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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GordoHug

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    FAQ/Walkthrough for Madagascar PS2
    Created by: Gordon Hughhes (gordon2655@hotmail.co.uk)
    Posted on: GameFaqs
    * About the mail system
    * The Story
    * Basic Controls
    * Pick-up Items
    * Special Items
    * Special Character Abilities
    * Upgradable items
    * Walkthrough
    About the mail system
    Please don't spam. If you currently are using the other email that was on this
    walkthrough, please stop spamming before I reply with an email saying that you
    are spamming and I would like it to stop immediately. This message applies to 
    all other walkthroughs I make for GameFAQ's in the future or have made here 
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    The Story
    Marty the Zebra is celebrating his tenth birthday, but life in the zoo isn't 
    all it's cracked up to be. Tired of performing in the same show every day, 
    Marty craves the excitement and freedom of living in the wild. When some 
    crafty penguins help Marty escape from the zoo, his best friends, Alex the 
    lion, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo set off to find him in what 
    turns out to be a bigger adventure than any of them expected.
    Basic Controls
    Left Analog Stick - Move all playable characters
    Right Analog Stick - Move Camera
    Circle Button - Switch characters at a totem pole/Talk to others/Use items
    Cross button - Character jumps/Skip cut-scenes
    Start button - Pause game
    L1 button - Rotate the camera to behind the character being played
    R1 button - Health and Coin Status
    Pick-up items
    Power-cards - Alex, Melman, Gloria and Marty all have special abilities; they
    just don't know it yet. For them to aquire their ability, you need to pick up 
    3 cards for a new ability to be given to the characters.
    Coins - These are scattered everywhere. Pick them up and you can use them at 
    the Monkey's shop. Remember that some items are more expensive than others so 
    make sure that you have a healthy supply of coins. Each level contains 100 
    coins. Gold coins are worth 5 coins, and silver ones are 1 coin. 
    Life Tiki's - Every time a character picks one of these up, they earn a health
    boost. These can be upgraded.
    Special Items
    *Note - The Special Items can only be eaten by one character.
    Chilli Peppers - Gloria can use these as a speed boost to help her beat race 
    opponents or push traffic out of the way.
    Super Roar Plant - When Alex eats this, he'll do a very loud roar and all 
    nearby enemies will be stunned (only found on the island of Madagascar).
    Coconut - Melman can use these as ammo. Pick them up and throw them at nearby 
    Mango - Alex uses these in the same way as Melman. You have to pick them up 
    before using them.
    Key - Some areas can only be unlocked once you've found the correct key.
    Special Character Abilities
    *Note - Each character has two special abilities. Marty is an exception: he 
    has four special abilities.
    Character - Ability - How to use
    Alex - Double Jump = Press the Cross button twice.
         - Claws = Press the Circle button (only available at the Final Battle.)
    Marty - Kick = Press the Square button
          - Sneak = Press the Triangle button
          - Crawl = Press the Triangle button while moving.
          - Long-Jump = Press the Cross button twice.
    Gloria - Butt Bounce = Press the Cross button twice.
           - Hip check = Press the Triangle button.
    Melman - Helicopter Glide = Press the Cross button twice.
           - Head bash = Press the Triangle button
    Penguins - The Penguins do not need to collect any Power-Cards since you play 
    them only once. They do have Special Abilities and they are listed below.
             - Slide = Run and then press Square
             - Attack = Press Square
             - Finishing Move = Press Square (when enemy is down)
             - Call up troops = Press Circle when beside a trumpet.*
             - Fish = Use Left analog stick to aim, hold down Circle to cast and 
                      release the Circle button when fish has taken bait.
    *Note - The other Penguins will NOT come to you if there are other sailors in 
    the way of their destination.
    Upgradable Items
    Life Tikis - Upgrade to earn 2 Health Boosts for every 1 picked up.
    *Note - W.. = Walkthrough Number ...
     <*> = Cut Scene
    W1 - King of New York
    Marty Power: Kick
    Alex Power: Double-Jump
    Alex Finishes His Act
    Gloria Wins the Race
    Penguin Fishing
    Melman Cleans Up
    Armour High Score: 5000
    *Note - Pop 7 balloons to get a surprise.
    <*> The game starts off when Marty is bored of the zoo and dreams of being in 
        the wild.
