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    Game Script by Victar

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    DDR Mario Mix Story Mode Dialogue & Plot FAQ v1.0
    Assembled by Victar, http://members.aol.com/sglkht
    (Read my Tekken, Mortal Kombat, & Paper Mario 2 fanfic!)
    This is a transcript of the dialogue and plot of story mode for
    Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix. This script presumes that the
    player uses Luigi. Story mode with Mario is identical except for
    different minigames. EX Story mode for either brother is identical
    except for a few different songs and minigames.
    This will very probably be the only version of this guide. I'm not
    planning any further updates or corrections.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    [A stranger suddenly throws open the doors to a mysterious
    magical tower housing four colored musical spheres]
    WALUIGI: [shadowed profile] Wahahaha! At last I've found them!
    The music keys, the bearers of the power of music! I shall release
    the music from the keys and flood the world with chaos! And
    then... I will hypnotize the rhythmless masses with my moves! And
    rise to power! Wahahaha!
    [keys disperse]
    T: Oh me oh my! Oh no!
    T: We've got to do something before chaos takes over the world!
    T: I got it! I know who can help! With him on our side, there's still
    hope for us all!
    WORLD 1
    T: Hey, Luigi! We've got a problem here!
    [Toad runs up to Luigi's house. Luigi comes out.]
    T: It's just terrible! Someone stole the Music Keys!
    L: [panicked exclamation]
    T: The Music Keys! You know, the spheres that hold the power of
    music! They were locked up in Truffle Towers for safekeeping.
    But someone broke through the seal and stole the keys! And then
    released all the music into the land!
    T: If you're quiet, you can hear the music. Shhh. Can you hear it?
    [Toad dances]
    T: Sometimes I suddenly catch myself dancing to the music. It's
    creepy! But also kind of fun! [Hey!] If you don't find the keys, we'll
    all be doing this dorky dance! Forever!
    T: Oh yeah, and chaos and discord will rain down on the
    Mushroom Kingdom and maybe destroy us all. Will you find the
    Music Keys so we can contain this wild force?
    L: [Ha ha ha!] [nods]
    T: I knew we could count on you, Luigi! Let's go to Truffle
    T & L: [panicked exclamation]
    T: [Hey!] Oh no! We can't cross because the river's flooded! The
    power of the music must have done something to the river! Now
    what are we going to do?
    T: [Hey!] Oh, wait! Do you remember how that rhyme about the
    Music Keys goes? 
    [Luigi turns to Toad]
    T: "When the keys make you shake your thing, magic things start
    happening!" So... If we dance, maybe something magic will happen
    and we'll be able to cross the river!
    1-1 PRACTICE WITH TOAD / HERE WE GO - Do a jig with
    Toad to cross the river! Use your moves to get to the other side.
    [Luigi's dancing conjures a boat, both cross. Luigi runs to a warp
    pipe, but a goomba pops out.]
    WHACK-A-GOOMBA MINIGAME - Knock the Goombas out of
    the way with your hammer of doom!
    [a tall plant grows from near where the warp pipe was. Luigi jumps
    on the plant's white blossoms to the top of a hill with a castle.]
    T: Here it is! Truffle Towers! Shall we?
    [both approach]
    T: What's going on? The door's locked! [groan]
    L: [Uh-oh.]
    Wl: Wahahaha! I have a surprise for you!
    [both turn. a bob-omb drops and explodes, sending both flying
    Wl: [dancing] I, Waluigi, claim this Music Key in the name of...
    um... Waluigi! With this key, I'll be the best dancer in the world!
    Wahahaha! [gloats]
    [Luigi falls down a warp pipe]
    T: Are you OK? Luigi!
    [Luigi lands stunned on a mushroom in a pit. He stands up, and
    sees goombas surrounding him on every side]
    L: Ack!
    T: Wow, that pipe's pretty deep! I don't think you can jump out
    from where you are! It's gonna take a miracle to get outta there. I
    got it! Dance your way out!
    You're stuck at the bottom of a pit! Dance atop the mushrooms to
    get out of there!
