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"Mario Superstar is bringing something new to Baseball"

If you played the other Mario sports then there's no doubt that you will like this one fore one thing this is baseball which is an American past time sport. Mario Superstar Baseball follows the tradition of many other sports. But this time in Baseball.

Presentation 10/10- The Presentation is amazing from the start to the finish of this game you will notice everything was done right, from the opening to the ending. This game is bright,colorful, and fruity and the presentations are well done. I also like the character animations, voices, and movements Nintendo really did hit this stop on. And the environments for each of the five baseball fields are done properly well. The introductions are done pretty decent too so no character should be annoying like in most game but just right in this game.

Story 5/10- The story is great here you are challenged to a baseball game which will test your skills in many various areas. Yeah that's about it. You will be testing out your skills in many areas while you are completing missions and stuff to unlock items that will help your character defeat the main bad guy in the end.

Game-play 7/10- This is okay if you are batting because batting is pretty simple once you get the batting mechanics down you will start to hit home runs instantly or more commonly. You can even get the ball to where you want it to go most of the time depending on how much you charge your swing and how much you tilt the control stick while you are batting. Fielding on the other hand can be a little clunky when you are in-fielding you are constantly trying to throw the ball to the character that has the little circle on them and catching is not so easy as it seems. The problem here is that the game gives the computer the opportunity but not you I mean that is not fair.

Sound- 8/10- The sound is amazing all of the fields have a great beat which you could listen to for house whether it's Mario Stadium from Isle Deflino or Peach Garden from Super Mario 64 they all have a good beat to them. And the character voices are done really well. Sometimes when you play this game the characters voices will make you laugh or crack up it's that good. I also like the echo effect when you select your character its real funny to hear that.

RePlayability 10/10- Outstanding this game could take as long as a RPG game there is so much to see and do, this is why I like Nintendo games because they take a while to complete. There is the Mini-Games, Records, MVP's, Challenges Mode Trophies and lots of other things to keep you busy for a long time.

Overall 8/10- This is a must buy game especially if you like the Mario traditional sports so its a must buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/11

Game Release: Mario Superstar Baseball (US, 08/29/05)

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