Review by The Game Champion

Reviewed: 11/01/05

Nintendo and Konami team up to create an Awesome Game!

Well. This is my first review of an Amazing Game. Enjoy!

Story: 10/10
Wow. Im impressed. I did'nt expect a Story Mode to be in the game. But Nintendo and Konami pulled it off. The Story is Waluigi went to Tower. and released all the 4 Music Keys. When it got released, Music sounded in the air and it caused chaos. Mario and Luigi must unite with Toad to conquer all goals so they can get the 4 Music Keys back to the Tower.

Graphics 10/10
The Graphics are really nice. There is soo much color in this game that it makes it more alive. There are not any pixel errors and there is nothing wrong with them. DDR: Mario Mix shows one of the best graphics on the Nintendo GameCube.

Gameplay 10/10
Wow. I mean WOW. Nintendo and Konami are really unique! This is the first time in a DDR Game where it has a Story Mode. I like Nintendo's Idea by adding Mini-Games because it just makes the game more fun. In Story Mode you can start out as Easy or Normal. You also get to unlock more songs so you can play it in Free Mode on ANY Difficulty, anytime! I like the fact that you can work out, so you can have a great time, learn how to dance better, and even lose some weight.

Music: 10/10
The Music is Awesome! I like the remixes of all the Mario Songs. It really brings back memories of the Old Times when we played Super Mario Bros and other games. I also like the fact where they add Mario Sounds in many of the songs, it was interesting and makes the game more Mario-ish. The Beats of the songs are really nice. My Favorite song is " Here we go! " It is a remix of the ever Famous Mario Bros. Theme Song with a few Hip-Hop Beats which adds a nice touch. When I went to Free Mode the first time, I discovered a unexpected song. Its called Up,Down,Left,Right. It is a version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I was like Huh? and then when I played it, It was amazing. Good Job Nintendo and Konami!

Replay Value: 10/10
This game has a lot of Replay Value. I mean you can play Story Mode again on different difficulties. You can also play the Unique, Creative, and Challenging Mini-Games. Why don't you also lose pounds in the Workout Mode? You can also just go to Free Mode and scroll through the songs just to listen to the amazing songs they have. If you have another Controller/Pad then play with a friend and have Endless Hours of fun!

Buy Or Rent: Buy!!!
This game is soo much fun! If you like Mario and/or Dancing then you should buy this game! If you are new to Mario and DDR then rent it first to see how fun it is!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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