    [Luigi jumps out of the pipe and runs into a shop]
    LAKITU 1: Welcome to Cloud 9! What's this? It appears that this
    is your first time buying an item. Allow me to explain. There are
    two types of items: Those that you can start to use once you buy
    them and those you can only use when dancing. You can hold a
    maximum of three items that you can use while dancing. But you
    have to do more than just carry them around. Before you start
    dancing, choose that item and press A to confirm. And then you're
    set! The best way to get the hang of using items is just to try them
    [opportunity to buy items]
    L1: Thanks!
    [camera pans to key]
    T: Hey, what's that over there? Isn't that the key to Truffle Towers?
    L1: That's right. It's a beaut, isn't it?
    T: [Yee-hah!] How in the world did it get here? It's not for sale, is
    L1: I'll give it to you if you do something for me. 
    T: I need that key!
    L1: All right then, Luigi and Toad! Come this way!
    [scene changes to a giant-carrot garden with koopas playing in it]
    L1: Those darn kids! They treat my precious garden like a
    playground! If you can get rid of these Koopa Troopas, the key to
    Truffle Towers is yours!
    T: Can you handle it? You'll need your best moves to get rid of
    L1: Your moves were killer, Luigi! Those shells will think twice
    next time they try messing with my carrots! Like I promised, here
    is the key to Truffle Towers!
    T: Yahoo! You did it! Let's go to the towers now!
    [both jump for joy]
    L: [Hahaha!] 
    FLAGPOLE LEAP - Why do people jump on flagpoles? Why not?
    T: Let's go in!
    [key opens the door]
    T: You gotta do whatever it takes to get the Music Key from
    Waluigi and lock it safely away.
    L: [affirmative noise]
    [both interrupt Waluigi dancing]
    Wl: What are you doing here? This is a PRIVATE dance party!
    T: [jumping] You give us the Music Key! Now!
    WL: Wahahaha! The only way you'll get it back is if you defeat
    me... in a dance-off!
    better dancer, you or Waluigi? The Bob-ombs will have a say in
    this dance-off!
    [both get the blue music key]
    T: You did it! You got the Music Key Back! Amazing, Luigi! But,
    our journey has just begun! I don't know how to say this, but...
    there are four Music Keys in all.
    L: [uh-oh]
    T: Originally, the four keys were kept in Truffle Towers for
    safekeeping. But whoever released the music also stole the other
    three keys and scattered them across the land. We need to find the
    three keys and lock them back in Truffle Towers to restore order
    again. Please, Luigi! We're all depending on you to find the keys!
    L: [affirmative noise]
    [SS Brass flies up]
    T: [Yee-hah!] I've prepared the SS Brass to help us! Hop on board
    and we'll start our journey to find the missing Music Keys! And
    we're off!
    BLOCK TREASURE - When life gets hard, blow off some steam
    by punching bricks. Anything could shake loose!
    [SS Brass flies to World 2]
    T: Maybe the second key is over here...
    [Tornado with a wicked expression appears]
    T: The cyclone's going to eat us for breakfast! Luigi, you have to
    do something!
    L: [panicked noise] [jumps away from the steering wheel in shock]
    T: Oh, no! We've been caught! H-help! Help!
    [SS Brass flies around a hotel, turning it from a seashell shape to a
    corkscrew shape. Both fall out of the ship and land heavily on the
    ground. Toadette rushes out]
    TOADETTE: Hey! What's the deal?! What did you do to my
    hotel?! It looks like a corkscrew now! Nobody wants to vacation in
    a corkscrew! You better fix it! Now!
    [Toadette jumps angrily. Luigi and Toad groan and sag.]
    T: Repairs will take a long time and we're in a hurry... Wait a
    second. I got it! Maybe we can fix it by dancing! And by we, I
    mean you.
    2-1 CORKSCREW HOTEL / JUMP JUMP JUMP! - The hotel is
    twisted up like a corkscrew! You'd better fix it!
    Tt: See, that didn't take very long, Mr. I'm-in-a-rush! It looks good
    as new! I hear you guys are looking for some shiny globes?
