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    Coin Guide by Yomendou

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    Madagascar coin guide for Playsation 2
    Author: Joseph Della Ventura (Jr.)
    Began: February 16, 2007
    Completed: February 16, 2007
    Email: Yomendou@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Coin List:
    -Level 1: King of New York.................lvone                  
    -Level 2: Marty's Escape...................lvtwo
    -Level 3: New York Street Chase............lvthree
    -Level 4: Penguin Mutiny...................lvfour
    -Level 5: Mysterious Jungle................lvfive
    -Level 6: Save the Lemurs..................lvsix
    -Level 7: Jungle Banquet...................lvseven
    -Level 8: Coming of Age....................lveight
    -Level 9: Back to the Beach................lvnine
    -level 10: Marty to the Rescue.............lvten
    -Level 11: Final Battle....................lveleven
    3. Closing and Thanks
    1. Introduction
    First and foremost I want to thank the Lord for all He does (although at the 
    time I originally made this FAQ I didn't know Him)
    Hello all fellow gamers. This is a complete 1100 coin guide list for the game
    Madagscar for Playstation 2. I've played through each level without cheating,
    and without using the Coin Magnet item that you can buy from the monkey in the
    zoovenir shop. Hopefully this guide will help those who are seeking all coins.
    Thanks for your time... now onto the guide.
    2. Coin list
    -Level 1: King of New York.................lvone
    # of coins                                                         Total
    15 - In Marty's pen run on the treadmill for 1-2 minutes            15
    2  - After kicking first gate open kick haystack on right side      17
    1  - After kicking open 2nd gate you can't miss it!                 18   
    39 - There are 39 coins in Alex's area. Make sure you step on all
         the gate switches to open doors for coins, and also very
         important... when you get to the top of his cage you MUST!!!
         jump through all 4 rings at the same time there is 1 ring that
         is stationary but the other 3 move time your jump to get all
         4 rings at once for a "RING BONUS"                             57
    1  - After Alex's game kick open gate for 1 coin                    58
    1  - In Gloria's Pad kick haystack                                  59
    1  - After previous coin turn right its next to emergency door      60
    5  - Kick emergency door open its in front ot aracde game           65
    17 - During Gloria's race around the course. At the end of the lap
         you must go left AND right to get all coins in one shot        82
    2  - After Gloria's race kick open left gate for 2 coins            84
    1  - At the entrance of the Penguin Pool                            85
    1  - Behing a Haystack in the Penguin Pool                          86
    2  - During Fishing mini-game reel them in from around the fence    88
    1  - After the Green Fish Game look for coin around the fence       89
    2  - After the Red Fish Game look for coins around the fence        91
    9  - The final 9 coins are in Melman's mini-game with the garbage
         destroy garbage as it comes in but keep a eye out for coins    100
    -Level 2: Marty's Escape.................lvtwo
    # of coins                                                         Total
    1  - In Zone Elephant (ZE) kick statue to left of start of level    1
    5  - In ZE go through hidden room after kicking statue              6
    2  - In ZE kick two haystacks on the left side                      8
    1  - In ZE after the gate on the left next to a guard               9
    1  - In ZE kill 1st guard                                           10
    2  - In ZE kick two haystack on right after 1st guard               12
    1  - In ZE kill 2nd guard                                           13
    1  - In ZE in haystack by 2nd guard                                 14
    1  - In Zone Ostrich (ZO) kick hay on immediate left                15
    1  - In ZO kick hay on right                                        16
    1  - In ZO kill 1st guard                                           17
    1  - In ZO kick elephant statue for 1 coin                          18
    1  - In ZO kill 2nd guard                                           19
    1  - In ZO kick 2nd elephant statue                                 20
    1  - In ZO kill 3rd guard                                           21
    1  - In ZO kick 3rd elephant statue                                 22
    1  - In ZO kick 4th elephant statue                                 23
    5  - In ZO inside secret room between two elephant statues          28
    1  - In ZO kick a haystack                                          29
    1  - In ZO kill 4th guard (he's the one behind the hay)             30
    2  - In ZO kick the hay by the "hay" guard                          32
    1  - In Zone Bird (ZB) Kill 1st guard                               33
    1  - In ZB kill 2nd guard                                           34
    1  - In ZB kill 3rd guard                                           35
    1  - In ZB kill 4th guard                                           36
    1  - In ZB one coin is next to the janitor guy                      37
