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"Ready to fight?"

I will say one word about this game, and that word is WOW! Actually, I will say a little more than one word to describe the best boxing game ever made. In this game, EA Sports took Fight Night, added a few things and it to the game to a whole new level.

Unlike most sports games, this one actually has a story - sort of. You get to create a boxer from the start and try to make him the next champion for his specific weight division. To become better, you can lift weights, work on your combos, or work on your accuracy by punching a bag. After winning the belt for your respective weight class, you will have to defend your belt every so often.

You can also just have a pick up match, and play with the current day fighters, and even with the great fighters of the past. Since the game is on the GameCube, we don't get online so we are treated with Super Punch Out, an old, but fun boxing game. Some new things about the actual in game fighting is that you can now block punches and move at the same time. And if you are on the verge of going down, you are now able to get into a clinch so that you don't go down. The game is not that difficult, but you can't just charge up to your opponent and expect a knockdown quickly. You are going to have to use a strategy to get anywhere in the ring.

One of the aspects in this game which really shines above the rest is the graphics. You get to really appreciate the graphics during a knockout punch. You will see the persons head wobble all over, and the sweat will fly off after the impact of the punch. After the round is over and while you are in your corner it is pretty neat to see how realistic the bruising, bleeding, and the swelling looks in this game. All of the characters look almost exactly like what they do in real life. Another thing which surprised me about the game is how good the created characters look. In most games the faces look really bland, but not in this game. Another nicely done thing about the graphics are some of the entrance effects, the rings, and where the rings are at. Some rings have a nice outdoor environment, and others have a center-stage main event type feel. Fight Night Round 2 boasts some of the best graphics on the GameCube.

To seem realistic, there has to be some scary sounding hits, awesome music, and awesome commentating, just like in real life. This games soundtrack is mainly rap, and it features artists like David Banner, Pitbull, and Fabulous. The songs are very fitting for the entrances and get you pumped up and ready for battle. The commentating is pretty good for the most part, but at times the announcer will say something totally unrelated to what is actually happening in the fight.

EA Sports did a great job with the controls of this game. It's not difficult to get used to, and for the most part it is pretty easy to get combos and your signature move. The most difficult aspect of the controls is using the C-Stick to pull off Haymakers. You have to be pretty accurate to be able to do them.

Overall, this game is amazing. This is not just a boxing game for sports fans, or boxing fans, this is a great game that everyone should try. This is by far one of the best sports games out, and it should be lowered in price by now. Also, if you had fun playing Super Punch Out, and you can't find it anywhere then you can pick this up for some classic fun gameplay.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/19/06

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