    [Toadette turns toward the sea]
    Tt: I saw them, you know. They flew in the direction of the sea...
    [Luigi and Toad cry out, run off]
    Tt: But... the sea is fraught with danger! Fraught, I tell you! Hey,
    I'm not done talking!
    [SS Brass sails into the sea]
    T: We'll never find the key if it fell into the water! I can't see
    anything past the surface...
    [Whirlpool appears]
    T: W-whoa! Look out! Whirlpool! First a twister, now this? What
    terrible luck we're having! I can't control this! So very dizzy...
    Look, is that an island over there? Let's head for it.
    [both disembark on a tropical island]
    T: Let's rest for a second. I almost lost my lunch out there! What a
    whirlpool! Not even the mighty SS Brass could survive for very
    long in a whirlpool of that magnitude!
    [banana bunch drops]
    T: What was that? Bananas? Maybe our luck is changing! I love
    [more drop, forcing both to run and dodge]
    T: But not this much! Augh! Catch them before they hit us!
    BANANA STORM -  It's raining bananas! Try to grab as many of
    them as you can! Look out for the Spinies though!
    T: Well, that was fun. But how are we going to get past the
    whirlpool? Maybe someone on the island can help us out.
    [both enter a pirate-themed store and greet Lakitu 2, who is
    wearing a pirate hat]
    LAKITU 2: Ahoy, matey! Welcome to Pirate's Plunder!
    [opportunity to buy items]
    L2: Thank ye!
    [camera pans to fiery, musical themed engine]
    L2: Ehhhh? This be the "Boogie Booster"! It be fer yer ship! As
    long as ye have this lucky charm attached to the stern, ye'll make it
    through any whirlpool!
    T: This is great! With this booster, the whirlpool will be no
    L2: No! Me precious booster be not for sale!
    T: Then why do you have it out on display?
    L2: Ye have a point there, laddie. 'Tis a keen eye ye have. There be
    only one way to solve this. A duel! If ye win, I'll give ye me
    precious treasure. But ye won't! We'll fish to see who gets the
    PIRATE ISLAND / FISHING FRENZY -  It's a fishing battle
    against Lakitu. Who will be the one to catch the most Cheep
    L2: Shiver me timbers! Ye've bested me! So, I've installed me
    Boogie Booster on your ship. It'll keep ye safe from the swirling
    spirits of the sea! I ought to feed ye to the fishies fer taking me
    treasure... but thank ye anyways for your kind patronage. Yarrrr!
    T: Thanks!
    [SS Brass departs]
    L2: Until we fish again!
    [SS Brass enters the whirlpool]
    T: Do you hear that? The whirlpool is humming a song... I bet the
    music keys have something to do with this. Someone must of have
    used a key to create this whirlpool. Yuck, I feel sick already. I
    shouldn't have eaten all those bananas... Follow that beat, Luigi!
    Music Key at the bottom of the sea! Dive SS Brass, dive!
    [SS Brass enters an underwater building with a dry floor and the
    green music key suspended above a giant inner pool]
    T: Look at that! It's the second music key!
    [building starts shaking]
    T: Wha--? What's going on? What's that rumble?
    [Giant blooper appears! Luigi and Toad run around in panic]
    T: Ack! He looks mad!
    [both stop running]
    T: [groans] I don't speak Squidish, but I'm pretty sure he's saying
    that he won't give us the key. I'm not sure if dancing will work this
    time. He's got a lot more legs. 
    2-4 BIG BLOOPER BATTLE / BLOOPER BOP - You gotta dance
    to get the Music Key back from the tentacles of the giant Blooper!
    [Luigi holds up the green Music Key]
    T: Yahoo! You got the second Music Key! Way to go! Where did
    you learn those moves? That was so cool! [Yee-hah!] There are
    only two keys left. We'll have them all in no time!
    [SS Brass flies away from World 2. Toadette waves goodbye as it
    passes overhead]
    WHEE - You've only got one chance here! Jump high! Look up
    into the sky and give it all you've got!
