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"Fun, for starters"

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix is a game for the Nintendo Gamecube that has you following the directions on screen to the selected controller/device you have - just in case you have never heard of Dance Dance Revolution before.

*Graphics 6/10
The graphics scratch at a decent rate, with clever humor if you start to lose your dance meter (meaning your life). The graphics are charming from a Nintendo part of view. Progressive scan is nice, but you won't find cables or even Gamecubes that really support it anymore.

*Story 5/10
Is it even really a story? Okay, someone (guess) has stolen the Music keys causing everyone in the land to dance uncontrollably causing chaos. Mario and Toad go out to recover them. Original, but you didn't get this game for the story, now did you?

*Sound/Music 7/10
The music for this game is mostly remixed stuff from Nintendo and features very little lyrics or popular songs of today. The outside music (when not dancing) is okay, but nothing special.

*Gameplay 8/10

This one is fun. The new "Mush Mode" is great as it provides an interesting twist to all of the songs that support it. From stepping on Goombas to *not* stepping on spikes, the Mush Mode is quite the nice addition.

With the new Mush Mode come new mini-games as well. From running up a flag pole Mario style to dodging snow, the mini-games take full advantage of the Action Pad.

The game play lacks Double Panels (switching between 8 total arrows) and only supports 2 players.

*Difficulty 7 for newbies, 4 for vets of past DDRs -10

The difficulty is far less than other DDRs and therefore is a game you could play with your younger siblings or such. Long-timers of DDR will laugh at this pathetic dance steps and will find only Mush Mode worth while. Almost all of the songs are completely beatable with controller - but you bought this with the Action Pad, right?

*Replay Moderate
This game is fun to play with your friends, and only by yourself if you like the songs.

*OVERALL 7/10 (not an average)

This game is nice, but does not compare with other DDRs of the past. If you are just getting into DDR or only own a Gamecube, this game is for you. If you own a PS2 or XBox or are a long-time player of DDR, I'd recommend some other DDR than this. As its own, this Mario Mix is just fine for itself.

Buy it, you can't really rent it, after all.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/05/06

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