Review by nld200xyz

Reviewed: 12/20/05

Great Mario game but it's flawed

Okay, I'll start witht he flaws. For one thing, most of the minigames including Toy Field are nearly impossible. Secondly, every time you hit the ball super hard, there's a 95% chance your opponent is going to catch it. The odds are against you unless you hit the ball so lightly you can only run to one base per turn. Either way, this is quite and enjoyable, yet frustrating game.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are absolutely awesome! I've loved these graphics ever since they were first used in Super Mario Sunshine! (Possibly the best Mario game ever) The courses are absolutely beautiful and full of color! There are also traps that might get in the way of your or your opponent's (Normally your) way. Although the traps usually don't help you much, they are still amazing.

Sound: 7/10
Like all Mario games, this game has great music, but sometimes it tends to get a little annoying. The only problem I have with the voices is that Noki just sounds annoying as hell and Petey sounds like he's shooting bubbles out of his mouth. Other than that, the music is quite descent.

Gameplay: 7/10
Gameplay is what can probably piss millions off. Whenever you hit the ball really hard, chances are your oppenent will either catch it or it's gonna' be a foul. It's usually never a good shot for you and most of the time, when your opponent hits the ball far, your players are too slow to keep up with it even when it's right in front of them! Only when you hit the ball lightly do you stand a chance. I also hate how the game shooses where the ball goes! Most of the time, it's in your opponent's favor and that's annoying. In fact, special hits are only good for one base. Plus, if you're expected to get a character with an in-field fly, that's unfair because there's only a 3-5% chance you'll actually get one. Once again, all odds are against you in this game. Either way, I'd have to say it's pretty descent and I'm not going to dock it too much, even though it cheats.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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