    WORLD 3
    [Luigi and Toad approach the gate of a carnival park]
    T: [jumping excitedly] I bet the third Music Key is in here! Let's go
    get it!
    L: [jumps excitedly] [Hahaha!]
    [Hammer Bros. leap in front of the gate]
    H: Halt! We're the keepers of the gate! If you want to go inside...
    you'll have to dance by us!
    T: [groans] Man! Blocked at every turn!
    [Toad flees]
    T: My legs are too stubby to dance. It's up to you, Luigi!
    ROAD BLOCK / HAMMER DANCE - The Hammer Bros. won't
    let you pass! Use your slickest moves to get past them!
    [gate opens, Toad and Luigi run into a theme park. Option to shop
    at the Funhouse appears. After shopping, both run to roller coaster
    T: We made it inside! Now, where's that key?
    WARIO: [Wahahaha!]
    [Wario rolls by in a roller coaster car. He is carrying the red key]
    T: Did you see that? [jumping excitedly] Some shady character just
    rode by with a Music Key!
    L: [jumps, panicked noise]
    T: All right, Luigi, follow that roller coaster!
    L: [affirmative noise]
    T: [Yee-hah!] [dances] Use the power of the dance to pick up
    [Luigi runs off]
    T: Dooty doot! [jumps] Hey, Luigi! Wait for me!
    [Toad runs off]
    roller coaster slices through the night air! Do the right steps to
    make it go faster!
    [Luigi runs into a tent]
    PUNCH UP -  Those pesky Koopa Troopas are back. Use your
    machine to punch them out of the way!
    [Luigi surprises Wario and chases him into a creepy-looking
    T: [Hey!] You! Wait! [groans] He's run off into the house!
    [Luigi and Toad face each other. Toad jumps happily.]
    T: Don't be scared! It's just a regular old house. No way it's
    haunted. Come on!
    [a Boo appears]
    T: [jumping in fear] Eeek! It's a ghost!
    [Toad flees. The Boo disappears.]
    T: Luigi! Save me!
    [Toad runs inside the house]
    [Luigi turns around, shrieks in terror, and follows Toad in the
    house as a mass of Boos appear on all around the house's yard]
    3-3 BOO'S HAUNTED HOUSE / BOO BOOGIE - There's nothing
    to be scared of in this haunted mansion. Use your hot moves to
    warm the Boos up to you.
    [Luigi and Toad chase Wario on foot]
    WR: Wahahahaha! You'll never catch me! Or the key!
    [a giant Chain Chomp barks and catches up to Luigi and Toad]
    T: [sprints ahead] Ack! Save me!
    L: [panicked noise]
    [Luigi sprints ahead of Wario. The Chain Chomp follows him]
    WR: Huh? [Wario slows to a jog]
    CHAIN-CHOMP CHASE - The Chain Chomp came out of
    nowhere! You'd better pick up the pace or he'll catch you!
    [Toad and Luigi chase Wario to a ferris wheel. Wario stops and
    turns around]
    WR: [chuckle] This is my key! If you want it, you'll have to pry it
    out of my cold, gloved hands!
    T: [Augh!] What a horrible, stinky fellow!
    [The red Music Key glows and hovers above Wario's head]
    WR: I'm going to use the Music Key for my newest attraction! It's
    called "DDR: Wario Mix." It's an exploration of greed, stench, and
    stubby legs through interpretive dance.
    [Luigi and Toad groan, hang their heads]
    WR: You dare groan at me? My show is the best because my
    moves are the best! [flails arms angrily] In fact, they're so good that
    if you can outdance me, I'll hand over the key! [assumes menacing
    stance] But that will never happen! Wahahaha!
    3-4 WARIO BATTLE / STARRING WARIO! - It's a dancing
    battle with Wario! With stubby legs like that, he'll be a cinch to
    [Wario flails arms angrily, Hammer Bros. jump up and down
    WR: What?! I can't believe it! You'd better watch out, because I'm
    going to get that key back!
    [SS Brass flies away]
    HIDDEN TREASURE - Right or left? Left or right? Your skills
    and luck will be tested!