    You gain control of Marty and all he asks you to do is collect 3 Power-Cards.
    They are easy to spot since they have a picture of the character on it. Pick 
    them up and Marty gains a new power: Kick. Go on the treadmill for 2 minutes 
    and you'll earn 3 coins worth 15 in total. Kick the haybairns for some coins.
    Kick the gates open, grab the coin and speak to Alex.
    <*> Alex remembers it is Marty's birthday and asks him not to butter him up.
        Marty asks Alex to get 3 power-cards.
    You gain control of Alex and all he asks you to do is collect 3 Power-Cards.
    They are easy to spot since they have a picture of the character on it. Pick 
    them up and Alex will get the "DoubleJump." Search around for buttons, since 
    they open up passageways full of coins. Jump through 7 rings, then once you've 
    done that, get up to the top.
    <*> Marty says that his job is done.
    Kick the gates open and go through them.
    <*> Marty speaks to Melman and says that he'll speak to him later.
    Go into Gloria's Pen by kicking the haybairns. There's a door with a game.
    Speak to Gloria.
    <*> Gloria wants to have a race against the ostriches.
    Run around the track twice and finish first making sure that you eat the 
    chilli peppers.
    <*> Gloria thanks Marty.
    Kick the gates and grab the coins. Kick the haybairns and speak to the 
    <*> They'll teach you how to fish. To fish, use the left analog stick to 
        position it, then press Circle and hold it down to grab a fish, then 
        release it. 
    Get 4 Blue fish, then 3 Green, then 2 Red Herrings. Now get 2 Alex dolls, 2 
    Hats, then a pair of Sunglasses, and lastly a bucket. Also get the coins.
    <*> They run off and Marty thinks they're cooking something up.
    Collect the tikis.
    <*> Marty says that Melman should get rid of his garbage.
    Just keep spinning round until you reach 50. Make sure to get the last lot of 
    <*> Melman sees the cleaning crew, and Marty leaves. The next level is 
    W2 - Marty Escapes
    Marty Power: Sneak
    Get and Use the Ostrich Key
    Get through Zone Ostrich
    Get and Use the Monkey Key
    Get the Zone Bear Key
    Get through Zone Bear
    Defeat the Zoohunter
    Escape into the City
    Space High Score: 5000
    <*> The Penguins speak to Marty about him leaving the zoo. The Penguins want 
        to as well. One of the Penguins tells you what to do.
    Speak to the 2 animals with the Power-Cards, then kick the haybairns and the 
    statues for coins and health boosts. Kick the trashcan at the guard to get a 
    coin. A gate near the guard has a coin as well. Ignore the very small 
    crawlspace and speak to the last animal to obtain the "Sneak" ability. Go back
    to the crawlspace, get the key, kick the guard when he is not looking and use 
    the key in the terminal. Kick the trashcan at the guard at the sidewall, press
    the button and get two Life Tikis and a Gold Coin. Kick the statues for coins.
    Kick the trashcan again at the moving guard, then the statue, then the 
    soundpoles and then the trashcan again at the non-moving guard. Get the coin.
    Kick the cleaning crew cart at the other guard and get the life tikis and the 
    coin. Go over to the last guard and kick the trashcan at him. Crawl through 
    the gap and then get the two tikis between the gates. Kick the cart at the 
    guard, then crawl below the hedges to aviod the guard, then kick him for a 
    coin. Kick the haybairns when the guard isn't looking, then the guard, grab 
    the tikis and coins, then kick the soundpoles. Kick the trashcan the guard, 
    then walk right into the janitor. kick the gates open, crawl through the 
    space, then go back to Zone Ostrich, go to the terminal and use the key.
    Get the tikis, kick the statue and haybairns for coins, then sneak around the 
    monkey pen, kick the haybairns for more coins, then press the button for more 
    coins. Kick the cart to get 2 more coins from the guards then kick the gates 
    open. Walk into the janitor and get the key. Jump over the wall and get the 
    tikis, go back to the pipe and kick the haybairns to find another game. Kick 
    the statues for more coins and the haybairns as well. Follow the path round, 
    taking out the guards as you go along. When you get to the part called "Zoo's
    Main Gate" there is a passageway with coins and tikis. Watch the guards. 
