"If only this game had made us dance like the Italian stallion himself, it would have been perfect."

I'd like to start off by saying this: I wanted to give this game 10/10! Really, I did. And had I been simply giving it a score based on my own personal feelings, that's what it would have received. However, this is a review, not simply a number-based way of showing favorites. That being said, I believe this game received the appropriate score.

Having never played Dance Dance Revolution before in my life, this game easily provided a challenge for me. Other people however, having played DDR before this game received little to no challenge from Mario Mix, and quite honestly, it isn't that difficult to see why. After playing this game for some time, I found that while this game is exceptionally fun, humorous and exciting, it isn't exceptionally challenging.

Story: Well, for once this is something different from the usual Mario games. Helping blaze a rather new trail in Mario history, you aren't trying to save a particular someone, but rather, a some-thing. Using all of your best dance moves, you must chase after the stolen music keys! A humorous plot, no doubt. The story provides you with some very impressive dance moves on Mario's part, and hilarious script from Toad. Throughout this entire experience, the story is capable of entertaining, from beginning to end, though the ending came much too quickly. In about forty-five minutes, one could complete the entire story mode. True, you may not have gotten everything, but still, you had finished. In any future DDR games, I would really like to see some expansion on the length of the story, and the length only, since the rest of it was A-1. 9/10

Gameplay: Ah-ha! We've found the core of this gem! The Gameplay for Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix is phenomenal! What makes it phenomenal, along with many other things, is that there are different levels, from easy to super hard. This is excellent, because each level really increased the difficulty, which allowed you to work your way up in an organized fashion. Even if you've never played DDR before, you can work your way up to the hardest level in a matter of hours, using the different difficulties to get better and better. If you're playing with someone very young, or inexperienced, you could put them on the easiest difficulty, and they wouldn't get completely flustered trying to play. This is mostly true as well, for an experienced dancer. This aspect of the game gave entry to many different levels of gamers, and it did a good job of it. The dance pad that is included with this game is second only to the metal dance pads in an arcade. It seems to fit any sized feet, and doesn't slide around much. Sometimes however, you may step put of place, so keep an eye out for that! As well, while you are actually dancing, the scrolling arrows are bright and noticeable, and the background of your screen has funny scenes of Mario dancing up a storm. What could possibly be more fun than dancing to your favorite Mario tunes?! :P Everything about the Gameplay is exactly how it should be, and I like it! *end swooning* 10/10

Difficulty: Well, here's where we come to a halt, and an abrupt one at that! For inexperienced gamers like myself, the halt becomes a speed boost, but for everyone else, you're in a traffic jam. If you're looking for a challenge, simply put, this game will not satisfy you. While some still can't pass the hardest course on super hard, others can do it with their eyes shut. Playing on easy mode isn't an option, and 100% on every course comes easy. Mind you, there are also experienced DDRers who bought and loved this game for its fun factor, though this is not too common. Most experienced players got there by practicing and beating difficult games, and are looking for something even more challenging to show off their skills, and who can blame them?? If that sounds like you, you may want to keep your distance from this one. This could really go either way, and since the score really depends on whether or not you've played before… 5/10

Music: Now, here's a winner, to be sure! There isn't much to say about this negatively, so I won't. The songs are almost all based on old Mario songs, and every level reeks of nostalgia! There are songs from Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Paper Mario, this game has it all! And what's even better is that you get to dance to it! The steps have you following right along with the music, so for those of you who have experienced other Mario titles, (which I'm confident many of you have) worry not about your feet, because they won't have much trouble keeping in line! It's really a treat. 10/10

Graphics: Again, not much to complain about in this department. The graphics are thoroughly enjoyable, and the mushroom kingdom has never looked better! While almost everything looked great, there were some things that could perhaps have been shaped slightly differently, but nothing really much to complain about. Most of the time, you're not focused on the graphics as much as the arrows, so even if they were horrible, it wouldn't affect the game much. Luckily, they're not horrible, and it's easy to be pleased with them, especially when you get to see some of the scenery of the mushroom kingdom, which is eye candy. 9/10

Overall: Well, overall, this game is a keeper. While it was at one time hard to find, you'll find that it is quite common in most stores now. It comes with its own dance pad, so you don't have to worry about trying to find one. This game is great for the whole family, and you will find yourself burning many calories on this every day. You'll laugh when you see some of the characters dancing, and think about old games while listening to the songs. One thing is for sure, you'll enjoy yourself. Whether or not you should buy this game depends on your experience. If you've been playing for a long time, I would highly recommend renting first; to see if it is the sort of thing you want. If you're inexperienced and are looking for a game to start off your dancing career, I would strongly recommend buying this one. On a final note: Nintendo, you've done it again.

Final Score: 43/50 = 8.6/10 = 9/10

<(‘.'^) KIRBY_YOSHI (^'.')>

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/12/07

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