Review by goppers

Reviewed: 03/10/09

One of the worst Mario games made

Mario Superstar Baseball is another Mario game, but this time, it's about baseball. Never before has Nintendo used a Mario baseball game, and it wasn't the best it could have been. There are a couple problems with just about every topic, but there are also great things about every topic.

Storyline: ? / 10

Like most other Mario sports games, there is no apparent story to this game. If there was one, it would be something like this: "Mario and the gang have come together to challenge each other (and Bowser at the end of Challenge Mode) to baseball games. Who will come out on top?" Considering that there is no story to Mario Superstar Baseball, I can't rate the story line.

Graphics: 9 / 10

The graphics of Mario Superstar Baseball are excellent, especially in playing a game. The characters look extremely three dimensional, and even the ball looks good enough to be a real one. But, if anything is bad about the graphics of this game, its in Challenge Mode. When you are walking around, challenging people to games, you walk outside of the given footsteps on the path. It's just plain stupid, and Nintendo could have made that a lot better.
Other than that problem, the graphics of this game are excellent.

Sound: 10 / 10

The sound of this game is very good. The music of the stages to play on fit very well, (I really like Yoshi Park) and they are clear and useful. Also, the sound effects are very good and placed at the right moment. The sound of the ball being hit is excellent, and also the sound of the ball when you strike. There isn't any fault with the sound.

General Gameplay: 5 / 10

The general gameplay of Mario Superstar Baseball was not as it seemed to be on the advertisements. There are not enough stages to play on, and I can think of three characters right now that they should have included: Blooper, Dr. Mario, and Bob-omb. Also, if you play a 5, 7, or 9 inning game, it wastes your time completely. If you do a 3 inning game, like on Challenge Mode (smart decision by Nintendo), it actually becomes amusing.

Amusement: 5 / 10

Speaking of amusing, the overall amusement of this game was not, well, amusing. First off, it gets boring after a week. Secondly, all you can do is baseball, baseball practice, 6 mini-games, and a very hard-to-understand giant baseball mini-game. Thirdly, and this is not the last thing, you can't do a baseball game with more than two players. Those are just some of my complaints about this game.

Overall Rating: 7 / 10

Overall, Mario Superstar Baseball is not the best game in the world, but it's not the worst, either. Anyway, seven out of ten is the best rating Mario Superstar Baseball can receive. And just for the record, this is my least favorite GameCube game I own, and I own about 15 or 20 games.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Mario Superstar Baseball (US, 08/29/05)

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