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"90 reviews.....that's about how many Mario sports games there are."

As we all know, Mario is Nintendo's Mr. everything. Besides having to save the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, Mario has also shown the ability to party, race, be an RPG master, and also become an All Mushroom Kingdom star athlete. After playing golf, tennis, and soccer, Mario has now taken his talents to the baseball field in Mario Superstar Baseball. I must say that this game is fantastic, and it continues the excellent line of terrific Mario sports games. Out of tennis, golf, and soccer; Mario Superstar Baseball was my favorite of the bunch.

The gameplay is quite simple. You select the team that you want to use, whether it is the Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, or Wario teams. You are then given a select group of Nintendo computer controlled characters ranging from Birdo, to the Pianta's from Super Mario Sunshine, to the long lost Dry Bones. You will then go and play against the other teams. If you can beat them and meet certain criteria, such as getting a hit at a certain time, you can take the players from the teams that you just beat and have them join you.

This is your basic baseball sim with Nintendo characters instead of real MLB players. As the pitcher you throw the ball in order to strike the batter out. If the batter makes contact, then your infielders and outfielders either need to catch the ball, or field it and throw out the runner if you can. Of course, in the Mushroom Kingdom nothing is that easy. First of all, some people have complained about how your fielders are stupid and never field the ball correctly. I simply don't agree with this. The fielders do just fine. I must add that it is hard to hit home runs, but that will insure closer games. Then there are the Mario style traps in each stadium. Whether it is a lava trap, music note block, or a fountain, each stadium has unique obstacles that could cause a home run shot to become a fly ball out if it hits something.

Graphically the game looks great, and the music is fantastic. The famous Mario theme is actually Peach's stadium music remixed. Nice touch! I haven't enjoyed many baseball sims over the years because of their uneven A.I. With Mario Superstar Baseball I get a fun game to play, plus a good computer controlled A.I. The game never loses its charm, and that adds lots of replay value. In all, I would much rather have Mario and Bowser grace the cover of my baseball sim than that fool Derek Jeter.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/03/06, Updated 01/02/07

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