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"Great boxing game plus a classic from the SNES era, what else can you ask for?"

This game is supposed to be an evolved version of Knockout Kings, released on February 2005, is the best boxing game of that year on any console.

Gameplay - 9 -
The gameplay is great for most of the part, but it all depends on the camera that you are using in the fight, but thanks to the developers the angle camera can be fixed, almost all your punches will be controlled with the C-Stick (using the initial configuration), but you can change the buttons as you like. The gameplay during the fight is great; you can feel every punch and the slow motion replays give you a movie like feeling. The new cut-man feature also gives you that feeling of a rocky like movie where you have to "fix" your boxer after every round.

Graphics/Sound - 7 -
The boxers look amazing, sometimes they might look as real persons, but the surroundings are not that great, specially the people around the ring, when making a box game it is important to make the boxers look good, but also important is to make the other models in the game good also, the Sound is OK, what where you expecting from a Box game? Here you have mono, stereo and Dolby Pro-Logic II, the sound effects are great especially the punch ones, but the sound track (Music) is not that good.

Play Time/Replayability - 10 -
There are 2 main game modes, a free play and the career mode, and both are great, specially the career, where you can customize many options for your entrances and how many of your fighting earned money do you want to spend on trainers and corner helpers. As you can create you own boxers customizing almost every detail from their faces and body, you will never get bored of playing with the same boxers every time. I must say that this game can be played over and over and it will not get old, you will always enjoy a good fight night, also with the Super Puch-Out from the SNES addition the game gives you a lot more of hours to play.

Final Recommendation
Buy this game; if you are a hardcore Box fan like me you will enjoy this game a lot, if you are not that hardcore box fan you could rent it because it will give you and your friends a lot of fun creating players and fighting each other.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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