    When you get near to the janitor, the zoohunter appears and all you have to do
    is kill him. Take out the guards first, then the zoohunter.
    <*> You (Marty) and the penguins escape.
    W3 - New York Street Chase
    Alex Leads the Way
    Gloria Power: Butt Bounce
    Gloria outsmarts the Cops
    Melman Power: Helicopter-Glide
    Melman Find the Station
    Alex Rings: 10
    Destruction Bonus
    Wobble High Score: 10000
    Other Goals
    Gloria Destroys 25 cars
    Melman Kills the Workmen
    <*> The others find out that Marty has escaped. They follow him.
    You are Alex for the moment. Follow the road to where Gloria will take over. 
    Avoid cars and dogs, while collecting the rings to earn a bonus.
    <*> Gloria takes the lead.
    You are Gloria for the moment. Follow the road, picking up chilli peppers to 
    knock down 30 cars for a bonus. Along the way, you'll need to get 3 
    power-cards so that you can butt bounce. You'll also have to avoid the traffic
    <*> Melman takes the lead.
    You take control of Melman. This time, YOU CANNOT TOUCH THE STREET! Get the 3 
    power-cards to get the Heli-Glide. Then, just follow the road to the Station.
    <*> You catch up with Marty and the next level is unlocked.
    W4 - Penguin Mutiny
    Open the 1st Pipe
    Secure the Crane Deck
    Take the Gas Room
    Capture the Radio Room
    Bowling on the Deck
    Secure the Poop Deck
    Storm the Mess Hall
    Seize the Bridge
    <*> All the characters have ended on a boat for another zoo. The Penguins 
    Follow the path round. Take out the sailor, then follow that path round to a 
    trumpet. Don't use it yet, but get the key, open up the door and then use the 
    trumpet. Go through the pipe and use the trumpet. Get the tiki, then take out 
    the sailors. Follow the path to the right, NOT THE LEFT, then open up the pipe
    and take out the sailor on the Crane Deck. Go near the crane and use it.
    <*> You take control of the crane.
    To use the crane, just use the same controls as you did with the fishing 
    training. Get the coins before getting all of the guards. Use the trumpet.
    Open the pipe and go through it. Get the coins and open up the door to the
    "Gas Containment Room." Use the trumpet. Open up the door to the lavatory, 
    open the lockers and get coins and look in the toilet cubicles for a couple of
    coins. Go through the other door and get the key and coins then use the 
    <*> The guards go into the lavatory.
    Go down the ramp, take out the sailor, open up the Radio Room door, look in 
    the lockers for coins, then use the trumpet. You are now on the "Aft Deck." 
    Get the coins behind the crates, then go through the gap and get the tiki. Go
    over to the Bowling Ball Crate and use the bowlings balls to take out the 
    sailors. Then throw a ball at the pipe to take out the sailor at the other 
    end. Go into the pipe and use the trumpet. Go over to the crane. 
    <*> You automatically take control of the crane.
    To use the crane, just use the same controls as you did with the fishing 
    training. Get the coins before getting all of the guards. You'll also have to 
    move the crate. Now pick up the penguins and drop all 3 at the button (1 
    penguin to a button.) Go up the passageway to the "Poop Deck." Use the 
    trumpet. Get the coin, then open the door. Go through the opening, take out 
    the sailor and open the lockers for a tiki and coins. Take out all of the 
    sailors (don't worry about using the tranquiliser gun), then open the door, 
    near the machines, then go back into the Storage Hold get into the box. Go 
    through the door you opened, get the key and coins, then go to the back of the
    room, through the pipe and through the locked door. Take out the sailor, get 
    the coins and use the trumpet. Go up the stairs. Don't go through the door 
    yet. Scout around up here for 4 coins, then go through the door. Jump up onto 
    the crates and use the gun. What you have to do is press Circle every time you 
    see a sailor coming. Then, after 6 are gone, you'll need to defeat the 
    zoohunter again.
    <*> The next level unlocks.
    W5 - Madagascar Beach
    Collect the Pearls
    Climb the Falls
    Lead the bees
    Protect the mushrooms
    Alex Rings: 10 
    <*> Alex is on is own, since the others are elsewhere on the island.
    Roar at the shells to get coins, then jump through the hoop.

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