    1  - Back in ZO kill the 5th guard                                  38
    1  - In ZO kick the 5th elephant statue                             39
    3  - In ZO kick haystacks by the 5th elephant statue                42
    1  - In ZO haystack on left of ostrich pen                          43
    1  - In ZO kill 6th guard                                           44
    1  - In ZO its to the left of the last guard                        45
    1  - In Zone Monkey (ZM) haystack on left                           46
    1  - In ZM 1st elephant statue on left                              47
    1  - In ZM haystack on right side next to the Penguin               48
    1  - In ZM haystack behind monkey cage                              49
    1  - In ZM passed previous coin in the corner in haystack           50
    7  - In ZM after previous coin its in secret room on the right      57
    2  - In ZM kill the 2 guards                                        59
    1  - In ZM in a haystack up the stairs on the left                  60
    1  - In ZM in behing a gate                                         61   
    1  - In ZM jump over the mini wall to the left of the janitor and
         kick the haystack                                              62
    1  - In ZM kick haystack by the water pipe                          63
    1  - In ZM inside secret room to the left of water pipe (arcade)    64
    1  - In ZM kick elephant statue next to arcade area                 65
    1  - In ZM kick a haystack before the 3 guards                      66
    3  - In ZM kill the 3rd guards                                      69
    2  - In ZM after the key you'll see them                            71
    2  - In Zone Bear (BZ) kill 2 guards                                73
    2  - In BZ kick 2 haystacks on the left side                        75
    1  - In BZ kill 3rd guard (the sound guard)                         76
    7  - In BZ secret room on left by 3rd guard                         83
    1  - In BZ kill 4th guard                                           84
    1  - In BZ another haystack after 4th guard                         85
    1  - In Zoo's Main Gate (ZMG) kill 1st guard                        86
    1  - In ZMG kick a haystack                                         87
    7  - In ZMG secret room on immediate left of ZMG entrance it's a
         small room with guard behind gates and coins in the air, but
         you CANNOT kill them dodge lights and you'll be fine!          94
    1  - In ZMG another haystack                                        95
    1  - In ZMG kick the final elephant statue for 1 coin               96
    4  - In ZMG kill the 4 guards with the cart                         100
    -Level 3: New York Street Chase............lvthree
    Note: on this level with Alex there are rings that you jump through
    jumping through all 10 rings gets you a 10 coin "RING BONUS"
    # of coins                                                         Total
    Alex:     1st ring is yellow on the right side
    1  - On the left side between cars after the 1st ring               1
    1  - On top of a car on the right                                   2
              2nd ring is red on the left side
    1  - On lamp post on the right side double jump to it               3
              3rd ring is blue on the left (by stairs section)
    3  - In the street throughout it after the blue ring                6
    1  - Before the 2nd red ring on the right side (double jump)        7
              4th ring is red on the right side 
    1  - After 2nd red ring on the left                                 8
              5th ring is yellow in the right side        
    1  - Before the 3rd red ring its on the right side (double jump)    9
              6th ring is red on the right side
    1  - On the left side after 3rd red ring                            10
    2  - Underneath street on the right side by the arcade game         12
    5  - Underneath street on the left side                             17
              7th ring is blue in the middle of the street
              8th ring is purple on the left after cop fight
    1  - On the street where you turn right (watch for cars)            18
              9th ring is green on the left side after turning right
    5  - On the street by the overpass                                  23
              10th ring is red on the right side
    10 - RING BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                          33
    2  - Underneath street                                              35
    1  - On the left side on top of the overpass                        36
    1  - On the right side on top of bus                                37
    Note: To get the ring bonus with Gloria you must destroy cars with
    either her butt bounce or running through cars after you eat a 
    2  - In the street before the cop jumps on your back                39
    3  - These are located during the 1st "frogger" game                42
    3  - On the left after the 1st "frogger" game                       45
    Ater the first frogger game butt bounce all the cars you see
    (if you havent gotten bonus yet) and if you're still short 30 cars
    let the cops capture you then you can restart the section without
    losing your car count COOL!!!!! :)    anywaze....
