Review by ElSorrow

Reviewed: 10/27/05

I Will Use The Power Of Dance to Write This Review!

This game is the DDR games we know an love starring the characters from the infamous Mario series! The game comes with the dance pad, or action pad so you don't have to use the controller to dance like some n00b. Well, here is the review you all been waiting for.

Story: 9/10
It is kind of hard to have a story in a Dance game, but Nintendo managed to do so for their Story Mode, which I'm pretty sure is exclusive to this DDR Game. The story is as follows: Waluigi(who is the main enemy in this game, which is a first!) unleashes all the music keys which will unleash musical chaos.(sounds kind of funny, but its a good storyline for a dance game) Now, Waluigi wants to be come the best dancer. This is where Mario and Luigi come in, you have to use the "power of dance" to beat Waluigi!

Graphics 10/10
These graphics are awesome, there is so much color in this game it really does this game good. I think these are the best graphics I have ever seen for a dance game, but of course, a dance game doesn't really need good graphics, but this game has them!

Gameplay 10/10
I wish I can go higher than ten because this game has a lot of stuff to do! There are at least 25 songs, four difficulty levels PLUS the secret Super Hard difficulty. Also, this game has mush mode. Heres what Mush Mode is: Along with arrows coming up from the bottom of the screen random enemies are too like Goombas and koopas. Each of them have special effects. For example, if you step on a Koopa twice, it clears all the arrows in that row! Also, you have the story mode, where you play as Mario or Luigi and you use the power of dance to stop Waluigi. Also, there are a lot of very fun minigames. Like the flagpole jump, and Whack-a goomba. These mini-games really use the games pad to the fullest potential! Also, one of my favorite additions is workout mode, what workout mode is that whenever you dance it tells you how many calories you burn while dancing! Last but not least, free mode. Free modes just lets you dance to any song of your choice on any difficulty and as long as you want!

Music: 10/10
I love the music of this game. I think they have a lot of diffferent beat variety, not all of it his mario remixes, which is always good! A DDR Game is supposed to have all kinds of different musics, not only the Mario series. Some of the songs have random mario sounds in it which gives it a very fun feel. All of the songs in this game have a good dance beat, the first song you have is called Up,Down,Left,Right which is based on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They made a dance song off of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! I never thought it was possible!'

Buy Or Rent: BUY
This game has hours o' fun. So I urge you to buy this game! Rent it only if you never played a DDR game before.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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