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Reviewed: 03/20/06 | Updated: 08/31/09

Good Nintendo, but you can do better!!

Nintendo has once again supplied us with another great Mario game. In the past they have been some what disappointing, like: "Mario power tennis", "Mario kart double dash" and so on. but this entry in the Mario serious has left me speech less. Mario superstar baseball is fun hitting entry that the whole family will enjoy. Mario baseball has good aspects all around the field from story to the graphics to the replay value, Mario superstar baseball is one title any Mario fan would not want to miss out on.

this part is is actually pretty good for a another classic battle between Bowser and Mario, once again its Mario vs Bowser, in a baseball game, and winner is the ultimate baseball player, in the past there battles have been lame, but this entry is pretty good I must say. Also I notice princess Peach is not kidnapped, finally she is a playable character that can square off against Bowser. this story is looking better and better. The story has got to be one of the best Mario story ever. If there was a sequel I would definitely buy it. The story is a true classic among these two top video game characters and Nintendo has once again added Mario to another sport. Nintendo has done a great job on the story itself.

the sound in this game is descent, the stadium tunes are okay, as for the voices in the game, there pretty good, not quiet that good though. the background music in this game at the starting screen is a little annoying. most of the tunes are good overall though. whats unique about this game is that each game has its own little music setting, from spooky "Bowser's spooky castle" to bright "Mario stadium" the tunes in this game never get old. The music in the game is actually a top hit that any baseball fan would want to jam out too. The voices, well lets just say Nintendo could of done a better job on.

The graphics in this game are actually pretty nice. The individual characters look average compared to the other mario games for the gamecube but the characters themselves are pretty detailed, from the bat they use to the outfit they are wearing. The character graphics have improved somewhat since the old Mario party days though. The graphics in the levels are extremely sharp though. The fields the player will play on look very well done and also very thought out too. The graphics are a nice addition to the game itself. Nintendo has obviously done a lot of time making and designing the graphics in this baseball classic.

The controls, well they can be difficult to an average (or in some cases) less than average gamer. The controls are really just more of a memorization thing to be honest. The controls may seem somewhat constricting when you first start out playing the game in terms of the fielding as well as the batting. The gameplay though is at a very nice pace. The gameplay does not play too fast or too slow in terms of an average Mario game. The gameplay can get harder as the player wins more and more games. The gameplay and controls overall are a great hit to this game and Nintendo has done an outstanding job perfecting them to the best of their ability.

Replay Value
The replay value in this game is a great part of the game itself. The replay value contains hours and hours of great gameplay honestly. The replay value is a nice addition to the game itself. there are just hours and hours of extra gameplay in this packed title. The Mario fans will never get bored with this title honestly. the replay value is probably the best reason to pick up this title. This is one game you do not want to miss out on. The sport itself is great and with the addition of a lovable Nintendo character, it is now even better.

Overall, This is a great game and title to pick up if you are a Mario fan or Nintendo fan or just a Nintendo fan in general. This title is well worth the price (especially now since it has been out for sometime).This game is a very enjoyable title for the whole family no matter what the age is. I would strongly recommend this game for any one who loves baseball and loves Mario. This is one title you do not want to miss out on. Nintendo over the years has made a lot of Mario sport related games from tennis, to soccer, even golf. But this Sport related game has actually made Mario stand out the best. This is one game in the Mario series that any gamer would regret not buying.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mario Superstar Baseball (US, 08/29/05)

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