    10 - DESTRUCTION BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          55
    5  - Behing the cop car line up on the right hand side              60
    3  - On street after cop car line up before 2nd "frogger" game      63
    5  - During the 2nd "frogger" game                                  68
    5  - On right side after 1st power up                               73
    5  - Heli-spin onto right platform                                  78
    1  - On left platform                                               79
    1  - On the left after the wind gust                                80
    1  - On a platform 2 gusts                                          81
    1  - On a sorta hidden platform on the right before constructioner  82
    10 - After worker guy use the gust and hug right wall for a hidden 
         area with 2 gold coins YEAH!                                   92
    6  - On the floor of the gust section where you can fall down       98
    1  - Gust onto right platform where the crane is                    99
    1  - On the right side towards the street use a gust to find it     100
    -Level 4: Penguin Mutiny...................lvfour
    # of coins                                                         Total
    1  - On mini platform at very begining of level                     1
    6  - Before the 2nd pipe turn left into small alcove                7
    5  - Go passed the 1st crane mechanism into little area where there
         is a yellow pirate guy its in this little area                 12
    10 - During the first crane game look around and pick them up       22
    2  - In engine room on right side                                   24
    2  - In lockers in engine room                                      26
    5  - In plain sight in gas containment room                         31
    2  - In Pump room in the lockers on the left                        33
    14 - In the lavatory look in the lockers and toilets                47
    1  - In the radio room on the left side                             48
    2  - In the lockers in the Pump room before locked door
    NOTE: you must open the left locker twice to get one coin           50
    3  - On Main Deck turn left at the begining into small area         53
    1  - On the left side before bowling crate                          54
    25 - During the 2nd crane game pick em up you must break all the
         big crates to get them                                         79
    1  - On poop deck before storage hold door                          80
    7  - In lockers on the right side in the Storage Hold               87
    5  - HIDDEN!!! Shoot dart with gun in the Mess Hall                 92
    2  - In the Safari Room                                             94
    2  - In room after using key in Mess hall                           96
    4  - On back of ship DO NOT GO IN DOOR YET!!! walk around to the
         right of the door to the back for the final 4                  100
    -Level 5: Mysterious Jungle................lvfive
    # of coins                                                         Total
    6  - Scare open all the clams in the San Diego??? area              6
            1st ring is in the San Diego??? area above rocks
    30 - In the pearly Plateau area you'll find a bee hive on the
         right side touch it and guide the bees to the red flowers
         scattered around the area for 5 coins each repeat until
         you get thirty coins (6 flowers) 5 are in pearly Plateau
         and 1 is in San Diego???                                       36
            2nd ring is in the air off a platform before bird nest
            3rd ring is straight ahead in the Waterfall Basin
            4th ring is in Waterfall Basin fall down into water and
            use the water geyser to boost up to a ring
    1  - In the water at the bottom of the Waterfall Basin              37
    6  - As you climb the Basin you'll have 6 more                      43
            5th ring about halfway up the Basin you'll see a red flower
            and a cave on the left go through and jump through ring
    15 - On the Queen Summit guide the bees to 3 red flowers            58
         2 red flowers in Queen bee area 1 red flower next to the cave
         mentioned earlier
    10 - Lead 2 sets of bees to the bottom area of the Basin 1 flower
         is on the left side other is on the right                      68
    5  - lead 1 more set of bees passed the Queen area for a red flower 73
    4  - On path after Queen bee leading to Treetops Area               77
            6th ring is straight ahead during path to Treetops
            7th ring is straight ahead after 6th ring
    3  - In Treetops area there are 3 coins on the right side on a
         mushroom towards begining of area                              80
            8th ring follow path and you'll see this one
            9th ring is on the path before the Super roar flower      
            10th ring is above two mushrooms on the right side of path
    10 - RING BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                  90
    10 - Eventually on right hand side you'll see 2 red flowers which
         need bees the bees are located on the right side at a dead end 100
    -Level 6: Save the Lemurs..................lvsix
    # of coins                                                         Total
    57 - In the first area of this cave there are 57 coins in here
         before the first Wind Zone area most of the are in plain view
         but many are also inside stalagmites which need to be kicked.
