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"My legs hurt... That's why I'm writing this review!"

Ah yes, DDR... We all know what this great dancing game holds. you know, all the music in DDR was nice, but it never really was anything I'd listen to during the day, you know? But now, come into play with Mario, and this is a whole new game.

Story: 5/10 I really don't know Japanese, but that might be a good thing since this story seems pretty lame. I could pretty much guess what it's all about... There's these four magical note things which uhh- contain all the music and sounds of the mushroom kingdom. Without them, there can be no music. It seems that recently they've all be scattered around and you as Mario must DANCE to obtain them. Seriously, I mean, how can dancing defeat enemies? I know it's party a Mario game, but they really didn't need to make a story mode.

Gameplay: 7/10 It's DDR... What more can I say? There are extras though. Like minigames where you play a wack-a-mole style game, or a long jump game. Also added is a mode where with the arrows, Mario based items fly up as well, and at different speeds. Gives it a lot more challenge to time them right, especially when they're not bright flashing arrows- which makes them a lot easier to miss. This is an optional to have these items flying as well. Though the one thing- and this is why I don't give this a 10/10- is the difficulty. The story mode is so simple, it will blow your mind. I even chose what I thought would be a harder difficulty, but nothing. Yes, when you choose the hardest difficulty on individual songs, it gets really hard- but story mode is just laughable. In fact, I was laughing, because I was actually SITTING while playing the game through story mode, it's just that easy.

Graphics: 8/10 It's standard gamecube graphics, nothing that would make you go "wow" or something. I have to admit though, Mario dancing is what gets me. I could hardly explain all the "cool and hip" moves he pulls, but if that doesn't distract you enough, it's how the rest of the characters dance. It's all an evil plot to make the game harder, I know it.....

Sound: 10/10 Wow, the music in this game is just plain awesome. The only reason I bought this game was to dance to great Mario music, and it definitely delivered. The remixes sound awesome too, it really all comes down to this factor. And if you like Mario music like me, you will not be disappointed in the music selection.

Overall: 8/10

Rent or Buy?

If you like Mario music, then yes, get this as soon as you can, you definitely won't regret it. If you're some kind of DDR guru, I would say it's up to you, mostly because the difficulty doesn't usually go as high as previous DDR games I've had the experience to play. for casual players like myself this game is a great practice tool to help get better at DDR, for sure. So, I say it all depends on how good you are, and if you like Mario music.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/25/05

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