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Jeez, I don't know what was going on at Nintendo when this piece of junk was developed. Before I get to the review, I would like to point out that I am a big fan of the MVP Baseball series and the like.

Story: 7/10

Bowser sends out an invitation to Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, etc. to come play a game of baseball with him. You, as one of the above characters, must play other teams until lightning strikes a big shell in front of Bowser's castle and you can go in.

Graphics: 7/10

Pretty much the same as the Mario Party series, but some parts of it get annoying pretty fast.

Sound: n/a

Like most of the Mario games out lately, I hate the music so I wind up turning down the volume all the time.

Controls: 5/10

Nintendo keeps priding itself on simple controls. They've gone too far this time. All you really need to do to play this game the A button, the control stick, and occasionally R and Y. A does the bulk of the action here, it will swing, charge, jump, and with the control stick it will throw. B will bunt. R uses a special hit or pitch, and uses team stars. Y advances to the next base or steals. X makes your character stop while they are running. Hitting X again makes them turn around and go back to the previous base. That's pretty much it.

Gameplay 3/10

This is the worst part of the game, and it ties in completely with the control problems.

First of all, there's the bad fielding. The AI is dumb as a brick. Let's say the computer hits a fly ball right between center field and second. For whatever reason, the center fielder and the second baseman will STAND STILL, and you will control the right fielder. There is no way to switch who you control before the ball is fielded. What's even worse is when its hit in a similar spot, and all 3 of you will run towards it, but then the two closest players will turn around and walk away. Also, it is called a "big play" when a player makes a diving catch or throws a runner out at home. But, when someone like Toadsworth jumps 4 times his body height in the air and then catches it with the back of his foot, its just a routine play.

Second, there is bad throwing. What you do is point the control stick up for second, right for first, left for third, down for home, then hit A to throw it there. But the problem is that you will often throw to the wrong base because of that.

Now, for hitting. No real problems. When you hold R, you do a special hit, which, depending on who is the batter, will turn the ball into a fireball or an egg or something. Well, that's nice. Usually these have benefits, such as the egg bounces around randomly, or the fireball will burn anyone who touches it. Well, that doesn't work against the CPU, because they will just catch anything, without getting burned and they will anticipate the random bounce of the egg.

Base running, easily the worst of the worst. This ties in with hitting. See, the bases are about 10 feet apart. Lets use this scenario: runners at second and third. No outs. The pitch is hit to center, a routine fly. The center fielder would catch it. Now, because the game doesn't let the runners return to their bases until AFTER the ball is caught, and because they run to the next base no matter what, this scenario ends in a triple play. Another problem with base running is that every play is a force play. No sliding required, but some players do anyway.

Pitching. Oh, man. You have one or two pitches at your disposal, the standard pitch and the special R pitch. Both of these are easily hit by the CPU, or completely ignored 3 times for an easy strikeout.

Each game lasts 3 innings, except on the hardest difficulty, where there are 5 innings. Each stadium will have some way to make you mad, whether its DK's barrels getting thrown at you or a piranha plant eating the ball at Yoshi's place.


I hate this game and I regret ever renting it.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 02/21/06

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