         NOTE: before the topmost "water pond" you'll see a big slate
         that you can kick, kick over slates and walk up both and keep
         walking into the wall to a hidden area where more coins are.
         Don't forget the coins by falling from the topmost water pond
         all the way down for more coins! PHEW!!!                       57
    6  - In the first Wind Zone look around...Easy!                     63
    14 - In the 2nd Wind zone area easily found throughout area
         but dont forget at begining of area to fall into the water
         for more coins                                                 77
    13 - With Alex roar open clams until they disappear for coins
         and the others are in the open area of this level              90
            In this area with Alex there are 4 rings to get here!!!
    10 - In the Save the lemur section of the level find the final
         6 rings scattered throughout area for RING BONUS               100
    -Level 7: Jungle Banquet...................lvseven
    # of coins                                                         Total
    Note: All of the coins in this level can be collected by Alex
          except a single gold (5) coin that needs to be collected
          by Melman
    5  - Above the log on the right side of the Hero Tree                5
             1st ring is located above the Banquet drums
    10 - Outside area where the bee lady lives in the open area
         Note: there is a hidden gold coin directly below the cave
         leading to the Onion Spiders                                    15
             2nd ring is directly outside Onion cave on left
    5  - In the Carrot Patch turn right immediately for a gold coin      20
    3  - Outside of Mushroom cave in Carrot Patch area                   23  
             3rd ring is in the Carrot Patch area in the air
             4th ring is in the Carrot Patch area in the back
    9  - In the Mushroom cave around the perimeter                       32
    1  - I got this one after making 10 jumps in the Mushroom game       33
    10 - Successfully complete 20 jumps for a bonus                      43
             5th ring is directly above the yello mushroom
             6th ring is in the melon field by the coast on left  
             7th ring is in the melon field by the coast on right
    6  - Roar at the clams through Melon Field coast for them            49
    1  - On left side of rock where Wilbur(warthog) is                   50
             8th ring is above rock area where Wilbur is
    5  - Around the mudslide area leading up to them                     55
    5  - Take the leftmost mudslide for 5 coins                          60
             9th ring is in the air located next to mudslide area
             face the mudslide then turn camera 180 to see it
    5  - Take the middle mudslide                                        65
    5  - Go to the mudslide area and go passed the Lemur on the right
         and slide through the rocks on the right side                   70
    15 - After falling to ground from previous coin go down mudslide
         and collect 3 gold coins                                        85
              10th you'll get as you slide down this slide mentioned
    10 - RING BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                 95
    5  - As Melman go to where the 9th ring was for Alex and Heli-spin
         off platform for final gold coin                                100
    -Level 8: Coming of Age....................lveight
    # of coins                                                         Total
    23 - As Melman there are 23 coins easily picked up around the tree
         area don't forget the single cave in a cave on the bottom of
         tree...there is a spider in here!                               23
    3  - At first gust in the Bombing area                               26
    3  - On the path after the first gust                                29
    18 - On the floor after the bombing event when you have to kill
         the pink caterpillars                                           47
    9  - Beat the mole game                                              56
    15 - Beat the high score in the mole game (difficult)                71
    29 - Easy to get on this section of the level...Just dodge Alex
         and collect coins as you progress until the end of level        100
    -Level 9: Back to the Beach................lvnine
    # of coins                                                         Total
    Note: All of the coins can be collected by just Marty and Gloria