    WORLD 4
    [a blizzard pounds the SS Brass]
    T: [Hey!] This blizzard's out of control. We better look for the key
    on foot!
    [Luigi and Toad stand before an icy corkscrew slope]
    T: The fourth Music Key should be around here somewhere... Hey! 
    [a giant Freezie with the orange Music Key inside its head sits atop
    the slope]
    T: Look up there! There's a key at the top of that mountain! Let's
    [Toad tries to run up the icy slope but keeps sliding back down]
    T: [groans] This path is too slippery to climb. How about that pipe
    over there? I wonder where it leads...
    [Luigi jumps in a nearby warp pipe. Luigi and Toad stand on a
    block of ice. Cheep-Cheeps hop up and down around them]
    T: It's an underground tunnel. Maybe it leads to the top of the
    mountain. [Yee-hah!] If we dance, we should be able to make it
    there in no time!
    L: [Hahaha!]
    make it through this frigid tunnel!
    [Luigi jumps out of the warp pipe and heads toward a log cabin. A
    snowstorm rages all around]
    T: [shivering] Brrrrr! It's too cold out here! We'll never make it in
    this weather. Let's warm up in there until this storm passes.
    [Luigi enters the log cabin]
    4-2 CABIN FEVER / CABIN FEVER - Even the coldest toes can
    warm up with these hot moves!
    [Luigi exits the log cabin. The blizzard has stopped]
    T: [jumping excitedly] Wow, I feel great now! And the weather is
    better! A little more climbing and we'll be at the top! Let's go!
    [ground shakes. Both look warily around]
    T: What?! An earthquake?
    [both turn and run around in panic as giant snowballs rain from
    T: Oh, no! It's not an earthquake, it's an avalanche!
    AVALANCHE - Avoid the snowballs by moving left and right!
    Look out! If you get hit, you'll fall to the bottom of the valley!
    [Luigi runs toward the summit. Option to shop at the Freezer Store
    appears. After shopping, Luigi and Toad reach the giant Freezie
    with the Music Key inside its head]
    T: [Yee-hah!] We finally made it! Let's get the key back!
    [Both turn to the Freezie]
    T: Excuse me, sir, would it be possible if we could get that Music
    Key back from you? You know, the one lodged inside your head?
    FREEZIE: ...
    T: [groans] Sir? Excuse me, I was talking about that key righ
    F: ...
    T: We'd like it back, please...
    F: ...
    T: [Hahaha!] Guess you're the strong silent type.
    [Toad and Luigi turn to each other]
    T: [Hey!] Did you see that? I was ignored! He's cold! So cold!
    [Yee-hah!] I got it! Luigi, how about you melt him with your hot
    dance moves?
    [ground shakes as the Freezie turns toward them. The orange
    Music Key shines]
    4-3 BIG FREEZIE BATTLE / DEEP FREEZE - It's a battle
    between you and the huge Freezie sitting stop the mountain! Use
    your hot moves to melt him away!
    [Luigi holds up the yellow Music Key in one hand. Toad jumps
    T: [Hahaha!] Wow! You were really on fire! We've got all the
    Music Keys. Let's go back to Truffle Towers!
    [Toad and Luigi slide down the slope in snowmobiles]
    T: It's a lot easier going down this mountain than it was going up.
    All we gotta do is slide!
    [ground shakes]
    T: [What?] What's all this rumbling?
    [massive wave of snow appears behind Luigi and Toad]
    T: Avalanche! Aaaaaugh!
    [Luigi throws up his hands in panic]
    T: [Yee-hah!] Luigi, you gotta dance!
    4-4 SLEIGH RIDE / RENDEZVOUS ON ICE -  The way home
    will be a piece of cake? You never know! Use the power of dance
    to get through it!
    T: [walking] That was scary! [pause] Hey! Luigi! Wait for me!
    [runs off]
    [The SS Brass flies away]
    T: We'll be done just as soon as you put all the keys in Truffle
    Towers. Luigi, [Yee-hah!] I'll be going home first.
