly designed. Bowser's castle was done quite nicely and set the right mood for the final match. The environments for each of the parks were fantastic. Each field was different and had a fresh theme to it.


The game had some good music, but it didn't really have anything that wows you completely. I really liked how they had the Mario Bros Theme for the Peach Gardens. That was nice to hear. Other than that, nothing really special. The music was good, but not "ZOMG this is awesome!!!"


The game has adequate material to satisfy. There are four levels for the challenge mode, a toy field for 1-4 players, and an awesome two player mode. There are some things that are also added in the story mode. The minigames were okay. I just felt they were thrown in there as a filler. You could do without them. All in all, it's really a satisfying game when you are bored.


Fun Factor
This game is a ton of fun if you have friends to play it with. I wouldn't recommend playing it so much yourself as more with friends, but this game passes the time when you are bored.


Rent or Buy?
You should buy this game if you have multiple friends to play this with. I wouldn't recommend buying it to play for yourself because you can be the story mode in a day if you just went right through it. All in all, Nintendo did an okay job. It could have been improved a bit, but it wasn't a bad sports game. And, this is coming from a kid who doesn't even play sports games.

This game gets a 7.8 or 8 from me. This game is really fun, but it's nothing so great that can be compared to say Legend of Zelda or something. It's a great, fun game, but there are many better games than it. Far better games than this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/12/08, Updated 06/18/08

Game Release: Mario Superstar Baseball (US, 08/29/05)

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