    Note: For the Totals sake I'll guide you through how I did it :)
    5 - At start of the level turn 180 and go past the lemur onto
        platform                                                         5
    8 - After previous coin break the boulder and grab another
        pepper and continue up ramp for 8 coins                          13
    5 - 1/2 way up ramp before the pepper fall off the ledge to the left
        to a "hidden" area in the water                                  18
    5 - After previous coin stay in water in go straight ahead and turn
        right its in the water behing the rock platform                  23
    4 - Butt bounce the clams scattered through out area                 27
    1 - Outside cave leading to Beacon piece                             28
    3 - Go to previous coin cave and long jump off ledge                 31
    1 - Against the rock wall to the left of geyser that you need to
        break boulder to use                                             32
    5 - Go past geyser to the right and go hug wall for coin             37
    5 - Break boulder leading to Croc Pit and go behing beacon piece     42
    7 - In Croc Pit around perimeter                                     49
    5 - On path leading to Fruit Tree Grove (1 is hidden to left of cave)54
    5 - Underneath Path leading to Fruit Tree Grove                      59
    3 - In Fruit Tree Grove aorund perimeter                             62
    1 - Take geyser to upper platform                                    63
    1 - Take 2nd geyser to upper platform                                64
    4 - To the left of Beacon Statue walk up ledge for coins and jump
        to next platform                                                 68
    5 - Go to Fruit Tree Grove and Kick the tree 5 times                 73
    5 - To the left of Beacon Statue walk up ledge and keep jumping
        platforms until you get the beacon piece now..jump back to the
        previous platform and look out into the water you'll see a
        dolphin stay on this platform and it'll send you 5 coins!!!      78
    5 - take first geyser up and turn left long jump to coin             83
    5 - In the middle of the beach area walk up a rock and jump to it    88
    5 - from the previous coin do a long jump to the higher platform
        that is straight ahead                                           93
    7 - After taking 2nd geyser up long jump to platforms for 2 single
        coins the golden coin is hidden on the first platform edge!      100
    -level 10: Marty to the Rescue.............lvten
    # of coins                                                         Total
    26 - Search the area thoroughly and kick ALL of the purple flowers
         for more coins you'll have 26 before the fruit jumping event    26
    28 - These 28 are located on the First Water slide event Alls I can 
         say is take it slow and if you miss some you can turn around
         180 and go upstream to try to collect more...anywaze you should
         have 54 coins BEFORE reachinf Tarantula Town                    54
    2  - On the first platform in Tarantula town and one in air          56
    9  - When you jump on the 2nd platform turn camera left and long jump
         to small area...kick stones and collect coins                   65
    13 - 13 more coins are located throught Tarantula Town easy to find
         but on final platform DONT go in cave yet turn right and kill the
         spider and kick stones for 3 coins                              78
    22 - The last section of this level is a race against the White Croc
         take it slow and backtrack if you need to collect them all      100
    -Level 11: Final Battle....................lveleven
    # of coins                                                         Total
    30 - Around the perimeter of the First Foosa Battle                  30
    45 - In the Air around the perimeter of the Second Battle            75
    25 - In the Air around the perimeter of the Third (Final) Battle     100
    3. Closing and Thanks
    Well there ya have it gamers! All 1100 coins for the fun game.
    Now go and buy everything from the Zoovenir shop and get some friends 
    over the play mini-golf YEAH!  ok I'm done! 
    Also I would like to thank my amazing wife Diane DellaVentura 
    (we got married on 12/17/07) for her
    help to the process of making this guide possible.
    Any questions please feel free to email at Yomendou@hotmail.com

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