    [The sky has turned dark. Luigi finds Toad dazed at the gates of
    Truffle Towers.]
    L: [panicked noise] [runs toward Toad]
    T: [groans] Someone stole the keys, Luigi!
    BOWSER: Gwahahaha!
    [Bowser appears in his flying ship]
    B: Of course it was me! Who else! Now that I've got the keys, I can
    perform my greatest feat of treachery ever! So all that dancing you
    did was for nothing! Later! Gwahahaha!
    T: [groans] Things were going so well and then this happens! This
    is just terrible! [Hey!] Luigi, please help! You need to get those
    keys back from Bowser!
    L: [affirmative noise] [strikes pose]
    [The SS Brass flies away with Luigi and Toad]
    WORLD 5
    [The SS Brass flies over a molten lava river in a land strewn with
    T: That's Bowser's Castle over there. The keys should be there.
    Let's go get them back!
    [explosive noise, ship shakes]
    T: Whoa! [groans]
    [Bullet Bills shoot through the air]
    T: Bullet Bills! We're under attack, Luigi! [Yee-hah!] You know
    what to do!
    Someone turned up the heat in here! Dodge the Bullet Bills to
    make it to Bowser's Castle!
    [Luigi and Toad leap off the SS Brass onto the metal bridge
    leading to Bowser's castle, and run inside]
    T: Luigi! This is our final battle!
    B: Gwahahaha! Time for my evil masterpiece to come to life!
    [Bowser raises arms] Precious Music Keys! Lend me your power!
    [nothing happens]
    B: Huh? Why isn't anything happening? My keys! They're gone!
    [Rrraagh!] Who would dare to do this? Who would dare steal
    something I rightfully stole first!
    [Luigi and Toad stand defiantly on the balcony above Bowser. The
    blue music key floats above their heads]
    T: That would be us!
    [ Bowser turns around slowly]
    T: We're taking them back to Truffle Towers!
    L: [nods]
    B: Never! I won't stand for it! [Rrragh!]
    [Bowser strikes a menacing pose]
    B: There's nothing to do but battle! We will decide who the winner
    is in battle!
    [Toad and Luigi strike confident poses]
    T: [Yee-hah!] No one can beat Luigi on the dance floor!
    [Luigi leaps off the balcony to do battle with Bowser]
    5-2 BOWSER BATTLE / BOWSER'S CASTLE - The last battle!
    Use the rockets to defeat Bowser!
    [As Luigi does battle he assembles rockets and sends them flying
    into Bowser with a swing of his hammer. The last swing knocks
    Bowser to the roof of his castle. Bowser collapses]
    B: Beaten again! Why can't I ever catch a break? [Ruuagh!] I guess
    this brings my grand plan to an unfortunate end.
    T: [What?] What exactly was your grand plan?
    B: I was going to use the power of the keys to... to... fix my tone
    deafness. How embarrassing.
    L: [Oh-oh]
    T: [groans]
    T: [Yee-hah!] Let's go back to Truffle Towers and lock up the
    [Toad turns toward Luigi]
    T: What's up, Luigi?
    [Luigi moves to the center of the roof and raises his arms]
    T: What are you doing? What do you want to do with the keys?
    [Toad takes a step closer. All four keys come to Luigi and
    combine, shining brightly]
    B: I feel funny. I can't keep from dancing, and I feel... happy?
    T: I can't stop my feet either!
    [World 5 transforms from a firey, volcano-ridden world to a
    beautiful green world]
    T: I understand now! So this is the way the keys are supposed to be
    used, eh, Luigi?
    B: What's going on?
    T: In capturing the keys, we've transplanted a little bit of music into
    our souls.
    B: That is why we want to dance!
    T: With the keys back safe and music in our souls, the world is a
    happier place. Let's dance! Dance to the music in your soul!
    [Luigi dances on the way home. Credits roll. the Freezie, Wario,
    the Hammer Brothers, Toadette, and others are dancing in the
    background during the retraced journey past the five worlds.
    Waluigi is nowhere to be seen; perhaps he is sulking. Luigi walks
    into his house and closes the door.]

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